Aquarius reaching for the sky: the Spire of Dublin

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photo: Doyler79 license: ccbysa3.0

Aquarius reaching for the sky: the Spire of Dublin

Aquarius reaching for the sky: the Spire of Dublin:  the Spire of Dublin. Astrology, Art, History and punctuation of the morphic field of the landscape with works of art. 

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Aquarius as the Sign of Reconnection with the Sky: the Spire of Dublin

The Spire of Dublin is a superb example for two major aspects of astrogeography: first of all the shape of the spire is one of the best archetypal examples for Aquarius one could think of. Secondly the precision of my astrogeographical world map in regard to transits of planets is documented on the highest level of precision by the events at the site of the spire.

Dublin Spire with Jim Larkin statue in front Photo: Vmenkov license: GNU/FDL
Dublin Spire in Aquarius with Pisces with the Jim Larkin monument holding up his hands in the form of the letter “Y” – a resonating letter of Aquarius topic of lifting energies up to the sky and heavens. Jim Larkin was a trade union activist born 21 Jan 1876 with the Sun in Aquarius.
Photo: Vmenkov license: GNU/FDL

Astrogeographical position

The construction site of the Dublin Spire is situated in the constellation of creative, highly innovative, abstract air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky, heaven, paradise, elevation, flying, revolution, emancipation, self-finding and reconnection with the fuller potentials of humans with mystic, spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of the oceans, spirituality, mystification, fairy-tales, dreaming, temples, music, the catholic church and an important resonator for Irish culture. This astrogeographical constellation is valid here for morphogenetic field level 3 which shows how the construction site is embedded in the surrounding area.

The Dublin Spire is made of stainless steel in the form of a conic pillar pointing 121.9 metres to the sky. With the aspect of form delivered by the Spire there are no doubts that most astrologers would see its form as typical for Uranus and would associate it with the sign of Aquarius.

The Spire as a political symbol and monument of independence

The Spire of Dublin was built to replace Nelson`s Pillar after it had been destroyed in a bomb blast on 8 March 1966. Nelson`s Pillar had been constructed to honor Horatio Nelson for his victory in the battle of Trafalgar. Admiral Nelson was born on 29 September 1758, 9:30 with the Sun at 6° in Libra and ascendant in Scorpio.

Nelson`s Pillar in Dublin photo: Foxhunter22 license: ccbysa4.0
Nelson`s Pillar in Dublin photo: Foxhunter22 license: ccbysa4.0

Construction of the Pillar was started with the laying of the foundation stone on 15 February 1808.

Nelson`s Pillar laying of the foundation stone 15 February 1808 calculated for midday
Nelson`s Pillar laying of the foundation stone
15 February 1808 calculated for midday

The erection of Nelson`s Pillar had been controversial right from the start. This is reflected in the horoscope for the laying of the foundation stone on 15 February 1808. I have calculated the chart for midday because I didn`t have more exact time data. Pluto being conjunct Mars in a classical constellation for bomb blasts was situated nearly exactly on the astrogeographical coordinate of the site at 13° in Pisces. Assumed that the conjunction of the Sun with Jupiter on that day would stand for the idea of honouring Lord Nelson, Saturn forming an exact square to it from Scorpio indicates a strong antipathy against it. The coincidence of the constellations of that day with the astrogeographical constellation of the place is outstanding here. This was also the case on the day of the destruction of the monument on 8 March 1966 :

Nelson`s Pillar bomb blast 8 March 1966, 2:00
Astrological chart for Nelson`s Pillar bomb blast on 8 March 1966 at 2:00

On the day of the bomb blast the Sun in Pisces marched into exact opposition with Uranus conjunct Pluto. This aspect is to be considered as the symbol of the conflict, the purpose of the bombers and also the factor that caused these people to carry out their plan on that day. Uranus the astrological ruler of Aquarius represents the ruler of one astrogeographic coordinate of the site being in opposition to a constellation of 4 planets in the second sign of the site which is Pisces. If the destruction of Nelson`s Pillar was helpful for Irish patriots to free (Uranus) themselves from any paralysis (Pisces) then the site and together with it the morphogenetic field may have been relieved from tension through this act.

The Spire as an acupuncture needle

If Aquarius is the sign of the sky – and the monument is pointing to the sky, then this could mean that the form is as it were in its own sign here. This would have to be interpreted as a harmonious and harmonizing aspect and could even help in stabilizing the flow of energies in the electromagnetic and morphogenetic field. I wanted to mention that, because of the possible objections made from ideas in Feng Shui where a building of this male pointed form might be related to the possibility of spreading agression.

