Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology

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For morphogenetic field level 4 (exact position) which describes the energetical topics and atmosphere of the building itself the House of Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada) is located in relaxes water sign Pisces the sign of temples, spirituality, illusions with earth sign Virgo sign of reason, protected places and optimal use of ressources ph: ВАДИМ ЧУПРИНА, ccbysa4.0 

Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology

Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology. Birth charts and history of Ukraine. Transits of the outer planets in relation to the capital and government of Ukraine.

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Uranus square transit in relation to Taipei and Kiev with climax on 10 March 2024

From my article: Taipei and Taiwan in Political Astrology

According to my astrogeographical calculation system the astrogeographicval resonance coordinates of Taipei at 19°Aquarius and of Kiev at 19°Scorpio will be under intense pressure through the 19°Taurus transit of Uranus between March 2023 and May 2024 with the Mars-Uranus square on 10 March 2024 as its climax.

Pluto and Uranus Transits for Taipei and Kiev
Time Table of Pluto and Uranus Transits in relation to Taipei, Kiev, Beijing, Moscow & Washington 2023-26.

The Astrogeographical Position of Kiev

Astrogeographical resonance degrees of of Kiev for morphogenetic field level 1 (region) which describes the supra-regional, international, global topics of the capital of Ukraine: the City of Kiev is located at 7° Aquarius and between 19° and 20° Scorpio.

Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology: For morphogenetic field level 4 (exact position) which  describes the energetical topics and atmosphere of the building itself the House of Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada) is located in relaxes water sign Pisces the sign of temples, spirituality, illusions  with earth sign Virgo sign of reason, protected places  and optimal use of resources
ph: ВАДИМ ЧУПРИНА, ccbysa4.0
Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology: Kyiv Monastery of the Caves with Ukrainian Genocide Holodomor Monument and Mother Motherland statue in the back. For morphogenetic field level 3 (surrounding area) the construction site and surrounding park area has one coordinate located between Capricorn and Aquarius. The 2nd coordinate is in Sagittarius.  ph: Andriy155, ccbysa3.0

The Independence and Foundation of modern Ukraine in 1991 with Pluto conjunct Kiew, Saturn square Moscow and Jupiter conjunct Washington

The foundation of modern Ukraine through the Declaration of Independence as a sovereign country on 24 Aug. 1991 at 17:31 (UTC + 3 h) was a consequence of the Perestroika, a peaceful revolution allowed by the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Mikhail GorbachevIts was carried out before the important legal sanction of the ratification of the dissolution of the USSR through the Russian Parliament in December 1991.

Ukraine Birth Chart
Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology: Ukraine Birth and Foundation Chart 1991 calculated for the Declaration of Independence on 24 Aug 1991, 17:30 (UT + 3 h) in Kiew. Data Source: Nick Campion.

Pluto conjunct the 19°Scorpio resonance coordinate of Kiev

  • Pluto the planet of foreign control, the battle for power and pressure on the territorial integrity of a nation at 17°Scorpio was conjunct the astrogeographical position of Kiev at 19° Scorpio. This aspect should be examined as an important indicator for the ambiguous and problematic situation of the country and nation ever since. One expression of that birth aspect of Ukrainian national independence is the fact that Russia considers it as the first target of its geo-strategical sphere of interest. The Pluto transit conjunct the 10°Cancer resonance coordinate of Berlin during the first years as a democratic state with the hyper-inflation, invasion of French and Belgian troops and first Hitler Putsch delivers an astrogeographical parallel explaining how problematic that particular Pluto transit can turn out during the first years of the birth and foundation phase of national political institutions and territories.
  • Pluto explains here how Kiev is stuck in between dependence from Russia and the legal right for sovereignty. That is a status Ukraine shared with a number of former member states of the USSR ever since their foundation as sovereign states since 1991. But among all of them Ukraine is the largest, richest, strongest and most populated among the ex-soviet republics.

