The European Union in Political Astrology

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The EU and Brussels in Political Astrology: Pluto and neptune transit cycles in relation to the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of The Eu capital in Brussels.

The European Union in Political Astrology

The European Union in Political Astrology. Astrology, Politics & History: astrogeographical data and analyses on the capital of the  European Union.

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The European Union in Political Astrology

Astrogeographical positions of the EU parliaments in Brussels and Strasbourg

The European Union in Political Astrology: The European Quarter in Brussels with the Barleymont Building in the center. The cross structure of its design is meant to symbolize, reflect, allow, ground, hold and stabilize the confrontation between the differences, antagonisms and opposite between the various nationalities, inheritances and spheres of interest. It also reflects the Grand Cross between the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the capitals of the 4 founding members Rome (29°Gemini), Paris (29°Sagittarius), Berlin (29°Virgo) and Amsterdam (29°Pisces). Apart from that it represents an alusion to the tradition of church buildings. ph: Zinneke, ccbysa3.0

Astrogeographical resonance degrees of the City of Brussels and the seat of the EU Parliament and commission for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the international resonance topics of the European Union: the astrogeographical coordinates of Brussels are located at 22° in mystic spiritual water sign Pisces and on 9° in highly defensive, solid, fixed water sign Scorpio.

Astrogeographical resonance degrees of the seat of the EU Parliament in Strasbourg for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the international resonance topics of the European Union: one coordinate of Strasbourg is located at in solid, conservative, traditionalist, strict earth sign Capricorn the sign of government institutions and the 2nd is at in solid fixed earth sign Taurus sign of the earth grounding, growing roots, food, agriculture, markets and income. The astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Strasbourg being in exact trine in 2 earth signs reveal a highly positive and stabilizing aspect and influence of the place.

As a town with a long German but also French inheritance Strasbourg was chosen to represent the long tradition of cooperation between the two nations and as a symbol of the will to decide for a peaceful future and overcome the equally long history of wars between the two.

Neptune transit opposite Brussels between April 2020 and March 2023 and the Covid 19 crisis and recession

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The Covid 19 Pandemic Crisis was accompanied by a transit of Neptune conjunct the 22°Pisces resonance coordinate of Brussels since April 2020. Neptune had been conjunct Wuhan`s 15°Pisces coordinate and square the positions of Beijing at 17°Sagittarius, Rome at 14°Gemini and Madrid at 15°Sagittarius. For the EU the corona crisis thus stands for the return of Neptune as planetary ruler of the Pisces resonance coordinate of Brussels to his own sign. A situation which the organisation it has not experienced yet.

The European Union in Political Astrology: Transit cycles of Pluto and Neptune in relation to the European capital Brussels between 1750 and 2050.

Like the rest of the world the European Union will be under heaviest pressure through the financial crisis and recession that will follow the Covid 19 pandemic. The danger to the survival of the EU is surely not so much that it may break apart, although one or the other current member states may be bought out by one of the super-centralist giant states China, USA or Russia as the example of the UK Brexit has shown. Generally speaking: “the EU simply seems loose enough to bend without breaking”.

But with the global inflation to be expected for 2021-23 the common EU currency must remain under heaviest pressure at least for the period of the remaining years of the transit of Uranus in Taurus until 2025. The transit periods of Uranus conjunct the seat of the European central Bank in Frankfurt at 16°Taurus and also its opposition to the 27°Scorpio coordinate of Frankfurt will put the European Central Bank under pressure.

The stunning coincidence between the Foundations of the City of Rome, the Roman, Frankish & Holy Roman Empires and European Union with the 171 years pulse of UR-NE conjunctions

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The coincidence of the date of foundation of the City of Rome in 753 BCE from the Romulus and Remus foundation myth with the climax period of the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 746 BCE (+/- 10 years) marks a first milestone in the stunningly steady tendency of resonance between the development of the Roman state cult and the current grand cycle of Uranus-Neptune conjunctions (“UR-NE year”) initialized by the Uranus-Neptun conjunction of April 918 BCE.

Despite its long history of negativity, robbery, murder, slavery, violation, injustice and destruction the Roman Empire seems to have served the unification of Europe by uniting large parts of the continent for the first time in history.

The following table gives an overview of how the stimulus of territorial and cultural unification of the continent has been traded over the 1500 years that followed the disposal of the last West-Roman emperor Romulus Augustulus by the Skirian (Middle-Danube Germanic or Gothic ?) king Odoacer in 476 CE which terminated the West Roman Empire.

This is astrologically reflected in the fact that the stabilization of the later influence of the City of Rome through the Roman-Catholic church and European Community founded in Rome unfolded with the Uranus-Neptune conjunctions as its milestones.

