Saint Michael Leyline in Astrogeography

Saint Michael Leyline in Astrogeography

Saint Michael Leyline in Astrogeography. Astrology, astrogeography and magical places: the astrogeographical positions of important places along Saint Michael s Leyline

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Saint Michael Leyline in Astrogeography

The definition of Ley- Lines was first introduced by amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins in his books Early British Trackways and The Old Straight Track. For  more information about leylines see the article on or other pages like the Thomas Piketty Blog  …… or videos:

Saint Michael Leyline explains the resonance between Saint Michael´s Mount and Saint Michael`s Church on Glastonbury Tor. But it is more than that: there are a number of extremely important and highly energetic places on this Leyline. I have calculated the astrogeographical positions of a number of places along Saint Michael´s Leyline to study their individual qualities and also get an idea about the underlying  hidden patterns that relate the places with each other. The following list is calculated for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how a place is embedded in the surrounding area. I had the choice of using either field level 4 which would describe the atmosphere of a site itself, but found the results for field level 3 more convincing.  The fields for field level 3 are about 1,2 x 1,6 km wide.

Astrogeographical positions for important stations along Saint Michael´s Leyline

As can be seen the three most frequent astrological signs among the coordinates of the famous and acknowledged sites along Saint Michael´s Leyline are in highly dynamical, stimulative, male signs like the two fire signs Aries and Sagittarius and intensely electrical Aquarius.

Astrology and astrogeography of Saint Michael leyline
The Summit of Glastonbury Tor with the tower of medieval St. Michael`s Church has both coordinates in Aries ph: Jim Champion license: GNU/FDL

Glastonbury Tor having both coordinates in Aries the sign of action, speed, ignition, self-defense, warfare and knighthood has the intensest possible activating constellation here.

Astrology and astrogeography of
Saint Michael`s Mount located in Sagittarius with Aquarius photo: Me, ccbysa3.0

The female more receptive signs like Cancer, Taurus and Virgo are also present but are less frequent. Their role would be to stabilize and reconnect the flow of energy and the moving spirit of the living beings. Taurus as the sign of the earth has the role of grounding. Virgo as the sign of the protection spirits of plants and nature would be there to relate the the beings to nature. And Cancer the sign of emotional individuality had the role of relating living beings to their own interior energies, emotions and soul.

astrology and astrogeography of Saint Michael leyline
Avebury stone circles located in Cancer with Taurus – full view from south.
ph: Detmar Owen, ccbysa4.0

Avebury and Stoke St Michael  which are located in a constellation related to the earth and mother goddesses (Cancer with Taurus) seem to be the most important of these sites on Saint Michael`s Leyline.

View south along Tower Hill, Stoke St Michael, Somerset. ph: Martin Bodman, ccbysa2.0

Pisces the sign of temples and the spiritual plane and Capricorn the sign of mountains, rocks and barriers only occur once.  This could mean that places in these signs are either too relaxing (Pisces) for the flow of energies to continue or simply natural barriers and therefore not really typical parts of an intensely dynamic Leyline system.

Restormel Castle is the only important site located in Pisces the sign of temples, mystification, legends. The 2nd coordinate is on the divide between aristocratic, courtly air sign Libra and highly defensive, solid Scorpio the sign of fortresses.

But after all there could easily be many other sites which even if unknown, not recognized or simply not identified which are all essential parts of the actual trail and meridian or canal (nadi) in the landscape. So what the above list of calculated places shows us may not be sufficient material for evaluation of the quality of the Leyline itself. What it shows are the qualities of the better known, easily accessible or sites of historical importance and during a relatively short period (2000 years) of our modern recorded history.

The two mouths Carn le Boel and Hopton-on-Sea

Carn Lês Boel is an iron age Promontory Fort in West Cornwall located in Sagittarius with Libra ph: Frances Watts, ccbysa2.0

A comparison of the atrogeography of the sites which connect Saint Michael´s Leyline with the ocean reveals an interesting polarity of Carn Lês Boel on the south coast and Hopton-on-Sea on the east coast of England.  Carn Lês Boel is located in the combination of dynamic fire sign Sagittarius the sign of travelling with air sign Libra the sign of doors and openings. The combination of a fire with an air sign stands for heat and movement. At Hopton-on-Sea self-centered emotional water sign Cancer the sign of beaches, motherhood, fertility, pregnancy and springs meets with highly defensive, fortress-like, stable, fixed  water sign Scorpio the sign of closed containers. This combination sort of suggests the energetical situation of a well or tank. Hopton-on-Sea is not a mouth or gate in the first place but a highly defensive, self protective site which stores and holds the energies that flow here through the Leyline. In terms of electrical power therefore the Hopton-on-Sea would be considered as the negative (-) and  Carn Lês Boel as the positive (+) pole.

Cadbury Castle – a possible Camelot

Cadbury Castle, formerly known as Camalet is a Bronze and Iron Age hill fort in South Cadbury, Somerset. It has been associated with King Arthur‘s legendary court at Camelot.

Map of earthworks at Cadbury Castle, Somerset, England located between earth sign Taurus and air sign Gemini and the 2nd coordinate in Aquarius,

The astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Cadbury Castle in highly idealistic, spiritual air sign Aquarius the sign of self-finding, true friendship is a fascinating analogy for the legend of the spiritual brotherhood that united the Knights of the round Table and also for the quest for the holy grail as a .