Saturn square the 2°Taurus resonance coordinate of Moscow

  • Saturn as indicator of governments and laws at 2° in Aquarius the sign of self-liberation, revolution and escaping was in an exact square to Moscow`s astrogeographical resonance coordinate at 2° Taurus the sign of accumulation of territory. This transit can serve as a clearest astrological explanation for Ukrainian independence.
  • And it also explains that as much as Moscow is a potential source of threats for Ukrainian governments, stability, independence and autonomy the foundation or even more so the self-liberation of Ukraine established a potential source of challenges and problems for the territorial hegemony of the governments in Moscow over what I think has to be examined as the biggest weakness and problem of the superlarge, colonialist Russian empire: the permanent pressure, stress and paranoia regarding the control over its 17 million square kilometers of territory with its native and/or pre-colonial populations, its endless borders and potential border conflicts and the confrontation of Moscows geopolitical sphere of interest with its long chain of competing neighbors.
  • This overall situation of Russian governments may be explored as an archetypal and symptomatic issue of the 2°Taurus resonance position of the center of the national morphic field of Russia in Moscow. Compare the birth sun positions of Lenin, Hitler and the Oklahoma Land Run as examples for the territorial expansionism and colonialist appeal of this zodiac degree.
  • This is why the relationship of the 2 nations needs to be put on a clearer basis to be pacifying, profitable and positive for both sides. Realistically the only way that this could happen may be the day when a common market between Russia and the European Union can be achieved. That might wipe out the threat to Russian politics and economy through the expansion of NATO, EU and the US sphere of interest in Ukraine.
  • since the US geo-strategical politics have shown that the USA is the biggest opponent to such a common market between the EU and Russia, any solution appears to be impossible.
  • Since the installation of the Putin governments in Russia from 1998 governments have answered the independence of Ukraine from Russia through attempts for political and economical suppression of the independent development while the US politics has been trying to use Ukraine to split the EU and Russia and prevent economical, political and military cooperation between the two.
  • All this has left Gorbachevs Perestroika Revolution unfulfilled. since the USA have restarted the Cold War situation in 2001 after swallowing Eastern Europe in NATO membership during the 1990ies and first decade of the 2000s..

Jupiter, Venus & Mercury conjunct the 27°Leo resonance coordinate of Washington

  • the independence of Ukraine occurred with Jupiter (Zeus) the planet of triumph and victory conjunct the highly, centralist, absolutist, royal degree of 27° Leo of the USA capital Washington, explaining the sweeping victory for the aspect of absolutism of self-centering and hyper-centralism of the US politics, government and culture.
  • this triumph made the USA the one and only, supreme, ruling global power left temporarily placing it on top of the other global powers and other nations on our planet. At least that was the long-term conclusion that the USA could not help itself from drawing out of it.
  • the conjunction of Zeus (Jupiter) with Washington was “totalized” through the presence of Venus the planet of profits and territorial gains and Mercury the planet of intelligence, manipulation, propaganda and tactical man-oeuvres all between 26° and 28°Leo.
  • a potentially abnormal and rare thing about this constellation was that the independence of Ukraine was overshadowed by the victory of the USA.
  • in regard to developments out of Putins blind and bloody invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 can be taken as a hint at how much the win-win situation between the Ukrainian independence and the US governments in Washington of 1991 have tied the two nations together. And how much global prestige, popularity and followership the USA can gain from its performance in relation to Ukraine