Uranus Neptune Conjunctions as milestones in the historical formation of the European Union
List of Uranus-Neptune Conjunctions as milestones in the history of the Roman and Holy Roman Empires and the European Union

The particular astrogeographical qualities of the City of Rome explain how the spirit of the Roman Empire underlies the cultural history of Europe and the European Self Help Organization.

Palace of Senators on Capitoline Hill in roman times the seat of the Trinity Temple of Jupiter, Juno & Minerva above Forum Romanum is where the Trety of Rome was signed. photo: Alvesgaspar, ccbysa4.0
The Palace of Senators on Capitoline Hill is located in Pisces with Capricorn (for field level 3 – surrounding area) is where the Treaty of Rome was signed. This was the site of the Trinity Temple of Jupiter, Juno & Minerva – the center of the state cult of the Roman Empire
photo: Alvesgaspar, ccbysa4.0

The European Community (EEC) was founded on 25 March 1957 at 18:30 through the Treaty of Rome, which was signed at the Palace of the Senators on Capitoline Hill in Rome. The site of the signing of the treaty stands for the roots of the European Union in the Roman Empire and its successors the Kingdom of the Franks and the Holy Roman Empire. The signing countries Belgium, Netherlands, France, Luxemburg, Italy, Germany were all involved in the Empire of the Francs that succeeded the Roman Empire from the 5th to the 9th centuries.

Astrogeographical position of Rome for morphogenetical field level 1 which defines the supranational role and meaning of Rome:  the area around Capitoline Hill together with the nearby Forum Romanum has both coordinates in air sign Gemini the sign of communication, contacts, technology, practical solutions, roads, vehicles, learning, language, letters, script, information, going new ways, neutrality, roads, interfaces, practical solutions  and of bringing opposites together. One coordinate lies on 29° Gemini and the other on 15° Gemini. Gemini is in many ways the perfect indicator for the rise of technology in the Roman Empire, the outstanding ability of the Romans to assimilate the useful aspects of other religions and cultures and the readiness to bring different nationalities, origins and cultures together. This special resonance of the City of Rome supports an openness and neutrality in relation to technological and multicultural innovations which seems unprecedented in history. It not only explains the success of the Roman Empire but also of its successor the multinational Holy Roman Empire which existed for 1000 years until it was wiped out by the changes brought about by the French Revolution and its envoy Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806.

The Grand Cross of the founding members of the European Union

Astrogeographically the capitals of the founding members (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands) of the European Union are linked together by a Grand Cross which seems to create a circle of tension and also of completion.

The capital of the European Union is the City of Brussels in Belgium which is situated in a region that lies in the astrogeographic constellation of the two water signs Scorpio and Pisces. This combination of signs is valid for morphogenetical radius/field level 1 and describes the astrogeographical qualities of Brussels on a supraregional, global level. The two coordinates can be used as significators to identify the energetical topics, qualities and given situation of Brussels in its role as the capital of Belgium and the European Union. 

It consists of an interactive complementary opposition and square or rather a Grand Cross of the capitals of the founding member states representing the different energetical aspects and points of view:  Berlin at 29° Virgo in straight astrogeographic opposition to the dutch capital Amsterdam at 29°Pisces and to a minor extent also to the position of Brussels at 22°Pisces. At the same time Paris the capital of France`s position on 28°Sagittarius falls in opposition to Rome at 29° Gemini indicating a traditional tension between the capital of France and the seat of the Pope in Rome in his role as a direct ally with the Holy Roman Empire. Altogether the astrogeographical structure appears to reflect and/or even manifest a sort of “interactive roulette” at the bottom of the European Union.

The astrogeographical positions of the capitals of the EU member states

The following list list of capitals of the European Union also allows a glimpse on how the supranational European morphic field ist divided into single nations.

European Union in Astrogeography
Capitals of the European Union in astrology: astrogeographical positions for morphogenetic field level 1
Europas Hauptstädte in der Astrogeographie
Europe in Astrogeography: astrogeographical positions of all European Natiions

The Foundation Chart for the European Economic Community (EEC) of 1957

Horoscope Chart for the Foundation of the European Union Signing of the Treaty of Rome, 25 March 1957, 18:30, Rome, Palace of the Senators, Capitoline Hill

