The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA

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Transits of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus in relation to Washington in the history of the USA

The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA

The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA in astrogeography. Political #astrology and #astrogeography of the United States.

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The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA

“Astrogeographical Transits” in relation to the centers of the national morphic fields – understanding the basics of an “astrological field theory”

The astrogeographical resonance coordinates from my Astrological World Map calculation have been determined through long time observation of how a places are embedded in the landscape of the overall morphic surface field of our planet.

For astrological purposes they can serve as important indications of the topics of the central government, political, economical, social, cultural and spiritual development of the nation, its people, territories occupied, the land itself and its nature.

I suggest that readers should understand the astrogeographical coordinates of capitals as astrological resonance degrees that define what I call the “center of a national morphic field”. In many cases (not sure in all!!) the astrogeographical resonance coordinates that I calculated for them seem to function over thousands of years as central degrees of resonance in the history of nations even before they were established.

I introduced the term “national morphic fields” to get to a more holistic astrological perspective on what a “nation”, “national territory”or its “people” consists of. At the same time I suggest that differentiation of the astrological resonators that describe and define the capitals as the center of the national morphic field should be differentiated from other specific aspects of nations. For example: for differentiation of national cultures I use the traditional “national signs”: e.g. Leo for French culture, Pisces for Italian and Portuguese, Cancer/Aries for English, Libra for Austrian, Aries for German, Sagittarius for Spanish, Aquarius for Russian, Gemini for US, Libra/Leo for Chinese and Virgo for Hindu culture.

This is also because when talking about countries, peoples, tribes and nations humans tend to connect themselves with their own base chakras including the group defense systems of their nationality. While that may be helpful for some purposes it is not helpful for deeper astrological investigation as it can work to limit our understanding of the phenomena of morphic fields to a national perspective (houses 1-6) and may effectively exclude the cosmic perspective (houses 10-12).

My comparison of national morphic fields with the global and the cosmic morphic fields are based on the following assumption:

All humans and other living beings are connected with all types of morphic fields on all types of levels of existence (local, regional, international, planetary, galactic, trans-galactic, cosmic).

Examples for resonance fields:

The Leo Field

An astrological perspective allows us to examine all individuals born with the Moon in Leo as connected to the resonance field of topics of Moon in Leo. Astrology takes this field theory for granted: not only does it assume that all astrological sign positions of planets or planetary factors in conjunction with those in other peoples or even nations natal charts work as a harmonious resonance between entities. It also assumes that planetary positions in opposite or square signs work as a disharmonious resonance, challenges, tension and confrontation between entities. Any planetary transit that makes an aspect to the Moon in Leo does that to any human on or our planet no matter what nation or national field. That is understood in astrology. As we see astrology is the practical science of the application of field theory – though without being aware of it.

Language or Semantic Fields

Another very important resonance is through language fields – the so called semantic fields which can be language fields, dialects, nerdy or trendy fields and many many kinds more. When we connect with a language we get in touch with thought patterns stored in its language field. And with the memories of culture, history, nature and landscapes condensed and inherited in that language. The same happens when we get in touch with a particular type of music: we get in touch with the aspects of resonance which may be the resonance of its origin, its history, its emotional, mental, physical wavelengths and so much more.

Pluto transits in relation to the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Washington

For a serious astrological investigation I suggest to investigate the resonance between astrological transits and historical events as an indication of how the development of a nation is stimulated by planetary, global and cosmic resonance in the overall morphic fields.

Compare my main article on planetary transits in relation to The astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Washington at 6°Cancer and 27°Leo in the history of the USA. My cornerstone article on this subject is about the positions of Berlin.

Strong examples for the 6°Cancer resonance of Washington

The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA: Transits of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus in relation to Washington in the history of the USA
  • Saturn on 6° Cancer during the Pilgrim Fathers landing on Nov, 21 1620
  • the conjunction of Jupiter at 5° Cancer with the Sun and Venus during the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and at 7° Cancer when it became capital on June, 11 1800
  • the Neptune ingress into Aries and the square position to the 6°Cancer coordinate of Washington.
  • For the 27°Leo resonance coordinate compare the example of the Uranus (!) – Saturn (!) square to Washington during the Pearl Harbor attack in December 1941.

The following diagram shows the Pluto transits conjunct, square and in opposition to Washington. For comparison and further evaluation I added also the curve for his movement in relation to his “natal” position from the Declaration of Independence in July 1776 at 27° Capricorn.

The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA: Climax phases of Pluto`s transits in the history of the USA. The diagram shows the focus on the 3 main aspects: conjunctions (0°), squares (90°) and oppositions (180°). The curves show the transit of Pluto in relation to in relation to the astrogeographical resonance coordinates from my Astrological World Map calculation at 6°Cancer and 27°Leo. For comparison and further evaluation I added also the curve for his movement in relation to his “natal” position from the Declaration of Independence in July 1776 at 27° Capricorn.

