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Table of Uranus – Neptune conjunctions over the last 3000 years. Since these conjunctions mark the climax moments of long-term developments I decided to assume an orb of +/- 10 years

Uranus-Neptune Conjunctions in Political Astrology

Uranus-Neptune Conjunctions in Political Astrology and in global, cosmic multi-national & cosmopolitan consciousness and peace treaties.

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The cycle of Uranus-Neptune Conjunctions

  • Conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune happen every 171-172 years.
  • with every new Uranus-Neptune conjunction their zodiac position steadily progresses by 16° – 18° through the 360° and 12 signs of the zodiac.
  • the regularity of the Uranus-Neptune conjunctions which happen every 171-172 years and the steadiness of their progress of 16°-18° is remarkable.
  • It resembles the regularity of the “pulse” of Neptune-Pluto conjunctions that happen every 492-496 years but differs from “Uranus-Pluto” conjunctions that take place every 114-140 years.
  • the period between two Uranus-Neptune conjunctions can be understood as a “Uranus-Neptune-Year”
  • the exact moment of the first (of either 1 or 3) conjunction events of any climax phase of a UR-NE conjunction can be interpreted as the initial or birth chart of new “Uranus-Neptune-Year”.
  • The initial conjunction of a “Uranus-Neptune Year” can be observed as the ruling event of a Uranus-Neptune year similar to the ruling sign of a house in the astrological house system in structural chart interpretation.
  • since the normal distance between 2 UR-NE conjunctions is appr. 50 % of one zodiac sign two consecutive conjunctions usually happen in the same sign with 2 exemptions in one full age of UR-NE conjunctions.
  • one full cycle (age) in which the position of the UR-NE conjunctions wanders through the zodiac from Aries to Pisces therefore has 22 conjunctions.
  • the full cycle from the 1st Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Aries that marked the beginning of the current cycle in 918 BCE to the beginning of the next cycle through the conjunction of 2852 CE is 3770 years long.
  • every millennium experiences 6 single conjunctions in 3 to 4 signs.
  • since Uranus appears to move faster (84 earth years for one cycle) then Neptune (165 years cycle) it is Uranus that role to catch up with Neptune to reach their exact conjunction.
  • one conjunction can consist of just 1 or 3 events (1st passing – retrograde passing – 2nd passing of either one of the 2 in relation to the other)
  • according to the astrological method of using the first event as the birth moment of entities and processes it is the first conjunction that initializes the climax moment.
  • the chart for the first climax of the conjunction is therefore the most important and relevant date for astrological interpretation as a birth moment of the initialized 172 years period.

The role of Uranus & Neptune, Aquarius & Pisces as representatives of houses 11 & 12 aka the highest aspects of religion in regard to supra-national, global, cosmopolitan and cosmic consciousness

As the astrological rulers of the last two months and stages of the natural solar year Uranus and Neptune represent the 11th and 12 organs in the astrological definition used for analysis and exploration of all types of system:

  • Conjunctions of Uranus with Neptune combine the two highest signs of the collective, spiritual and most abstract quarter of the zodiac: Aquarius with Pisces and Houses 11 & 12, representing the last two stages in the solar year their and the two highest and most abstract structural elements and aspects of the systemical zodiac; and of systems explored through the
  • Therefore the pulse of steady progress of Uranus-Neptune conjunctions is the most important astrological key to defining ages of collective learning of nations astrologically
  • t can be speculated why their particlular importance for political astrology has hardly been seriously identified and recapitulated and remains widely neglected partucularly regarding the actual value of their role in long-term historical processe
  • I assume one main reason for their neglection is that they define a level of fullfillment of ages of collective historical progress and learning of state nations and the international community of humanist and anti-humanist humans that may not be found useful for psychological manipulation and warfare for application in commercial and industrial use of astrologyical wordings and occultism.
  • Another reason why is that it appears to be too demanding for students of astrology and self-proclaimed masters too to understand and differentiate long-term processes of collective political learning of nations, cultures and of the global communicty of humanity too.
  • Nevertheless technically the fact that they are the only major conjunctions whose cycle advances steadily and relativly slowly (16°-18° in 171 years) through the zodiac provides an ideal basis for exploring their progress as the actual pulse of collective global development.


