Pluto Transits in Political Astrogeography

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Pluto Transits in the History of Great Britain

Pluto Transits in Political Astrogeography

Pluto Transits in Political Astrogeography and Astrology. Astrology & History: climax periods of Pluto transits in relation to capitals and national centers.

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Pluto Transits in Political Astrogeography

Every nation is unique.

Functions of Capitals as centers of the morphic and morphogenetic fields of nations

In Mundane Astrology data of the foundation of countries, nations, parliaments and governments and birth data of heads of state are examined as indications of important central issues, time lines of development and all kinds of issues regarding the nations and their territories.

Nations in Astrology Blog
The Wheel of destiny and fortune of the Nations. The symbolism explains how the rise of one nation parallels and/or causes the fall of another. The transits of Pluto, Neptune and other slow moving outer planets in relation to the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of national capitals explain how the natural transit cycle (wheel of fate and fortune) moves from conjunction to rising square to opposition to falling square and to a restart during a new conjunction.

I want to show here how the astrogeographical data from my Astrological World Map calculation  system can be used for a deeper examination of the relationship between transit cycles and the places on earth where events occur. After intense studies and comparisons of the astrogeographical resonance degrees of the places where national capitals are located with events I have come to the conclusions that their positions function as ALL-TIME-CENTERS (over thousands of years) not only of the national politics and governments but also of the morphic fields of the nationsThis also includes historical developments long before the foundation of the nation or the capital city.

Transits of the slower moving outer planets (systemical: Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn & “non systemical”: Trans-Neptunian dwarf planets) in relation to the astrogeographical positions of governments can serve to explain historical developments and culminating events in the history of a nation as well as the long-term historical processes changes behind them. 

Transits of the fast moving planets (systemical Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun & “non systemical”: asteroid belt objects faster than Saturn) explain the triggering factors for the climax events of the long term historical processes described by the outer and faster moving planets).

The quality of the transiting planet and the signs can be used for the more advanced and deeper evaluation of the meaning of important events and long-term processes.

Pluto Transits in the 12 zodiac signs
Pluto Transits through the 12 zodiac signs between 374 BC and 2068 CE.

Pluto Transits for the United Kingdom of Great Britain

London at 24°Libra and 27°Capricorn

The capital of Great Britain has several unique astrogeographical features.

  • it is the seat of parliament and government and center of the national morphic field of England and of the United Kingdom of Great Britain at the same time.
  • and it also functions as the center of the 56 member states organisation of the Commonwealth of Nations
  • its two resonance coordinates are in a tight square to each other indicating a tension, competition and confrontation of two astrological and energetical issues.
  • after aspecting the 24°Libra (diplomacy, openness, peace, appeal for high culture)) resonance coordinate of London planetary transits continue to make an aspect to the 27°Capricorn (traditionalism, hierarchy, hardest rock, stability, exclusiveness, isolation, alienation) coordinate straight after.
  • there is even a short period when planets aspect both resonance coordinates of London at the same time.
  • transits of the slow moving planets esp. Pluto take years to pass one aspect and twice as long to pass both. They so trigger longer periods of condensed stimulation of dealing with processes of development instead of 2 separate periods with much time in between as is the case with nearly all other national capitals on our planet.
Pluto Transits in Astrology Blog
Timeline of Pluto Transits in the History of Great Britain

The reality shock of Pluto`s transits square and conjunct London between February 2019 and November 2024

The comparison between the Russian and British national-transit processes during the 2010s and early 20ies provides some fascinating insights into the recent political developments of the two nations. And how these developments are interrelated.

In his 248 years cycle Pluto in Capricorn currently demands a factual reality check (Capricorn) of the propagated and habitual versions of national state cults and national identity for all nations on the planet. Due to his character as the planet of disappointments Pluto´s transit in Capricorn the sign of factual reality stands for a serious “brain wash” and reality check constellation.