The Treaty of Rome was signed at sunset and with service-orientated, aristocratic air sign Libra the sign of relationship, harmony, balance, justice, peace, decoration, naive painting and angels rising. Venus on 29°Pisces (the position of Amsterdam) in house 6 shows the central issue of the options for security, reason, peace and optimal use of resources. The blocks of self-liberation, self-finding and awareness of the fuller potentials of the single countries is the main problematic issue of the EU as represented by the position of Pluto at 28° Leo (the astrogeographical resonance degree of Washington) in house 11, the house of true friends – occupied here by the planet of the big brother and dominator. The ambiguity of the role of the USA in relation to the West-European countries as their helper, savior, liberator, Inspirator, protector, manipulator and in other ways their hypercapitalistic downpressor can be seen here as a topic that existed right from the start. As the ruler of house 2 the house of one`s own territory Plutos position reveals the factual military dependence of the EU founding members from the USA in the times of the Cold War. For the role of house 2 as the house of economy: economically Pluto (aka Washington) represents a helper and motor for development. But at the same time Pluto represents the foreign rule over house 2 – the European territory as well as the European economy. Compared to that Pluto position Neptune on the cusp of house 2 the founding members appear as somewhat weak, indecisive, unable, not allowed or simply not willing to control their own territory. But on the other hand that apparent weakness of the European Union was simply needed to allow the full independence of the single member states from the dominance of the intended European Union.

The strongest astrological constellation of planets at the basis of the EU is the T square of Uranus at 2°Leo, Neptune at 2°Scorpio and the Moon at 3°Aquarius – all of them in aspects of direct tension with the 2°Taurus astrogeographical resonance position of Moscow. This T square explains how much the EU was organized to stand united in defense against the USSR/Russian hegemony in eastern and central Europe during the Cold War. It should be noted that this defense system does not actually mean that Moscow itself has to be excluded from the EU. In fact the Grand Cross of the EU foundation members Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands shows that such grand crosses can serve as a stable basis for a supranational cooperation but only among equals. The T square in the EU natal chart can therefore also be understood as an invitation to Moscow for a cooperation on the basis of equal rights and respect. Apart from that another detail is highly important here in regard to the choice of Strassbourg as the seat of the European Parliament: the 3°Taurus resonance position of Strassbourg is exactly conjunct Moscow (and New Delhi too) and the 3°Capricorn position in a highly stimulative exact trine. This implies that the EU parliament

The Saturn position at 15° in Sagittarius the sign of expansion, thinking, wisdom, shamanism and healing fell exactly on the astrogeographical resonance position of the Spanish capital Madrid in house 3 classically the house of neighbors, learning, intelligence and an important factor for growth reveals an intense resonance of the Treaty of Rome with the future EU member Spain. The government and parliament in Madrid can be assumed to play an important stabilizing, progressive, inspirational and supportive role in the development of the EU in times to come. The stunning accuracy of this position of Saturn the planet of critical thinking seems to explain the support that the EU might get through the cultural and political influence from Madrid.

The EU under pressure from Uranuses transit in a Grand Cross and conjunct Moscow between March 2019 and April 2020

Rising pressure on the European Union from Uranus` transit over 3° Taurus and conjunct Moscow between March 2019 and April 2020:
The European Union was founded under a T-square between: Neptune at 1°56`Scorpio – Uranus at 2°58` Leo – Moon at 2°34`Aquarius. That constellation explains how the formation of the EU was directed against the soviet/russian colonial expansion during the Cold war process. This is because Moscow`s astrogeographical resonance coordinate is at 2°Taurus.

It may help to understand that this tension is by the way with Moscow and not with Russia`s first capital St. Petersburg which is located at 3°Aquarius and conjunct the Moon position of the EU!! The competition between the russian capitals has St. Petersburg (3°AQU-1°ARI) as the site of the European roots of Russia and Moscow (2°TAU-12°CAN) as the administrational – gravitational capital of the Russian Super-Empire.

EU foundation chart with transits for the winter solstice of 2019 with Uranus at 2°49`Taurus

During the whole year of 2019 Uranus will be conjunct Moscow fulfilling the T square in the EU foundation to a Grand Cross. Astrogeographically it absolutely makes sense that the European Union will have to deal with the pressure and threats from Moscow but also with the blind eye towards the options for a better deal with Russia during the whole year.

The UK & Ireland join the EEC along with Denmark under a constellation of extreme violence

EU membership Ireland, Denmark, UK
Astrological Chart for the EU Membership of Ireland, Denmark and the UK calculated as a 12:00 noon chart for the date of signing of the contracts on 22 January 1972

The contracts for the joining of Denmark, Ireland and the UK by January 1 1973 were signed on 22 January 1972 with the Sun at 1° and the North Node at 5°Aquarius conjunct the Moon at 2° Aquarius in the EU foundation chart, indicating an intense emotional grounding in the ideal of a brotherhood of the Nations as represented by the position of the Moon in Aquarius in house 4.

That alone appeared as highly positive for the European Union itself – but the astrological transits of the day show an extremely violent pattern of unresolved issues: an intensely aggressive Moon-Mars conjunction (stored hate, anger, frustration, torture, violence, revenge and experience of injustice) in Aries the sign of warfare, aggression, speed, fighting for dominance in opposition to Uranus the planet of brotherhood or say true friendship in Libra the sign of naive painting.

