Taipei and Taiwan in Political Astrology

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Pluto and Uranus Transits for Taipei and Kiev

Taipei and Taiwan in Political Astrology

Taipei and Taiwan in Political Astrology. Astrogeographical Transits and important foundation charts for Taiwan.

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Taipei and Taiwan in Political Astrology

Taiwan officially the Republic of China (ROC) is an island state that consists of 168 islands. Its export-oriented industrial economy is the 21st-largest in the world by nominal GDP. Only 13 nations plus the Vatican officially recognize Taiwan as an independent nation state..

Astrogeographical position of the Capital Taipei

The political capital and center of the local national morphic field of Taiwan in Taipei according to my astrological world-map calculation system located at 29°Cancer and 19°Aquarius.

The 29°Cancer resonance coordinate of Taipei describes the island status of the territory. The fact that it is conjunct the 3°Leo resonance coordinate of Beijing but in a different zodiac sign explains the neighborhood and energetical difference between the two.

Taiwan & Taipei in Astrology
Landscape of the City of Taipei. ph: Steven Weng, ccbysa2.0

How Taiwan`s Fate is Bound to Protection through the USA

Historically the island of Taiwan has been the last retreat of the Republic of China (Declaration 1 January 1912) since its Kuomintang government left the Chinese mainland in 1949. The conquest of China by the pseudo-socialist Communist Party between 1946 and 1949 represented a huge victory under the agenda of Moscow-Russia´s geo-strategical expansion since its entry into World War II on September, 17 1939 under the Hitler-Stalin Pact bringing the People`s Republic of China founded on 1 October 1949 directly into conflict with the USA despite its role as liberator of China from Japanese occupation in 1945.

In the course of the chain reaction of geo-strategical defeats of the USA after WW II under Moscows colonial pseudo-socialist world revolution the loss of any other option of access to China led to the decision of the US government to support and protect the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan against the continental People´s Republic of China (PRC).

This also led the US governments to decide for a larger scale US military supply and demonstrations of power in support of Taiwan on occasions when the PRC tried to test chances of conquering Taiwan like in 1950, 1954/55 and 1958.

Which problems does the People´s Republic of China have with the Republic of China in Taiwan

Apart from the simple fact that Taiwan is only 150 km off the coast of China the even more important issue is that Taiwan still appears to not have given up claims of successor-ship of the Republic of China along with theoretical claims to the right to rule over the continental mainland.

Republic of China claims
Since Taiwan claims successor-ship of the Republic of China the territorial claims as of 1946-49 are formally to be assumed as territorial claims of Taiwan in the 21st century. The USA must have encountered the Taiwanese governments to stick to these claims. map: ZanderSchubert, ccbysa1.2

Is the US support for Taiwan against China out of date?

Geo-Strategical considerations regarding the chess play of global competition can lead to various aspects and differentiations. Nevertheless assuming that long-term processes of getting to a stable and lasting global peace will have priority over tactical moves in the long run one has to come to the following conclusion:

Yes of course the US support for Taiwan is and has been out of date for a long time – and for many reasons. One of them is the fact that the dispute on Taiwan has worked in favor of Moscow – Russia`s geo-strategical sphere of interest and against those of China and the USA preventing chances for a constructive cooperation between the two nations.

And since Moscow-Russia is an unstable colonial territory the actual problem and biggest impediment of world peace are the unsolved colonial issues of its 17 million km² super territory along with the impossibility of 150 million inhabitants controlling it along with all its border nations under the current racist isolationism of an assumed ethnic “Russism” as explained Putins article “On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians“. And even more so since the Putin government has sold Russian autonomy to China for the assumed Anti-American New World Order.

There are of course aspects to the US support of Taiwan that can not be out of date: the support for human rights and democracy against the Moscow-Russian type of ideological dictatorship system established in China with the help of Stalin in 1949. It should not be forgotten here that the transition of Taiwan to democracy that began as late as 1988 was rather a geo-political effect of Russian Perestroika than of US preference of human rights. Nevertheless contrary to China and Russia the USA can be assumed to support and not prevent democracy, open society and equal rights of individuals as the most important achievement from the point of view of karmic astrology.

The 20 April 2023 “Pacific Solar Eclipse” 

The 20 April Solar Eclipse will be total over the Pacific – its path may be found to appears as if designed to divide the geo-strategical spheres of influence of China + USA between South-Asia + US allies Philippines/Australia.

Mars at 13°Cancer will be conjunct Moscow (12°CAN-2°TA) explaining Russia as the driving force of the expected war in the pacific region.