On the Evaluation of Pluto Transits in nation charts

Pluto is the planet of the underworld and of the realm of death and of the dead. He is the planet of trauma, pain, destruction, killing, extinction and the final transformation of existing objects and subjects too.

Among the 12 systemical astrological planets Pluto takes the place of the slowest factor. His transits cannot and should not be reduced to single events. On the contrary: serious astrological study of Pluto requires a process-orientated perspective that attempts to recapitulate long term perspectives.

For evaluation of Pluto positions in national charts Pluto`s sign and house position, sign and house rulers and his aspects with other planets can solidly be used for considerations, evaluation, conclusions about the hardware of the state and its political and administrative institutions, the nation as such, its economy, culture and media, the state dogma, ideology and belief systems, the central defense system, hierarchical social structures and caste systems, patterns of role conduct and of course the traumatic issues of the “national morphic field” aka the land and the people and their inheritances.

The history of pain, fear, suffering, impediments, murder, hate, destruction of nature, genocide against the indigenous American population, lying, cheating, stealing, gun fighting, terror, role behavior, uniformity, ideology, wrong accusations, injustice, caste systems, hierarchy, ruling classes, character turned negative, torture, violation, racism, slavery, bourgeois belief systems, suppression, intoxication, hyper capitalism a.s.o. stored inside of a national inheritance have to be confronted to allow a deeper reflection of a national Pluto.

I want to point out that there may of course appear strategies or reflexes of astrologers that attempt to slip through the confrontation of a Pluto return by avoiding to recapitulate the fuller and deeper potentials of the extremely problematic impacts of Pluto.

At the same time there may also exist a tendency to create a primitive occultism or predictionistic boasting dedicated at overwriting any holistic process-orientated and healing perspective on political processes through triggering fears, trauma, blood-thirsty, catastrophic, violent, destructive emotions and political propaganda.

Reflecting Pluto requires the confrontation of such habits that overwrite deeper astrological insights too!!! And particularly in regard to Pluto reflecting the limitations of our own perception and thinking has to be an important aspect of any analysis.

What does this mean in regard to analyzing the Pluto Return in the natal chart for the USA?

A national Pluto stands for a nation`s collective mental. psychic, physical, karmic, genetic, collective, semantic disabilities. And those that suppress individuality and individual development as well as those that impede collective evolution.

Plutos transit over his natal position from the foundation of the USA has to be examined :

  • beyond glorification as the land of the free, heart of democracy, justice, and good-will in the same way as
  • beyond mere critical review for example as the Center of all evil, negativity, hyper capitalism, mental corruption, destruction of nature
Astrology and astrogeography of the 1st Pluto Return for the USA
The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA: USA Natal Chart – Powell Chart calculated for the 1st vote on the US constitution on July 1 1776 at 19:08 in Philadelphia

I think before judging planetary positions in what we want to use as natal or foundation charts we need to be aware what type of birth process we deal with.

The 1871 natal chart for national Germany for example considers a case of the first stabilization of a central government and capital in a semantic field that had existed for 1500-2000 years or so. But under the conditions of a multinational, multiethnic, multicultural overall situation and with a number of conflicting states and not as an explicitly national central state.

The 1801 “natal chart” for the UK of Britain and Ireland was a stabilization and expansion of a central state with a stable central capital that had existed for 500-800 years or longer – but in a situation when that national morphic field ruled large parts of the planet.

The foundation of the USA as a “national morphic field” out of a multiethnic, multilingual, multicultural colony through separation from its colonialistic “mother company” so to say was a birth in a more acute and straight to the point sense than in any other example one could imagine. It may be argued even that the national morphic field did not exist before the constitution. Or else that if sth. like a fetal or child state of a national morphic field existed it was through developing local semantic fields that must have all been deeply rooted in different origins (European nations).

I think altogether the USA has to be understood as a systemical entity and national morphic field that was planted and developed by the formal establishment of the structure of its Pluto at 27° Capricorn which I have stated is exactly conjunct the astrogeographical resonance coordinate of London.

From this perspective and regarding this aspect at the basis of the USA the nation was founded founded under a structural pattern that made it an outpost of the capital of the pirates empire in London. This is so also because Pluto and as the first and most plausible planetary resonator of piracy was conjunct London during the foundation process on the first day of July in 1776.

Astrology and astrogeography of the Pluto return of the USA
The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA: The First US Flag was basically the flag of the British East India Company. The choice of a national flag for the USA that was based on the flag of the British East India Company explains that the cultural and economical model of the new country was based on the roots of British imperialism, the slavery system and unhindered expansion of hyper-capitalism.

I understand that this aspect of the American Pluto is denied and neglected through the official state cult. But hey – this is Pluto not Venus!!! There should be no disguising of the British Empire here especially when it comes to understanding the role of the planet of the underworld and of underground culture as such!!!! And of course we have to keep in min here that Pluto though a major aspect here cannot stand for all aspects of the influence of the British Empire ion the USA. It would simply be imprecise and misleading to think that Pluto could cover all influences of the British inheritance!!!