In the fields of religion they represent spirituality as such and as well as the re-connection with cosmic consciousness regarding the:

  • origin of all cause and matter
  • highest, heavenly, celestial, abstract and the level of the cosmic and godly as such
  • the divine and godly
  • the supreme and abstract aspect(s) of god and of the ideal of a mono-theist god-head
  • subtle, all pervading, sublime and formless aspects of matter, energy, consciousness & existence
  • invisible, unconscious, unknown
  • denied, suppressed, hidden, occulted and overwritten
  • holistic, lasting and complete
  • infinite and timeless
  • transcendence of form
  • the common origin all living beings
  • the unity of all living beings on earth, in our solar system, our galaxy, our world, all worlds the universe, all universes
  • origins of god, gods, living beings, humans, other entities, nations, systems, materia as such, imagination, the plane of emptiness and of nothing as well as of time and of time structure and others


  • most important type of long-term peaces treaties with a treatment of partners as equals
  • revolution of long-term suppression of development
  • solutions for long term issues
  • dissolving & sweeping of outlived strucutres and hazardous waste from past history
  • attempts for solutions regarding long-term threats to the survival of populations
  • steps in the establishment of more abstract, stable, long-term effective political structures and state cult

The 12 Houses of Religion

Applying the astrological method of using a 12-fold circle or wheel shaped systemical concept to differentiate between the different meanings of the word and realms of its significance

For differentiation of those aspects among the 12 houses/aspects/organs of religion that are represented by Uranus and Neptune aka the 12th (spirituality) and 11th (re-connection) level of effective and factual significance of the word and issues of religion:

  • 1st house of religion:
  • 2nd house of religion: territorial and material possessions, property & income of priest castes, function of religion for state cult, economy,
  • 3rd house of religion:: practical communication,
  • 4th house of religion: factual authentic emotional experience through reflection, enduring of emotional individuality in relation to effective material conditions
  • 5th house of religion:
  • 6th house of religion:
  • 7th house of religion:
  • 8th house of religion:
  • 9th house of religion: human thinking, preaching, healing, curation, shamanism, ritualism, finding aims and ways to reach them, hunting for profit and success, priest castes as profit/success castes,
  • 10th house of religion:
  • 11th house of religion: self-liberation, re-connection, individual spiritual experience, retreat from social structures, dependence and profits therefrom, radical questioning of structures, solution, ecstasy, illumination, flying, rising, uplifting,
  • 12th house of religion: spirituality,

8th (human perception), 9th (human thinking, preaching, hunting for profit and success, priest castes) or the 4th (felt), 5th (expressed), 2nd (territorial and material possessions, property & income of priest castes, function or religion for state cult, economy

Uranus – Neptune Conjunctions in History

Timeline of Uranus – Neptune Conjunctions

Uranus - Neptune Conjunctions in Astrology
Table of Uranus – Neptune conjunctions over the last 3000 years. Since these conjunctions mark the climax moments of long-term developments I decided to assume an orb of +/- 10 years for evaluation of political processes triggered during the conjunction periods.

Maximal Expansion of National Empires During Uranus-Neptune Conjunctions

As representatives of the highest, ultimate, final stages in the solar year and earthly systems Uranus-Neptune conjunctions stand for the end, finalization, dissolution and clearing of the remains of processes. They frequently accompany the climax and maximum of growth and expansion of national states and their colonial empires. Which astrological conclusions can be drawn?

  • Uranus and Neptune are the ruling planets of Aquarius and Pisces the last two months in the solar year, the last two signs in the zodiac and the last two 30° zones in the sky equator measured from the point of the spring equinox aka 0°Aries.
  • In the astrological interpretation method based on conclusions drawn from the above to the below below Uranus and Neptune so indicate the highest stages (houses 11 and 12) of development of single systems and processes.
  • Aquarius and house 11 stand for the earthly sky and stratosphere while Neptune and house 12 relates to the earthly connection with endless outer space, empty space, subtle space and other dimensions including those beyond time.


