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Astrological Map of Europe

This is not a complete list of articles in the first place but rather an overview of important topics in the 1000 articles of the world`s first and only astrogeography blog. For consultations on astrogeography, finding positive, auspicious and supporting places to live, love, work and go forward in life please contact me via the website of my consultation practice.

1 Astrogeography —-

Collection of astrological street maps, country maps and town plans
Collection of astrological street maps, country maps and town plans that I have either worked on or published.

1.0 New articles & articles recently updated

Astrogeographical Transits for Taiwan as part of research on the Pacific competition between China & USA. New Article begun in April 2023

1.1 Comparative Articles

Important Capitals of „High Culture Religions“ in astrogeography
A Comparative Study of astrogeographical resonance coordinates of important Centers of the religions of „Urban High Cultures“ with their main feature being the existence of script. This is something to start with but of course the actual list of religions and cults is by far much, much longer. I am regretting that I could not find enough relevant data for including historical capitals of African cults so far.

1.2 Astrogeography of Restaurants & Pubs

1.3 Astrogeography and Hotels

1.4 Astrogeography and shops

1.5 Transits and Forcasts

2 Astrology and Architecture —-

Astrology, architecture and astrogeography of cardinal divides
Sheraton Houzuo Hot Spring Resort on the cardinal divide of the autumn equinox 
ph 井浩泽, MAD China, ccbysa2.0

2.0 Buildings and sculptures on Cardinal Divides

2.1 Aries in Architecture

2.2 Taurus in Architecture

2.3 Gemini in Architecture

2.4 Cancer in Architecture

2.5 Leo in Architecture

2.6 Virgo in Architecture

2.7. Libra in Architecture

Astrology, astrogeographyy and architecture: Libra as the sign of symmetry
Symmetry and rectangular shape of buildings in Libra: Exterior of the Wilanów Palace located in Libra and Aquarius.

2.8 Scorpio in Architecture

2.9 Sagittarius in Architecture

2.10 Capricorn in Architecture

2.11 Aquarius in Architecture

2.12 Pisces in Architecture

2.13 Castles and Palaces

2.14 Feng Shui architecture

2.15 Roads & Bridges

2.16 Famous Architects

3 Political Astrology —-

Astrology, astrogeography blog articles
Astrogeographical positions of European capitals of Non – EU nations

3.0 Capitals + Nation Charts in astrogeography

3.1 Government Seats

3.2 Political Events + History in astrology —-

3.3 Elections

3.4 Terrorist attacks, killings & murder

3.5 Astrogeographical Transits

3.6 Rhythmical Activations

3.7 Politicians in astrogeography

3.8 Markets, Stock Exchanges & Banks

3.9 Political Parties and Organisations

3.10 Government Institutions

4 Magical & Sacred Sites

4.0 Archeoastronomy

4.1 Magical Places & Nature Temples

4.2 Egypt, Persia, Babylon Sacred Sites

4.3 Greek Mythology & Temples

4.4 Roman Temples

4.5 Hindu & Indian Sacred Sites

4.6 Jewish Sacred Sites

4.7 Buddhist Sacred Sites

4.8 Chinese Sacred Temples

4.9 Christian Sacred Sites

4.9.1 Churches

4.9.2 Christian Pilgrimage sites

4.10 Maya, Aztec & Native American Sites

4.11 Islamic and Sufi Sacred Sites

4.12 Nordic Mythology and Religion

4.13 Tombs

4.14 Tree Temples

4.15 European Pre – Christian sites

4.16 Other Cultures

4.17 Knights Templars

4.18 Pagan & Witch Culture

4.19 Planet Temples

4.20 Free Masons

5 Earthquakes & Volcanic Eruptions

5.1 Astrology and Earthquakes

5.2 Volcanic Eruptions & Activity

6 Conjunctions, eclipses & transits

7 Accidents and disasters

8 Weather Events

9 Astrology and Art

Astrology, Art and Sculpting
The Rape of Proserpina by Pluto
ph: Architas, ccbysa4.0

9.1 Sculptures & works of art

9.2 Painting

9.3 Astrology & Music

10 Wars and Battles

Event charts and astrogeographical data for wars and battlefields can be found in the articles for the capital.

11 People and Places

12 Mountains and Rocks

13 Cities

14 Sports

15 Homeopathy

16 Science & Schools

17 Gold and Mining

18 Space Flights & UFOs

19 Paranormal

20 Nature

21 Rivers

22 Planets, Comets and Asteroids

23 Birth charts