This Moon-Mars conjunction seems to reveal all the ambiguity of the British approach to the EU along with the unresolved issues of the the Northern Ireland conflict and the issues between London and its former Irish colony. The constellation seems to show that the common membership in the EU appeared as an option that helped both countries to calm down the age old history of hate working between the two neighbor nations.

The Moon – Mars conjunction in Aries is an archetypal constellation for British culture anyway. And it  really provides a classical image of the emotional patterns set free by some of the English tourists as soon as they reach the European continent.  As that Moon-Mars constellation near 20° Aries was directly opposite Uranus it seems only logical that the Brexit decision of the United Kingdom voters came right at the midpoint of the Uranus cycle at the moment when Uranus  had progressed right over the Moon-Mars conjunction of  22 January 1972.

Lilith the planet of the suppressed unconscious and hidden action at 26° Libra in house 6 was right on the astrogeographical position of the City of London. This aspect brings up the question in how far the British influence on EU politics was actually operated by the remote control through the dominant actors of global capitalism seeking ways to control and undermine the autonomy of the rest of the EU members. Or let`s put that thought another way round: it is no wonder that the British government was permanently trying to pay less money into the development of the poorer EU countries than the rest of the EU members because it saw its more important partners and friends not within the EU but outside of it.

Spain and Portugal join the EEC in 1986

The membership of Spain and Portugal in the EU became effective with the new year of 1 January 1986 at midnight.

Spain and Portugal membership in the European Communities on 1 January 1986 at 0:00.
  • Spain and Portugal joined the EU on 1 January 1986 with the Moon at 4° Virgo nearly conjunct the 1°Virgo astrogeographical resonance degree of Lisbon and Venus-Neptune conjunct in a harmonious trine aspect to the Moon over Lisbon. Uranus the planet of globalization at 17°Sagittarius was conjunct the astrogeographical resonance coordinate of the capital Madrid.

The Maastricht Treaty of 1992 as a European Peace & Union Treaty & step from the EEC to the EU

The Treaty of Maastricht signed on February, 7 1992 was a consequence of Russian Perestroika during which Moscow set the former Warsaw Pact member states of eastern Europe free. It was designed to lay the foundation for a new European Union that would allow the East European nations to join it. The EU was facing a process that would transform it from an exclusive Western European organisation into a much larger Europe-wide organisation.

  • The Treaty of Maastricht was signed on 7 Feb 1992 and became effective on 1 November 1993. It was at this stage signed by 13 member states.
  • the year of 1991 had seen the End of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain between East and West Europe through the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union.
  • As a consequence all the former Warsaw pact member states plus the 3 Baltic states left their alliance with Russia and would join NATO in the next 20 years so that thousands of years of war threat between the European nations would be ended
  • through the Treaty of Maastricht the name of the European Community was changed into European Union with plans for a common defense system
  • the Treaty of Maastricht was designed to lay the foundation for the integration of 15 more nations into the European Union within the next 10-15 years in order to create a 28 member state organization.
  • The first countries to join the EU after the Treaty of Maastricht were Sweden and Finnland in 1995. The large group of the former Warsaw Pact nations joined the EU between 2004 and 2013.
Treaty of Maastricht - EU Foundation
EU Foundation Chart IV: The Signing of the Treaty of Maastricht on 7 February 1992 calculated for 18:30 at Maastricht, Netherlands
  • the enormous pressure on the organisational, administrative and political institutions of the EU that arose through that fundamental process of change initiated through the Treaty of Maastricht was accompanied by a harmonious astrogeographical transit of Pluto the planet of self-defense, trauma, pain, hierarchy, dominance and transformation at 23° Scorpio in exact trine to the 22°Pisces resonance coordinate of the EU capital in Brussels, Belgium.
  • Plutos position in house 4 the house of emotional inheritance and memory explains all the dramatic nationalisms, memories of war, dominance of one nation by another, hate, wounds and destruction in the long and traumatic memory of the land, the people and nations of Europe.
  • the position of Pluto in his own sign Scorpio the sign of bunkers, fortresses, transfusion, alchemy, transformation, magma chambers, nomadic cultures, belief systems, steel production, perceived images, battle for power, and in house 4 the house of the common morphic field (national field) explains the European Union as a melting pot of inheritance, emotions, self images, trauma, hate, competition, projections, hormones, DNA, patterns of role conduct, feces including undigested and indigestible issues plus the strife for dominance of power of one nation over another.
  • no aspect could make it clearer that the European Union was founded as an attempt built a cesspool for dealing with all the accumulated shit between the participating nations of Europe.
  • That could even imply that those nations that will not want or be allowed to participate in the common cloaca may tend to use the EU system for their production of undigested issues too.
  • the fact that Russia was and probably will remain excluded also explains the EU Pluto in Scorpio in jouse 4 position as a tendency to built up a fortress against the inevitable tendency for a hyper-centralistic rule of Moscow including the semantical dominance of the Rus over Russias super territories and large numbers of tribal nations in Asia.
  • from the point of view of Pluto Russia may simply appear too large, too colonial and too repressive for an EU membership.
  • the Treaty of Maastricht was signed with a conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius in house 6 – and their sign and house ruler Uranus conjunct Venus, Neptune and Mars in Capricorn the sign of government institutions.
  • this strong alignment of seven major structural planets plus Lilith and the North Node were therefore all pointed towards the topics of Capricorn the sign of efficient government institutions, stabilization, rules and regulations.
  • This explains the main issue of the Maastricht Treaty as the creation of an administration and effective legislation for the European organisation of nations.
  • The moon on the second degree of fire sign Aries and right next to the initial degree of the zodiac stands for a new start. The Maastricht Treaty became effective on 1 November 1993. For practical purposes this chart is most commonly used as the initial chart for the modern EU parliament and administration.
Map of the enlargement of the European Union source, GFDL