  • Maximal growth of a territory, nation, population or economy during a Uranus-Neptune conjunction can therefore be considered as:
  • A — a climax moment of the unfolding of fuller or fullest potentials with consequences like fulfillment, completion or reaching a former aim/dream status//heaven/paradise.
  • B — expansion of the status quo beyond existing limitations
  • C — abstraction from national to international/global/cosmic, from mono-cultural to multi-cultural, mono-lingual to multi-lingual, mono-ethnic to multi-ethnic with the consequence of relativization of the national to the abstractly human.
  • E —– a turning point in national history
  • F — a turning point (Uranus) from wishful (Uranus) to effectively factual (Neptune), expansion (Uranus) to reduction, dissolution, drowning, depression (Neptune).
  • G — experience of the higher/highest, bigger/biggest, outmost, most abstract
  • H — change of perspectives for the future

Empires that experienced their greatest extent during climax periods of Uranus-Neptune conjunctions:

  • Eastern Han Dynasty 100 CE
  • Roman Empire 117 CE
  • Western Jin Dynasty 280 CE
  • Hunnic Empire 441 CE
  • Byzantine Empire 450 CE
  • Liu Song Dynasty 450 CE
  • Eastern Turkic Khaganate 624 CE
  • Pushyabhuti Dynasty 625 CE
  • Western Turkic Khaganate 630 CE
  • Tibetan Empire 800 CE
  • Uyghur Khaganate 800 CE
  • Tahirid dynasty 800 CE
  • Fatimid Caliphate 969 CE
  • Jin Dynasty 1126 CE
  • Southern Song Dynasty 1127 CE
  • Mamluk Sultanate 1300 CE
  • the Mongol Empire in 1309 CE
  • Golden Horde Khanate 1310 CE
  • Yuan Dynasty 1310 CE
  • Delhi Sultanate 1312 CE
  • Kingdom of CuzcoInca Empire 1480 CE
  • Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth 1480 CE
  • Iberian Union 1640 CE
  • Dzungar Khanate 1650 CE
  • Spanish Empire 1810 CE
  • First French Empire 1813 CE
  • 2nd Portuguese Empire 1820 CE
  • First Mexican Empire 1821 CE
  • Zulu Empire 1822 CE
  • USA global sphere of influence 1993-(2017 ?) CE

Important Peace Treaties & Events signalling the end of long-term wars during Uranus-Neptune conjunctions

Some of the most important peace treaties in history can be found on this list – among them:

  • the first major peace treaty of global impact in written history between the biggest super-powers of their age: Egypt under Pharao Ramesses II and the Hittite Empire under King Ḫattušili III also known as the Treaty of Kadesh signed on 10 Nov 1259 BCE. The Treaty served to prevented further conflicts and wars between the two super powers as both sides accepted each other as equals.
  • the prohibition, dissolution, expropriation and execution of the crusade order of the Knights Templars between 13 October 1307 and 18 March 1314 CE sealing the end of the “Age of the European Crusades in the Holy Land” (1095–1291).
  • the Peace of Westphalia of 24 Oct 1648 that ended the 30 Years War between the representatives of political state cults within the multi-national Holy Roman Empire that identified themselves as Roman-Catholic (Habsburg-Austria incl. Spain, Kingdom of Bavaria and associates) and Protestant (Kingdom of Bohemia, Brandenburg-Prussia, Saxony, Dutch Republic and associates) supported by protestant Sweden & Denmark-Norway and catholic France). As a multi-ethnic/cultural/lingual/national federation united under the spiritual authority of the head of the catholic religion in Rome the Holy Roman Empire as such represented a very rare and particular form of a union of single state nations in history. The fact that it had served to allow the survival of smaller and smallest states without being swallowed by their larger neighbors made it at least in some regards an early form of a cosmopolitan political body. Its structural weaknesses were programmed to include elements of a holistic, international, multi-ethnic and cosmic consciousness that transcended the one-dimensional, single-ethnic, mono-cultural title of single-nation state cults through wich the names of ethnic minorities that exist in all states worldwide are usually excluded from state cult.
  • on 9 Jun 1815 the outcomes of the Congress of Vienna sealed the big changes brought about by the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars inside of Europe and in the European colonies: a number of states such as the German Confederation and state nations like the Kingdom of Norway were created out of remains of the HRE (dissolved 1806) and other territories.
  • the signing of the START I & II (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaties) between USA and USSR signed on 31 July 1991 and 3 January 1993 and its becoming effective on 5 December 1994 ending the Cold War period between Russia and USA since 1945.
  • The Treaty of Maastricht which sealed the foundation of the European Union was signed on 2 Feb 1992 and came into effect on 1 Nov 1993 at 0:00. It was dedicated at ending 10000 years and more of wars between European nations and territories by uniting the Western and Eastern European nations in cooperation with the exception of Russia and several nations considered by Moscow as satellite states.