The 20 April 2023 Solar Eclipse
The path of the solar eclipse of 20 Apr 2023 seems to divide the geo-strategical spheres of interest between the USA and its allies Philippines & Australia and China right through the Atlantic. Image: PD-USGOV-NASA

The planetary positions during the solar eclipse of 20 April 2023:

  • Sun/Moon between Aries & Taurus: the solar eclipse at 29°50` in Aries – aka the transition from Aries to Taurus indicates topics of mobilization of energies and motivation for action incl. military (Aries) for battles for shares, territorial conquests & purposes (Taurus), access to markets, income and profits (Taurus)
  • Moon/Sun square Pluto: the conjunction of the heavy weights Sun + Moon in exact square to Pluto indicates that the issues to be dealt with by the changes triggered through the eclipse are those of transformation in the global community and globalization processes of the recent past and next couple of years.
  • Pluto at 0°Aquarius conjunct the Sabian symbol of the world government (30°Cap): Pluto in Aquarius the sign of the terrestrial atmosphere has to be examined as the planetary indication for the end of stable weather systems, increase in acceleration of global warming, lack of oxygen (Pluto as asthma generator) and climate transformation as such (Pluto in Aquarius)
  • Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Taurus: among the central issues is the “standing-in-between-oneself-and-others”” (Mercury-Uranus) regarding economic resources, profits, markets, territory, property and geo-strategical sphere of wo influence (Taurus). This is valid for the two super-centralist powersa China und USA as well as all other nations affected and included in the high-powered political poker from Taiwan to Tasmania.
  • Mars (War) in Cancer: according to my astrogeographical calculation system the position of Mars at 13°Cancer will be conjunct Moscow (12°Cancer-2°Taurus ) – explaining that the war-driving influence is not from China in the first place. Meaning that the driving force behind a coming war is from Moscow-Russia which due to its structural instability as a small population in an oversized colonial empire will not be able to keep up its racial segregation (zero-immigration) policies any during times of global over-population and due to the beginning South-North migration resulting from climate change (Pluto ingress in Aquarius)
  • Mars square Chiron in Aries: as the ruling planet over the position of Chiron in Aries Mars in a square aspect to Chiron indicates a situation in which long-term strategical planning, careful calculation and the priority of self-protection (Chiron as sign ruler of Virgo) can be under pressure by populist emotional reflexes (Cancer as the sign of the population/people and fertility/population growth fields).
  • Saturn at 4°Pisces: a simple equation for Saturn in Pisces simply is border running through the sea. And historically there is nothing new in global powers defining, fixing and/or disagreeing on the (realistic or imaginary) limits of their geo-strategical spheres of interest. Now the USA and China will have to define and settle their spheres in such a way that a longer-lasting agreement can be reached. i am not saying that there has go9t to be a war on these issues!!! But as it turned out since the Nov. 2000 presidential the political system of the USA – due to the morbid and corrupt election system appears to be effectively too unstable and weak for a US President to be able to seriously define or reach agreements on updates regarding the global world order. And this too is an aspect symbolized by Saturn in the first degrees of Pisces: the lack of emotional independence and a mental overstrain syndrome (4°Pisces as an indicator of a Saturn/Moon/Neptune Quality) of the population worldwide due to the effects from the digital revolution since 1981. The same accounts for the population in Russia and China of course. But these national governments currently are in advantage at least in their capacity to act since their dictatorship systems allow a more stable strategy that doesn´t have to be changed every 4 years. Nor can it be dominated by foreign psychological warfare as is the USA since 2001.

Climax transits of danger of China`s invasion of Taiwan 2023-25 – astrogeographical transits for the coming 2 years

Due to the war pact of 4 Feb 2022 between Russia and China a Chinese invasion of Taiwan has been expected to happen since the start of the Moscow-Russian invasion of Ukraine 3 weeks later.

I am not saying that this invasion will happen this year – and after going through the transits I doubt it will but this and the next year`s transits appear to mark a climax period of tension and the People´s Republic of China may finally invade

While I start writing on this article the PR of China has openly played the war game “Sealing off Taiwan Drill” for the 3rd time or so in a year.

Pluto opposite Taipei and Beijing and square Moscow 2023-26

Looking at the overall situation according to my astrogeographical world map calculation system it is the Pluto transit cruising exactly opposite the 29°Cancer resonance coordinate of the Taiwanese capital Taipeh that must be investigated as the central transit issue. After his ingress into Leo Pluto will also move in opposition to Beijings 3°Leo coordinate and square to Moscows 2°Taurus coordinate explaining the intense pressure on the national morphic fields of the two nation states and governments created by their expansionist policies.

Uranus conjunct Taipei and square Kiev between June 2022 and April 2024

Since the 19 Aquarius resonance coordinate of Taipei is exactly square the 19°Scorpion position of Ukrainian capital Kiev both nations appear to be similarly affected by the current Uranus transit over 19°Taurus with climax between June 2022 and April 2024. The Mars-Uranus square transit of 10 March 2024 with Mars at 19°Aquarius conjunct Taipei and square Kiev and Uranus square Taipei and opposite Kiev has to be taken into consideration as the crucial moment of activities under the current Moscow-Russian/Chinese War Alliance..