The Maastricht Treaty becoming effective: Mars-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio – the Iron Curtain constellation conjunct Brussels

The astrological chart for the Treaty of Maastricht explain the bridge between the roots of the European Union in the western European nations rooted in the Empire of the Franks and the Holy Roman Empire. and the East European Warsaw Pact Nations with the exception of the Russian controlled former USSR occupied nations.

The validity chart of the Maastricht Treaty provided the basic legislation for the European Self Help Organisation – the EU. This chart is often called the “Modern Europe Chart”. But that reduces the whole European Self Help Organisation to its legislative functions. There is a lot more to the European Union than that. In order to understand the setting of this chart we need to remember the historical situation from which the Treaty derived.

The European Union in Political Astrology: Astrological chart for moment when the Maastricht Treaty became effective on 1 November 1993 at 0:00. The chart is calculated for Brussels
  • November 1st 1993 was a point in history when Perestroika had opened the option for an independent Europe – that would not be stuck between the USA and USSR as it had been over 48 years. Germany (Central Europe) was the area on the planet with more nuclear weapons stationed than anywhere else on the planet. And it was the central nuclear weapons` target for both sides of the Iron Curtain.  
  • The Mars-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio is the constellation that reflects this historical background. Pluto in his own sign Scorpio the sign of strongholds, dogma and hierarchical structures with Mars (Iron) reflects the remains from the Iron Curtain between East and West Europe. That was the historical situation and the chart dramatically reflects these issues.
Nuclear warhead stockpiles of the United States and the Soviet Union/Russia, 1945-2014
  • 25 years later astrologers are simply not aware of the topics of that period anymore. And that`s why they tend to project the “negativity” of that chart into the future without remembering that the Mars-Pluto conjunction in house 4 (house of the past) shows the basis of the situation of the year 1993 while the Moon in Taurus in house 10 shows the future aims. Venus the ruler of mid-heaven along with the highly profitable Moon position in Taurus was conjunct Jupiter in Libra the sign of relationship, balance, harmony, negotiations and peace. Venus stood for the withdrawal of the Soviet armies and stationed nuclear weapons from Eastern Europe and the British, French and Belgian forces from Germany in return.
  • The Moon in Taurus the sign of income, money, markets, roots in house 10 symbolized the aim of a common European market, currency and defense system – confronting through opposition the MA-PL conjunction aka the local hierarchies of the establishment inside the single countries, the iron curtain and the hegemony of the USA and USSR over Europe.
  • Saturn`s position on 24° Aquarius in house 7 the house of relationships was in exact square with both the Iron Curtain constellation of the Mars-Pluto conjunction and the Common Market constellation of the Moon in Taurus. Saturn`s position implies the role of a mediator as well as the role of a challenger from inside as well as from outside of the Union. Through  Saturn`s position in Aquarius the topics of its sign and house ruler Uranus is particularly strong. Uranus` conjunction with Neptune and in Capricorn the sign of government institutions stands for the complicated situation of all European administrations, laws and regulations. But these limitations of the European administrations are to be seen as positive in some ways. The most idealistic interpretation of the Uranus-Neptune conjunction (constellation of paralysis) would be: the weaker the EU institutions the more democracy is demanded to put EU policies into practice.
  • This weakness of the EU makes the big difference between the European Union and other large global players like the USA, China and Russia and their extremely centralistic governmental structures and capital cities in the signs of centralism Taurus (Russia) and Leo (China, USA). It keeps the EU weaker and more vulnerable – as a Veto from any single country can stop any legislation and decision.  This “weakness over strength aspect” is reflected in the Venus-Neptune conjunction of the Signing of the Maastricht Treaty Chart.
  • For the evolution of the EU institutions Pluto`s transit over the institutions born during the Maastricht Treaty signifies a heavy challenge and extreme pressure.  Effects from such transits of the outer planets should at any time be seen as highly positive because of their potential effect of challenging the administration and its corruption by hyper-capitalist players and keeping it weak and under pressure from the public by all means.
  • The position of the Sun as the indicator of the heart, power stations, light, motivation, kings and the energetical and emotional centers of organisms at 8°Scorpio fell right on the astrogeographical resonance degree of Brussels emphasizing the future importance of the city as the EU capital.