Similar to Uranus Pluto represents an underground aspect – it is the backside, the unwanted, unheard of and unseen suppressed reality. And as a Pluto in Capricorn we could consider whether it explains the hidden bone so to say. The transiting Pluto stands for what has been neglected since the foundation of a country.

Now while I tray to speak out these issues I know that people that try to defend the state religion ideology will feel offended and try to find a way to extinguish what Im trying to make clear. And yes this reflex to suppress and destroy is Plutonic anger management.

In regard to the analysis of those aspects of the “habitual national Pluto” of the USA athat works as a destructive force and seeks to conquer, possess and hierarchically dominate a conservative evaluation of the “US Pluto” has to be aware that the actual national morphic field of the land of Native Americans on top of which the USA was planted in 1776 was destroyed, overwritten and intentionally wiped out through the new American “nation”.

And that was worked in order to justify its state dogma like through idealizations created in the symptomatic American pseudo-religions, the religionism and corrupted puritanism, the cults of the rightness, goodness, superiority, youthfulness, racism, Klan murder, boasting, selling, cheating, lying, shooting and aggressive science all bannered radical hypercapitalism, the mechanics of the invalidation of information, knowledge, wisdom under the spell of a Darwinism of opinionism and a state cult dedicated at the destruction of the inherent value of truthful information as such.

A holistic conservative perspective would have to consider that the mania of destruction of that older national (!!!!) inheritance of the land that drives the Trumpoid and Bushistic fracking mania has an underlying lack of identity that wants to pollute and destroy even the very last memories of stored information in million year old ground water in order to mark the land as their own like dogs (another Pluto simile) forced to piss on every thing that has an independent identity.

In regard of Plutos role as the moving planetary resonance factor related to Scorpio (opposite of Taurus) pollution is the dead end of “Plutotion“. Or to say that in the words of the astrological interpretation method of calculating imbalances: a lack of Venus (being grounded as what we are) leads to an overweight, predominance, inflation of the urge to destroy what reminds us of what we are not. That leads me to:

The “Kill every Buffalo you can Kill” mania of the US Pluto

Compare:Kill Every Buffalo You Can! Every Buffalo Dead Is an Indian Gone’

In that aspect Pluto like Scorpio – the opposite of Taurus (deep roots) as well as house 8 in human systems is to be understood as a simile of those topics where humans are nomads who seek to conquer, possess an dominate territory by attempting to destroy whatever lives just like male lions or bears when conquering a female seek to kill the babies that are not their own.

The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA: As the buffalo species is a simile of Taurus, Scorpio as its opposite sign may be understood to tend to be in a “systemical competition” with buffaloes. If such a thing existed.

The obsessive-compulsive disorder of US society that made it want to and have to slaughter native Americans and buffaloes has to be examined under the symptomatic reflexes of the US American Pluto. Of course all that was done for money, occupying and the promotion of hypercapitalism. But it is also part of the national inheritance of the Star-Spangled Pluto.

The same accounts for the white supremacist racism of a nation that was founded by white Europeans with black men as their slaves. Pluto in Capricorn the sign of the ruling classes conjunct the world capital of colonialism defines the origin of the US American in a belief system based on exploitation and suppression. Whatever positive aspects may be see in US society, culture, history – and I assure you that living in Berlin allows me to see a number of them – …. but without confrontation of the negativity of its caste systems the US Pluto return cannot be seriously examined and discussed nor can the issues behind it be solved nor released.

If we do not allow the analogy and resonance of Pluto with the anus, rectum and the fecies that we return into the soil of our mother planet through these organs we cannot investigate what we digest and what we cannot digest – so to say. And since I`m talking about it here: I want to suggest to wipe out the bourgeois projection that Scorpio and Pluto rule the penis, testicles, vagina and ovaries. That projection of negativity onto sexuality can not be useful for a deeper astrological investigation. Not of Pluto and not of the Moon. I suggest that the sexual organs are not to be treated as part of the production of fecies, shit and garbage material. They serve the production of living material and therefore have to be investigated through water sign Cancer.

The Pluto position at 27°30 Capricorn- what does the zodiac degree mean?

27°30 is the divide between the 11th and 12th subdivision aka the cusp of house 12 in the interior evolution described by the 30 stages (degrees) of a zodiac sign. The momentum of this degree refers to the stage between the topics of Aquarius the sign of self liberation, fleeing, escaping, rebellion, flying, self-finding, outcasts and leaving a world behind and Pisces the sign of the ocean, spiritual plane, imagination, dreaming, illusion, intoxication, addiction and true identity. Since we are talking about that plane in the sign of Capricorn the astrological representative of the hardware of individual identity, that which is ever consistent and cannot be changed, the bones, skeletons and minerals that we are made of this position could therefore directly resonate with the topic of the USA as a refugee camp for outcasts that enter the otherworld and spiritual plane here. A plane in which there is in fact no unchangeable aspect left of nationality – so to say.

