The Most Confusing Roundabout in the UK at Swindon

Astrology and Places: The Most Confusing Roundabout in the UK at Swindon

The Magic Roundabout at Swindon marks a place of central importance in the landscape because it is located on several cardinal divides for multiple field levels of morphogenetic fields.

It was constructed in 1972 and consists of five mini roundabouts arranged around a sixth central, anti-clockwise roundabout. It was designed by a british traffic engineer named Frank Blackmore  born on 16 February 1916 at Fort National, Algeria.


Astrogeographic position for field level 4 which describes the atmosphere of the site itself: the west half of the magic Swindon roundabout is located right next to the cardinal divide between 2 zodiacs at 0° Aries so that the west half lies in relaxed, smooth, soiritual water sign Pisces sign of imagination, letting go, dreaming and the  eastern half in dynamic male fire sign Aries sign of action, ignition, speed and fighting for survival. This makes it plausible to drive slowly when you are heading towards the centre of Swindon in the west and speed up when moving in the opposite direction. The second coordinate lies in the center of relaxed, smooth water sign Pisces, which in astrology has been compared to motor oil or vaseline referring to it`s potential to smoothen and help in passing gateways, energetic barrieres, resistance and obstacles. The Pisces element supports intuition, night vision, acting in a dream-like state, letting go and can be seen as a highly positive aspect and influence for the drivers who pass the intersection.

Astrogeographic position for field level 3 which describes how the site is embedded in the town of Swindon: for field level 3 the cardinal divde that runs through the center of the roundabout divides it into a west half in  self-protective, timid, careful earth sign Virgo sign of reason which stretches unto the town center of Swindon from here – and an eastern half in service-orientated, peaceful air sign Libra sign of angels, openness, relationship which stretches out for about a mile to the east from here. The second coordinate of the morphogenetic field of the roundabout for FL3 again is located in the last degrees of relaxed, smooth, spiritual water sign Pisces. This morphogenetic field terminates right at the south end  of the roundabout where the Wiltshire Fire Department buildings lie,  This is good because the Fire brigade building so lies in highly alert, energetic fire sign Aries the sign of speed and ignition which is a perfect aspect as it strongly supports the quick action of the fire brigade employees.

Astrogeographic position for field level 2 which describes how the roundabout is embedded in the region of Wiltshire: for morphogenetic field level 2 the Magic Roundabout is located just to the north of the cardinal divide between dynamic fire sign Sagittarius sign of travelling and main indicator of round forms and conservative, strict, hierarchical, solid earth sign Capricorn sign of control, government institutions and stability. The position in the first degrees of Capricorn indicates a site with the quality of a checkpost which supports the readiness to take over responsibility and solve important issues. Therefore the Wiltshire Fire Department lies in a highly ausipiscious and positive location at the place to the south of the Magic Roundabout. This position in the first degrees or at the beginning of Capricorn are remarkable also for their quality of supporting efforts to stop uncontrolled, unhindered spreading of the unintended, problematic, dangerous and evil. As far as healing is concerned I compare it`s function and role to exorcism as practised in shamanistic cultures.

Frank Blackmore

The astrological birth chart of Frank Blackmore the man who designed the Magic Roundabout reveals  a stunning extremely intense constellation  in resonance with the eastern half of the roundabout (for FL4) in the first degrees of fire sign Aries the sign of speed.  Frank Blackmore was born with the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius the sign of inspiration, innovation, abstraction, self-finding, rebellion and solutions. He led the development of the offside priority rule at roundabouts – which overcame capacity and safety issues at such installations, greatly increasing their usefulness and popularity around the world – and subsequently also invented the mini roundabout.

Sunrise Birth Chart for Frank Blackmore born on 16 February 1916 in Fort National, Algeria
Sunrise Birth Chart for Frank Blackmore born on 16 February 1916 in Fort National, Algeria

Frank Blackmore was born with a highly auspiscious conjunction of Venus the planet of relationship and decoration as well as of income, financial gains and controling territory with Jupiter the planet of success, luxury and expansion in the first degrees of Aries right on the east half of the Magic Swindon Roundabout.  In regard to the deeper psychological issues within Blackmore`s birth chart this constellation is best understood through its square with Pluto the planet of dogma, traumatic issues, social impediments, blocks of development, habitual perception and social role conduct. The Venus – Jupiter conjunction in Aries the sign of fighting indicates the desire for fighting limitations of perception and development in society.