Multi-Ethnic and/or Multi-National Federations, Union States, multi-ethnic & multi-cultural situations & globalization during a Uranus-Neptune conjunction

  • Foundation of the City of Rome as the root of the Roman Empire in 751 BCE
  • the astrogeographical position of the City of Rome (14° & 29°GEM – field level 1) and the astrological-geomantical “Germany Field” (622,08 km square fields) with both astrogeographical resonance coordinates in Gemini the sign of confrontation of opposites and adversaries as equals. interfaces, equality of rights, personal liberty, democracy, republics, language, communication, learning and technology.
  • Foundation of a a short-lived super-coalition between Persians and Greeks (under rulership of Sparta) as an experiment of global cooperation. Expedition of the „Ten Thousand“ Greek soldiers to central Persia in support of Cyrus the Younger in 401 BCE for a coalition between Persia & Sparta.
  • Julius Caesars conquests of Gallia in 58-51 BCE & in Britannia in 55-54 BCE as first political unification of South and Western Europe and in a multi-ethnic society.
  • Largest Extension of the multi-ethnic/cultural/national Roman Empire between 113 and 117 CE under emperor Trajan. Officially declared “optimus princeps” (best ruler) by the senate of Rome Trajan fulfilled the ideal of a military successful emperor who achieved the greatest extension of the empire and was yet respectful of Roman law, the senate and the moral judgement of his performance by the population.
  • Foundations of the Holy Roman Empire in 800 and 962 CE
  • largest expansion of the Inca Empire during Tupac Yupanqui`s reign (1471–1493)
  • Foundation of the European Union as basis for 27 nations organization in 1992/93
  • Foundation of the United Federation of Planets of the Star Trek Universe in 2161 CE

Foundations of multi-national Religious State Cults as developments in the direction of multi-ethnic, multi-national globalization

  • death of King Ashoka of India in the year of the UR-NE conjunction of 232 BCE as climax of his attempt to install a non-theist (as mono-theist) religious state cult in India and the attempted spreading of Buddhism across Asia and to Greece (Athens) by sending out monks as envoys of Buddhist state cult religion.
  • Julius Caesar becomes Pontifex Maximus (high priest) of all Roman religions under one state cult in 64 BCE paving the way to a unification between Emperor (king) and high priest under Augustus
  • foundation period of Islamic religion by prophet Mohammed following the first revelation on Mount Hira in 613 (or 610) and the Hegira (Hijra) aka migration from Mekka to Medina in 622 and conquest of Mekka in 630 establishing Islam as a mono-theist state cult of unification of city states and tribes. Death of Mohammed 9 years after the UR-NE conjunction of 623 in 632.
  • the foundation of Holy Roman Empire in 800 and 962 CE

Supra-national, transcendental, global, multi ethnic political states and their particular historical setting in relation to climax periods of Uranus – Neptune conjunctions

A large number of different types of national states have made important contributions to the development of global consciousness. Such contributions were made by achievements like:

  • by the conquest of large territories with effects of contact, exchange and assimilation of technology, culture, resources and genetic pools between different groups, populations, tribes and nations
  • through trade with far away populations
  • by organizing cohabitation and cooperation of different ethnic, national or cultural groups
  • by developing nation-transcending standards of technology, culture and/or political structures
  • by developing more and more abstract, nation transcending, supra-national, supra-ethnic, unifying perspectives and standards of religion and state cult

Issues of Uranus-Neptune Conjunctions as shown by their sign position

The current 3770 earth-years long super cycle or “year” of Uranus-Neptune conjunctions was initialized by the conjunction of 20 April 918 B.C.E. at 9°Aries being the first one in Aries in 3770 years.

Astrological investigation can therefore conclude that the current modern age of civilization and globalization was triggered by the conjucntion of 918 BCE.

Uranus - Neptune Conjunctions Super-Cycle
Uranus – Neptune Conjunctions Super-Cycle

AQUARIUS AGE: 2165 – 2852

The beginning of this Age of Aquarius is due in 2165. One of the most spectacular visions for this era was conceived for the fictitious Star Trek Universe through the date of birth of the “United Federation of Planets” during the climax phase of the Uranus-Neptune Conjunction of 17 Jan 2165.

