Astrology and astrogeography of Angkor Wat

Libra and Gemini – the Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Libra and Gemini – the Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Astrology, architecture and sacred sites: the

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photo:Charles J Sharp  license:GNU/FDL
Libra and Gemini – the Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia ph:Charles J Sharp,GNU/FDL

Angkor Wat is the main temple of the huge temple complex of Angkor in Cambodia. It was constructed in the first half of the 12th Century AD during the reign of King Suryavarman II. The central temple of Angkor Wat has five towers in the form of lotus flowers – the highest of which is 65 m high forms the center of the Angkor Wat.

Astrogeographical position of the temple for morphogenetic field level 3 (surrounding area) which describes the energetical topics of the whole of the temple island and the area nearby and how they are are embedded in the land: The site of the temple is located in the constellation of the two air signs Libra and Gemini. The principle of Libra with the central motif of harmony can be observed here through the extensive decoration, perfect symmetry, rectangular shape of the sanctuary and the overall aesthetic concept of the building.

Apsara relief at Angkor Wat at Photo: Dharma, ccbysa2.0
Apsara relief at Angkor Wat. Apsaras are engalic beings    Photo: Dharma, ccbysa2.0

Service orientated Libra the sign of peace in it`s role as the seventh astrological sign is to be regarded as the principle of the angelic beings which can be found in Angkor Wat in the form of Apsaras or dancing Devas (Angels) and Devatas (Guardian Angels). A further category of entities presented at Angkor Wat are the Asuras (jealous beings), which would rather have to be related to the aspect of competition of the sign of Gemini.

Both astrological principles Libra as well as Gemini indicate a meeting place and place of openness, communication and contact. As the sign of education and learning Gemini is an indication here that the temple might have had a function for the training of monks and priests, sculptors and architects as well as the devotees, pilgrims and other visitors.

Statue of Vishnu at Angkor Wat ph: Marcin Konsek, ccbysa4.0

The main deity of Angkor Wat is Vishnu, the god of light and of the angelic quality (Satguna). Satguna the quality of purity would be related to the position of the site in Libra.