Kim Tuccis quintuplets born on 28 January 2016

Kim Tuccis quintuplets born on 28 January 2016

Kim Tuccis quintuplets born on 28 January 2016., The astrology and astrogeography of natal charts combined: the birth chart for 5 babies at a time and the astrogeographical position of the hospital in Sagittarius with Pisces

Kim Tucci gave birth to  5 babies within 2 minutes on Thursday 28 January at 8:20 in King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth Australia. For the exact birth time see the article on The quintuplets are Keith, who weighed in the biggest at 1269g, and his four sisters Beatrix (1210g), Allie (1200g), Tiffany (1170g) and Penelope (1160g). The babies were born during the 30th  week of their mother`s pregnancy,

Mrs Tucci is running a facebook page named “surprised by five” on which she pulishes photos about her growing babies winning the hearts of hundred thousands of people worldwide.

Birth Chart for Kim Tucci`s 5 babies (Quintuplets) born on 28 January 2016 at 8:20 in Perth, Australia all born via caesarean section within 2 minutes time.

The ascendant in Pisces with Neptune on it and Saturn in house 10 and in a square to Neptune is a clear hint at the anaesthetization of the person giving birth and the doctors (house 10) taking over control and responsibility.  The conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter and the north node in Virgo the sign of medical personnel in house 7 the house of stage performances stands for the 50 doctors and nurses that stood by watching and helping in the process of the birth.

Considering such a birth chart brings up many fascinating aspects of spirituality, psychology and all things having to deal with natal astrology. The differentiation oif the 5 individuals in regard to the  interpretation of personal psychological and karmic individuality may seem illusionary. But on the other hand this is a fascinating example for a study of the karmic issues of exchanging information through the morphogenetic “group field” of children. Growing up as quintuplets is a very special way of learning, developing and experiencing individuality in a group, considering that they are emotionally and practically “welded” together since the day (or days ?) of their conception all the way through the prenatal phase and childhood.

The intense Pluto – Uranus square aspect with Pluto being in house 11 the house of Uranus is known for the pre-natal experience of intensely cramped conditions, lack of oxygen, being subject to intense stress later resulting in a rebellious life-style and the urge to flee from traps and enclosed rooms. The constellation reveals the stressful situation for the unborn babies as well as their mother. Imagine a mother facing the idea of having to deal with 5 babies at a time!

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Saturn near midheaven as the indicator of the doctors in charge and control stood over the hospital site during the birth. The ascendant in Pisces was in resonance with the hospital too. The fascinating Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo just opposite the hospital and in house 7 the house of stage performances stood for the fame gained by the medical personnel and for the public attention caused.

Astrogeographic position of King Edward Memorial Hospital for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the hospital and how it is embedded in the central town area of Perth: one of the astrogeographical significators for the construction site lies in dynamic fire sign Sagittarius which as the sign of shamanism is an important indicator for the healing faculties and particularly the mental knowledge and the experience gained through working in any profession that deals with medical treatment.  As the sign of success and reonator with Jupiter the planet of luck Sagittarius stands for important aspects searching and finding solutions.

The second astrogeographic coordinate lies in highly relaxed water sign Pisces indicator for a comparatively smooth and relaxed atmosphere at the area where the hospital lies. The ascendant of the birth moment in Pisces can be understood as having brough the public and media focus on the hospital.