The 1700 Cascadia megathrust earthquake in astrology

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A map of the Juan de Fuca Plate with noted seismic incidents, including the 2001 Nisqually earthquake

The 1700 Cascadia megathrust earthquake in astrology

The 1700 Cascadia megathrust earthquake in astrology & astrogeography. Charts, data and analyses of the event along the Cascadia subduction zone 

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The 1700 Cascadia megathrust earthquake in astrology

Cascadia megathrust earthquake in astrology
A scenario macroseismic intensity map of the median ground motion values from magnitude 9.0 scenario earthquake on the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Maximum intensity of IX (Violent). Affected areas include Northern California, western Oregon and Washington, and the Vancouver Island region of British Columbia.

The 1700 Cascadia earthquake occurred along the Cascadia subduction zone on January 26, 1700, with an estimated moment magnitude of 8.7–9.2. The megathrust earthquake involved the Juan de Fuca Plate from mid-Vancouver Island, south along the Pacific Northwest coast as far as northern California. The plate slipped an average of 20 meters (66 ft) along a fault rupture about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) long. The earthquake caused a tsunami which struck the west coast of North America and the coast of Japan.[Japanese tsunami records, along with reconstructions of the wave moving across the ocean, put the earthquake at about 9:00 PM Pacific Time on the evening of 26 January 1700.” (from the wikipedia article).

The chart and astrogeographical data

Cascadia Megathrust Earthquake äin 1700
Horoscope for the 8.7–9.2 Mw Cascadia Subduction Megathrust earthquake of 26 Jan 1700 (greg.) calculated around 21:00 for Lincoln City, Oregon. The epicenter was estimated to have been located near 25°N, 125°W. The timing of the earthquake has been inferred from Japanese records of a tsunami that does not correlate with any other Pacific Rim quake.
  • there is a problem with the data for the position of the epicenter not being precise due to the lack of seismographic technology those days.
  • according to my astrological worldmap calculation system based on 20 years research of the exact grid system the estimated 70 km offshore position assumed for the epicenter has the astrogeographical latitude coordinate around 0°Aries.
  • now as you can see that is absolutely stunning and impressive regarding the exactitude of my findings since Neptune (ocean, destabilization, sea-water) at 3° Aries was conjunct the assumed epicenter position.
  • And Uranus (restructuring of instable/blocking formations) at 7°Cancer was square to Neptune
  • the half-sum of the square resonance between the two at 5°Aries.
  • Not to forget Chiron (dry & protected material ?) near 1°Libra (re-balancing of imbalance) in opposition.
  • the epicenter can therefore be concluded to have been located some 20 km or so south.
  • the longitude coordinate of the estimated epicenter was around 1°Sagittarius squared by the Saturn solid material/structures transit over 2°Pisces a degree of sinking, deepest depression, and final landing on sea ground (SAT-NE quality).

Regarding questions of danger of earthquakes in the Pacific North-West of the USA in 2024 and coming years:

The geological record reveals that great earthquakes with moment magnitude 8 or higher occur in the Cascadia subduction zone about every 500 years on average, often accompanied by tsunamis. There is evidence of at least 13 events at intervals from about 300 to 900 years with an average of 570–590 years” (from: wikipedia article)

Cascadia earthquake sources
Cascadia earthquake sources

According to my astrogeographical world map calculation system the fautline between San Francisco with latitude resonance coordinate (fl Level 1 resonating with supra-regional issues) near 0°Capricorn, Portland 27°Sagittarius is currently under pressure from a square transit of NEPTUNE at 27° and through the last degrees of Pisces indicating destabilization of solid tectonic structures incl. influence of seawater.

Neptune`s transit issues will continue to challenge the fautline in the NW steadily progressing in southern direction during the coming years. The upcoming SATURN-NEPTUNE-CONJUNCTION (aspect of destabilization, depression, sinking) between April 2025 & April 2026 and exact conjunction on 20 Feb 2026 at 1°Aries can be expected as the climax period of these Neptune issues.

Saturn - Neptune Conjunction of 20 February 2026
Horoscope for the Saturn – Neptune Conjunction of 20 February 2026 calculated for 8:53 a.m. and San Francisco

Neptune issues are generally: discharge of pressure and re-structuring of instable formations.

For evaluation of the precision of the data from my astrogeographical world map calculation system see:

Astrogeographical positions of Fukushima: 2°Libra & 12°Libra with Transit aspects of 11 March 2011:
Pluto at 7°Capricorn square the half-sum betw. 2° & 12 Libra
Uranus ingress to 0°Aries square 2°Libra
Jupiter at 10°Aries opposite 12°Libra
Mercury at 2°Aries opposite 2°Libra

From: “The Fukushima Nuclear Accident in astrogeography”

Astrogeogr.pos. of San Francisco: 0°Capricorn – 22°Virgo with Transit aspects of 18 April 1906:
Pluto at 21°Gemini square 22°Virgo
Pluto at 21°Gemini in mirrorpoint square to Uranus at 8°Capricorn & Neptune at 8°Cancer
From: “The San Francisco earthquakes in astrogeography”