Uranus - Neptune Conjunction of 2165
Uranus – Neptune Conjunction of 16 Jan 2165 at 19:36 calculated for San Francisco
  • the “United Federation of Planets” (UFP) of the Star Trek Universe is a visionary concept of a local federation of planets founded in 2161 by four member “nations”: EarthAndoriaVulcanTellar Prime.
  • the concept of a peaceful union and cooperation can be observed as a projection based on ideals of the United Nations of Earth founded in 1945, the League of Nations founded in 1919.
  • historically the Star Trek concepts and ideals as well as those of the United Nations regarding a cosmopolitan union of ethnic groups as well as the direction of intellectual exploration of science fiction models of a future state cult have to be investigated as results of the foundation of the United States of America as a union of multi-national/ethnic/cultural groups in 1776.
  • the ideal of a concept of global politics based on democracy and equal guarantees regarding the fundamental rights of existence, integrity and independence for any existing national state had been established through the “counter-colonialist” ideal of the American Revolution against Great Britain and was globalized through the participation of the USA in World Wars I and II.
  • there are many aspects under which the Star Trek presentation of the United Federation of Planets can be investigated as a product of the state cult of the USA and its governments. One main aspect here is that it projects central motives of the USA into a future cosmic political body. The “Union of a Federation” even combines the “working titles” of the 2 parties in the US American Civil War of 1861-65.
United Federation of Planets in astrology
Flag of the United Federation of Planets

CAPRICON AGE: 1821 – 2165

Compare: The United Nations in Political Astrology, The European Union in Political Astrology

Capricorn – the last UR-NE year 1821 to 1993

Capricorn is the ruling sign of the state, state cult, political institutions and administration of state nations.

The current sub-period of the natural Uranus-Neptune super cycle/year is the CAPRICON AGE from 1821 to 2165 with 2 subsequente UR-NR conjunctions in Capricorn and can therefore be observed as the AGE OF GLOBALIZATION OF MODERN STATE.

Important developments during the climax phase of the UR-NE conjunction of 1821 betw. 1811 and 1831

  • USA: the most important state nation in regard to multi-ethnic and multi-national state cult is the USA founded in 1776 some 45 years before the UR-NE conjunction of 1821. What I am referring to here ist the fact that a state nation was founded under a program that allowed people of all ethnic and national origins to join the state as a citizen making it a state nation of citizens of multi-ethnic/national/cultural/lingual origin. It was the first ever large scale political state to do so.
  • The importance and lastingness of the impact of this event on European, American and global history can`t be estimated high enough since its consequences included the French Revolution of 1789-93 and outcomes of the Napoleonic Wars 1794-1815.

Capricorn the UR_NE sub-sub-period from 1821 to 1993 or age of FORMATION OF THE GLOBAL SYSTEM OF NATIONS

Capricorn – the current UR-NE sub-sub-period 1993 to 2165 or age of FOUNDATION OF A WORLD GOVERNMENT

Uranus - Neptune Conjunction of 1993
Uranus – Neptune Conjunction of 2 February 1992 calculated for Brussels as the capital of the European Union

Important developments during the climax period of the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 1993 +/- 10 years were:

  • the election of Mikhail Gorbachev as General Secretary by the Politburo on 11 March 1985
  • the Glasnost and Perestroika policies started by Gorbachev in 1985
  • the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine on 26 Apr 1986
  • The Dissolution of the Soviet Union (USSR) between 16 November 1988 – 26 December 1991 into 15 independent state nations promoted by the Russian governments under Mikhail Gorbachev allowed the independence of 15 and more new national states from the former USSR. The fact that this whole process was decided for by the Russian government without military defeat or forced capitulation explains the holistic potential of immersion (Neptune)in re-connection with the fuller potentials of human society, democratic self-liberation and emancipation from slavery during the rare conjunctions of Neptune with Uranus. The Glasnost and Perestroika movements and their outcomes too have to be investigated as part of the developments during this Uranus-Neptune conjunction too.
  • Polish Mass Strike Movement started on 21 April 1988 
  • the Fall of the Berlin Wall as the central symbolical border between Warsaw Pact and NATO states on 9 Nov 1989
  • the Unification of West and East German state nations through the economical union treaty between the two states of 18 May 1990 and the political unification treaty of 31 August 1990 that went into force on 29 Sep 1990. 0.00.
  • the “2nd Gulf War” in which the largest military alliance since World War II under a United Nations mandate forced Iraqi troops to retreat from Kuwait between 17 January 1991 and 28 February 1991.
  • The outbreak of the Yugoslav Wars as territorial/ethnic/pseudo-religious and political conflicts on 25 June 1991 that led to the breakup of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by 27 April 1992. Six single state nations emerged from these developments..
  • A legal step to end the Cold War period between Russia and USA through the START I & II (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaties) signed on 31 July 1991 and 3 January 1993 and its becoming effective on 5 December 1994
  • The foundation of the European Union as an extension of the West-European Communities (EC) founded under the EEC-Treaty of Rome of 25 March 1957 through the Treaty of Maastricht signed on 7 Feb 1992 that became effective on 1 Nov 1993. The EU was a step in the direction of the
  • Introduction of the 20 nations European currency EURO between 1999 and 2002 as a step in the direction of global political union of independent state nations.