German astrologer W. Döbereiner defined 27°30`Capricorn as Mercury – Saturn with Mars – Pluto topics zodiac degrees. At the basis (foundation) of the US of America Pluto the planet of trauma and defense was on a degree of separation, hard unchangeable facts, abortion, being unwanted, unaccepted, expelled, retired, ruled out, dropped out, sorted out and excreted. One has to dig the meaning of this Pluto in all its depth in order to get to an understanding of how and why the USA made its way to the richest, most dominant superpower that has ever ruled our Mothership Earth in just one Pluto cycle. And to dig the arrogance, stupidity and mental defects (Pluto) that have grown along with that temporary role of looking like the only global superpower that was left by the end of the 1990ies.

The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA

Images of the state cult and the US American Pluto: The Statue of Liberty image & the 27° Leo resonance coordinate of Washington

Compare: Leo and Scorpio – The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is an important emblem of the official state cult of the USA and allegoric of the 27°Leo position of Washington.

Astrology of the USA, New York and Washington
The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA: The symbol of the flaming head of the “Sol Invictus” – the unconquered sun was transferred onto to crown of the Statue of Liberty. It also manifests the resonance of the site of the Statue of Liberty as well as of the 27° Leo resonance coordinate of Washington.
ph: Sir A.W. Franks, ccbysa2.5

The flaming head of the Statue of liberty is an allusion to the “Sol Invictus” – the unconquered sun – an emblem of the official sun god of the Roman Empire. The fierceful, male expression on her face marks her strong resonance with Scorpio which is also reflected in the astrogeographical position of the Statue of Liberty in Scorpio with Leo.

The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA: Head of the Statue of Liberty on display at the Paris World’s Fair, 1878 in a park in Paris. The flaming head of the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the “Sol Invictus” – the unconquered sun. The fierceful, male expression on her face marks her strong resonance with Scorpio which is also reflected in the astrogeographical position of the Statue of Liberty in Scorpio with Leo. ph: ]. Fernique, Albert, 1883

The fact that the rays of light emerge as the crown from the top of her head – the crown (chakra) of the sign of Leo (the sign of the sun, light, power stations) so to say – is also a straight resonance with the 27th degree of Leo topic of the center of the national morphic field of the USA. The 27th degree of any sign relates to its coronation or crown chakra. Another equivalent astrological image of the position on this highest degree of Leo is presented by her effort of holding the torch and light into the sky high up above her head.

On the first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA in 2022

After a full cycle of 246 years the first Pluto return to his position from the days of the foundation of the USA in July 1776 will occur two times during the year 2022 on February 22 and on December 30. The chart below is for the exact moment of the return to the natal position from the Powell Chart at 27°36`54 Capricorn. A calculation made for the Sibley Chart has to be made for the date of Feb 20 1822.

Astrological chart for the 1st Pluto return in the history of the USA in 22 February 2022 at 20:10 calculated for 20:10 with transits for the 2nd return on Dec 30 at 10:18. The Pluto position used is 27°36`54 from the Powell Chart. In case the Sibley Chart was assumed as correct – which I do not – the exact day of the Pluto return would have been 2 days earlier on Feb 20.

The Sibley Chart looks different in house positions but most planets are in quite the same sign position except the moon of course. What stays the same in both charts is the nervousness, hectic pressure, extreme excitation and greediness of the craving for possession, money and social success and acceptance shown by the Mars – Venus conjunction at 20° Capricorn heading for Pluto from only 7° distance and with the North Node indicator for the overall aim of the Pluto return process at 25° in Venus sign Taurus the sign of possession of territory, money and wealth.

Astrological chart for the 1st Pluto return in the history of the USA – this time calculated for February 20, 2022 at 14:20 when Pluto will transit over his position from the Sibley Chart at 27°33.08 Capricorn with planetary positions for the 2nd final transit on Dec, 28 2022 at 9:55 a.m..

The Pluto transits in relation to the “US Natal Pluto” from 1490 to 2022

USA Natal Pluto 600 – years transit cycles between 1490 and 2090
Stations of Pluto transits in relation to the 27°Capricorn position from the Birth of the USA during the Declaration of Independence in 1776

The logic of the sequences of periods of planetary cycles can be examined through dividing them into 4 major phases by the climax aspects they take during each cycle: the conjunction (internal stimulation), ascending square (growing tension in competition), oppositions (maximal challenge and threat) and descending square (tension and challenges).

For astrological observation we can observe 2 full 246-year Pluto cycles in the history of European dominance over North America. One for the colonial era (1530 – 1776) and one for the era of the USA (1776 – 2022).

