Canada and its Capital Ottawa in Astrology

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Parliament Hill in the center of Ottawa is located in Scorpio with Pisces for morphogenetic field level 3 (surrounding area) ph: Taxiarchos228, ccbysa3.0

Canada and its Capital Ottawa in Astrology

Canada and its Capital Ottawa in Astrology & Astrogeography. Foundation charts and horsocopes of important events in Canada`s history

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The astrogeographical position of Ottawa

Encyclopedia of Significant Events in Canadian History

Parliament Hill in the center of Ottawa is located in Scorpio with Pisces for morphogenetic field level 3 (surrounding area) ph: Taxiarchos228, ccbysa3.0

Astrogeographical position of Ottawa for morphogenetic field level 1 (region) which describes the supraregional and international resonance of the Canadian capital, government and politics: according to my calculation system the Ottawa is located in a harmonious trine angle in the 2 water signs: at 20°Pisces and 21°Cancer.

Such a harmonious aspect is absolutely rare for capitals which often deal with astrogeographical positions that reflect the diversity, conflicts and tension between various parts of a nation or its territories. But this is apparently not the case for the capital of Canada. The trinal combination of the positions in the two water signs Pisces and Cancer are known to support and stimulate each other well.

Capitals of Canadian Provinces & Territories

Canada in Astrology
Capitals of Canadian Provinces iand Territories in Astrogeography

Astrogeographical neighbour capitals of Ottawa

Closest: Montevideo, Uruguay at 20°Cancer – 16°Pisces, Sana`a, Yemen at 21° Cancer & 22°Pisces,

20°Cancer Resonance: Madrid at 20°Cancer, Buenos Aires at 20°Cancer; Montevideo at 20°Cancer; Nouakchott, Mauretania at 19°Cancer; Caracas, Baku, Azerbeijan at 21°Cancer; Bagdad, Iraq at 22°Cancer; Venezuele at 17°Cancer; Biassu, Guinea.Biassu at 23°Cancer; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at 23°Cancer,

20°Pisces Resonance: Libreville, Gabun at 20°Pisces, Brussels capital of Belgium, European Union & NATO at 21°Pisces, Baton Rouge, Louisiana at 20°Pisces; Tallhassee, Florida at 20°Pisces, Kampla, Roseau, Domenica at 22°Pisces, Uganda at 23°Pisces, Khartoum, Sudan at 18°Pisces

American Capitals in Astrogeography
The astrogeographical position of Ottawa: American Capitals in Astrogeography & Astrology

The Birth Chart for the Canadian Federation

The Canadian Confederation  was the process by which the British colonies Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick were united into one Dominion of Canada through the proclamation of the Canadian Federation on 1 July 1867 the day when the British North America Act became effective at 12:05 noon.

The historical background of the step into the direction of independence of Canada has got to be seen in relation with the outcome of American Civil War of 1861-65. The danger of influences from the US side in the British colonies can be explored as major reasons for the British government to allow Canada more political independence.

The Conjunction of Sun-Moon and Uranus conjucnt Washington during the legal foundation of the Canadian Federation is a stunnigly clear and exlicit astrogeographical hint explaining how the example of the Loss of the Thriteen Colonies was a major reason for Canadian independence.

The foundation of the “Dominion of Canada” helped to the British side to consolidate a minimum of influence and economic profit and helped the Canadian provinces to stabilize their independence from the USA and Washington.

Astrology of Canada
Delegates at the Conference at Québec of October 1864, to settle the basics of a union of the British North American Provinces. Painting by Robert Harris also known as “The Fathers of Confederation”

The Canadan Federation & Constitution was created in 4 steps:

  • 10 to 24 October 1864: the Quebec Conference in which the basis for the constitution was worked out,
  • 4 December 1866 (start) the London Conference starting on ,
  • 12 February 1867 (start): the passing of the British North America Act including the Canadian Constitution by the British parliaments in London in February 1967
  • 29 March 1867: the royal assent by Queen Victoria proclaimining the existence of the Canadian Federation to start on 1 July 1867, 0:00 in London
  • 1 July 1867: the Proclamation of the Canadian Federation by Queen Victoria in London

The chart for the “Proclamation” of the Dominion of Canada in the form of the Canadian Federation