From the West-European Community (EC) to the East/West European Union (EU) in 1992/93

The developments that accompanied the 20-year climax phase of the Uranus – Neptune conjunction of 2 Feb 1993 +/- 10 years) allowed the foundation of the European Union through the Treaty of Maastricht (7 Feb 1992/1 Nov 1993) as a first self-help union of national states with equal rights on planet Terra.

European Union in 2022
European Union in 2022. map: Ssolbergj, ccbysa3.0

The constitution of the European Union makes it a first prototype on the way to the “United Federation of Planets” whose foundation in the visionary Star Trek Universe has been scheduled to take place on 11 Oct 2161 (in San Francisco) during the climax period of the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 17 Jan 2165. The resonance of this fictitious date with the Uranus-Neptune conjunctions of 1993 and 2161 and the timing of the European Union of 1992/93 explain the ideals of cosmic cooperation behind the two organisations.

Sagittarius Age 1650 – 1821

Uranus-Neptune Conjunction 1650
Uranus-Neptune Conjunction of 18 January 1650 calculated for 7.02 a.m. in Brussels (with online calculation routine)

Scorpio Age 1307 – 1650

Libra Age 964 – 1307

Uranus-Neptune Conjunction 964 CE Rome Astrodienst Calc
Uranus-Neptune Conjunction of 4 Oct 794 CE calculated for 13:20 at the EU capital Brussels with Astrodienst Online Calculator.

Virgo Age 623 – 965

Leo Age 281 CE – 623 CE

Cancer Age 61 BCE – 281 CE

Gemini Age 403 BCE – 61 BCE

Taurus Age 575 BCE – 403 BCE

Aries Age 918 BCE – 575 BCE at the beginning of the current 3770 years UR-NE super-cycle

The Uranus-Neptune conjunction of April 919 (918) BCE initialized the current 3770 year long Uranus-Neptune super cycle or “year” between (918 BCE and 2852 CE.

Uranus-Neptune Conjunction 918 BC
Uranus-Neptune Conjunction of 19 April 919 (918) BCE calculated for Athens, Greece with the Astrodienst online routine. This conjunction was the first one that took place in Aries after a period of 3770 years thus starting a new Uranus-Neptune super cycle in which the UR-NE conjunctions progress through the 12 signs of the zodiac by 22 conjunctions in intervals of 171/2 years.

Pisces Age 1263 BCE – 918 BCE

The Uranus – Neptune Conjunction of 14 Apr -1263 BCE: Ramesses II and the 1st known written peace treaty in history

Egyptian-Hethite peace treaty, ph: Olaf Tausch, ccbysa2.0
Wording of the Egyptian-Hethite peace treaty of Kadesh of 10 Nov 1259 BCE at the Temple of Karnak, Luxor, Egypt, ph: Olaf Tausch, ccbysa2.0

The Egyptian–Hittite peace treaty, also known as the Eternal Treaty or the Silver Treaty, is the earliest known surviving record of a peace treaty worldwide. It is sometimes called the Treaty of Kadesh, It is of great value for scientific research since the inscriptions with the versions of both sides Egypt and Hattusha have survived. The treaty was signed by Pharao Ramesses II and King Hattusili III.

Uranus - Neptune Conjunction 1263 BCE
Uranus – Neptune Conjunction of 3 April 1263 BCE calculated for Homs, Syria (25 km north-east of Kadesh) at 8:55 a.m. LMT (6:28 UT). The exact date and time used for the conjunction is by the calculation routine of Astrodienst.