The position of the 2nd coordinate stretches between the last degrees in solid fixed earth sign Taurus the sign of the earth, grounding, growing roots, wealth, food, markets and conquering territory and movable air sign Gemini the sign interfaces, road crossings, communication, exchange, learning, technological innovation, language and education. This aspect could explain the role as an economical center and a site that served to connect distant tribes and regions.

Cadbury Castle has one coordinate located in Aquarius and the 2nd between Taurus and Gemini
ph: Graham Horn, ccbysa2.0

James Watkins

Astrological Sunrise Birth Chart for James Watkins. calculated for January, 27 1855
Astrological Sunrise Birth Chart for James Watkins. calculated for January, 27 1855

James Watkins was born on January, 27 1855 at the Imperial Hotel in Widemarsh Street, Hereford, England with the Moon conjunct Saturn in air sign Gemini the sign of pathways, roads, bridges, connections, interfaces, communication. learning, information and intelligence. This constellation is to be seen as the Watkins`deeper personal relation with the topic of searching for the connection between places through leylines. Leylines are often seen as “meridians” or canals through which information and interaction between places happens. The concept of morphogenetic fields in the definition of Rupert Sheldrake as the place where the resonance  and interaction works was not in use in Europe by then although of course the phenomenon was already there. When I calculated Watkins birth chart and found that he had the 5 personal planets except the Moon in creative, highly innovative spiritual air Aquarius I was deeply touched. As the sign of the nervous system in the human body, the nadi and chakra system of yoga culture and the meridian system of chinese medicine Aquarius is also the clearest possible and most important astrological indicator for the nervous system of the landscapes on our planet. And as I have 5 personal planets plus Saturn in Aquarius in my birth chart I not only see but also feel my astrogeographic world map closely related to the topics and in the tradition of  Watkins` discoveries.

The Imperial, Widemarsh Street located in Libra with Pisces  photo: Pauline Eccles,
The Imperial, Widemarsh Street in Hereford, UK where James Watkins was born is  located in service-orientated, arictocratic (imperial) air sign Libra sign of angels with spiritual water sign Pisces  sign of the spiritual plane.     photo: Pauline Eccles, ccbysa2.0

The 2nd Saint Michael´s Leyline between Skellig Michael, Saint Michael`s Mount and Mont Saint Michael

Astrology and astrogeography of Saint Michael Line
The 2nd Saint Michael Leyline between Skellig Michael and the Stella Maris Monastery on Mount Carmel
Astrogeographical position of places along St Michael`s Line

Skellig Michael

The second Saint Michael Leyline connects Skellig Michael off the west coast of Ireland with the Stella Maris Monastery on Mt. Carmel in Israel. The first two steps on the meridian are the fascinatingly parallel Saint Michaels Mounts in Normandy and Cornwall with the famous,. For the two Saint Michael`s Mounts which are both located in Sagittarius the sign of shamanism and druid culture compare my text Saint Michael`s Mount and Mont Saint Michel in Sagittarius”.  The monastery on Skellig Michael was founded in the 7th century and apparently deserted around 1100.

Astrogeographic position of Skellig Michael Monastery for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the energetical topics and atmosphere of the monastery and surrounding area: is located right on the divide between highly energetic, magnetic fire sign Leo the sign of the Sun, light, heart and self-protective earth sign Virgo sign of reason, celibacy, yoga culture and a major indicator for monk culture. The second coordinate is in highly imaginative, mystic, spiritual water sign Pisces sign of dreaming, intuition, meditation, music, the spiritual plane, dreaming and temples and as the sign of the ocean also intensely related to the element where the island lies.

Sacra di San Michele near Turin

The Sacra di San Michele, sometimes known as Saint Michael’s Abbey located on the cardinal divide between Gemini and Cancer and in Aries. ph: Elio Pallard, ccbysa4.0

The Sacra di San Michele (880 m altitude) on Mount Pirchiriano near the City of Turin, Italy is a 12th century abbey on the site of a stronghold dating back to Roman times.

Temple of Sant’ Angelo in Perugia

Temple of Sant’ Angelo in Perugia located in Aries and Virgo ph: zyance, ccbysa2.5

The round church of San Michele Arcangelo is a 5-6th century round church in the City of Perugia located in the combination of fire sign Aries with earth sign Virgo

Sanctuary of Saint Michael the Archangel on Mount Gargano

Statue of Archangel Saint Michael overlooking the entrance to the Sanctuary of Saint Michael the Archangel on Mount Gargano, Italy. ph: Tango7174 , GFDL

The Sanctuary of Saint Michael the Archangel on Mount Gargano, Italy is the oldest shrine in Western Europe dedicated to the archangel Michael. It has been an important pilgrimage site since the early Middle Ages.

Astrogeographical position for morphogenetic field level 4, which describes the energetical topics and atmosphere of the small church itself: The small sanctuary is located in the combination of dynamic, male fire sign Aries sign of action, speed, warfare, fighting with emotional water sign Cancer the sign of the moon, motherhood, fertility, conception and emotional autonomy and individuality.