The killing of George Floyd

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Road crossing of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis where the killing occurred. For morphogenetic field level 4 (exact position) the road crossing is located in the combination of Venus signs Taurus and Libra ph: Fibonacci Blue, ccbysa2.0

The killing of George Floyd

The killing of George Floyd. Political and mundane astrology: astrogeographical analyses and data of the killing of George Floyd on May, 25 2020.

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The astrogeographical position of Minneapolis

Road crossing of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis where the killing occurred. For morphogenetic field level 4 (exact position) the road crossing is located in the combination of Venus signs Taurus and Libra
ph: Fibonacci Blue, ccbysa2.0

Astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the City of Minneapolis area for morphogenetic field level 1 which describe the nation – wide, continental, international, global resonance topics of the place and events that come up here: according to my calculation system the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the Minneapolis area are 20°Sagittarius and 1°Aries.

The City of Minneapolis is located at 1°Aries and 20°Sagittarius.
ph: Bobak Ha’Eri, ccbysa3.0.

The event chart

Astrology and astrogeography of the Killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis
Astrological chart for the Killing of George Floyd calculated for 8:24 p.m. with Neptune conjunct the IC possibly the moment when Floyd went unconscious. (data source: wikipedia article) This Neptune position delivers a shocking and unspeakably sad (Moon – Neptune aspect) image of his passing away. It emphasizes Neptune`s role as the most important planetary factor.

Neptune square Minneapolis from 20°Pisces

In May 2020 Neptune as the indicator of spirituality and of holistic processes of clearing of long-term suppressed issues, of reconnection with the larger holistic image and the complete, fuller information about issues was transiting 20° Pisces exactly square the 20° Sagittarius resonance coordinate of Minneapolis.

As the moving planetary representative of Pisces Neptune stands for spirituality, essence, the higher self, the common unconscious and the level of the global and cosmic morphic fields. Therefore Neptune relates to those aspects of human beings and those processes of development that is above nationality, gender, social background, genetical hardware, species and race.

Like planetary positions in Pisces or house 12 all Neptune aspects therefore relate to necessities of learning and practicing to cope with and endure ones own higher self, spiritual identity, unconscious, suppressed potentials, lies, pains, traumatic issues, hiding oneself and those habitual patterns and strategies of learned success-orientation that cause us to block and neglect spirituality.

Astrology and astrogeography of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
Peaceful protests against the killing of George Floyd on May 26 2020. The incident caused a wave of protests and violent protests across the whole of the USA
ph: Fibonacci Blue, ccbysa2.0

A square transit from Neptune has therefore to be expected to challenge blocks of developments through breaking or dissolving the seals caused through priorities of the other 11 systemical astrological factors mainly those of the material. emotional and mental spheres (houses/signs 1 to 9).

The example of the Neptune square to Washington`s 6° Cancer coordinate during the US Civil War 1861-65

In my research on such astrogeographical square transits of Neptune to places I have come to the conclusion that global and nation-wide issues can be expected to have come up and tension from them been made public through events under Neptune transits. Apart form the national relevance racism is of course by all means a global topic.

The most important example of a Neptune square transit in US history is the transit of Neptune over 6°Aries square to the 6°Cancer resonance coordinate of Washington between April 12, 1861 (Aries ingress) and April, 9 1865 (8°Aries).

The most important long-term transit of the US Civil War was the Neptune square to the 6°Cancer resonance coordinate of Washington from 6°Aries. That war was started
during Neptunes ingress in Aries during the Battle of Fort Sumter begun on April 12, 1861 and ended with Neptune at 8°Aries on April, 9 1865 (capitulation of General Lee). Note: The dominant position of Mars (warfare) at 5°Cancer conjunct Washington was square to Neptune and opposite the Moon at 6° Libra (cease fire, peace) of the General Le
e capitulation

Major aspects of this Neptune square transit were the challenge to the central government and capital in Washington, the territorial unity of the national morphic field of the USA and also to the slavery system on which the wealth of the country had been built.

The historical parallels between the US Civil War for Washington and the Killing of George Floyd for Minneapolis should therefore be examined in the topics of

  • destabilization of the national (Washington – 1861-65) and Minnesota (Minneapolis/St. Paul – 2020) morphic fields.
  • abolition of the slavery system and its inheritance
  • reconnection with the awareness of the abstract, holistic and ever-lasting values of spirituality through political processes and the suffering caused

Venus opposite Minneapolis

A 2nd important transit was through Venus as indicator of territorial and financial interests (as sign ruler of Taurus) in oppositition to Minnesota at 18° Gemini after having turned retrograde nearly exactly opposite Minneapolis at 21°Gemini 12 days before the killing. The square of fast moving Venus to the long term transit of Neptune seems to have unfolded as an attempt to suppress and overwrite the long-term effects of Neptune such as recapitulation of spiritual issues and the awareness of neglected aspects of reality. The presence of Venus along with 3 more planetary factors in neutral sign Gemini the sign of the police reflects the topics of the original function of the police as agents and representatives paid for by the population in order to help and support them to be free to live their lives in the best possible way they choose to.