From the Foundation of Rome to the European Union: the stunning resonance of UR-NE conjunctions with milestones in the history of the Roman Empire

The coincidence of the date of foundation of the City of Rome in 753 BCE from the Romulus and Remus foundation myth with the climax period of the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 746 BCE (+/- 10 years) marks a first milestone in the stunningly steady tendency of resonance between the development of the Roman state cult and the current grand cycle of Uranus-Neptune conjunctions (“UR-NE year”) initialized by the Uranus-Neptun conjunction of April 918 BCE.

Despite its long history of negativity, robbery, murder, slavery, violation, injustice and destruction the Roman Empire seems to have served the unification of Europe by uniting large parts of the continent for the first time in history.

The following table gives an overview of how the stimulus of territorial and cultural unification of the continent has been traded over the 1500 years that followed the disposal of the last West-Roman emperor Romulus Augustulus by the Skirian (Middle-Danube Germanic or Gothic ?) king Odoacer in 476 CE which terminated the West Roman Empire.

This is astrologically reflected in the fact that the stabilization of the later influence of the City of Rome through the Roman-Catholic church and European Community founded in Rome unfolded with the Uranus-Neptune conjunctions as its milestones.

Uranus-Neptune Conjunctions in Roman History
List of Uranus-Neptune Conjunctions as milestones in the history of the Roman and Holy Roman Empires and the European Union.

The conjunction of 746 BCE and the foundation myth of the City of Rome

A foundation myth of the Roman state cult assumes that the city was founded by the brothers Romulus and Remus in 753 or 751 BCE which happened to be during the climax phase of the Uranus – Neptune conjunction of 746 BCE.

Romulus and Remus Foundation myth of the City of Rome
Representation of the lupercal: Romulus and Remus fed by the she-wolf, Lupa, surrounded by representations of the Tiber and the Palatine. Panel from an altar dedicated to the divine couple of Mars and Venus. Marble, Roman artwork of the end of the reign of Trajan (98-117 CE),
Uranus-Neptune Conjunction 747 BCE
Astrological Chart for the Uranus-Neptune Conjunction of 8 April 747 BCE calculated for Rome according to the Astrodienst Online calculation routine.

The 2-step foundation of the Holy Roman Empire in Central Europe as a multi-national state union under a united state cult & spiritual leader in Rome

The two step foundation of the Holy Roman Empire (HRE) as a multi-national state union under a united state cult & spiritual leader in Rome was a development that contrasted the foundation of national states in most other regions of Europe.

Its foundation moments were manifested through the coronations of Frankish king Charles the Great (Charlemagne) on 25 Dec 800 CE (UR-NE conjunction of 794) and of the East Frankish king Otto the Great on 2 Feb 962 CE (UR-NE conjunction of 965 CE) as emperors of Rome.

Through these coronations the Popes of the Roman – Catholic Church were installed as spiritual leaders over the state cult religion of a multi-national federation of kingdoms, principalities, duchies, bishoprics, baronies, lordships, free cities and imperial cities.

70 years later the final division of East and West Francia through the Treaty of Meerssen of 8 Aug 870 (see chart) separated what was to become the first national state of France in the west from the East Francia that was confirmed as the Holy Roman Empire through the coronation of Otto the Great during the climax phase of the following Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 964 CE.

Step 1: The Uranus – Neptune conjunction of 794 CE

The Frankish Empire was connected to the High Priests of the Roman-Catholic church through the coronation of Charles the Great as Emperor of Rome by Pope Leo III on 25 Dec 800.

Since astrological exploration of birth moments defines the first event as the birth of a new entity/system the first coronation of a Frankish King has to be examined as the birth of the Holy Roman Empire with later events as effects of the expansion of the waves of developments sent out by the first event.

Uranus-Neptune Conjunction 794 CE Brussels Astrodienst Calc
Uranus-Neptune Conjunction of 4 Oct 794 CE calculated for 13:20 at the EU capital Brussels with Astrodienst Online Calculator.

