Architecture and Astrology

“Architecture and Astrology”: Astrological interpretations and analyses of of the location, design, style, function, feng-shui, history and other aspects of buildings and their construction sites from the point of view of holistic astrology.

This category contains articles that explore the typology of buildings as well as of the 12 zodiac signs.

Buildings are  explored through their astrogeographical position according to my astrological world map calculation system and through astrological data like the date  and period of their construction.

Cornerstone articles in the category “Architecture and Astrology” are:


Cancer as the sign of eggs and the uterus in architecture


Astrology, astrogeography and architecture
The Oceanographic Parc at the City of Arts and Sciences is an outstanding example for a gathering of buildings in the shape of sea-shells located in water sign Cancer. The pools and the position near the beach too should be investigated as elements of resonance of Cancer. The system of gangway bridges is an element of form that resonates with the position in Gemini the sign of roads and connections.
Ph: Javier Yaya Tur, ccbysa2.0

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2 Astrology and Architecture —-

Astrology, architecture and astrogeography of cardinal divides
Sheraton Houzuo Hot Spring Resort on the cardinal divide of the autumn equinox. ph 井浩泽, MAD China, ccbysa2.0

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2.7. Libra in Architecture

Astrology, astrogeographyy and architecture: Libra as the sign of symmetry
Symmetry and rectangular shape of buildings in Libra: Exterior of the Wilanów Palace located in Libra and Aquarius.

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