The Euromaidan Revolution

Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology: Euromaidan Riots I – Berkut (special police force) trying to disperse all demonstrators from Maidan Nezalezhnosti on 30 November 2013 at 4:00
  • The Euromaidan Riots of 2013 began with Saturn at 17° Scorpio approaching the 19° Scorpio astrogeographical resonance coordinate of the Ukrainian capital Kiev. This coincidence of transits with is a really good proof of how effectively correct and valuable the astrogeograhical data which I have calculated really is.
  • The chart above is calculated for the attempt of the Berkut police forces to disperse demonstrators on 30 November 2013. Protesters had started gathering on Kiev´s central government square Maidan Nezalezhnosti since November 21.
  • Jupiter the planet of expansion occupied 19° Cancer was in an exact trine to the 19°Scorpio resonance coordinate of Kiev in an aspect of emotional identification with the national identity. This transit of Jupiter can be investigated as a factor of intense stimulation of the euphoria of nationalist emotions in supported the rapid growth of the Euromaidan protests.
  • Saturn´s final transit over the position of Kiew  in September and October 2014 was the climax of the Russian military intervention in the country with the annexation of Crimea in March 2014,  the Donbass region (March 2015) and possibly more Ukrainian territory in the nearer future.  As Saturn is leaving Scorpio there is no stabilizing effect from Saturn`s transits to be expected in regard to Kiew`s position in Scorpio for now..
  • It may be concluded that the transit of Jupiter over Kiev`s astrogeographic position around 19° Scorpio between January and October 2018 is the next positive moment when a solution for the current situation and a minor strengthening of Ukrainian independence can be hoped for.
  • from the point of view of Moscow the developments of the years 2013 and 2014 in Ukraine have to be understood as consequences or corresponding events of the transit of Uranus (revolution, globalization) over 11°/12°Aries the exact square position to the 11°/12°Cancer resonance coordinate of Moscow. Uranus stood for the
  • Pluto the planet of the battle for power was moving into exact opposition to the 12°Cancer resonance coordinate of Moscow explaining the Ukrainian rebellion against Russian rule as a heavy loss, traumatic threat and disastrous defeat in the competition with its US American opponents.
  • the intense pressure onto Moscow from the Uranus-Pluto square explains the
  • the transit of Neptune conjunct the the degrees of flooding, drowning, sinking and destabilization of things overcome at 2°Pisces (Saturn-Neptune quality according to Doebereiner) and in his own sign of rulership is a fascinating astrological explanation for the dissolution of Russian territorial control over Ukraine, making a return of Russian colonial rule over Kiev relatively improbable.
  • Mars was at 25°Virgo conjunct the 29°Virgo resonance coordinate of Berlin which itself an outpost under US American dominance over Western Europe seems to have served as an operational basis in support of Ukrainian independence from Moscow controlled politics in Ukraine.
  • The complexity of the developments in regard to the confrontation of the astrogeographical neighbors, sisters and brothers Moscow at 11°/12°Cancer and Berlin at 10°Cancer have to be evaluated considering that the Uranus-Pluto square transit with its first climax on 20 May 2013, 23:05 UT with Uranus at 11°Aries exactly square and Pluto at 11°Capricorn exactly opposite both capitals. As enemies in the 2nd Cold War between the USA and Russia since 2001 Russia and Germany may be understood to have reflected and embodied each others Pluto and Uranus.
  • due to the 6°Cancer resonance coordinate of the US capital, government and center of the national morphic in Washington the USA has to be understood as an important part in the roulette of transit tension here too

The Maidan Revolution of Dignity and the Russian Annexation of Crimea between February 18 and 23, 2014

Jupiter (Zeus) was conjunct the 11°-10°-6° Cancer resonance coordinates of Moscow, and Washington explaining the events as a moment of relief from the ongoing heavy pressure from the Uranus and – Pluto transits. In that sense this aspect explains how the events between February 18 and 23 were victory not only for Washington, Berlin along with the European Union but also for Moscow and for Putins problems with justifying his anti-democratic lifetime king-presidency too !!!!!!

Why or how for Moscow? The Russian side used the events as a permission for an open military intervention into Ukraine displaying its military superiority and to occupy Crimea which the Russian population may have felt as a victory of their government.

Clashes in Kiev in Feb 2014
Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology: Violent clashes between in Kiev on 18 February 2014. ph Mstyslav Chernov, ccbysa3.0

“On February 21, an agreement between president Yanukovych and the leaders of the parliamentary opposition was signed that called for early elections and the formation of an interim unity government. The following day, Yanukovych fled from the capital ahead of an impeachment vote. The protesters proceeded to take control of the capital buildings. On the same day, the parliament declared that Yanukovych was relieved of duty in a 328-to-0 vote.” (from the wikipedia article)

Maidan Revolution of Dignity
Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology: Maidan Revolution of Dignity in astrology: Ukrainian Revolution of February 2014 calculated for 0:00 midnight of 18 February 2014 when massive nationwide action of protesters arose and heavy clashes with riot police escalated
  • on February 18 the Moon ingress into the first decade of Libra appears to have rounded up the ongoing transit pressure from the T square between Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter to form a Grand Cross of tension that seems to have left no space to evade the confrontation between the positions of the Ukrainian nation and those of the Russian nation.
  • astrogeographically the main pressure from the Uranus-Pluto square transit was on Moscow, Berlin and Washington – and not on Kiev!!!! This indicates how much Ukraine was subject and depending on Global geo-strategical confrontation.
  • the transit of Jupiter (Zeus) exactly conjunct the 11/12°°Cancer resonance coordinate of Moscow despite the simultaneous heavy pressure from the Uranus-Pluto square explains how the heavily traumatic situation for Moscow was overplayed by the Putin Presidency into a triumph through the annexation of Crimea, an integral part of Ukraine that Russia managed to swap for Ukrainian interior political independence.