The Frankish Empire of Charlemagne around 800 CE
The expansion and stabilization of the Frankish territories from 486 to the times of Charlemagne was based on the Christian State Cult and administration model. map: Sémhur, ccbysa3.0

The purposes and functions of the association of the High Priests of Rome with the Frankish Empire were:

  • the holistic, mono-theist state cult model provided a unionist perspective on the possible relationship between conquerors and the conquered population that turned out as a success model for the Frankish expansion.
  • following the Christian baptism (probably around 497-507) of the founder and first king of the Frankish kingdom Clovis I the use of a monotheist Christian state cult for propagation and legitimization of territorial expansions was developed into a method of stabilizing territories by founding monasteries that served as spiritual centers, outposts, fortresses, schools and administrative institutions.
  • over time the Franks began sending out monk preachers to spread catholic religion and convert the population to their state cult system of religion.
  • one major advantage of the use of a universal “religious” ideology instead of an ethnic or nationalist one were that the conquered tribes were offered the chance to become equals to the conquerors by taking on their universal religion. This aspect of the “Frankish state cult expansion” can be examined as a holistic core issue of the Uranus-Neptune conjunctions.
  • the enormous expansion made by the Frankish Kings under this method of “territorial Christianization” was followed by an enormous stability of their rule with the help of this combination of religious administration and state cult.
  • Since the Frankish Empire was far from Rome the geo-strategical alliance between the Franks as the most successful promoters of roman-catholic church and the Pope as their spiritual high priests made sense for both sides.
  • The Frankish Empire therefore had served as the protecting power of the Vatican, the Popes and their territorial possessions due to the friendship pact between Pippin III father of Charlemagne and Pope Stephen II in 754 CE..
  • The Frankish conquest of the Lombard Kingdom in Northern Italy by Charles the Great in 774 had been invited by Pope Hadrian I who feared a Lombard occupation of Rome.

Step 2: The Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 964 CE

Holy Roman Empire in the 13th century
13th century map of the Holy Roman/East Frankish Empire. For more detailed information see the Lists of single states within the Holy Roman Empire. Map: Alphathon, ccbysa4.0

 In the 13th century the Holy Roman Empire consisted of a large number of single ethnic/lingual/cultural groups and territories with no central ruler, government nor capital. Though surrounded by centralist, national states from all directions the HRE was stable enough to exist for ca. 850-1000 years (800/962 to 1806).

The organisational structure of the Holy Roman Empire guaranteed:

  • the existence of a federal state union without a central capital & government
  • a system of elective monarchy that prevented the rule of one single dynasty, capital, center, state or ethnic background over the empire.
  • the priority of a globalized, monotheist, religious state cult over a lingual/ethnic or cultural state cult
  • a system built on the balance of power between fractions consisting of several states each
  • the long-term co-existence of smallest state nations with centralist kingdoms
  • a federal state union of multi-ethnic, multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-lingual populations under one single religious state cult and spiritual authority.
  • a certain degree of protection of the independence of the Vatican territory, Popes and Roman-Catholic church from single Italian communities or centralist national states esp. France, Spain, Byzantine & Ottoman Empires or from further Arabic invasions e.g. during the Arab occupation of Sicily (902-1091)
  • a certain degree of protection for North and Middle Italian communities from invading powers from outside the HRE

The potentials of this unique federalism are often ignored and neglected in a mono-cultural, nationalist and esp. colonialist rhetoric by calling it a “German Empire”. This type of judgement takes the development of super-centralist national states derived from single-ethnic name-giving or limited territorial definitions as the “natural” climax in the development of state nations.

For the dead end of such type of racist state cult compare Putin´s 2021 “Russism” state cult monologue that defined Russian citizens as ethnic Russians: “Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians are all descendants of Ancient Rus…..” proclaiming ethnic union of citizens despite 20% non-Russian ethnic minorities in today`s Russian national state.

The example of the combined efforts through which the US Republicans – Russian neo-fascist propaganda media managed to kick out the UK from the EU can be explored as a blue-print case-study for how aggressive this nationalist method combats global federalism.

Aspects that explain the modernity, advantages and superiority of the super-federalist aspects of the system of the Holy Roman Empire:

  • the fact that the two foundation moments of the Holy Roman Empire manifested during Neptune-Uranus conjunctions allows access to exploring the fuller cosmopolitan potentials of federal state unions in contrast to the centralism, nationalism and racism of single ethnic conditioning of centralist state cult.
  • the parallels between the two HRE foundation moments and those of the European Union and the United Federation of Planets during 2 subsequent UR-NE conjunctions explain how multi-national cooperatives of state nations are the future of the system of state nations in times of global over-population.
  • this too is strongly explained by the fact that the cooperation of West-European nations (Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands. Belgium, Luxemburg) based on the “Treaty of Rome” of 1957 out of which the EU was developed combined the heartlands of the first Holy Roman Empire of the Frankish King Charlemagne.