Step 0: 1490Pluto square from Libra as the “starting hole of Columbus

Before that in the year 1490 during Plutos pre-initial square transit to the future center of the National morphic field of the USA at 27°Libra Christopher Columbus had been busy trying to find sponsors for his planned exploration of 1492. The Pluto square from Libra – the sign of sensual empathy and the horizon stood for the starting hole from the which the official discovery of North America was started.

Step 1: 1530The last pre-natal Pluto conjunction: Canadian territories claimed for France

Beginning in 1530 with Pluto`s transit conjunct his 27°Capricorn position the initiation into the first Plutonic cycle was accompanied by the attempts to explore the North-West Passage to China for the age of colonization. Soon after this transit Breton discoverer Jaques Cartier claimed Canadian territory for France under a Mercury-Uranus conjunction exactly conjunct the astrogeographical position of Ottawa on 24 July 1534. That was the starting signal for the period of the effective colonization.

The fact that the colonization of the northern parts of North America was begun by a French delegation and with the initial aspect of the Pluto conjunction to its position in the American Revolution explains the importance of the relationship and resonance of the US Republic with the influence of French culture. This resonance is also expressed in the “complementary opposition” between the 27°Leo resonance coordinate of the astrogeographical position of with the 27°Aquarius coordinate of Paris.

Step 2: 1605 Pluto square form Aries: the Foundation of Jamestown and the British Colonization

The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA: Location of Jamestown, Virginia, Map: Aude, GFDL

The ascending square from 27° Aries the sign of mobilization, action, speed and warfare in 1604 marked the beginning of the era of the successful British colonization. . The foundation of the Jamestown colony in Virginia in 1607 and the arrival of the Pilgrim Fathers in Massachusetts in 1620 marked foundation of the Thirteen British Colonies that founded the USA in 1776 when Pluto at 27°Capricorn moved into a challenging square position to the era started in 1604. For Britain it is interesting that the North American colonization started under a Pluto square to the 28°Capricorn resonance coordinate of London.

Step 3: 1692 – Plutos Opposition threatening the British Colonies from 27°Cancer

King William’s War (1688–1697) also known as the First Intercolonial War or Second Indian War was the first major climax of threat to the British rule over the 13 colonies.

Step 4 – 1735 – Pluto square from 27°Libra

At the point of the descending square of the year of 1735 Pluto had “taken his final turn” towards the position he would take 41 years later at the Declaration of Independence of 1776. That square occurred from 27° in Libra the sign of the ideal of high culture, aristocracy, relationship and justice. The development of infrastructure, economy, wealth, educational institutions, courts and a new first American aristocracy of its own. The colonies reached a level of development of cultural independence that made the independence from the colonialist institutions and the profiteers in London only logical. By the 1730ies American slave traders had even begun to play an important role in the slave trade. 1735 saw a first law that attempted to prohibit slavery by the Georgia Trustees. That decision may have been symbolic of a shift of interests: the establishment of long-term stability became more important than the fast profit orientated colonial state system.

Step 5 – 1776 – The Declaration of Independence

Pluto was conjunct the 28°Capricorn astrogeographical resonance coordinate of London (astrogeographical Pluto return) during the self-liberation of the 13 Colonies from the British colonial network.

Step 6 – 1849 – The annexation of Texas, California and control of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and the Mexican War

The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA: Astrological chart for the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo on Feb 2 1848 calculated as a 12:00 noon chart

Plutos ascending square of 1849 at 27° Aries the sign of warfare and followed by Plutos ingress into Taurus (occupation of territory) occurred 4 years after the official annexation of Texas as the 28th State in 1845 with the effect of the Mexican War of 1846-48. As a result of the Mexican War California too was annexed in 1850 and the US controlled New Mexico Territory (including Arizona and parts of Colorado) established. The return of Plutos ascending square in Aries from the foundation of the British Colonies from around 1604 turned out as a strong factor of exponentially rapid expansion of their territories at the cost of the former Spanish colonies sealed in t he Treaty of Hidalgo Guadeloupe of 1848 signed on Feb 2 1848. Neptune at 29°Aquarius sealed the Mexican defeat. Its opposition to the 27°Leo resonance coordinate of Washington is a fascinating expression of the confrontation of the US government and national Pluto with the vastness of unexplored territory conquered. The Treaty came into force on July 4, 1848 with Pluto at 28°Aries.

Step 7 – 1938 – transiting Pluto opposite the US natal Pluto: the Japanese expansion in the Pacific region and World War 2

The occupation and development of the territories gained during the 19th century and their organisation under central rule from Washington seems to have kept the US governments busy until the beginning of World War II. Unlike in World War I the USA homelands were threatened directly by territorial invasion for the first time in history. Pluto at 27°Cancer made his first opposition transit to his own home base at 27°Capricorn under the scenario of the Japanese expansion in the Pacific region and the rise of the German fascist government threatening Europe.