Important Transits astrogeographical Transits for Kiev in the 2020ies

Uranus square to Kiev between June 2019 and April 2021

Written in 2019: Uranus will reach the square position to the 7° Aquarius astrogeographic coordinate of Kiev. A transit with highly explosive impact which must put the Ukrainian government under heaviest pressure from Russia as Uranus will be conjunct Moscow`s astrogeographical position at 2° Taurus. Compare this transit to the Uranus Brexit square to London since May 2016.  Altogether this astrogeographical transit will be effective between June 2019 and April 2021. The European Union should by all means attempt to get to an agreement of cooperation with Russia before that period and not wait and leave it up to the Trump administration to make such a step.

Saturn conjunct Kiev between January and November 2021

Saturn square Kiev between February 2022 and June 2023

Written in 2018: The square transit of Saturn the planet of stability, hierarchy and the ruling class over 19°Aquarius the exact square position to the 19°Scorpio resonance coordinate of Kiev between February 2022 and June 2023 will be a climax of problematic issues for the government, nation and territorial integrity of Ukraine. It will be the first fuller challenge of the achievements of the “Maidan Revolution” Revolution of February 2014 which had allowed the nation to make some steps out of the political, mind and propaganda control under the Russian colonial super empire so deeply impregnated into the memory of the Ukrainian nation.

Uranus opposite Kiev between June 2022 and April 2024

Written in 2018 During the climax of the square transit from Saturn Uranus the planet of globalization, emancipation and self.liberation will begin his opposition transit to the 19°Scorpio resonance coordinate of Kiev in June 2022. Since Uranus will be in Taurus the sign of money, markets, territorial control of occupation Ukraine can be expected to face challenges concerning the territorial integrity, economy and independence. The simultaneous pressure from both planets can be expected as a period of intense activities by various sides rather than by one single actor,

Outlooks on Transits Russian Invasion and War in Ukraine

Pluto Ingress in Aquarius from March 2023 & Pluto conjunct Kiev between April 2026 and January 2030

The ingress of Pluto into Aquarius will trigger a pressure onto the 2°Taurus resonance coordinate of the first and strongest neighbor enemy of Ukraine in Moscow.

At the same time Pluto will start activating the issues of his deeply problematic transit conjunct the 7°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Kiev which will face its climax period between April 2026 and January 2030

Birth Charts and History of Ukraine

The name “Ukraine”, meaning “in-land” or “native-land” usually interpreted as “border-land”, first appeared in historical documents of the 12th century and then on history maps of the 16th century period.

The Foundation of Kiev

Slavian tribes in astrology Blog
Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology: Territories inhabited by East Slavic tribes in 8th and 9th century. map: SeikoEn, ccbysa3.0

Kiev is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. The “Primary Rus Chronicle” names Kyi a prince of the Polans and his brothers Shchek, Khoryv, and sister Lybid as the legendary founders of Kyiv and the Kyi dynasty. The foundation is assumed to have taken place around the end of the 5th or early 6th century. A direct or indirect identification of the Polans with the name-givers of Poland may be possible but is without proof.

The first conquest of Kiev by the Rus

According to the “Primary Rus Chronicle” the Novgorod Rus first conquered Kiev around 500 years after its foundation under Askold and Dir who had been send out by Rurik the founder of the Novgorod Rus some time after 862 AD.

In early 867 Patriarch Photius of Constantinople announced that Askold the ruler of Kiev accepted Christian baptism and that Kiev had been Christianized. In 882 AD the Novgorod Rus under Oleg the Wise (the Seer) conquered Kiev ending the Christianization of Kiev..

