Iran and Tehran in Political Astrology

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Tehran skyline ph: Amir1140, GFDL

Iran and Tehran in Political Astrology

Iran and Tehran in Political Astrology. Transit Planets in relation to the capital & government in Tehran and important natal and event charts for Iran.

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Iran and Tehran in Political Astrology

The astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Tehran

Tehran skyline ph: Amir1140, GFDL

Astrogeographic resonance coordinates of the City of Tehran for morphogenetic field level 1 (region) which describe the international and supra-regional resonance topics of the government and capital of Iran: one resonance coordinate for the City of Tehran is located at 17° in service-orientated, aristocratic air sign Libra the sign of harmony, balance, beauty, justice, peace, relationship orientation and the ideal of a higher, courtly culture. the 2nd coordinate lies at 13° in highly alert, defensive water sign Scorpio the sign of strongholds, fortresses, sculpting, imaging, visualization, dominance, hierarchy, ideology, dogma, role conduct, trauma and pain.

Recent Events since 2022

The September 2022 demonstrations and the issue of the “state cult of war of men against women” as reflected by a Mars-Venus square

The September 2022 demonstrations were triggered by the death of Mahsa Amini (born 21 Sep 1999 in Saqqez in the Kurdistan province of Iran – source: Iranian astrologers).

Pseudo-Islamic state cult uses appears to use the problematic relationship between men and women as the most central and most important political issue in an attempt to overwrite religion, spirituality, love of god, compassion and the sisterhood and brotherhood of humans. Hate and evilness issue are thus projected, created, stumulated and played out that make the relationship between the two genders the central issue of gods creation . This is propagated in such a way that the dominance of the male over the female iappears as the expression of the victory of good over evil.

The astrological chart for the arrest of Mahsa Amini in the name of these issues of a state cult of pseudo-Islamic pseudo-religion on 13 September 2022 can be explored to recapitulate the abstract patterns that cause the cultural break up between men and women in pseudo-islamic circumstances.

Iran Uprisings in Astrology Blog
Students of Amir Kabir University in Tehran protest against Hijab and the Islamic Republic on 20 Sep 2022. The protests were triggered by the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody on 16 Sep. ph: Darafsh, ccbysa4.0

Mahsa Amini had been arrested by the Iranian Guidance Patrol (morality police) on 13 Sep 2022, 11:00 in Tehran for not wearing the hijab. According to witnesses she suffered heavy injuries through torture by police officers immediately after her arrest and was immediately taken to a hospital where she died of head injuries 3 days later on 16 Sep 2022. For the sources of the evidence of the heart-breaking circumstances of her death and their evidence see the wikipedia article.

Iran Protests 2022 in astrology
Astrological chart for the arrest of Masha Amini on 13 Sep 2022 at 11:00 in Tehran.

