“Kiskirálylány” – a Little Princess sculpture in Gemini with Virgo

You are currently viewing “Kiskirálylány” – a Little Princess sculpture in Gemini with Virgo
A Little Princess Sculpture in Astrology: ph: misibacsi, ccbysa4.0

“Kiskirálylány” – a Little Princess sculpture in Gemini with Virgo

“Kiskirálylány” – a Little Princess sculpture in Gemini with Virgo, Astrology, sculpting & astrological psychology: an intermediate stage between the otherworld of princesses and fools

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The resonance between site & sculpture

Sculptures are punctuations of places along with the morphic field of the landscape where they are installed.

The information manifested and integrated in their design, appearance, embodied spirit, personality, psychological individuality, materials used, intention, projections and other aspects are fed into the morphic field.

My unique and extremely precise astrogeographioal calculation system can help to explore and understand the resonance between the sculptures and the local morphic field.

The artist & story behind the sculpture

Astrology & Sculpting
Astrology & Sculpting: the little princess sculpture is on display seated on a fence in the combination of Gemini with Virgo. ph: Violeta, ccbasa2.0

From the wiki article: “The original 50 cm statuette of the Little Princess (Kiskirálylány) Statue sitting on the railings of the Danube promenade in Budapest was created by (1925–2008) Munkácsy– and Kossuth Prize-winning sculptor László Marton in 1972.

The artist was inspired by his eldest daughter born from his first marriage. She often played in the Tabán wearing a princess costume and a crown made out of newspaper by her father, and at home as well, pretending her bathrobes were a mantle. This image prompted her father, the artist in the creation of this little statue.”

Laszlo Marton birth planets
Laszlo Marton birth planets calculated as a midday chart for 5 Nov 1925

László Marton was born 5 November 1925 with:

  • Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio the sign of sculpting and of art production as such
  • Moon in Cancer (empathy for emotional individuality). 
  • Venus (as indicator for the artist`s ideal of female partners, relationship, aesthetics) was on the 2nd last degree of Sagittarius (design, fashion, independent vision of playgrounds, thinking & aims), 
  • Mercury ruler of Gemini, puberty and game-play on the last and final aka the climax degree of Scorpio the sign of trauma, pain, damages through social role patterns
  • Opposition between Jupiter as seeker of understanding, aims, personal liberty & space and Pluto as indicator of social role patterns and trauma.

A Little Princess in the Mercury signs Gemini & Virgo

Little Princess Sculpture in Astrology
“Kiskirálylány” the Little Princess sculpture is located in Gemini with Virgo ph: misibacsi, ccbysa4.0

Aspects of Gemini:

  • the display of a game-play with symbolisms
  • the dsplay of an intermediate stage of personality development. Aka: Gemini as the sign of puberty, metamorphosis, assimilation, bringing conflicting elements together.
  • the symbolism of
  • the symbolism of the fool`s cap as a mark of a self-made toy, instrument of gameplay
  • the obvious message displayed by the artist that a princess crown (emblem of being sold into marriage-prostitution) is actually a fools-cap. Gemini as the sign of awareness of “DOUBLE-BINDS” in symbolism, language & script.
  • the emphasis on the obvious deception through the symbolical use of an everyday-object (newspaper) for a rare magical fairy-tale object.
  • the authenticity and graphical exactness of the display of the bored child attitude
  • the wearing of a fool s cap for a princess crown as a symbol of an intermediate stage between childhood and sexual maturity

Aspects of Virgo (sign of psychology & of slavery of social circumstances)

  • the emphasis on the child´s psychology
  • the depiction of life in “protected” spheres and also controled stage of personality development.
  • sitting & waiting position & attitude as a virgin`s outlook on preventing intercourse before…… : security checks have been passed, optimal use of ressources has been achieved, matrimonial licensing, “time is ripe”, orders are given, authorities allow sexuality.
  • the emphasis on the psychological background behind the desperate, dismisssive, provocative expression on the child´s face as a mark of her anti-attitude.
  • sitting on a fence aka a protective & regulative installation and mark & symbol of being fenced in by issues of adaption to security concernsstrategies of “reasonable behaviour”,
  • the depiction of a situation of living in slavery and the defensive-aggressive rebellion implanted into the child which is waiting for its turn to live

Aspects of the sign combination Gemini-Virgo

  • the depiction of a dependent, intermediate and alternative stage and world which as a “children reality”, “child-land”, children`s alternativ reality land, “Peter Pan Land” would relate to an “ANTI-WORLD”, “OTHERLAND” and “OTHERWORLD”.
  • the depiction of a stage, world and strategy of “little creatures” reflecting the Gemini & Virgo strategies of self-protection through hiding in smaller physical body shapes, less dangerous, harmless, innocent or leight-weight role- models aka the worlds of children, elves, dwarfs, hobbits, trolls a.s.o…
  • the contradictory, competing and challenging aspects naturally included in the square aspect between Gemini and Virgo can be seen in the display of the conflicts between the potentials of individual desire and intelligence (Gemini) and the slavery to circumstances (Virgo)