The Mahabodhi Temple Tower in Aries and the difference Libra makes

The Mahabodhi Temple Tower in Aries and the difference Libra makes.  Astrolgy, Architecture & Design:  on the antagonism between female sign Libra and  male sign Aries in architecture

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Another example for a central tower located in Aries is the Mahabodhi Temple near the site of Buddha`s enlightenment. The Mahabodhi (literally: Temple of Awakening) Temple  in Bodh Gaya was first constructed in the 3rd century BC. The current structure is as old as the 5th century AD.

The exact astrogeographic position (field level 4) of the temple lies in the subdivisions of  Aries with Libra of a larger surrounding area  (field level 3) which has both coordinates in highly relaxed, mystic, spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of the spiritual plane.

Mahabodhi Temple located in Aries with Libra photo: Ken Wieland, ccbysa2.0
Mahabodhi Temple located in Aries with Libra photo: Ken Wieland, ccbysa2.0

The temple consists of a central tower with an ornamentation that resembles a typical hindu temple tower, but with a conical, sharp, stupa-like  tip.

The tower is placed on a square platform  with 4 equally tall small towers occupying the 4 corners. The central position of the tower is a clearest element of design often found in Aries. The attempt to ground the tower by creating a  balance between the central main tower and the surroundings area by the 4 corners towers and the symmetrical design and decoration is symptomatic of the presence of Libra.  Compare:  Libra as the sign of symmetry.

The difference to Halgrimskirkja (Aries with Aquarius) lies in the decoration and the “relativization” of the main tower by the corner towers. These elements take away some of the acuteness and single-dimensionality of the image created by the design of Halgrimskirkja.

photo:Martin Putz ccbysa3.0/de
Hallgrímskirkja, Reykyavik located in Aquarius with Aries      photo:Martin Putz ccbysa3.0/de

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