The Mars-Venus square aspect between Virgo and Gemini

  • the square aspect between Mars and Venus explains the issues of tension and competition between the Male and Female as such and between men and women in Iranian society, culture, pseudo-religion and state cult.
  • the position of Venus as indicator of the female and of victims as such in house 10 (public space) is symptomatic of situations where women become targets of infringements through men.
  • Since Venus in house 10 is the constellation of prostitution it has to be considered here that the issues of prostitution are to be taken as central for the patterns of role conduct and morality ehind the problematic situation between men and women in Iran and the rest of our planet too.
  • Since Venus was placed in Virgo the sign of slavery, housewives and of calculable,controllable, strategically planned and organized love relationships the common practice of keeping women in prostitution by selling them inro marriage slavery has to be examined as the central issue of the war between men and women in Iran that led to the incident.
  • as the sign of protected places, hymen, veils and hijabs the position of Venus in Virgo and in house 10 also explains how women are put under rules and regulations that place them behind an artificial “skin” (Virgo).
  • at the same time Mars in Gemini the sign of personal liberty and of puberty in nearly exact square to Venus explains how the male populations appears not to even think of wearing hijabs for themselves in order to create a balance, harmony and polite respect between the two genders.
  • On the contrary: the square position of Mars to Venus has therefore to be investigated as a hint at a pattern of state cult that sees male role patterns as an expression of intelligennce and cleverness when they work to observe and control the system of calculated prostitution in which women are detained.
  • I recommend to investigate Chiron as the ruling planet of Virgo to be acting here as the ruler of mid-heaven and of Venus in house 10.
  • Chirons position in male fire sign Aries the sign of warfare, mobilization, erection and fighting in the very center of house 5 the house of self-expression, sexuality and strife for emotional superiority are to be examined as the rulers of the detention and beating of the victim.
  • another actually infamous planetary position was Jupiter the planet of triumph and victory right on the cusp od house 5 in a position of royality and absoluteness of right to act out aggression in Aries the homezone of Mars and the indicating sign of the male population.
  • Jupiter stood for the emotions of the male police officers who see their personal territorial rights and self-esteem in a royal position when acting to control and beat women here.
  • as another heavyweight the position of the Moon in house 5 explains the personal emotional motifs of the desire for self-expression – not only those of the female victim but those of the male controllers of the situation as well..
  • the ascendant in highly alert, defensive sign Scorpio the sign of trauma, pain, dogma, ideology and hierarchy stood for an ideological projection of personal emotions from both sides, the victim as well as the killer(s).
  • the position of ascendant ruler Pluto in Capriocorn right at the end of house 2 and near the cusp of house 3 explains the momentum of the projection of a forced formal rule (in suppoort of the existing social hierarchies
  • in consideration of the exact square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus during this incident in the war between the male and female enemies the position of Saturn (rules and laws) in house 3 can be investigated as representation of the central aim and function of hijabs of exerting control through a symbol of castration (Aquarius) of females (not to allow visible beauty and attractivity) as well as of males (as a warning to males not to look at women) while Uranus in house 6 stood for the rebellion against it.

Long-Term transits of the outer planets

  • regarding the long-term political situation in Iran – at least in regard to transits in relation to the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the center of the national morphic field of Iran at 17°Libra and 13°Scorpio the most important transit was Chiron as indicator of the hymen, protected places, veils, hijabs, virginity and of women from men at 15°Aries in opposition to Tehran 17°Libra resonance. The climax period of this Chiron transit was initiated in April 2022 and will last until June 2024.
  • the current square transit between Saturn at 19°Aquarius and Uranus at 19°Taurus can be examined as indication of the actual triggering process of the resulting intensity of protests due to the known issues of Saturn-Uranus squares regarding long-term unsolved issues of blocked solution and hindered development of human potentials.

The Foundation of the Islamic Republic with Pluto conjunct the capital Tehran

The Islamic Republic of Iran was founded with Pluto the ruling planet of the Scorpio resonance coordinate of Tehran exactly conjunct Tehran`s 17°Libra astrogeographical position. This transit explains the “Plutonic” nature of the regime: its extremely defensive, hierarchical structures and the pseudo-religious state dogma based on the suppression of spirituality, personal rights and of human individuality, self-expression and fuller potentials. As well as the replacement of spirituality through the dominance of patriarchs and a defensive state cult that took over the place of god to exploit society through the propagation of his absence outside of the state cult.

And Pluto is also strong indicator to describe major features of the political system introduced in Iran after the Iranian revolution. The extremely alert and defensive, highly ideological and dogmatic regime installed during Ayatollah Chomeini`s reign as a single person dictator, the extremely hierarchical structure of the political system, the ideological pseudo religious dogmas and tribal laws (Sharia) and the suppression of women and individual rights through a medieval tribal system of patterns of role conduct.

Iran Natal Chart for the Proclamation of the Islamic Republic by Ayatollah Chomeini on April, 1  1979, 15:00 in Tehran, data source: Nicholas Campion
  • The Islamic Republic of Iran was founded on the climax of Plutos transit exactly conjunct the capital Tehrans position at 17° Libra in 1979. The transit period lasted from November 1977 until September 1980. As the ruler of Scorpio Pluto also represents the topics of the 13°Scorpio resonance coordinate of Tehran.
  • Therefore his transits over the position in Libra as well as over the coordinate at 13° Scorpio between November 1987 and October 1990 have to be evaluated as of highest importance not only for the transformation of the political system, culture and society (phase 1: 1977-80) from a US/European cultural system (Libra) into an extremely dogmatic pseudo-religious hierarchy but also for the establishment of a highly alert, aggressive ideological and military defense system that helped to liberate Iran from the hands of the US american oil producing oligarchy.