This reality shock constellation appears to be particularly heavy for two former global super-powers who have lost their status but are still carrying the burden of the appeal for supremacy from their historical role: Russia and Great Britain.

Both nations are currently going through a shrinking (Capricorn) process.

During the manifestation of the long awaited Brexit on 31 January 2020 (see table below for the timeline) Uranus the planetary indicator of self-liberation, leaving groups, escaping and of revolution was exactly conjunct the 2°Taurus resonance coordinate of Moscow.

This indicates that Moscow was the driving forces behind the Brexit. explaining the impact of the the Russian secret services psychological warfare on Britains (like US and all European societies) and how strongly the Brexit escape from the EU was driven by the Russian social media motor.

British Government Crisis in 2022
Astrogeographical Transits of Pluto & Uranus in relation to London and Moscow. Period: Start of Russian Neofascist Psychological Warfare in 2014 to British Government Crises of 2022

Three sub-periods of this phase can be distinguished:

  • Square: the climax of Plutos transit over the square position to 24°Libra between February 2019 (from 22°Capricorn) and December 2022 (26°Capricorn)
  • Square & Conjunct: the intermediate period while Pluto will square to the 24°Libra coordinate and conjunct the 27°/28°Capricorn coordinate between January 2021 and December 2022
  • Conjunct: the climax of Plutos transit conjunct 27°/28°Capricorn between January 2021 (from 25°Capricorn) and November 2024 (0°Aquarius)


In my article on the natal charts, history and astrological geography of China I have presented extensive tables with the astrogeographical positions of the ever changing seats of governments and capitals throughout 5000 years of Chinese history. Nevertheless it is the site of the central capital of Beijing that has according to my findings represents the overall center of successful (Sagittarius) centralism (Leo) in the national morphic field of the territories of China.

Beijing at 17°Sagittarius and 3°Leo

The following table is far too small – and an extensive research of astrological and astrogeographical transits in Chinese history still to be done.

Beijing and China in Astrology Blog
Important Stations in the recent History of China as reflected by Pluto Transits in relation to the astrogeographical positions of Beijing at 3°Leo and 17°SagittariusDue to Pluto´s role as the slowest moving of the outer systemical planets (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn) the climax periods of his transit in relation to Capitals can be examined as cornerstones in the evolution of nations.


Berlin at 10°Cancer and 29°Virgo

The case of “Germany” is unique in several ways:

  • the first national state in the “Germany Field” was founded as late as 1871. That raises the question whether and how nations existed before their legal foundation and how the center of the national morphic field existed in the inhabited territories.
  • my answer to this question was my conclusion that earthly territories appear to have natural centers that seem to support a unity and/or centralization of culture, population, language, political union, geo-strategical defense and sphere of interest and other aspects of the largest and smallest common multiple of the populations that inhabit them.
  • and I found that to be plausible and valid in the cases of all the nations that I have investigated so far: the resonance coordinates of capitals from my astrogeographical worldmap calculation system are “timeless”, meaning that they can serve as definitions of the ALL-TIME-CENTERS of the national morphic fields of the territories of nations.
  • at the same time the question of a further differentiation of say “12 levels”, “dimensions” or astrological houses that could serve to provide a holistic perspective on what nations are arises.
Pluto Transite für Deutschland im Astrologie Blog
History of Pluto Transits in relation to the center of the national morphic field of Germany in Berlin. from my cornerstone article “Zur Astrologie von Deutschland und Berlin”


See my study: The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA in astrogeography

6°Cancer – 27°Leo (Washington) and 5°Cancer-25°Aquarius (Lima/Cuzco) as the “autonomy centers” of North and South America in 1518

I want to draw you attention to the fact that the re exists a parallel between the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Washington (for North America) at 6°Cancer and 27°Leo with two important capitals in Peru (for South America): the modern capital Lima at 6°Cancer & 19°Capricorn and the old Inca capital Cuzco at 25°Aquarius & 7°Virgo.

