Angela Merkel and the Constellation of the German Chancellery

Angela Merkel and the Constellation of the German Chancellery

Angela Merkel and the Constellation of the German Chancellery in astrogeography. Astrology, politics and places: the astrogeographical position of the new federal chancellery in relation to Angela Merkel´s birth chart

Angela Merkel with the Obamas, pd usgov
Angela Merkel with the Obamas, pd usgov

After the election on 18/Sep/2005 Angela Merkel (born 17/Jul/1954, 16:45, Hamburg) was the first woman to be elected chancellor of Germany on 22/Nov/2005.

Following Gerhard Schröder she was the second chancellor to move into the newly built Federal Chancellery building in Berlin. The building is located in the second half of the solid, highly defensive, conservative earth sign Capricorn a typical aspect for government institutions and in the first degrees of the air sign Gemini indicator for a communication interface. This is valid for morphogenetic field level 3, which shows how the place is embedded in the town of Berlin.

Angela Merkel birth chart

Capricorn represents and stimulates the first and second houses in Merkel`s birth chart indicating that the place stands for personal interests and being a representative of the place (house 1) plus financial security and social recognition (house 2). This aspect clearly indicates Merkel`s remarkably solid, strong and even dominant personal position at the Chancellery and could mean  that there is a great chance for her to satisfy and fullfill her personal interests and needs.
The position in first degrees of Gemini falls in the sixth house of her birth chart. This aspect indicates a situation comparable to one of an employed worker and could mean that decisions made here are highly dependent on other people. The sixth house stands for the readiness to subdue ones own desires to the necessities of working life and success depends on cautiousness, adaptability, flexibility and the willingness to serve here. The aspect is to be considered as particularly helpful for individuals to motivate for working 15 or even 24 hours a day. The fact that it is also present in Bill Gate`s constellation at the Microsoft headquarters is a clear indication of the potential of this aspect for financial proftis and personal success.
Since the second house stands for the urge for financial security and the sixth house for safety concerns and existential fears this whole constellation can be evaluated as symptomatic of a situation in which material interests and the protection of one`s social position are the most important personal motives here.

Astrogeographic aspects of individuals at places can not only be interpreted to understand their personal situations but also in regard of their effects on the issues dealt with at these places.The first two terms of Angela Merkel`s time as chancellor from 2005 to 2009 and 2009 to 2013 were marked by an unprecedented harvest phase (house 6) and financial success (house 2) for Germany as the effects of the reforms of the Schroeder government from 1998 until 2005 paid off. During the second term the crisis of the world economy caused by excessive indebtedness in the USA and the Eurozone the monetary policy and saving money (a combination of houses 2 and 6) became the most important political issues. Alltogether Merkel´s constellation rather stands for securing, utilizing and exploiting already existing ressources than for new ideas, structural reforms and consistent.

New Chancellery building in Berlin located art 2°Gemini and in Capricorn ph: Tischbeinahe, ccbysa3.0