Christianization of Kiev in Astrology Blog
Astrological chart for the Autumn Equinox of the year of the first Christianization of Kiev through the baptism of Askold in 867 AD. Calculated for the 23 September 867 at Kiev. Focus here should be on the outer planets (Saturn to Pluto) not on the fast moving (Moon, to Mars)
  • although the baptism may have taken place early in the year 867 AD I chose the chart of the autumn solstice because it points at the influence of important transits of Uranus and Saturn that have to be examined as explanations of the events.
  • Uranus in Leo: having ingressed into Leo the sign of absolutism, royalty, the sun and of light in August 866 Uranus as indicator of globalization, abstraction, the sky god and of re-connection with the supra-national morphic field reache 7°Leo taking the exact opposition to the 7°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Kiev by autumn of 867.
  • I have emphasized before on several occasions how the combination of Leo (sun gods) and Aquarius (sky gods, heaven, stars, paradise) relates to the reflexes and intentions of monotheism with the astrogeographical position of the city of Akhetaten (today: Amarna) founded for one of the first known and most important monotheist revolutions in the combination of Leo with Aquarius as one of the most fascinating examples.
  • culminating Uranus transits in relation to capitals are therefore typical for the centralization of state cult through Christianization of formerly pagan societies with polytheist traditions. See the examples of the foundation of the Holy Roman Empire of 962 and of Poland in 966 with Uranus conjunct the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the national centers Berlin and Warsaw.
  • the transit of Saturn conjunct the 19° Scorpio resonance coordinate of Kiev since November 866 indicates that the new rulers of Kiev Askold and Dir had achieved a stabilization of their rule by 866/67.
  • the parallel of this Saturn transit over Kievs 19°Scopio position with the events during the Ukrainian Revolution of 2013/14 which too was aimed at gaining independence from the Novgorod/Moscow area Rus may lead to the conclusion that Askold and Dir attempted to get to an independence of Kiev from the Novgorod Rus through the Christianization of Kiev dedicated at seeking protection from Constantinople.
  • the Saturn transit of 866/67 so delivers a blueprint for the events during the Ukrainian Revolution and Independence of 2013/14 and the Russian attempts to suppress it through the annexation of Crimea and the military occupation in Donbas and Luhansk in 2014 and the large scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022

The Foundation of the Kievan Rus in 882 with Jupiter (Zeus) conjunct Kiev and square Moscow

In 882 Oleg the Seer as the 2nd ruler of Novgorod conquered Kiev. Askold and Dir were liquidated. Some Russian and Ukrainian historians interpreted the 882 coup d’état in Kiev as a reaction of the pagan Varangians to Askold’s baptism and closer relations with the Byzantine Empire.

Varangians in Russia
Invitation of the Varangians to the Novgorod region around 862.

The empires of the Rus were established with the help of a group of Scandinavian nobles that were most probably imported from Sweden. The Invitation of Riurik and his group of Varangians who were considered neutral to the destructive and deadly competition between the existing tribes of the region allowed the unification of single tribes in a larger formation.

Oleg The Wise in Astrology
Oleg the Wise has his shield fixed to the walls of Constantinople during his attack on the city . This painting by Fyodor Bruni (1799–1875) explains the strategical importance of Constantinople for the Rus at this point of history.

The foundation of the Kievan Rus occurred only 20 years after the foundation of Novgorod by the Varangian (Scandinavian) prince Riurik in in 862. The City of Kiev was chosen by Oleg Helgi (The Wise) of Novgorod of the Rurik dynasty as the new capital to unite the Northern and Southern Rus in 882. The choice of Kiev must have been made for strategical purposes: it brought Constantinople within reach of the Rus and made trade with central Europe easier. The astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Kiev were those of modern Kiev: 7°Aquarius and 19°Scorpio.

The Kievan Rus in Astrology
Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology: Birth or Foundation chart of the Kievan Rus: calculated as a midday chart for the natural beginning of the solar year (0° Aries tropical) during the spring equinox of 882 and for Kiev
  • the long-term historical process that explains the foundation of the Kievan Rus and the transformation of a village into the City of Kiev was the transit of Pluto the planet of territorial threats and battle for power over 7°Taurus in exact square to the 7°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Kiev in the summer of the year 882. This transit explains the heavy territorial threat from the expansion of the newly founded Nowgorod Empire.
  • the Kievan Rus was founded with Jupiter (Zeus) the planet of victory and expansion at 1°Aquarius exactly square to the 2°Taurus resonance coordinate of Moscow. Jupiter was approaching the conjunction with the 7°Aquarrius resonance coordinate of Kiev in the “Return of Zeus” constellation, explaining the rise and expansion of Kiev in that year.
  • the fact that by 22 May 882 Jupiter turned retrograde exactly over the 7°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Kiev may be interpreted as a hint that the factual foundation occurred in the month of May or before.
  • This Jupiter position directly describes the natural competition, polarity and complementary relationship between centers of the national morphic fields of Russia and Ukraine in Moscow and Kiev. Apart from all historical negativities and wounds between neighbors describes by such an astrogeographical constellation this type of relationship appears as particularly productive and stimulative for the development of both single national morphic fields and the respective nations. Compare the Grand Cross between the capitals of the founding members of the European Union.

Principality of Kiew

Kievan Rus Map 1237
Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology: The Kievan Rus in 1237.

The inner Principality of Kiev was formed during the process of political fragmentation of the Kievan Rus’ particularly following the death of Mstislav I.. In that process the effective rule of the Grand Princes of Kiev was gradually reduced to central regions of Kievan Rus’ around its capital city Kiev, thus forming a reduced princely domain, known as the inner Principality of Kiev which existed as a polity until the middle of the 14th century.