The strong aspects of Pluto and Neptune to the resonance coordinates 6°Cancer and 27°Leo/25°Aquarius during the first contacts of Europeans with North America might indicate that these cities and coordinates mark important higher level defense centers of North and South America. This is valid for.

  • the Bjarni Herjólfsson discovery of Newfoundland in 985/86 with Neptune at 27°Scorpio square Washington and Cuzco
  • the Giovanni Caboto Landing in Canada of 1497 with Neptune at 6°Capricorn opposite Washington and Lima.
  • the Juan de Grijalva expedition into Mexico of 1518 with a Pluto-Saturn conjunction around 6°Capricorn opposite Washington and Lim and Neptune at 26°Aquarius opposite Washington and conjunct Cuzco.
  • Jacques Cartier claiming St. Lawrence River areas for France in 1536 with Neptune at 5°Aries square to Washington and Lima.
Juan de Grijalva expedition
Map of the Juan de Grijalva expedition in 1518 – the expedition marked the start of the era of the European conquest and colonization of the North American continent. map: Jaontiveros, ccbysa4.0

Long before the foundation of the City of Washington and 100 years before the Mayflower landing of 1620 a decisive event occurred which the exactitude of my calculation system by giving proving the important role of the site of Washington DC as a important center of the overall morphic field of the whole of North America: the landing of the Juan de Grijalva expedition on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico on 29 June 1518.

The Juan de Grijalva Expedition in astrology
Astrological chart for the first landing of the Juan de Grijalva expedition in the Tabasco region of Mexico calculated as a midday chart for June 29, 1518 for Mexico City. Note that the year of 1518 coincided with an event of such a fundamental revolutionary impact on the history of Europe as Martin Luther`s reformation.
  • the Pluto-Saturn conjunction between 4° and 7° Capricorn was in exact opposition to the 6° resonance coordinates of Washington and the 5° Cancer coordinate of the Peruvian capital Lima (5°Cancer-19°Capricorn). The landing of the Spanish invaders under a Pluto-Saturn conjunction had many indications like the pandemics spread by the Europeans.
  • at the same time the 2nd resonance coordinates of Washington at 27°Leo and the position of the Inca capital Cuzco (25°AQ-7°VI) at 25°Aquarius were under pressure from an opposition by the other long-term transit factor: Neptune at 26°in Aquarius.
  • the coincidence of the two slowest moving transit factors exactly opposite Washington during the first European attempt to conquer land on the American continent gives a great explanation of the function of the sites at the Potomac Delta where Washington was founded 300 years later as an important “all-time center” of the autonomy and independence of the North American continent.
  • the opposition of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on a degree that resonated with the issue of the efficiency of government (Capricorn) and of Neptune as the planet of spirituality in Aquarius the sign of sailing, flying, globalization, multi-cultural societies and re-connection with the abstract perspective of the cosmic and extra-terrestrial morphic field explains how the Spanish invasion challenged the status quo on the North American continent from a highly abstract global perspective (last degrees as climax of Aquarius)
  • the same accounts to be valid for the combination of the two Inca centers in Peru: Cuzco (Inca capital and fortress) and Lima (most populated area of Peru) as centers of the autonomy of South America.

Timeline of Pluto Transits in relation to Washington

The relationship between the two astrogeographical degrees of Washington is such that the minimal time span between two consecutive climax transits of tension is 15 and the maximal 34 years.

USA and America in Astrology Blog
USA and America in Astrology Blog. Transits of Pluto in relation to the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Washington at 6°Cancer and 27°Leo


The relationship between the two resonance coordinates of Moscow is such that the minimal time span between two consecutive climax transits of tension can be as short as 5 years.

Russia in Astrology Blog
Timeline of important stations of Pluto transits conjunct, square and opposite the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the center of the national morphic field of the Russian territories in Moscow at 2°Taurus and 12°Cancer.