The astrogeographical position of Tokyo

The astrogeographical position of Tokyo and transits of the outer planets in relation to the government of Japan. Political astrology & history.

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The astrogeographical position of Tokyo

According to Japanese tradition the country was founded by Emperor Jimmu in 660 BC. with its first capital in Kashihara in the Nara Province. with its astrogeographical resonance degrees at 9°Leo and 13°Sagittarius. Before Tokyo was made capital of Japan in 1868 the capital and residence of the Emperor of Japan had been in Heian-kyō (平安京, literally “tranquility and peace capital”) since 794 AD. The astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Heian – kyo (Kyoto) are 29°Scorpio and 9°Leo. The resonance degree of 9°Leo seems to be of high importance for ancient Empirial Japan.

The Empirial Palace (Daidairi) of Heian-kyo (Kyoto) is located in Scorpio  with  Capricorn (FL3 – surrounding area)

Astrogeographical resonance degrees of Tokyo for morphogenetic field level 1 which describe the supraregional, global topics of the capital of Japan and its governments: Tokyo is located at 28°Virgo and 15° Scorpio. The parallel of the resonance degrees in Virgo between Tokyo and Berlin (29°Virgo) is remarkable regarding the transit of Neptune over these degrees between September 1940 (26°Virgo) and August 1944 (2°Libra) as a period of self-destruction of the two nations allied under a fascist rule and paralysis of the people in relation to their govermnments.

National Diet Building – the house of parliament of Japan is located in combination von Libra with Capricorn. (FL3 – surrounding area)    photo: ume-y via flickr, ccbysa2.0
The Skyscrapers of the Shinjuku district of Tokyo symbolize modern-day Japan.  The Sskyscraper are is located in the combination of service orientated air sign Libra sign of openness, harmony, balance peace with highly ergetic, magnetic fire sign Leo  sign of the sun, light, heart,power plants.  ph: Morio, GFDL

The birth charts for Japan

Japan I The mythological foundation in 660 BC.

Emperor Jimmu (神武天皇) – 19th century depiction

According to Japanese tradition the country was founded by Emperor Jimmu in 660 BC. with its first capital in Kashihara in the Nara Province. with its astrogeographical resonance degrees at 9°Leo and 13°Sagittarius.

Birth Chart for Japan I – the Foundation by the first Emperor Jimmu calculated for the Spring Equinox of 660 BC

The horoscope for the beginning of the new solar year of 660 BC shows a Mars-Pluto conjunction opposite the important 9°Leo astrogeographical resonance degree of historical Japan (Kyoto and Kashihara) indicating a military occupation and Coup D`Etat as the coronation of the first emperor. It must have come in times of great threats to the territories through the Uranus – Neptune opposition between 4°Taurus and 6°Scorpio with both planets approaching the quare position to the 9°Leo resonance degree of Empirial Japan.

Japan II the Meiji Constitution

The promulagtion of the Meifi constitution

The Constitution of the Empire of Japan called Meiji Constitution of 1889 was proclaimed on February 11, 1889 and enacted since November 29, 1890 until the May 2, 1947. The Meiji Restoration in 1868 had provided Japan a form of constitutional monarchy based on the PrussoGerman model (astrogeographical resonance with Berlin).

Birth Chart of Japan II calculated for proclamation of the Meiji Constitution of 1889

The Meiji Constitution was promulgated with Saturn the planet of administrational and governmental rulership at 16°Leo the sign of kingdom, monarchies and absolutism square to the astrogeographical resonance degree of Tokyo at 15°Scorpio. This constellation explains the pressure on the japanese government through the emperor (Tenno)

Japan III – The constitution of 1946/47

Japan III – ratification and proclamation of the constitution on November, 3 1946

The constitution of modern Japan was ratified and proclaimed during the heavy pressure from Pluto at 14°Leo exactly square the 15° Scorpio astrogeographical resonance degree of the Japanese capital. The fact that Pluto represents the ruling planet of the Scorpio coordinate indicates that the transformation brought about by the new constitution came under heaviest pressure on the Japanese government. Even more so because Pluto was conjunct Saturn in a constellation of foreign rule. On the other hand Saturn at 9°Leo was exactly conjunct the 9°Leo resonance degrees of the old capital at Kyoto and th historical first capital at Kashihara. The symbolism of this transit situation explains that the new constitution was effecticely an act of reconnection with Japan´s historical roots at the same time.

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