If we talked about the effects of the punctuation of the landscape with a needle sculpture the Spire could relate to an acupuncture needle. But  as the tip is not pointed at the ground the punctuation rather catches the energy from the electromagnetic field and directs it upwards than it would intend to transfer energy into the ground.

We may even use this one or any other descriptions of the Spire to deduct clearer options for defninitions the sign of Aquarius and it`s role in astrology:
The Spire is a one dimensional form in the act of performing the gestus of pointing at the sky. It leaves no sideways and its goal is not on the earth.  For an intellectual and abstract interpretation of the meaning of the shape of the Spire as a sculpture in relation to its position in Aquarius this could suggest: the defintion process should in order to optimize perception, never be considered as being completed until you reach the sky (outmost limits, true dimensions and proportions, full potentials). Aiming at the sky also indicates aiming at the transcendental, the stars, the supreme beings, the above and the reconnection with the completeness of dimensions represented by other outer space…..and so on.

The shining metal surface of the Spire after my experience from astrogeomantic field studies is highly typical for buildings in Aquarius.

Lakhta Center in St Petersburg in Aquarius with Taurus

The needle-like shape of the super-tall Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg located in Aquarius with Taurus is a fascinating parallel to the design of the Dublin Spire.
ph: Ad Meskens, ccbysa4.0

The 462 m tall spire of the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg built betw. 2012 + 2019 is the tallest building in Europe.

Astrogeographical position for morphogenetic field level 3, (surrounding area): creative, innovative air sign Aquarius sign of the sky, heaven, paradise, elevation, flying, long + narrow forms, rockets, reconnection with the divine fuller potentials of humans 2nd coordinate is in in solid, fixed earth sign Taurus sign of the earth, grounding, roots, markets, income, stability and the top-most important factor for the position of the top 10 of the tallest skyscrapers on our planet.

Wunschnadel Sculpture in Berlin located in Aquarius – Scorpio

Astrology architecture and art in Dublin and Berlin
Wunschnadel(wishing needle) is a sculpture in Berlin located Aquarius with Scorpio.

Another example for a similar motif of a needle-like sculpture is the “Wünschnadel” (wishing needle) sculpture in Berlin set up in a field corresponding to Aquarius, this time for morphogenetic field/radius level 4, which describes the exact place and the sculpture itself. In this case the second coordinate is in water sign Scorpio which would be the indicator here for the ball (bomb) from which the needle rises. The parallelism of the sculptures in relation to their position in Aquarius is a clear hint that this motif is symptomatic of the sign.

The Anna Livia Plurabella monument

The Anna Livia Plurabella monument dedicated to a heroine from James Joyce`s magical “Finnegans Wake” took the place where the Spire stands now.
Ph: Piolinfax license: GNU/FDL

The construction site of the Spire is situated in the middle of a road crossing on O’Connell Street. Except the northern end the whole of O’Connell Street is situated in Aquarius. The aspect of Pisces in places can always be expected to be relaxing. In the case of such a central main street with so much traffic and so many people passing Pisces could be expected to have a smoothing effect on the atmosphere. Pisces does not naturally stand for the stability of buildings and also not of the ground below.
For 13 years from 1988 until 2001 the Anna Livia Monument took the place of Nelson`s Pillar and then was moved to Croppy Acre Memorial Park in Dublin. The sculpture is an image of a water nymph (or Naiad ?) as a river goddess with very long hair flowing over her body like it was a river. Her leaned back position is half sitting and half lying. The statue is placed on some kind of a throne serving as a river bed and water from a fountain flows constantly down her body. She is meant to be a personification of the River Liffey. Her name refers to “Anna Livia Plurabella” a personification of the River Liffey Goddess of from James Joyce´s “Finnegans Wake” where he calls her among other names Anna Liffey.

Contrary to the Spire the Anna Livia Monument clearly focused on associations of water sign Pisces in its aspect as the spirituality of water. The steady flow of water around her would be an indication for water signs in general. It`s the mystification and reference to beings of the otherworld that are symptomatic of Pisces in the first place here and the fact that the spiritual entity displayed is a water goddess. Her small and thin head and long and thin body are features of form that could rather be associated with Aquarius.
Not representing such a big and strong punctuation of the magnetic field like the Spire the Anna Livia Monument may or may not be evaluated to have supported the energy flow in the morphogenetic field. The form and the sculptured image were surely not contradictory to the astrogeographic qualities of the place defined by Aquarius and Pisces