The Iraq-Iran war of 1980-88

The Iraqi attack in Iran was launched in the Khuzestan Province and the war limited to that area. image: Uwe Dering, GFDL

The necessity of the effects of Pluto´s defensive impact became visible during the US backed attack of Saddam Hussein`s  Iraq on Iran during the Iran-Iraq War between September 1980 and August 1988. This war was begun through the full-scale Iraqi invasion immediately after the first Pluto transit in conjunction to Tehran (Nov 77-Sept 80 cj 17°LI) and ended during the early phase of the second transit (Nov 87-Oct 90 cj 12°SCO). The Iraqi side launched the attack under heavy pressure on Bagdad through the square transit of Pluto at 21°Libra to the 22°Cancer resonance coordinate of Bagdad in a highly inauspicious and problematic transit period.

Astrological sunrise chart for the day of the Iraqi attack on Iran on 22 September 1980 calculated for Tehran.
  • The transit of Venus at 15°Leo in a square to the 13°Scorpio resonance coordinate of Tehran has several indications: As Venus is the natural indicator for profits Venus shows the attempt to make profits in the form of control over oil production resources in Iran. Venus´role as the ruling planet over the Libra coordinate of Tehran could also suggest collaboration of groups from the Iranian side of the border,

Uranus` opposition transit between May 2014 and January 2017 and the Pluto square between February 2015 and October 2019

The current transits of Uranus the planet of globalization in opposition to Tehran between May 2014 (14° Libra) and January 2017 (20° Libra) and Pluto in tight square from February 2015 (14° Libra) until October 2019 (20° Libra) to the Iranian Capital show that there is reason to assume that profound changes in the country`s politics and/or situation are to be expected.

The historic nuclear framework agreement between Iran and the P5+1 countries in Geneva from 3 April 2015 is one possible step into the direction of these political changes.

While I`m first working on this article in 2018 Pluto is exactly square Tehran pointing at an extremely problematic phase through the pressure from the projection of unresolved interior issues from other plutonics: Saudi-Arabia, the USA and their puppet the Pseudoislamic State. The US – Saudi alliance under Trump has been directly threatening Tehran with war for the last 12 months.

The Gulf of Oman Incident of June 13, 2019

Kokuka Courageous after the fire, with damage shown on the left and the alleged unexploded limpet mine still attached on the right

On June 13, 2019, two oil tankers were attacked near the Strait of Hormuz while transiting the Gulf of Oman. The Japanese Kokuka Courageous and Norwegian Front Altair were attacked, allegedly with limpet mines, causing fire damage to both ships. The attacks took place a month after the similar May 2019 Gulf of Oman incident. The attacks occurred on the same day that Ayatollah Khamenei met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe in Iran. 

Astrological chart for the events around the Gulf of Oman incident of 13 June 2019 calculated for 6:12 local time (2:12 UT) when a “distress” call reached US forces – the exact time of explosions is still unknown – therefore only the planets sign positions should be analyzed not the house positions..

The incident occurred when Mars went exactly conjunct the North Node at 17°Cancer triggering the opposition to Saturn at 19°Capricorn all of them square to the 17°Libra astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Tehran. The overall planetary constellation shows that the incident is part of a strategical attack on the stability of the Iranian government. It has to be assumed that the US – Saudi coalition is aiming at destabilizing Iran as a whole just the way it was practiced with Iraq, Syria and Libya. This does not mean that there is no support for the US geo-strategical policies from inside Iran. But the the fuller responsibility for the war to come is with the US president who seems to be heading for another oil cartel war with the US top ally Saudi Arabia and their pseudo-islamic neo-fascist terror organisations.

The opposition transit of Uranus between July 2020 and May 2022

The Uranus opposition to Tehran will be joined by a Saturn square in 2021. The chart is calculated for the day when Uranus will turn direct and make the last opposition transit on January, 19 2022

The next tight transit of an outer planet in relation to Tehran will again be an opposition transit from Uranus the planet of globalization – this time in opposition to the 13°Scorpio resonance degree of Tehran. Its climax will be between July 2020 (10°Taurus) and May 2022 (15°Taurus). Especially the period of the simultaneous transit of Saturn over the square position from 12°Aquarius between March 2021 and January 2022 is to be seen as a decisive period in which a solution for the pressure exerted by the US-Saudi governments and oil cartels` strategical alliance has to be expected.