The fact that Venus was in opposition to Minneapolis and its population indicates that the actions taken by the policemen involved in the killing of George Floyd have to be examined as attempts to represent their personal rights and priorities as police officers and defend their professional and also personal territories instead of serving the population in the neutral way they were supposed to.

The role of Gemini as the sign of communication, advertisement, sending out messages, symbols, information, propaganda, lies and of representing organisations could also suggest to examine in how far the policemen acted to demonstrate what they thought were their personal rights.

In this attempt to identify themselves (Venus) with their professional function (Gemini) the police must have felt the information from the Neptune square as a threat to their functions and personalities. In regard to the difficult situation for the 4 policemen Neptune stands for the suppressed reality that US – American society appears to be heavily corrupted, worn out, dilapidated through the destructive relationship between the poor and the rich, black and white, neglected and accepted and through a number of factors. Neptune stands for the fact that the negativity of the social climate in the USA is structural and systemical and is even politically supported, produced, created and kept alive by its dominant caste system.

4 Planets in Gemini

I suggest that apart from Gemini`s role as the sign of media, information, propaganda and a major indicator for rhetorical manipulation and warfare Gemini should be considered as the sign of parliaments, democracy, individual liberty and rights, freedom of speech and neutrality of the three powers: (legislative, executive, jurisdiction). Gemini is the resonating sign of practiced democracy.

As strong astrogeographical resonance with field level 1 is involved here and through 4 planets in Gemini the background of the ongoing electoral campaigns for the Nov., 3 2020 US presidential elections as well as the global propaganda war heated up by the neo-fascist, racist agenda of the Trump administration, the US neo-fascist media (Breitbart & Co.) and the Russian secret services needs to be taken into consideration too:

The incident clearly reflects the politics of the US central governments to seek to exclude large parts of the population from residency, create minorities in order the split the nation into its own voters and those with different opinions.

Astrological chart for the Killing of George Floyd on May 25 2020 after 8 p.m. in Minneapolis, MN. The timeline given in the wikipedia article accounts that the whole incident went on until 8:29 p.m. when Floyd was loaded in an ambulance.

Especially the position of the North Node (as indicator of the actual aim of events) at 29°Gemini probably the most important of all 360 zodiac degrees for the resonance of parliament, elections and the legislative rights of democratic institutions is to be understood here as an indication that democracy itself and the coming elections were the main targets of the killing.

The position of Mercury near the North Node may not be seen as sufficient clear indication for the probability of intentional murder. But what it definitely points at is an intended statement in regard to the national political and democratic institutions.

Police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck until he died.

Another important astrological factor here is the position of the Sun near the 6th degree of movable sign Gemini as an important indication here that the event was is in resonance with intended manipulation. The police officers may have acted under the informal assumption that their illegal handling of the situation would be backed by police authorities.

The Sun position in house 7 the house of stage production and presentation and even close to the horizon points at doing things intentionally in order to impress others.

Astrological chart for the Killing of George Floyd calculated for 8:24 p.m. with Neptune conjunct the IC possibly the moment when Floyd went unconscious. This corresponds with the timeline given in the wikipedia article

The different roles of Venus: A comparison with the foundation chart of the USA (Powell Chart)

Transiting North Node over the US Venus

During the killing of George Floyd the North Node as indicator of the aim and outcome of events was conjunct the position of Venus at 29° Gemini in the chart for the US constitution. This Venus position on the most important degree of parliamentary institutions stands for a central component of the american constitution: the establishment of a solid basis (Venus) for equal civil rights guaranteeing personal liberty, the neutrality of the state and the separation of the three powers.

The Powell Chart for the constitution and foundation of the USA on July 1, 1776 calculated for 19:08 with transits of the killing of George Floyd on 25 May 2020 at 20:24.

On the one hand the transit of the North Node here shows that the incident is to be examined as a test of the stability of democratic institutions. On the other hand – the strong involvement of Venus with democracy could also indicate mechanisms that tend to consider the profitability of democratic institutions of the new-born USA of 1776 as their main purpose. But despite the long history of success of US hyper-capitalism it may help to recapitulate that this orientation of the USA too needs to be controlled by society.

Transiting Venus over the US Mars

The transiting Venus at 18°Gemini from the killing of George Floyd was conjunct the 19°Gemini position of the “natal” Mars position from the US constitution.

Mars in this position (house 6) and on the particularly stressful zodiac degree of 19°Gemini the sign of neutrality of state politics and symbols may be interpreted as an astrological aspect that describes the typical situation of police employees in the USA. Partly because of the nation`s official constitutional program of being a global representative of bringing together the contradictory inheritance of all nations of the planet at the same time (Gemini aspect of US culture). But partly also because of its problematic inheritance as a gun law nation with a unique tradition and state cult that openly glorifies its killers, thieves and political manipulators (Hollywood state cult, NRA, slavery system, cult of racism, white supremacy, dominance of hyper capitalism as the “holy cow” of US politics).

The transit of Venus as the ruler over territorial possessions and claim to social acceptance over the natal Mars position appears to stand for the appeal for the rights of policemen to claim and stake their own territories as employees of the central socially acceptable caste of white people at the center of society.

What we can understand here is that it can be particularly Venus that stands for reflexes to consider and treat minorities, foreigners, outsiders and what is seen as “lower castes”. And in an irregular way.