Uranus – Pluto Conjunctions in Astrology

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The Pulse and Rhythm of Uranus - Pluto Conjunctions in 7000 years of history

Uranus – Pluto Conjunctions in Astrology

Uranus – Pluto Conjunctions in Astrology. The Pulse and Rhythm of the cycles of conjunctions between the planets Uranus and Pluto.

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For any serious investigation of transit astrology and especially for mundane, political, psychological, medical and karma astrology the pulse and rhythm of conjunctions between Uranus and Pluto is of greatest importance for understanding our reflection of cultural phenomena.

Uranus - Pluto Conjunctions in History
This table is meant to provide insights into the Pulse and Rhythm of Uranus – Pluto Conjunctions. Due to the imprecision of astrology programs and other calculation ressources the exact dates of the conjunctions are hard to determine (impossible for me) for periods over 1500 years from our time.
  • the rhythm of the cycle of conjunctions between Uranus and Pluto consists of two alternating bars. Both steadily advance through the 12 signs of the zodiac.
  • One in longer one in shorter cyclic periods with a minimum of 111 years and a maximum of 143 years between 2 conjunctions.
  • The length of their intervals approaches each other until it overlaps- and the shorter beat of intervals takes over the role of the longer one. Examples: 1591 BCE and 2863 CE
  • This exchange of roles between the two heart beats of time provided by the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions is like a dance and play between two elements in harmony.
  • Climax events of the divergence and convergence between the two “alternating Uranus-Pluto-Conjunctions-Cycles” can be explored as initial charts for different periods.
  • Another astrologically even more useful turning point that can be examined as the beginning of longer periods are the first conjunctions close to the spring equinox at 0° Aries. The important conjunctin events that mark the gebinning of new ages regarding the start of a new cycle of qualities are: `5 Jun -3767 BCE at 8°Aries, 29 Apr -1591 BCE at 0°Aries, 28 Mar 1090 and 28 Feb 4776 at 8°Aries.

History of Uranus- Pluto Conjunctions

The Chart for the current Virgo Age 1965 to 2104: The “Cultural Revolution & Emancipation Conjunction of 1965”

The “Cultural Revolution & Emancipation Conjunction of 1965” in Virgo the sign of Slavery was one of the top most important astrological events in the 20th century.

Uranus-Pluto Conjunction 1965
Horoscope for the Uranus-Pluto Conjunction of 1965 calculated for 9 Oct. 1965 at 13:17 (20:17 UT) in San Francisco as the world center of the Hippie Movement

The chart for the Aries Age (part 4) 1850 to 1965: the “Age of democratic & pseudo-socialist/fascist revolutions & world wars”

Uranus-Pluto Conjunction 1850 London
Horoscope for the Uranus-Pluto Conjunction of 26 Jun 1850, calculated for 0:44 a.m. (astro.com online routine) at London

The beginning of a new UR-PL age through a conjunction in Aries

The positions where Uranus and Pluto make their conjunctions advance steadily and sign by sign through the zodiac. That makes any first conjunction in Aries the beginning of a new cycle and age.

Uranus - Pluto Super-Ages
Uranus – Pluto Super-Ages by progress of their conjunctions through the zodiac calculated for the Aries returns

Convergence & Divergence Cycles

Uranus - Pluto conjunctions
Great Convergence & Divergence climax events in the cycles of Uranus – Pluto conjunctions

The Great Uranus-Pluto-Convergence-Climax-Conjunction of 1591 BCE

Great Uranus-Pluto-Covergence-Conjunction of 1591 BCE
Great Uranus-Pluto-Climax of Convergence-Conjunction of 1591 BCE

The Great Initial Uranus-Pluto-Divergence-Climax-Conjunction of 70 BCE

The Great Initial Uranus-Pluto-Divergence-Conjunction event of 70 BCE marked the climax of a particularly long period of divergence between the 2 alternating cycles of Uranus-Pluto conjunctions

Initial Uranus Pluto Divergence Conjunction 70 BCE
Great Initial Uranus Pluto Divergence Conjunction 70 BCE