Tehran as a target in Trumps electional campaign of 2020: The Soleimani airstrike of Jan 3, 2020

See also my analysis for Bagdad in the article: The astrogeographical position of Bagdad

9 days before the exact Pluto-Saturn conjunction of 12 January 2020 at 22°46`Capricorn in exact opposition to the 22°Cancer astrogeographical resonance coordinate of the City of Bagdad the US President decided to launch an air strike to kill Iranian GeneraQasem Soleimani using a drone. Nine other passengers, including the deputy chairman of Iraq‘s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, were also killed. The killing of such a high Iraqi state official apparently in revenge for his collaboration with Iranian officials appears as a death blow to US-Iraqi relations making the whole airstrike look like a symptom of unintelligent and uncontrolled activity by the US President who seems to not have had enough counseling before ordering an attack of such incalculable consequences.

General Qasem Soleimani (left) and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis (right) were among those killed. ph: Fars News Agency, ccybsa4.0

Astrologers have long speculated when the Trump administration will effectively start military operations and war against Iran. But I have to say that I would have not have guessed at the possibility that the US President would decide to draw Iraq on Irans side before starting military operations. Strategically that does not make sense to me at all.

Background: The Cold War between the USA-Saudi-Gulf State-ISIL coalition and Iran

Tehran had been spreading and supporting Shiite terrorism across the Middle East ever since the Iranian Revolution of 1979 in defense against the USA and as part of a Cold War with the USA and its allies Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, who have worked on spreading Sunnite terrorism ever since the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in the same year (1979) and even to a much larger extent since the start of the G.W. Bush Presidency in 2001).

The Cold War between various groups under the pretext of Pseudo-Islamic religions thus turned into a long-term strategical confrontation between the Saudi Arab/Gulf State alliance and Iran as the largest and potentially richest nation of the region. Ever since the illegal US occupation of Iraq in 2003 that paved the way for Sunnite terrorist armies (ISIL and others) to infiltrate and destabilize Iraq, Syria, Libya and large parts of Africa in support of the US allies Saudi-Arabia and Gulf States against Iran the country has been under strongest threat from the US-Saudi coalition. Attempts of the EU and the Obama administration to settle the conflict though the Iran nuclear deal framework announced July 14, 2015 have been reversed by the Trump administration through the US withdrawal from the agreement on May, 8 2018 under false allegations as in the case of the October 7, 2002 George W. Bush false allegations against Iraq.

The event chart – astrogeographical transits for Tehran

During the “Declaration of War” air strike the 10°Capricorn resonance coordinate of Bagdad was occupied by the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter at 7° with the Sun at 11°Capricorn pointing at a time of intense preparation of Iraq`s politics to achieve more independence from the USA and its No 1 ally Saudi-Arabia even before the killing of the Iraqi officials. The Moon in the first degrees of Aries (a typical position for the start of a war) was occupying the square position to the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction – a possible indicator for the Iraqi-Iranian government (Capricorn) collaboration and in another layer of context also for the coordination of the air strike and strategy behind it by the US government.

Astrological chart for the US Bagdad International Airport air strike of January 3, 2020 calculated for 1:00 in Bagdad, Irak

The half – sum (17°Capricorn – a central zodiac degree of the military caste) between the Sun at 12°Capricorn and Pluto-Saturn at 22°Capricorn fell in exact square to the 17°Libra astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Tehran – describing the fuller extent of heaviness of the US activity. All the planets being in Capricorn the sign of governments gives this taboo breaking paranormal US activity a quality that has to be compared to nothing less, than an open “Declaration of War”.

The US attack came at a time when the heaviest pressure on Tehran from the astrogeographical square transits of Saturn and Pluto in relation to Tehran over the 17°Capricorn position (February 2015 – October 2019) were over. The next problematic transits are from the transit of Uranus the planet of globalization (and aerial attacks) over 13°Taurus in opposition to the 13°Scorpio resonance coordinate of Tehran which will culminate between July 2020 and May 2022. For understanding the potentially extreme situation of foreign influence under Uranus squares and oppositions compare the British EU – membership Referendum under extreme pressure from US/Russian oil cartel propaganda (Trumpism, Rupert Murdoch media) accompanied by a series of terrorist attacks on London carried out by their Sunnite allies ISIL.