The British EU Membership (Brexit) Referendum of 23 June 2016

  • The decision that the United Kingdom will split from the European Union was made by the British EU Membership Referendum on 23 June 2016.
  • at that point in history Pluto the representative of the European Iron Curtain of 1945-1990 and indicator of the function of the EU as a cloaca maxima was at 17° Capricorn transiting the Venus-Uranus-Neptune conjunction near 17°Capricorn from the signing of the Maastricht Treaty of 1992.
  • this aspect makes it clear that the British voters were called to vote under the influence of a highly negative outlook onto the Eastern European member states of the EU.
  • it has therefore to be examined as an expression of antipathy against the Freedom of Movement of EU citizens and the infiltration of Britain through Eastern European migrants.
  • what termination of the exclusiveness of the former Western European EU club of the rich founding members.
The European Union in Political Astrology: Astrological chart for the Brexit Referendum calculated for 23 June 2016 at 7:00 in London. During the Brexit referendum Pluto was exactly conjunct the Neptune-Uranus conjunction from the treaty of Maastricht. Uranus at 23°58`Aries was exactly opposite the 24°Libra astrogeographical coordinate of London
  • Plutos position also signifies the return of the Cold War/Iron Curtain topics on the historical background of the ongoing New Cold War between the US/Saudi/Russian Oil and Gas Cartels on one side against the countries without oil resources like the EU, China, India and the global alliance of good-will that intended to act against climate change like the US Democrats and others.
  • the Brexit decision was taken in a period of extreme pressure on the EU through several ongoing conflicts and partly as a neo-fascist propaganda attack by the combined forces of new US/Russian propaganda media supported by the Gulf State terrorist armies attack on the Middle east, Africa and Europe itself aimed at weakening or splitting up the European Union. This propaganda war appears to have been synchronized  with the politics of the Turkish government which opened the gates for millions of war refugees` illegal infiltration into the European Union.
  • In regard to the situation in Great Britain this coincidence explains the Brexit as part of a process of dealing with the British national identity,  the lost Empire and its last bastion the Iron Curtain. Inside the British society the dominant Rupert Murdoch propaganda media represent the strongest bastion of the hyper-capitalist defense system installed in Britain during the Cold War by the Big American Brother in order to prevent socialist governments from fraternizing with Eastern Europe

The European Parliament Buildings

The EU parliament building in Strassbourg

The EU parliament building in Strassbourg is located in Cancer with Virgo
ph: Christoph Radtke, GFDL

Astrogeographic position of the parliament building of the EU in Strassbourg for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the atmosphere of the whole building complex and how it is embedded in the landscape: the EU parliament is located in the combination of highly defensive earth sign Virgo sign of reason, health, ecology, protection of nature, strategical planning, optimal use of resources with self-protective, emotional water sign Cancer sign emotional independence and authenticity, river banks and beaches, feeling at home and of ancestors. Cancer may be

The EU parliament building in Brussels

photo:Matthias v.d. Elbe license:GNU/FDL
European parliament building in Brussels located in Aries with Pisces  photo: Matthias v.d. Elbe license:GNU/FDL

Astrogeographic position of the parliament building of the EU in Brussels for morphogenetic field level 3 for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the atmosphere of the whole building complex and how it is embedded in the town of Brussels: The European Parliament building in Brussels is situated in the first degrees of dynamic male fire sign Aries the sign of warfare, action, ignition, fighting, speed and as the first sign of the zodiac the indicator for a new beginning.  The 2nd coordinate lies right in the center of spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of dreaming, imagination, legends, fairy tales, reconnection with the spiritual plane and as such the most important astrogeographical indicator for temples. Pisces supports a comparatively relaxing and even peaceful atmosphere and could help remind people of the spiritual plane – that level of existence from wich all materia emanates. Particularly for a supranational institution this aspect could help people get over their nationalist fixations. Pisces is highly typical for parliaments as it supports secrete discussions, hiding, manipulation,  corruption and communication through the single parties`defense lines. And as the sign of lubrication oil it can help find a way of dealing with confronting energies and views.

