Portugal & Lisbon in Political Astrology

Portugal & Lisbon in Political Astrology

Portugal & Lisbon in Political Astrology & Astrogeography. Brith & foundation charts % important horoscopes in the history of Portugal.

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Portugal & Lisbon in Political Astrology & Astrogeography

Astrogeographical position of Lisbon

Astrogeographical position of Lisbon for morphogenetic field level 1 (larger region) which describes the international and global resonance of the capital, government and center of the national morphic field of Portugal: the astrogeographical coordinates of Lisbon are located at 11° in air sign Libra and on 1° in earth sign Virgo

Foundation Charts of Modern Portugal

Revolution in Portugal in October 1910

Evaluation of a precise moment for the event that either initialized the revolution or brought his breakthrough may appear more speculative or arbitrary than effctively correct. An important astrological was the exact New Moon of 3 Oct which occurred at 9°15` Libra at 7:55 conjunct the 11°Libra resonance coordinate of Lisbon.

Astrology and Astrogeography of Portugal
Birth Chart of modern Portugal 1: Beginning of the revolution of October 1010 calculated for exact midnight of the night of 2 to 3 Oct 1910 with the Sun conjunct the IC.

Proclamation of the Republic

Astrology of Portugal
Portugal Proclamation of the Republic on 5 Oct. 1910 calculated for 9:00 a.m. in Lisbon.

Early Birth & Foundation Charts of Portugal

County of Portugal founded in 868

The County of Portugalia refers to a medieval county in the region around Guimarães and Porto in Northern Portugal, The first county “.…existed from the mid-ninth to the mid-eleventh centuries as a vassalage of the Kingdom of Asturias and the Kingdom of Galicia and also part of the Kingdom of León, before being abolished as a result of rebellion……The history of the county of Portugal is traditionally dated from the reconquest of Portus Cale (Porto) by Vímara Peres in 868. He was named a count and given control of the frontier region between the Limia and Douro rivers by Alfonso III of Asturias. South of the Douro, another border county would be formed decades later when what would become the County of Coimbra was conquered from the Moors by Hermenegildo Guterres.” (wikipedia article)

Portugal and Lisbon in Astrology
Foundation charts for Portugal: County of Portugal in 868 calculkated for the summer solstice on 21. Jun 868 at 11:42 in Porto.

Battle of São Mamede in 1128

The Battle of São Mamede between on 24 June 1128 near Guimarães was an important event in the development that led to the foundation of the Kingdom of Portugal in 1139 and the stabilization of long term independence of Portugal from Spain. It was fought between  Afonso Henriques supported by the Portuguese aristocracy on one side and his mother his mother Countess Teresa of Portugal and her lover Fernão Peres de Trava in the other side.  

Astrology of Portugal
Birth Chart I forf Portugal Battle of Sao Mamede. Calculated as an exact midday chart for 24 Jun 1128 (julian date)

Kingdom of Portugal in 1139

in the Battle of Ourique on 25 July 1139, the forces of Portuguese count Afonso Henriques of the House of Burgundy defeated the Almoravid governor of Córdoba, Muhammad Az-Zubayr Ibn Umar, identified as “King Ismar” in Christian chronicles…. “and straight after was (possibly unanimously) proclaimed King of the Portuguese by his soldiers, establishing his equality in rank to the other realms of the Peninsula, although the first reference to his royal title dates from 1140. The first assembly of the Portuguese Cortes convened at Lamego (wherein he would have been given the crown from the Archbishop of Braga, to confirm his independence) is a 17th-century embellishment of Portuguese history. ” (wikipedia artcile)

Portugal and Lisbon in Astrology
Kingdom of Portugal Foundation on 25 July 1139 (jul) after the Battle of Ourique. Palanetary position calculated as an exact midday – chart.