As described above the climax of that Uranus opposition to Tehran will be when Saturn joins that astrogeographical constellation through the square transit to Tehran in 2021. The following chart is calculated for the day when Uranus will turn direct and make the last opposition transit on January, 19 2022

The Uranus opposition to the 13°Scorpio resonance coordinate of Tehran will be joined by a Saturn square in 2021. The chart is calculated for the day when Uranus will turn direct and make the last opposition transit on January, 19 2022

The next two year appears as a problematic period for Iran – though the imprecision of the actions of a self-centered, inexperienced US President and one deeply obliged to his collaborators in the Russian secret services who consider Iran as part of the geostrategical sphere of interest of Russia may not seem capable of threatening the internal political stability of Iran. And most probably not through uniting Iraqi and Iranian public opinion through open murder.

Examples for events during Uranus transits in opposition to capitals and cities

Birth, Foundation and Events Charts for Iranian and Persian History

The Coup d`Etat of 1921

Reza Khan

The Pahlavi dynasty founded by Reza Khan was the last ruling house of the Imperial State of Iran from 1925 until 1979. The events began with a coup by the Persian Cossack Brigade headed by Reza Khan, and directed by the British on 21 February 1921. On December 15 1925 the Iranian constituent assembly voted to establish the monarchic rule of the Pahlavi family and

Astrological chart for theCoup d`Etat by Reza Khan founder of the Pahlevi Dynasty calculated for 21 February 1921 at 0:40 (source: N. Campion)

The coup d`etat of 21 February 1921 was carried out under a Moon-Neptune conjunction between 10° and 12°Leo exactly square the 13°Scorpio resonance coordinate of Tehran. As in the case of the Neptune-Sun conjunction with Tehran during the Battle of Issos the pressure from Neptune stood for a period of destabilization and weakness through intrigues of competing groups in the country.

Iran: astrological midday chart for the decision to establish the Pahlavi Dynasty made by the Constituent Assembly on 15 Dec 1925 with transits for the coronation of reza Sha Pahlavi on 25 April 1926 

The rule of the Pahlavi dynasty was established under Pluto´s transit over 13°Cancer the sign of emotional authenticity and modernity in exact and highly productive and stimulative trine transit to the 13°Scorpio astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Tehran. The fact that Pluto was conjunct Moscow`s 12°Cancer resonance coordinate at the time explains the interference of Great Britain in the process as directed against the spreading of influences from the Russian Revolution.

The Coup d`Etat of 1953 with Uranus square and Neptune conjunct Tehran

Pro-Mosaddegh protests in Tehran, 16 August 1953

The 1953 Iranian coup d’état was the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in favor of strengthening the monarchical rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on 19 August 1953, orchestrated by the United Kingdom (under the name “Operation Boot“) and the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project or “Operation Ajax“) and the first United States covert action to overthrow a foreign government during peacetime.

Astrological midday chart for the day of the 1953 coup d`etat in Iran on 19 August 1953 with the Sun at 26°Leo exactly conjunct the 27°Leo astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Washington.
  • The Coup d` Etat of 19 August 1953 was carried out 4 years after the beginning of the Neptune transit conjunct the 17°Libra resonance coordinate of Tehran that had its climax period from October 1949 until September 1952. That period considerably paralyzed the country and weakened the positions of the Iranian government. The main threat to Iranian independence during these years was the British claim to control and exploit the Iranian oil resources. The decision to nationalize the Iranian oil production, taken by the Iranían parliament on 15 March 1951 under Neptune´s transit in conjunction with Tehran caused a serious decline in production due to the lack of technical experience on the Iranian side. The effects of the British pressure on Iran dedicated at winning back the control over Iranian resources for the BP company included the British oil embargo that brought down Iranian economy. Neptune´s transit was followed by the conjunction transit of Saturn in September-October 1952 that was accompanied by an intense economical drought and crisis followed by the decision for a consolidation process.
  • Uranus the planet of globalization at 21°Cancer was conjunct Venus indicator for financial profits at 17° exactly square the 17°Libra resonance coordinate of Tehran explaining the coup d`etat as a consequence of the interference from global political players.
  • The Mars-Mercury conjunction between 13° and 9°Leo exactly square the 13°Scorpio resonance coordinate of Tehran explains the strong and decided action of the conspiracy against the legally elected government.
  • The position of the Sun at 26°Leo exactly conjunct the 27°Leo resonance coordinate of Washington explains the importance of the role of the US government and sphere of interest in the events.
  • The position of Saturn at 23°Libra exactly conjunct the 24°Libra resonance coordinate of London explains the aim of the British side to attempt to control the situation though due to the simultaneous approach of Neptune the resonance degree of London marked a situation where the depression from loosing control over the remains of the Empire seems to have been unavoidable.