Canada and its Capital Ottawa in Astrology: Natal or birth chart of Canada calculated for the proclamation of the Canadian Federation on 1 July 1867 the day when the British North America Act became effective at 12:05 p.m.. source – Canadian astrologer Rab Wilkie citing a local newspaper reporting the official ceremony in Canada. A chart calculated for the legal validity of the foundation may be calculated for 0:00 in London (or possibly 0:00 in Ottawa too)
  • NEW MOON IN CANCER: The proclamation was made less than 6 hours before the New Moon in Cancer the sign of emotional independence, individuality and feeling at home indicating a moment of conception.
  • SUN-MOON-URANUS CONJUNCTION between 6° and 8°Cancer: the conjunction of Sun & Moon with Uranus the planet of self-finding, self-liberation, emancipation, escaping, revolution and leaving the past behind explains the step out from an old order and system.
  • SUN-MOON-URANUS CONJUNCT THE 6°CANCER RESONANCE COORDINATE OF WASHINGTON: the degrees of the position of the 3 planets exactly conjunct the US capital Washington explains how the Canadian constitution was orientated at following the example of the US constitution. The example of Washington can also be
  • SATURN AT 18°SCORPIO fullfilling a grand water trine together with the 20°Pisces and 21°Cancer astrogeographical coordinates of the capital: The stability of the political system of Canada seems to lie in this water harmony of emotional authenticity and independence (Cancer) with the readiness and capacity for self-defense (Scorpio) as rooted in indigenous north american nomad culture (Scorpio) and the reconnection with a larger and fuller aspects of spirituality and imagination (Pisces).
  • ABSENCE OF EXACT PLANET ASPECTS TO THE 20°CA & 20°PIS° COORDINATES OF OTTAWA: Even though Ottawa became the capital of Canada on this day it does not seem to appear directly in the center of events. Can be explored as a resuilt of the developments being decided at other places
  • NEPTUNE AT 15°ARIES SQUARE THE 20°CANCER RESONANCE POSITION OF OTTAWA: while important elements of independence were established the Canadian nation remained under the roof of British colonial rulership and with the British royal fairy tale family as its head of state. Neptune so covered the nation under the “magic cap of invisibility” effect of a Neptunis disguise behind which Canada continued to esist as a British colony and dominion for purposes which seen in realistic daylight were important geo-strategical and military concerns. It can be argued that Neptune helped Canada out from becoming a fuller scale self-respnsible American nation without having to confront the hardships of identity crises as did the USA or Mexico. A holistic recapitulation of Canada´s position in world politics could explore the effects of the Neptune square as allowing and inviting Canada to remain under the roof of British colonial and spiritual guidance and hide itself behind the British politial authority and traditions. This could explain why and how we Europeans tend to consider Canada`s sutuation as a far more European political atmosphere than that of the US.
  • PLUTO TRANSIT IN TAURUS BETWEEN 1851 AND 1884: the 33 year long transit period of Pluto as indicater of piracy, nomads and of moving in foreign territories in Taurus the sign of occupation of land, markets and ressources between 1851 and 1884 was a particular climax in the expansion and fortification of British, Russian and other European nations colonial expansion and exploitation See also my article: Pluto Transits in Political Astrogeography.
  • SATURN IN SCORPIO OPPOSITE PLUTO IN TAURUS BETWEEN OCT 1965 – SEP 1868: For the former European colonies in Nort America this period brought the full scale territorial expansion and stabilization of the USA (1865) of the independence of British Canada (1867) and Mexico (1867). As the planetary ruler of stability, efficiency and control Saturn in Scorpio appears to have functioned as a regulating factor in the consolidation of a new order. As sign ruler in Scorpio Pluto “transporting” Saturn into Taurus then functioned as the factor that “technically” transferred the possession of territory into the hands of the newly established castes of land owners.

Canadian Souvereignity through the Constitution Act of 1982

“The Constitution Act of 1982 was introduced a re-naming of the constitution as Constitution Act, 1867.  In addition to patriating the Constitution it enacted the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; guaranteed rights of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada; entrenched provincial jurisdiction over natural resources; provided for future constitutional conferences; and set out the procedures for amending the Constitution in the future” (summary from the wikipedia article)