A map of the Japanese advance from 1937 to 1942
author: San Jose, ccbysa3.0

Step 8 -1983 – the descending Pluto square at 27°Libra: Reaganomics transformed the US Economy into Hyper Capitalism. The SDI program as a simile for Plutos defensive reflexes

The Strategic Defense Initiative was declared by Ronald Reagan on March 23 1983 as a new dimension of warfare under the extreme pressure of Pluto at 27°Libra conjunct Saturn at 28°Libra occupying the square position to the US natal Pluto. According to Reagans words it was to replace the “suicide pace” of the mutual assured destruction (MAD) (Pluto-Saturn in Libra) doctrine of the Cold War Era. Even more important seems to have been the changes made by Reagan through the cut of taxes and other measures that lead to the widening of the income gap and a fast growth of public debts

The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA: The amount of US debt, measured as a percentage of GDP, held by the public over time. Source: Congressional Budget Office.

Step 9 – 2022: The first Pluto return: effects from the Corona Crisis and the Trump Presidency

At the end of the first Pluto cycle the USA entered into the worst identity crisis it may have ever gone through. The extremely destructive G.W. Bush presidency (2001-09) can be considered to have built the coffin for the traditional USA. The aggressive Hillary Clinton administration (2009-13) and the moderate but helpless Obama administration (2013-17) organized the burial ceremony. The self-destructive, extremely corrupt Trump administration (2017-21) deliberately, well directed and apparently with the aim of breaking up whatever held society together led the country into a state of paralysis, hate, anger and disinformation. Trump seems to have spent every single say of his Twitter Presidency working to deepen the crack between the states, parties, governors and central government. upright people and liars, serious journalism and consumer industry information, white and colored people dragging the dead body of the system of conservative political and humanistic values into the coffin. The daily theater of lies, catastrophic management of the Corona Crisis after the Pluto-Saturn conjunction of January 2020 left the rest of the world watching breathlessly how that President could use every single day of the whole disaster to promote himself with a never ending propaganda show of lies.

A solid Pluto return seems absolutely necessary to help the nation nail the coffin for that political system in order to transform their cooperation and restructure the obviously inefficient, outdated system with a king president elected under circumstances that allow only demagogues, clowns and movie actors but no more serious politicians as presidents.

Timeline of astrogeographical Pluto transit cycles

The transits of planets in relation to the resonance coordinates of the center of the national morphic field seem to explain topics of political and historical development on an abstract level. Their significance does not appear as limited to the dimensions of meaning of single events as for example the various types of foundation charts or other important event related charts are. The rare therefore particularly useful as data that can serve to counter-check. examine, evaluate and interpret the data from single events in relation to the long term processes of development that they stand for.

The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA: : Timeline of the astrogeographical cycles of Pluto

The 6°Cancer astrogeographical Pluto cycle

The first Pluto Return from the foundation of the USA: Pluto transit cycles in relation to the 6°Cancer resonance coordinate of Washington
Climaxes of Pluto transits in relation to the 6°Cancer resonance coordinate of Washington

Step 1 – 1518 – Pluto opposite the 6° Cancer resonance coordinate of Washington from 6°Capricorn: The Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire.

Map of the Juan de Grijalva expedition in 1518 – the expedition marked the start of the era of the European conquest and colonization of the North American continent.
map: Jaontiveros, ccbysa4.0

The first landing of the Juan de Grijalva expedition in the Tabasco region of Mexico on June 19, 1518 was followed by the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire under Hernan Cortés between 1519 and 1521. These were the two initial steps in the colonization of the North American continent.

Astrology of Colonization
Conquest of Tenochtitlan the capital of the Aztec Empire on 13 August 1521 (jul,)

The Juan de Grijalva Expedition had embarked from Cuba to conquer the North American continent on May 1, 1518 with Pluto at 6°Capricorn and Neptune at 27°Aquarius both in exact opposition to the 6°CAN – 27°LEO astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Washington.

Start of the Juan de Grijalva Expedition on May 1, 1518 (julian date) from Cuba with with Pluto at 6°Capricorn and Neptune at 27°Aquarius both in exact opposition to the 6°CAN – 27°LEO astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Washington.

This coincidence explains the important role of the Potomac area in the energetical field patterns of the North American continent. The two most important systemical planetary factors for the evaluation of long term processes in astrology were confronting the center of what was to become the dominant nation and capital of the continent some 280 years before its foundation.

I may even be speculated whether or in how far the Washington D.C. area represented a central site of resonance for:

  • the Native American population of that era e.g. the continental morphic field
  • Native American populations in prehistorical times
  • the rule over North America as such
  • the purposes or potentials of European conquering and/or rule over the continent
Astrological chart for the first landing of the Juan de Grijalva expedition in the Tabasco region of Mexico calculated as a midday chart for June 29 1518 for Mexico City. Note that the Pluto-Saturn conjunction between 4° and 7° Capricorn and Neptune at 26°Aquarius were both in exact opposition to the 6°CAN-27°LEO astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Washington.