In morphogenetical field study Aries  as the starting sign and Pisces as the finishing sign both stand for places near the divide between separate morphic fields. The two signs are neighbors  so that they meet at 0°Aries. The effect of this is that the combination of the 2 signs in astrogeography indicates the resonance of supra-regional matters in a field with these two coordinates combined. The cold water sign Pisces stands for the last month of winter while the warm fire sign Aries is the indicator for the beginning of spring. In this sense their combination stands for the phase of the melting of snow in the yearly cycle of seasons. In astrogeography this constellation is typical for the melting and assimilation of conflicting views, languages, cultures a.s.o..

The combination of  Pisces with Aries also reflects the roots of the EU in the Roman (Pisces) and the Germanic (Aries) cultures. By “Roman” I`m referring to the Roman Empire, Italian culture and the Catholic Church all of which have a strong Pisces resonance. By “Germanic” I refer to the  north-western european cultures with the supposed origin of the germanic roots in the south of Sweden, Other possible astrological indicators for the roots of european cultures may be: the water sign Cancer for the celtic roots,  the fire sign Leo for the greek origins and in another sense for the inheritance through romanic languages and Virgo and Aquarius for the slavic cultures and others.

For the site of a parliament the constellation of Pisces with Aries does not indicate easy progress, clear decisions or definite majorities but is in some ways a constellation with the tendency for paralysis and suppressed aggression. It can be assumed that a place in this particular constellation has been chosen, because such a stimulation is needed for a melting pot of national interests on a larger scale.

Horoscope Chart for the Foundation of the European Union Signing of the Treaty of Rome, 25 March 1957, 18:30, Rome, Palace of the Senators, Capitoline Hill

In the foundation chart of the European Union Aries and Pisces fall in the sixth and seventh houses. The position in House 6 indicates that the choice of the construction site puts the focus on the topics of adjustment, reason, self-protection and optimal use of resources. The position in House 7  supports openness, service orientation, publicity, stage performance and meeting people. This could indicate that the position of the Union is not self-determined and strong here but rather orientated on pleasing and serving the public stage. The sixth house aspect may indicate stable calculated progress and prosperity. But its position in Pisces also indicates the susceptibility of the European Parliament to manipulation and corruption.

The European Commission

Berlaymont building the seat of the European Commission is located in Aquiarius with Aries photo: Andersen Pecorone, ccbysa2.0
Berlaymont building the seat of the European Commission is located in Aquarius with Aries ph: Andersen Pecorone, ccbysa2.0

The Berlaymont building, seat of the European Commission the EU`s executive organ or government is situated next to the EU Parliament but not in the same astrogeographical position. It lies in the combination of dynamic male fire sign Aries with creative, innovative air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky, heaven, self-finding, abstraction for morphogenetic  radius level 3. In contrast to the site of the EU Parliament this constellation stands for determined action, constant change, mutation and a tendency for gigantomania. Particularly Aquarius stands for the supranational awareness and the desire for an internationalized approach to politics.

The project of the European Republic

The foundation of the European Republic has not been realized and it may need another 20 years of inevitable attacks on the European economy and on the EU`s institutions by other leading global players for it to be achieved. But because of the progress in the development of globalizing technologies the foundation of the European Republic is certainly inevitable as a step in the foundation process of a Global Republic (US of Earth) within the next 50 years or so.


Astrogeographic position of Brussels for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the supra-regional and international meaning of the European Parliament and Commission: Brussels is located at 22°Pisces and 8°Scorpio.

Neptun square to the EU between April 2000 and October 2003: The 9-11 event and the introduction of the EU currency 

Birth Charts Euro Currency
Birth Charts for the Euro currency: Introduction of the Euro as accounting currency with Jupiter conjunct Brussels` 22° Pisces resonance coordinate in 1999 and as physical currency with Neptune at 8°Aquarius in a square to Brussels 8° Scorpio position

Neptune`s transit over the square position to the 8° Scorpio coordinate of the EU between April 2000 (6°Aquarius) and October 2003 (10°Aquarius) marked an extremely important period in the development of the EU. As the ruler of the 22″ Pisces coordinate of the EU Parliament Neptune stood for a challenge of the Scorpio coordinate by the topics of the Pisces coordinate and therefore to some extent for an inner transformation of the Union. The introduction of the European currency on 1 January 2002 was the one of the most important steps in the evolution of the EU. Neptune`s square to Brussels stood for the unification of the single countries across their borders. But Neptune`s square marked also an intense challenge to the EU through the common currency through the corruption included as one or the other county for example Greece did not actually fulfill the criteria that would have made the European Currency helpful for the country`s progress. Apart from that Neptune stood for the intense corruption and pressure exerted on the EU namely France and Germany through the long war campaign in the Middle East (Irak, Syria a.s.o) started by the Bush government in 2002/2003 together with its Saudi Arabian and Commonwealth allies.