Canada In Astrology
Astrology of Canada: Canadian Sovereignty of 1982 Additions to Constitution
  • SATURN AND PLUTO CONJUNCT THE IC PLUS JUPITER IN HOUSE 4: explain an important step of cutting the umbilical cords from the motherland and of arrival in a sphere of emotional autonomy and self-responsibility.
  • PLUTO AT 25°LIBRA CONJUNCT THE 24°LIBRA COORDINATE OF LONDON: may be found to suggest how the British inheritance, its legal and political system, role patterns, social hierarchy, voting system, 2 party system with Conservative vs. liberal/labour and other issues seem to be imprinted in the national inheritance framing self-image as a heavy normative weight and “foreign possession (saturn-Pluto in psychological terms). Though the atmosphere and effects of Libra may not be found to turn out as heavy as other signs the aspect cannot be understood as sth. nice, beuatiful or nourishing. The question may be asked in how far it blocks Canadian spiritual, intellectual and practical autonomy.
  • The intense resonance of this Saturn-Pluto inheritance in Libra the sign of courtly and aristocratic culture may be explored as a hint at the conituity of the status of Canada as part of the Kingdom o the British Royals.
  • This aspect of fromal strictness (SA-PL) being in Libra may be understood as a hint at a strong resonance and relationship with the special affinit of Chinese culture with the sign and topics of Libra.
  • SUN-PLUTO AND MERCURY-JUPITER OPPOSITIONS: these aspects actually describe inner contradicitions between the formalistic setting of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in house 4 covering the national & population morphic field & the qeust for an emotional self-esteem (Leo Ascendant) as a nation.

Important 21 Century Transits

The opposition transit of Pluto in relation to Ottawa from March 2017 to December 2020

Donald Trump signs orders to green-light the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines with propaganda minister Bannon watching

The Pluto transit between 19° and 23°Capricorn and in opposition to the 21°Cancer astrogeographical position of Ottawa began during the final stage of Uranus square transit from 19° to 23°Aries (Uranus return from the Hitler inauguration of 1933) between May 2015 and April 2017 and simultaneous to the inauguration of the neo-fascist Trump administration in Canadas big brother neighbor country in January 2017. This coincidence explains that an important part of the pressure from Plutos opposition deal with Plutos role as the planet of ideology, pressure through patterns of role conduct, suppression of independence and of modernity (Cancer). That brought the liberal, progressive Canadian government under Justin Trudeau in conflict with the current US government and top US ally Saudi Arabia (“Why Saudi Arabia is waging diplomatic war on … Canada”).

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 12 January 2020 exactly opposite the astrogeographical position of Ottawa

For Canada the Saturn-Pluto conjunction exactly opposite the capital  and government can be expected to have its impact on all matters having to do with house 10 the house of self-responsibility, government and its institutions, the head of state, federal laws and territorial and emotional independence. The simultaneous opposition of Saturn and Pluto to the capital could if any bring positive effects mainly through exchange and cooperation with partners. That may seem the best and strongest plausible option for the optimal use of this transit. This is because the conjunction will occur in a harmonious and supporting sextile to the 2nd astrogeographical coordinate at 20°Pisces.

Canada and its Capital Ottawa in Astrology: Astrological chart for the Saturn – Pluto conjunction on 12 Jan 2020 calculated for Ottawa

The Saturn – Pluto conjunction of 2020 will take place just shortly before Neptune´s transit conjunct the astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Ottawa at 20° Pisces. Neptune because in his own sign through his exact trine to the 2nd astrogeographical coordinate at 20°Cancer can be expected as a stabilizing aspect which provides justification and spiritual self-authorization rather than destabilization of Canadian political structures and economy.

On the global resonance topics of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction from an astrogeographical point of view: the position of Uranus at 2°Taurus will be exactly conjunct the russian capital of Moscow suggesting the chance that the russian government in Moscow will attempt to make new alliances and other decisive steps to promote its global sphere of interest. Venus the sign ruler of Taurus will be at 28°Aquarius and conjunct the astrogeographical resonance degree of the french capital Paris indicating the option for a closer global cooperation with France and the EU. Other important resonance aspects can be expected from the resonance of the Saudi-Arab capital Riyadh (21°Leo) and North Korean capital Pyongyang (21°Leo too) with the position of the Moon on 17° in super-centralist royal fire sign Leo. Another aspect that has to be mentioned here is the fact that the 17°Leo Moon position from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020 has the strongest resonance with the Mars-Pluto conjunction (15°-18°Leo) in house 7 of the natal chart of the People`s Republic of China indicating that 2020 will see a new climax in the aggressive expansion of China´s economy and political sphere of interest. This development will put strong pressure on Australian sphere of interest.

