Astrology adn architecture: distortion in Aquarius

Architecture & Astrology: Distortion as an element of style in Aquarius

Architecture & Astrology: Distortion as an element of style in Aquarius

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Gehry Buildings Neuer Zollhof located in Aquarius with Cancer photo Hermann Luyken, ccbysa1.0

Neuer Zollhof in the harbor of Düsseldorf, Germany is an architectural project designed and realized by Frank Gehry. The building was inaugurated on 19 October 1999 with the Moon as the ruling planet of Cancer conjunct Uranus in Aquarius.
Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the building itself: the building is located in the combination of emotional water sign Cancer the sign of the moon, motherhood, pregnancy, feeling at home, emotional individuality and authenticity with creative, innovative air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky, heaven, paradise, abstraction, self-finding and reconnection with the fuller potentials of man. The astrogeographical position of projects of art & architecture of modernity in water sign Cancer is frequent and seems highly typical for that sign. Cancer seems to provide the atmosphere for a certain amount of authenticity and credibility for such experiments. Through its role as the sign of the natural habitat of crabs Cancer stands for the location of the building in the Rhine harbor and just next to the quay and river banks.

The distorted form as an element contemplating abstraction through provocation of habitual expectations falls under the reflexes of Aquarius in it`s role as the sign of retracing the fuller potentials of inspiration and the realization of ideal form. Examples for a similar shape in Aquarius are the Sky Bella Hotel, Copenhagen and the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Sky Bella Hotel located in Aquarius with Leo   photo: DanNav license: ccbysa3.0 

The shining, metallic surface as well the silver color of the building in the center of the 3 buildings-group are symptomatic features of both signs Aquarius as well as Cancer (the sign of silver color and the element silver).

The Controversy between Taurus and Aquarius at the Leaning Tower in Pisa
photo:Softeis license:GNU/FDL

The leaning of buildings is an element that deals with the spektrum of topics that ranges from fear of falling as in the case of the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the urge for flying as in the case of Zaha Hadid`s Antwerp Port House.

Antwerp Port House designed by Zaha Hadid is located in Aries with Aquarius
 photo: Bobo Boom, ccbysa2.0