Principality of Kiev Birth Chart
Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology: Birth Chart for the Principality of Kiev aka the independence of Kiev from the former Kievan Rus calculated as a 12:00 noon chart for the sate of the death of Mstislav I of Kiev on 14 April 1132 (julian date)
  • the death of Mstislav I. the ruling successor of the Kievan Rus occurred with retrograde Mars at 16° Skorpion conjunct the 19°Scorpio resonance coordinate of Kiev suggesting a possible violent form of death.
  • the North Node as indicator for aims and outcomes of events was at 18°Pisces in exact trine to the 19°Scorpio position of Kiev explaining the events as a harmonious (trine) dissolution (Pisces) of formal structures.
  • the Sun as indicator of kingdom and self-centering at 2°Taurus was exactly conjunct one of the resonance coordinates of Moscow explaining the event as an important step in the independence and separation of Moscow and the national morphic field of Russia from the Kievan Rus and what by now has developed into independent Ukraine..

Mongolian Conquest of Kiev in 1240

Mongol Conquest of Kiev
Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology: Mongol Conquest of Kiev

The Siege and Conquest of of Kiev by Batu Khan and the Golden Horde between Nov 28 and December 6 1240 was a heavy defeat for the municipalities of the Rus. Out of 50000 inhabitants of Kiev only 2000 are reported to have survived the massacre following the entry of Mongol troops into the city on 5 Dec.

Kiev Astrology
Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology: Mongol conquest of Kiev on 5 December 1240 calculated as a midday chart for 12 noon.
  • retrograde Saturn at 13° in royal fire sign Leo took a position on the half sum between his opposition to the 7°Aquarius resonance coordinate and his square transit in relation to the 19°Scorpio resonance coordinate of Kiev. This relatively sophisticated aspect appeared as particularly destructive and deadly for the city and people.
  • What may be examined here is: in how far and why such type of astrogeographical transit situations are even more problematic through its impact on both aspects of a capital or site.

Kiev under the control of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania & the polarity of Kiev with Vilnius

The astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Kiev at 7°Aquarius found its exact opposite in the 7°Leo resonance of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. Such polarities between the capital of neighbor and first enemies nations are frequent and appear as symptoms of the crystallization of group identities around conflicting centers. I keep quoting the example of the ultimate roulette of tension between the EU founding members of the Treaty of Rome in order to show that national conflicts may serve as stimulations of development if chances for productive confrontation can be created.

The reason why the Kievan state became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania between around 1320 and 1363, of the Lithuanian-Polish Union from 1385 and of the Lithuanian-Polish Commonwealth from 1569 until 1793 was because these states were able to fight back the Mongol invasions by the Golden Horde.

Lithuania 13th century
Lithuanian state in the 13-15th centuries map: M.K., ccbysa2.5

The Principality of Kiev became subject to territorial control of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania through the legendary Battle” on the Irpin River in the early 1320ies and the important historical victory of the Lithuanian side against the Golden Horde in the Battle of Blue Waters in the autumn of 1362 or 1363.

The astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius are 7°Leo (exactly opposite Kievs 7°Aquarius position) and 4°Sagittarius.

The positions of the capital of the Golden Horde at Sarai were at 0° in earth sign Virgo and 8° in Aquarius and conjunct the resonance position of Kiev and opposite Vilnius. This opposition between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Golden Horde

Battle of the Blue Waters Autumn Equinox 1362
Ukraine and Kiev in Political Astrology: Astrological chart for the Autumn Equinox of 1362 for conclusions on the planetary positions during the Battle of the Blue Waters near Torhovytsia, Holovanivsk Raion, Ukraine.
  • astrologically this first decisive defeat of the Golden Horde in the region has to be examined as a consequence of the ingress of Pluto the astrological indicator for the battle for power into Taurus the sign of stabilization of the possession of territory, of agriculture, money, income, wealth, growing roots and of food production. It can be assumed that the establishment of an increasingly efficient agriculture led to a growth of population, wealth, stability and urban centers in the region.
  • the ingress of Uranus as the planet of revolution into Cancer the sign of emotional identity and independence seems to explain the association of Kiev with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania as a step that included a shift of its “national” or rather “tribal” identity away from the Rus of Wladimir, Moscow and Nowgorod who remained an annual target of tributary obligations to the “Golden Horde” including the threat, terror and regular military invasions.