The position of the North Node at 8°Cancer will fall right on the half sum between the resonance degrees of Washington (6°Cancer) and Berlin (10°Cancer) pointing at a rebirth of the US-EU relationships as a central motive and aim including also the option of a solution for the problems between the EU-US partnership and Moscow (11°Cancer).

Neptune conjunct the 20°Pisces coordinate of Ottawa between February 2020 and March 2022

Canada and its Capital Ottawa in Astrology: Astrological Birth chart of the capital status of Ottawa calculated for the day of the proclamation of Ottawa as the new capital by Queen Victoria on 31 December 1857 with Neptune at 20° PIS conjunct the North Node at 21°PIS and the Moon on 21° CAN all conjunct the resonance degrees of Ottawa. The chart is calculated for New Year´s Eve at 12:00 noon.

Ottawa was declared capital of Canada during Neptunes last transit (March 1856 and March 1858) over the Citys astrogeographical resonance degree at 20° Pisces in Dec. 1857. This indicates that the Neptune return of 2020 can be expected as a “coming home” effect and one that could help in stabilizing Canadas democratic political institutions through moral and spiritual justification of the country`s rights and independence.

The Astrology of Important Events in Canadian History

Jaques Cartier claims Canadian territory for France in with a Mercury-Uranus conjunction exactly conjunct Ottawa in 1534

Jacques Cartier (born Dec. 31, 1491) was a Breton explorer who claimed what is now Canada for France. Cartier was the first European to describe and map[ the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the shores of the Saint Lawrence River, which he named “The Country of Canadas”, after the Iroquois names for the two big settlements he saw at Stadacona (Quebec City)and at Hochelaga (Montreal Island).

On 24 July 1534 Jaques Cartier claimed the territory of the Canadas for France by planting a 10 m tall cross bearing the words “Long Live the King of France”. The Sun (king) – Saturn (cross) conjunction close to 0° of royal fire sign Leo the sign of the king and also the most important astrological resonator for french culture seems the perfect astrological parallel of ceremony.

Canada birth chart 0.1 – J.Cartier claims the territory of the Canadas for France by planting a 10 m tall cross bearing the words “Long Live the King of France” on 24 July 1534 calculated for 12:00 noon
  • The colonial aggression of Jaques Cartier was carried out with a Mercury-Uranus conjunction between 18° and 20°Cancer  and thus exactly conjunct the astrogeographical resonance degree of Ottawa.
  • Uranus appears as the planet of changes, abstraction and awareness of a fuller perspective on the country s potentials through the contact with globalization. The intensity of this planetary transit with the astrogeographical resonance degree of the capital is as overwhelming as in the case of the British colonization of Australia through Commander Arthur Phillip on 26 January 1788.
  • Astrologically the only difference being that the french occupants seem to have been comparatively friendly with the local indigenous population through the conjunction with the 21°Cancer resonance degree of the future capital area of Canada whereas the British occupants were acting in opposition to the 5°Leo resonance (SUN at 5°Aquarius) and a simultaneous square (Neptune at 20°Libra) to the future capital area Canberra and the local indigenous population.
Australia Natal chart II: Astrological chart for the landing of the 1st British mission at Sydney Cove on 26 January 1788.

Canada transferred to Great Britain with Saturn square to Ottawa.

Map of English and French positions in North America just before the beginning of the Seven Years’ War.

After the British-Prussian victory over France, Spain and Austria during the Seven Years’ War France had to cede its Canadian territories to the British in the Treaty of Paris which was signed on 10 February 1763 with Neptune at 25°Leo nearly exactly opposite the 27°Aquarius astrogeographical position of Paris. This Neptune Transit explains the treaty of Paris as a moment of heaviest losses of colonial territory and global political influence whereas the position of the Moon as the sign ruler of Ottawas 21°Cancer astrogeographical coordinate on the last degrees of Capricorn and conjunct London seems to reflect the British victory and their gain of the Canadian territories.

The astrogeographical position of Ottawa: Astrological chart for the signing of the Treaty of Paris on 10 February 1763 calculated for 12:00 noon

During the Treaty of Paris Saturn was at 20°Aries the sign of warfare and in exact square to the 21°Cancer astrogeographical position of Ottawa. This aspect reflects the effective threat to the French rule over Canada and possibly also the support from the Iroquois Confederacy .

Capitulation of Montréal on 8 September 1760