Pluto in a square to the EU between December 2003  and October 2006: The Attack on Irak and the intentional destabilization of the Midde East

Pluto`s transit in a square to the EU between December 2003 (20°Sagittarius) and October 2006 (24°Sagittarius) was a similar situation to the preceding Neptune transit. Pluto as the ruler of one of the two coordinates of the EU Parliament challenged the position of the other indicating the need for a further transformation of belief systems and habitual perception.

Uranus conjunct the EU position between March 2008 and February 2010: US-Brit Speculation against the European Currency

The last major transit of an outer planet in relation to the astrogeographical position of the EU was Uranus transit over Brussels between 19°Pisces in March 2008 and 25° Pisces in January 2010 when the effects of the financial crisis of 2007–2008 hit the worldwide banking system that led to the collapse of the Lehman Brothers investment bank in September 2008. The crisis caused a heavy challenge of European banks, economies and political stability. Severe speculative attacks on the European currency from New York and London based global players which at the same time were not allowed to be made on the US and British currencies led to a severe economical and monetary depression in  the EU.

Saturn conjunct the EU capital between November 2012 and October 2013: The Climax of the Austerity Policy

Saturn`s transit conjunct the position of the EU parliament at 8°Scorpio between November 2012 and October 2013 marked a period of stabilization after the intense challenges during the whole of the Bush presidency and the resulting financial crisis since 2007 and also the climax of the austerity policy enforced on the EURO zone by the north European countries.

Saturn square the EU between December 2016 and November 2017: The Trump Presidency

Saturn`s transit square to Brussel`s position at 22° Pisces between December 2016 (19°Sagittarius) and November 2017 (25°Sagittarius) falls in the starting phase of the Trump presidency. The transit signals a new climax of the propaganda attack on the EU by the new neofascist US and Russian propaganda ministries. Due to the fact that the EU was founded with Saturn in Sagittarius their effects may not come unexpectedly and can be expected to concentrate on support already existing sources of corruption within the EU.

Chiron conjunct the EU between May 2016 and February 2018: The Brexit 

Chiron`s transit conjunct the astrogeographical position of the EU between May 2016 (19°Pisces) and February 2018 (25°Pisces) began with the Brexit decision of the UK. The separation between the EU and UK may be seen as the biggest disaster in the history of EU politics.In the first place the transit of Chiron over the position of the EU reveals the need to reduce spending money and rely more on the community`s own resources. The EU will be reduced by appr. 16% of it`s economic potential. The fact that the Brexit occurred during the transit of Chiron the ruler of Virgo the sign of reason, health, self-protection, conservation, saving money and the protection of nature in conjunction and not in opposition or square could indicate that the shrinking of the EU is a self-healing process.

Uranus transit in opposition between July 2019 (6°Taurus) and March 2021 (10°Taurus): the climax of the neofascist threat and the questions: which country will be the next to leave the EU,   

Uranus` transit in opposition to the 8°Scorpio coordinate of the European Parliament between July 2019 (6°Taurus) and March 2021 (10°Taurus) stands for the most acute and intense challenge and threat to the European Union and all its institutions including the European currency and even territorial integrity of smaller member states. As in the case of the Uranus opposition to London during the Brexit poll the effects of the expectable neofascist conspiracy headed by the cooperation of the Trump and Putin governments should reach their climax during this period. As Uranus in Taurus stands for territorial claims and attempts to enlarge a country`s territory the danger from intense attacks directly aimed at reducing the EU membership states are to be expected.

Saturn transit in a square between February 2021 and December 2021

Saturn´s transits in square and opposite positions to a government are regular challenges that are needed to stimulate the control over institutions and the ruling personnel. The challenge from Aquarius the sign of retracing fuller potentials stands for the challenge through innovation. The next transit of Saturn in a square to Brussels will take place between February 2021 (5°Aquarius) and December 2021 (11°Aquarius).

Neptune transit conjunct Brussels between April 2020 and January 2023: the weakness of the EU allows self-healing processes

Neptune`s transit conjunct the 22° Pisces astrogeographical position of Brussels between April 2020 (20° Pisces) and January 2023 (24° Pisces) brings the ruling planet of Brussels` position in conjunction with the European Parliament. This transit stands for a period in which all the different sides of Neptune can unfold: A – the chance for a deeper depression as the condition for a self-healing process of the EU, B – the demand for a spiritual perspective on the cooperation between the EU members, C – confrontation of inequalities, injustice and corruption, D – further and more severe attacks on European unity and independence by other global competitors and players with highly centralist governmental and military structures such as the USA, Russia, China. E – the rise of more and more extreme consequences of climate change and pollution, F – the effective structural weaknesses of the EU as a multinational organisation can turn out as the actual strength of an independent Europe.