Martin Luther`s Constellations at Wittenberg, Wartburg and Worms

Martin Luther`s Constellations at Wittenberg, Wartburg and Worms

Martin Luther`s Constellations at Wittenberg, Wartburg and Worms a study of Luther`s birth chart in relation to the astrogeography of important places in his life

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Martin Luther`s Constellations at Wittenberg, Wartburg and Worms

All Saints Castle Church at Wittenberg Castle lohas both coordinates in Pisces photo: Michael Schmalenstroer license: GNU/FDL

The All Saints or Castle Church at Wittenberg is the church of Wittenberg Castle where Martin Luther is said to have posted his 95 Theses on 31 October 1517 criticizing systemic corruption in the Catholic Church. Apart from its function as a castle church it was used as the church for the nearby university. Students used to receive their promotions inside the church.

For astrogeographical radius level 4 which describes the atmosphere of the building itself the Castle Church is situated in a place where both aspects fall in the water sign Pisces. This constellation intensely points out, that Luther`s supposed posting of his ideas here is to be considered as in a place of resonance with true mysticism and religion. This is because sites like the Mahaboddhi Tree in Bodh Gaya and Glastonbury Abbey are located in the same constellation for radius level 4. The positions in Pisces fall in the last degrees of the sign and are valid for the Castle Church only, whereas the rest of Wittenberg Castle is situated in Pisces` neighbouring signs. This is why for further astrological investigations the astrogeographical radius level 3 should be applied to understand the topica of Wittenberg Castle as a whole. The constellation for radius level 3 brings together highly alert, male fire sign Aries the sign of warfare with highly defensive water sign Scorpio, both aspects indicating the function of the castle as a fortress.

The Role of Pisces in Religion

In astrological literature Pisces has been called the symbol of Christianity and among the christian churches of the Roman Catholic Church. There are a number of explications why the christian religion has been related to the sign  of Pisces. The story of the  “Fish Miracle”  is one and the coincidence of Jesus` lifetimes with the beginning of the spring-equinoctical Age of Pisces is another. In the twelvefold concept used in astrological structuralism Pisces stands for the aspect of reconnection with the plane of the spiritual origin of existence. Therefore a general equation with a single religion or ideology is not valid and useful and a hinderance for differentiating mysticism (Pisces) from ideology (Scorpio) and institutionalized priesthood (Sagittarius). Apart from that Pisces could also indicate a mystification of individuals or events – and stands for the historical uncertainty of the traditionally delivered versions of events here.

Martin Luther birth chart calculated for  10 November 1483 Jul.Cal. (19 Nov 1483 greg, 22:46, Eisleben, D

Both astrogeographgic coordinates of the Castle Church in Pisces (radius level 4) fall in the 8th house in Luther`s birth chart indicating a place of confrontatiom, problems and the transformation of personal beliefs and patterns of one`s self image. But whereas the Castle Church was a site of debate and confrontation for Martin Luther on one level of morphogenetic fields, the consideration of the next larger field level reveals that a different conclusion has to be made in regard of his relationship to the whole of Wittenberg Castle along with the Dukes of Saxe-Wittenberg and the nearby university.
For astrogeographical radius level 3 the castle itself and with it the seat of the Dukes of Saxony at Wittenberg falls in the fourth (Scorpio) and ninth (Aries) houses of Martin Luther`s birth chart. The fourth house stands for a home and for growing roots and could indicate the readiness of the family of the Dukes of Saxony to protect Martin Luther from attacks by the Vatican`s secret service. The position in the ninth house in the last degrees of Aries falls exactly on the position of the northern Node of the Moon indicating philosophical, theoretical and scientific studies, luxury and a secure position for Luther as a professor of theology.

Luther Reichstag zu Worms
Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms

On 17 April 1521 Martin Luther was allowed to appear before the King of Spain and Emperor of Germany Charles V at the Diet (Reichstag) of Worms to explain his point of view. The Diet was held at the site of the former Palace of the Archbishop of Worms next to the famous Worms Cathedral. This place falls in the constellation of the earth sign Taurus with the air sign Libra for astrogeographical radius level 3. Taurus stands for the 10th house in Luther`s birth chart indicating a situation of professional responsibility and being exposed to dependence from superiours. Libra indicates the 3rd house and may be seen as an aspect of presenting and teaching his knowledge, point of view and understanding of the corruption in the Catholic Church. As a result of the Reichstag at Worms Martin Luther was declared an outlaw, his scriptures were banned and permission given to kill him without legal consequences.

The site of the famous Luther Memorial at Worms located next to the site where the Diet of Worms was held. The area is located in Taurus with Libra

The famous Martin-Luther Memorial at Worms was built at about 150 m distance from the place where the Archbishop`s palace once stood. It is situated in the same astrogeographical constellation (Taurus and Libra). It contains statues of Jan Hus, Girolamo Savonarola, Petrus Waldus, John Wycliff, Phillip Melanchthon and Johannes Reuchlin.

Wartburg Castle is located in Sagittarius with Virgo

On 5 May 1521 Luther was intercepted by soldiers of Frederick III of Saxony and secretly held as a captive on Wartburg Castle near Eisenach until 1 March 1522 in order to protect him from the Catholic Church. During his stay at Wartburg Castle Luther disguised as a Junker named “Jörg” lived the comfortable life of an aristocrat. Following Melanchthon`s advice in autumn 1521 he made the first ever translation of the New Testament into simple German language, that could be understood by low class and illiterate people.

Wartburg Castle is situated in the constellation of the fire sign Sagittarius (3rd decade of the sign) with the earth sign Virgo (3rd decade). This is valid for the astrogeographical radius level 3 which describes how the place is embedded in the surrounding area. The aspect in Virgo stands for the second house in Luther`s birth chart indicating a solid basis and full acceptance of his personality and his rights. Sagittarius stands for the 5th house, the royal constellation for individuals at places and describes his stay at Wartburg Castle as a time of support for his self-esteem and self-expression and of pleasures. The combination of the second with the fifth house stands for the right to live, being socially accepted and held at high regards by the landlords, pleasures and having fun. Luther wrote one of the best-selling books in history at this place.