A Time Table of astrogeographical Pluto and Uranus Transits in relation to Taipei, Kiev, Beijing, Moscow & Washington 2023-26

A glance at the coming transit periods of Pluto and of Uranus between 2023 and 2026 allows more detailed insights into the climax periods of danger for Taipeh and Kiev and also for the status quo in Beijing, Moscow and Washington.

Pluto and Uranus Transits for Taipei and Kiev
Time Table of Pluto and Uranus Transits in relation to Taipei, Kiev, Beijing, Moscow & Washington 2023-26.

Transit situation for Taipei and Kiev

  • Pluto opposite the 29°Cancer coordinate and Uranus square the 19°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Taipei explains that the current situation appears to leave no back door exit for Taiwan. It looks like a solution for the conflict has got to be found.
  • According to my astrogeographical calculation system Taipei and Kiev are under the most intense pressure from the 19°Taurus transit of Uranus between March 2023 and May 2024 with the Mars -Uranus square of climax on 10 March 2024 as its climax.

Transit situation for USA and EU

  • When Russia and China published their joint statement of 4 Feb 2022 in preparation of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine of 24 Feb 2022 they declared that the main target of their cooperation is fighting the USA and their policy of promoting standards of human rights and democracy. Their joint strategy in the Invasions of Ukraine and Taiwan has to be understood as wars directed against the geo-strategical sphere of influence of the USA, NATO, EU, their market systems and the standards of democracy that challenge political dictatorship and state-monopoly capitalist super-centralism.
  • this is why the first return of Uranus to 27°Taurus the position during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour of Dec 1941 exactly square the 27°Leo resonance coordinate of Washington from June 2024 to April 2026 is to be considered as a current climax of the intended Russian and Chinese attacks and geo-strategical moves against the sphere of influence of the USA.
  • in addition to that another important planetary return that`s is now on the way for the USA is the return of Neptune to “the Fort Sumter” or “American Civil War” position between June 2024 and March 2029. The full impact of this transit can be expected to come into effect when Neptune enters into the first degrees of Aries on 20 March 2025 initializing the period of his square transit to the 6° Cancer resonance coordinate of Washington that marked the territorial conflict between the Northern and Southern States of the USA during the Civil War of 1861-65.
  • Another currently important transit factor is one that explains the period of weakness and self-reflection of the EU through Neptune as indicator of the preference of inner over outer strength or outer weakness over inner weakness. Neptune just finished the climax of a challenging transit period conjunct the 22°Pisces resonance coordinate of the EU capital Brussels (2019-22) with the UK Brexit, Covid 19 Crisis and Russian invasion of Ukraine and daily routine of threatening with nuclear attacks against the EU.
  • Now Neptune enters into the “Grand Cross Carousel Aspect” between the EU foundation member capitals (29°PI – Amsterdam, 29°GEM – Rome, 29°Vi – Berlin, 29°SAG – Paris) April 2023 and January 2026 indicating a period of weakness and further territorial threats for the European Union. Though a symptomatic aspect of territorial challenge a Grand Cross transit of Neptune should not be misunderstood as weakening alone as the EU is organized on the basis of outer weakness as explained also by the astrogeographical position of its capital Brussels in Neptunes sign of rulership Pisces (21°Pisces-9°Scorpio).

The Mars-Uranus Square Transit of 10 March 2024

Taiwan In Political Astrology: Mars- Uranus Square 2024
Mars-Uranus Square of 10 March 2024 calculated for Taipei: Mars (19°AQ) conjunct Taipei & square Uranus (19°TA) square Taipei as climax danger of invasion for Taiwan
  • Aspects between Mars and Uranus stand for mutations, revolution and change. The square between the two stands for complexity of issues and the tension between different sides.
  • The position of Pluto at 1°Aquarius exactly opposite the 3°Leo resonance coordinate of Beijing indicates a climax of expansion of China as during the last period of Plutos transit in Aquarius, between 1778 and 1798 when Beijing experienced the largest expansion of Chinese territory ever.
  • Saturn as ruler of mid-heaven being placed in house 12 explains how Taiwan is in a situation of depression, misery, contamination, loss of control and being deprived of its rights. And one in which it is left to others to decide what will happen.
  • Venus as indicator of control over the national territory, income and possessions and as house ruler over house 2 will be in house 12 too indicating loss of control.
  • the position of Venus at 27°Aquarius will be exactly opposite the 27°Leo resonance coordinate of the main ally Washington indicating that the USA may be inclined to head for a peaceful solution of for the threat.

The chart for the crucial Mars-Pluto Opposition of 27 April 2025

Taiwan in Political Astrology
Taiwan in Political Astrology: Mars – Pluto opposition of 27 April 2025 calculated for Taipei