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Avebury Henge and Village is located in Cancer with Taurus pointing at the function of the site as a temple of energies related to the earth mother photo:Wikityke, :ccbysa2.5 The Avebury Stone Circle

Avebury Stone Circle in astrogeography

Avebury Stone Circle in astrogeography. Astrology, temples & magical places: on the astrogeographical position of the famous Avebury Stone Circle and the polarity with Sillbury Hill

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The magic of Avebury as a natural temple of the Earth Mother

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The construction of the stone circles of Avebury are thought to have been started around 3000-2600 BC on the site of a natural temple of the earth mother.

Avebury Stone Circle with the two smaller circles on the inside
photo:Wikityke license:ccbysa2.5 Avebury henge and village
Avebury Henge and Village is located in Cancer with Taurus pointing at the function of the site as a temple of energies related to the earth mother    
ph: Wikityke, ccbysa2.5

The neolithical stone circle of Avebury with a diameter of 427 m is the largest of this kind in Europe. It consists of two large circles with two smaller inner circles. Together with Stonehenge (Sag-Gem) and Silbury Hill (Ari – Aqu/Pis) it belongs to a a group of magical sites and calendar buildings in the region of Wiltshire in South England.

Avebury stone circles located in Cancer with Taurus – full view from south.
ph: Detmar Owen, ccbysa4.0

Astrogeographical position of the Avebury Circle for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the Atmosphere  and energetical topics of the site ittself and how it is embedded in the land:  The neolithical stone circle at Avebury has one coordinate in earth sign Taurus the sign of the earth grounding, growing roots, settling down, possession of land, agriculture, wheat and flour, cows, local energetical centers and rural market places. Taurus therefore points at the topic of an energetical center of local agriculture and and the local population and land owners in the first place. The 2nd coordinate lies in self-protective, emotional water sign Cancer the sign of the moon, emotional identity and autonomy, motherhood, pregnancy, fertility, the uterus, ancestors and main indicator for water springs.  Cancer stands for a site of identification with the land as ones emotional home and also the Celtic roots of English culture. Alltogether the combination the combination of these two female, nourishing signs stands for a natural temple of the earth mother and of fertility.

Silbury Hill as a Temple of the Sky

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Silbury Hill seems to have been built as a Temple of the Sky and energetical counterpart to the magical Avebury Temple dedicated to the earth mother. It has to be assumed that the shamans (or tribal priests) who recognized the supra-regional importance of Avebury decided to construct the super-large Silbury mound to strengthen the self-centering independence of the local population and the flow of energies in the meridians and grid system of the surface field.

The center of the artificial mound of Silbury Hill has one coordinate stretching from Aquarius into Pisces and the 2nd coordinate in Aries

Composed mainly of chalk and clay found in the surrounding area, the mound is 37 metres high and 167 m in diameter. It was constructed in several stages between 2400–2300 BC and displays immense technical skill and prolonged control over labor and resources.

Astrogeographical position of Sillbury Hill for morphogenetic field level 4, which explains the atmosphere and energetical topics of the mound itself: one coordinate of Silbury Hill stretches between creative, innovative, spiritual air sign Aquarius  sign of the sky, heaven, paradise, flying, inventions and innovations, man made artificial structures, connecting earth + sky, idealism + factual reality, human experience with the spiritual plane and mystical, spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of the spiritual plane, mystification, legends, the dream world, music, entertainment and a place of the otherworld. The location in this extra-terrestrian position between the two spiritual signs points at the mound as a temple of heaven built for the purpose of connecting earth and sky, the material and spiritual plane and as place dedicated to the contact with celestial spirits or deities. the air element, wind gods and cults related to the sun, moon or stars and even a potential landing site for heavenly and extraterrestrian spirits.

The 2nd coordinate is fully located in highly alert, dynamical, male fire sign Aries sign of warfare, action, speed, fighting, strongholds, military purposes and training. sports,  self-defense and a gathering place before going to war (Compare: the Field of Mars at Eiffel Tower, The Oracle of Delphi). Just like in the cases of Glastonbury Tor (Aries- Aries) and Brent Tor (Aries-Gemini) the position in Aries relates to a place of a cult related to male energies and topics particularly warfare (consecration of swords, weapons, and fighters).

The combination of Aquarius with Aries known as the constellation of mutations appears as a sign of the technological innovation and revolution and also as an expression of the tendency of the construction site itself to stimulate and allow radical changes of its shape.

West Kennet Longbarrow

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West Kennet Long Barrow seen here from the north stretches from Leo (left) into Virgo (right). The 2nd coordinate is in Sagittarius. ph: Jarkeld, ccbysa4.0

The West Kennet Long Barrow is a 110 m long, 33 m wide Neolithic tomb or barrow, situated on a prominent chalk ridge appr. 900 m south-east of Silbury Hill.  The structure is alligned exactly to the needles of the compass in West-Eastern direction – with its entrance exactly towards sunrise. The construction of the grave was begun about 3600 BC which is some 600 years before the construction of the Avebury and Stonehenge circles.

Entrance of West Kennet Long Barrow ph: Jarkeld, ccbysa4.0

Astrogeographical position of West Kennet Longbarrow for morphogenetic field level 4, which explains the atmosphere and energetical topics of the mound itself: the long-barrow grave stretches from highly magnetic royal fire sign Leo (west half) sign of the sun, light, heart, power stations, centralism, absolutism and sign of kings into self protective earth sign Virgo (east half) sign of reason, protected places, conservation, mummification, storing goods, protection of nature + plants and of healing. The position in Leo clearly points at a grave dedicated to the kings and the stabilization of the ruling dynasty.

The 2nd coordinate of the site is in dynamical fire sign Sagittarius sign of success, expansion, growth, shamanism, initiation, burning sacrifice, cremation, style, design, fashion, ornaments and of time-measurement. Sagittarius so points at the potential function of the arrangement of the long barrow grave in exact alignment to the equator for time measurement and the determination of important seasonal dates.