Note how the Pluto – Saturn conjunction between 4° and 7°Capricorn represented the arrival of most extreme form of pressure on the future capital of the USA and what was to become its national morphic field. The strong involvement of the Pluto-Saturn conjunction with pandemics, death and extinction also explains how the arrival of the European/Asian inheritance of infectious disease erased large parts of the native American population.

Step 2 – 1583 – The descending square of Pluto from 6° Aries – the unsuccessful attempt of the Roanoke Colony

The descending square of 1982/83 initiated by the first British attempt to start a colonial basis in the area through the unsuccessful attempt to found the Roanoke Colony in 1585.

Step 3 – 1673/74 – Pluto conjunct the 6°Cancer resonance coordinate of the future capital of the USA – the conception or other pre-natal stage in the birth of a nation

Native Americans attacking a Garrison House, from an old wood engraving This is likely a depiction of the attack on the Haynes Garrison, Sudbury, April 21, 1676

King Philip’s War (1675-78) also called the First Indian War or Metacom’s Rebellion occurred on the climax of Plutos transit conjunct 6°Cancer resonance coordinate of the future capital and center of the national morphic field of the USA. It therefore appears as an important event in the processes of fortification of the colony (Pluto), the uprooting of the native american nation (Pluto) and the transformation of the national morphic identity (Pluto in Cancer !!!). The war was the climax of the conflict between native American inhabitants in the “New England” area and the colonists that had settled here which had been going on for a longer time. The First Indian War is named among the deadliest wars in Colonial American history.

Step 4 – 1728 – The rising square of Pluto from 6°Libra putting pressure on the status quo of the colonial rule through the development and stabilization of a cultural identity, a language field, wealth, a new ruling class and aristocracy, legislation, educational system and independent trade in the 13 Colonies.

Step 5 – 1765 – Pluto in Opposition to Washington – the outcome of the French and Indian War against the British Colonies

The Three Cherokees. came over from the head of the River Savanna to London.
sketch by Henry Timberlake, 1762

The French and Indian War (1754-63) had begun in the pretext of Plutos transit conjunct the 28°Sagittarius resonance coordinate of Paris (1758-62) indicating the French losses and sufferings like through the Deportation of the Acadians. The war was ended through the Treaty of Paris in 1763 and marked the beginning of an era of British dominance in the global colonies. But the strategical and territorial gains made by the British could not stop the process that was on its way along with the Pluto transit in Capricorn: the loss of the 13 rich colonies with Pluto conjunct Londons 28°Capricorn resonance coordinate in 1776.

24 years before the Declaration of Independence (with Pluto at 27°Capricorn) the Pluto Ingress into Capricorn on January 8 1762 triggered the effects of the opposition transit of the years 1664-66 initiating the era that ended the British colonial rule over the 13 colonies. During the ingress Uranus as indicator of revolution, self-liberation and globalization along with Capricorns sign ruler Saturn were both square the 6°Cancer resonance coordinate from 5° in Aries the sign of warfare delivering a strong image of the mounting pressure on the British colonial rule

Step 6 – 1828 – The Beginning of the deportation of Native Americans with Pluto at 6°Aries in a rising square to the 6°Cancer resonance coordinate of Washington.

This transit of Pluto square to the center of the national morphic field of the USA is an archetypal example of the climax of a process that is aimed at challenging the status quo in the field itself. The pressure exerted on the inhabiting population of the land from Pluto in Aries the sign of warfare disarmed the Native American tribes and wiped out their status as free tribes once for all. Pay attention also to the roles of Pluto and Scorpio as factors in effective opposition to Venus and Taurus in their roles as rulers of territory. The deportation of the tribes to reservations uprooted them from their homelands, territories and ways of living and paved the way for the occupation of the territories .

Step 7 – 1917 – Pluto conjunct Washington forced President Wilson to enter World War I.

The transit Pluto as the astrological indicator for submarines conjunct Washington was accompanied by the decision of the German Emperor to resume submarine attacks on the US east coast. Apart from this important indication Pluto stood for the trauma experienced by the american population, the pressure on arms production, ship building and industrial production and also the self-image as a nation that did not want to be part of the thousands of years old habitual European experience of competition and warfare.

Step 8 – 1974 – The Watergate Scandal, the resignation of Nixon and the defeat of US troops in the Vietnam War with Pluto square to Washington

The transit of Pluto square to Washington with its climax between 1973 and 1975 describes a period of defeat and surrender for the US government. The fact that the American public became aware of the criminal energy of the lobbyists behind President Nixon that had taken control of the White House, the nation and its resources could not be hidden or ignored any longer. In 1973 the defeat of the American troops in Vietnam had to be accepted and by August 1974 Nixon had to resign. Pluto on the square position to Washington at 6°Libra the sign of justice stood for the success of the opposition before the parliamentary committees. Pluto in Libra may also be examined here as a fascinating image for the correspondence of South-East Asian cultures with Libra.