The foundation of Persia through Cyrus II the Great

Expansion of the Achaemenide Empire map: Fabienkhan, ccbysa2.5

The Achaemenid Empire also called the First Persian Empire was an ancient Iranian empire based in Western Asia founded by Cyrus the Great in 559 B.C.. Ranging at its greatest extent from the Balkans and Eastern Europe proper in the west to the Indus Valley in the east, it was larger than any previous empire in history. The first capital Pasargadae was located 80 km northeast of the city of Shiraz.

The Astrogeographic positions of Pasargadae and Persepolis for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the supraregional resonance topics of the government and capital of the Achaemenid Empire: Pasargadae had one coordinate at 25° in mystic spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of temples, mystification and indicator for the choice of a remote hiding place. 2nd coordinate was at 8° in highly alert, solid, fixed water sign Scorpio the sign of strongholds, fortresses and trauma and nearly conjunct the 13°Scorpio resonance degree of the modern capital Tehran. In 520 B.C. King Dareios shifted the capital only 40 km from Pasargadae to Persepolis located at in highly alert, dynamic, male fire sign Aries the sign of warfare, action, speed, strongholds and military training. The 2nd coord. of Persepolis is at 4°Scorpio.

Iran I: Spring equinox chart for the year of the foundation of the Achaemenid Empire through Cyrus II the Great calculated for 21 March 559 BC at Shiraz 80 km south-west of the capital Pasargadae. Outer ring: transits for the occupation of the large Empire of Medes in 550 B.C. (autumn equinox) with Saturn at 15° Libra conjunct the modern day capital Tehran. Saturn stood for the long term stabilization of the Empire.
  • The 1st Persian Empire was founded under a Saturn-Neptune conjunction in exact trine to the 17°Libra astrogeographical resonance coordinate of modern day capital Tehran. This aspect stands for the destabilization, weakness and/or dissolution of other competing empires in the region as a supporting factor for the foundation and expansion of the Achaemenid rule over the area of the region of modern day Persia.

Pluto opposite and Neptune conjunct Tehran: the Persian defeat in the Battle of Issus

Alexander battling Darius at the Battle of Issus – mosaic from Popeiji ca. 100 B.C.

The Battle of Issus (also Issos) occurred in southern Anatolia, on November 5, 333 BC between the Hellenic League led by Alexander the Great and the Achaemenid Empire, led by Darius III, in the second great battle of Alexander’s conquest of Asia. The invading Macedonian troops defeated Persia.

The strong resonance of astrogeographical transits with the resonating coordinates of modern day Tehran is another fascinating example for the the all-time relevance of the resonance coordinates of modern day capitals with the timeline of events in the history of nations.

Astrological midday chart for the Battle of Issos on 5 November 333 B.C. calculated for 12:00 noon

On the day of the Battle of Issos the Moon joined Pluto at 10°54 Taurus the sign of possession of wealth and territory in nearly exact opposition to the 13°Scorpio resonance degree of modern day Iranian capital Tehran. This transit shows the extreme challenge to the Persian through the invasion of Alexander which finished with the Persian Empire once for all (Pluto). The simultaneous conjunction of the Sun at 14° with Neptune at 8°Scorpio exactly over the 13°Scorpio resonance coordinate of Tehran indicates that Alexander`s attack came during a period of weakness and paralysis (Neptune) through the rivalry and intrigues of competing groups (Sun-Neptune conjunction as the planetary constellation of the poisoning of kings in courtly intrigues). The astrogeographical resonance coordinates for Alexander´s capital Pella are 1°Scorpio and 12°Cancer and for Athens 15°Scorpio (occupied by the Sun) and 18°Virgo.