Step 9 – 2010 – The climax of US-Saudi terror cooperation, World Financial Crisis and the Republican Party being taken over by the Tea Party neo-fascist movement

The climax of the US cooperation with the Saudi-Gulf State Sunnite Terror Alliance in the so called “Arabian Spring” was a result of the destruction of the political institutions of Iraq under the Bush government that created the space for the creation of a Kalifate in Iraq and the export of Sunnite terrorism to all Arabian nations, half of Africa and Europe. In the US homeland the radicalization of the Republican Party undermined by a new aggressive neo-fascist agenda brought the Trump administration to power in 2017. Plutos opposition seems to have led to the effect of an unprecedented influence of Russia on the US government. The World Financial crisis of 2007-2009 and an unprecedented rise of public debts were important aspects of the extreme pressure on the USA caused by its own foreign policies but also interior enemies of the democratic institutions, justice and people.

The 27°Leo astrogeographical Pluto cycle

Pluto transit cycles in relation to the 27°Leo resonance coordinate of Washington
Climax aspects of the transit phases of Pluto in relation to the 27°Leo resonance coordinate of Washington

Step 1 – 1795/96 – The construction of the new capital during Plutos opposition to Washington.

Plutos transit opposite the area of Washington also meant a shift (transformation) of the status quo of the Washington area. It lost its former status the Federal Government District of Columbia under meant the

Animated map showing territorial progression of the District of Columbia.
image: epicAdam, ccbysa3.0

The agony of the French Revolution in the period of the mass executions with the guillotine or Drownings at Nantes during the “Reign of Terror” (1793/94) occurred under the transit of Pluto conjunct the 27°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Paris in exact opposition to the 27°Leo position of Washington. Through this astrogeographical aspect the two capitals and nations are connected and directly interrelated as complementary elements. This was particularly important for the USA because of the French support in the American Revolution. One can imagine how the “young nation” was shocked and stressed by the ideological pressure during the “Reign of Terror”. The example of these developments in France forced the USA to seek stability of the political system during the years of the construction of the new capital started on October 13 1792. The American governments also did everything to remain neutral in the War of the First Coalition (1792-97) against France to avoid problems with the European powers.

Execution of the feminist writer Olymp de Olympe de Gouges together with the Girondins in 1793

Step 2 – 1879 – Plutos descending square from Taurus the sign of wealth, income and money to Washington introduced the Gilded Age (1877-1879)

Political cartoon showing a Standard Oil tank as an octopus with many tentacles wrapped around the steel, copper, and shipping industries, as well as a state house, the U.S. Capitol, and one tentacle reaching for the White House.

The rise of wealth through industrial production, construction of railroads, cities and factories, beginning of the era of exploitation of crude oil resources, extreme pollution caused by the full impact of the industrial revolution and the annexation of 9 new states in 17 years explains the pressure on the US government during the “Gilded Age” triggered by the square transit of Pluto as the major planetary indicator for industrial production from 27°Taurus the sign of wealth. income, money, food production and possession of territories.

Step 3 – 1954 – Pluto opposite Washington: The Cold War nuclear arms race and the Mc Carthy era

The period between Plutos transits in opposition (1954) and descending square (1994) to Washington marks the period of the nuclear arms race of the Cold War between The USA and its allies (NATO) and the USSR and its satellite states (Warsaw Pact) as crystal clear as can be.

Nuclear warhead stockpiles of the United States and the Soviet Union/Russia, 1945-2014. The high for the USA is 32,040 in 1967; the high for the USSR is 45,000 in 1986; the point at which the USSR surpassed the USA in warheads is 1978.

The Cold War also meant the activation of the Interior Defense System in the USA which led to the heavy trauma of the totalitarian atmosphere of the Mc Carthy era from 1953.

Step 4 – 1994 – Pluto square from 27°Scorpio: The “Perestroika “Crisis” and the end of the Cold War

The end of the Cold War plunged the USA into an identity crisis. The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START II) signed in 1993 and the United States – Russia mutual detargeting agreement of January 1994 deprived the war industries of their enemies creating a gap in world politics which allowed the positive minded of humans the hopes for a world peace and a calculable progress in international relations. While the USA was celebrating itself as the victor of the Cold War it had lost its role and global function as the great defender of democracy. And along with it went the protection shield of the self-image and the justification of Big Brothers geo-strategical claims which had served to hide the dirtier aspects of US politics in Africa and South America. So the need for a new enemy brought the Bush government to the intensification of the collaboration with the Sunnite Gulf States and Saudi-Arabia in order to pave the way to spread Sunnite terrorist groups like the Taliban, Al Kaida, ISIL in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Africa and Europe fight under the disguise of an alleged “war on terror”.