Iceland and Reykjavík in Astrology

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A map of Iceland, showing major towns, rivers, lakes and glaciers. Translated from a map on the Greek Wikipedia

Iceland and Reykjavík in Astrology

Iceland and Reykjavík in Astrology. Foundation charts, and astrogeographical positions and important transits in the history of iceland.

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Iceland and Reykjavík in Astrology

Satellite image of Reyjkavik.
Satellite image of Reyjkavik. ph: anttilipponen, ccbysa2.0

Astrogeographical position of Reykjavík

Mid-Atlantic Ridge splitting Iceland
Map showing the Mid-Atlantic Ridge splitting Iceland and separating the North American and Eurasian Plates. The map also shows Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, the Thingvellir area, and the locations of some of Iceland’s active volcanoes (red triangles), including Krafla.

Astrogeographiocal postion of Reykjavík for morphogenetic field level 1 (region, global resonance): according to my astrologuical world map calculation system the city of Reykjavík is located at 7°-8°Taurus the sign of solid ground & 22°Sagittarius the sign of volcanic acticvity and of lava fields.

Taurus (food, income, money, agriculture, market places, city centers) represents the sign of the earth, solid ground, market places and energetical centers desribing the fundament of the island as through being part of a comparatively stable region. Reykjavik is a super-center market place in a vast ocean providing solid grouns, shelter and supplies for people passing by.

Anaalogies of fire sign Sagittarius to be exploed here are: growth, expansion, travelling, searching, watching, exploring, hunters & collectors, whale hunting, vulcanism, lava fields,

The combination of Taurus with Sagittarius can be explored in analogy, correspondence & resonance with:

  • the growth of the solid ground through volcanic activity
  • hot ground, heated earth and melted material
  • food supply through hunting (whaling) – since Iceland has comparatively little soil for agriculture
  • as a global capital of & important base station for whale hunting
  • a site of a gold rush mentality and the hunt for profits
  • natural resources of relative luxury (Sagittarius) of thermal hot water in cold northern climate
  • extensive resources for elctricity production provided by the land
Volcanic Acitivity on Iceland
Permanent volcanic acticity is symptomatic of the Sagittarius resonance of Iceland. The image shows an eruption at Geldingadalir in 2021. ph: Berserkur, ccbysa4.0

The astrogeographical conjunction between Reyjkavik & Greenland`s capital Nuuk and in wihich ways the whale hunt corresponds with the combination/conjunction of Sagittarius with Taurus

My astrogeographicla world map calculation system shows is a fascinating and stunning astrogeographiocal analogy between Reykjavik at 8°Taurus and 22°Sagittarius and Greenland`s capital Nuuk at 20°Sagittarius and 10°Taurus.

The degrees in the last decade of Sagittarius appear to play a particularly important role for the North Sea fisher island capitals since the capitals of Scotland in Edinburgh (22°Sagittarius)) and of Orkney Islands in Kirkwall (25° Sagittarius) are located in resonance with these positions of the zodiac as well.

Another mpressive astrogeographical examples of a gold-rush, treasure-adventure hunt for mineral & natutal resources capital located in the resonance of the Sagittarius/Taurus sign combination is the Dawson City capital of the Alaskan Klondyke gold rush being located at 23°Sagittarius & 29°Taurus.

The astrogeographical resonance coordinates for Nuuk the capital of Greenland are 10°Taurus and 20°Sagittarius ph: patano, ccbysa3.0

  • Taurus is the most important sign of reseonance and correspondence with the largest mamals and herbivores like cows, elefants and whales too. This is why the conjunction of Taurus with Sagittarius as rthe sign of hunters, collectors & profiteers can be explored as the symptomatic constellation of whale hunt as such.
  • for the imporatnt role of whaling in Iceland see the wikipedia article Whaling in Iceland
  • both places served as base stations for whale hunters – an important market and source of highest profits
  • as base stations for gold hunt & exploration and exploitation of mineral & natural resources
  • as base camps for travellers and explorers of lands, nature and wild life corresponding with the particluar reflexes and functions of Sagittarius regarding scientific observation, watching, quests for spectacular sceneries.
Whaling weapon.
This image of a shooting platform for big fat arrows can be explored as a key to the Sagittarius arhcetype. Even though whaling lost some of its imprtance for Iceland – an images of whaling ar noc longer made public – it is still an important part of Iceland`s cultural memory that small island used to be among the largest whaling nations worldwide for many centuries.

Reykjavik compared to the Scandinavian & North Sea Capitals

Scandinavia and North Sea in Astrogeography
Scandinavian & North Sea Capitals in Astrogeography

Foundation Charts of Modern iceland

The proclamation of Independence & Republic with Pluto square to Reykjavik

The independence of Iceland of 1944 was part of the global de-colonization processes triggered by WW II. By The British invasion of Iceland of 10 May 1940 was a preventive measure following the start of the German occupation of Denmar and Norway of 9 April 1940.

Britis Invasion of Iceland with Neptune square and Saturn conjunct Reykjavik
British Invasion of Iceland in Astrology
Horoscope for the British invasion of Iceland on 10 May 1940 calculatesd as a 12 :00 chart.
  • The British invasion was carried out during a conjunction of Mercury and Saturn at 6°-7°Taurus exactly conjunct Reykjavik. This transit aspect can be evaluated an indication that the outcome of the British occupation supported a stabilization of Iceland´s long-term independene & autonomy.
  • Neptune at 22° in self-protective, preventive earth sign Virgo occupying the exact square position to Reykjavik can explain how the territorial autonomy of Iceland was under pressure through the developments “overseas” (Neptune)

The timing of the declaration of independence of Iceland was a direct consequence of the Allied Landing in Normandy 11 days before – which triggered the beginning of the end of the German occupation of Denmark & Norway 11 months later on 8 May 1945.

Birth Chart Iceland
BIRTH CHART FOR MODERN ICELAND step II: calculated for the Proclamation of Independence, the Republic and Constitution of iceland on 17 June 1944 at 14.00 in Reykjavik. (time source N. Campion)
  • The most important astrogeographical transit was by Pluto at 7°Leo exactly square the 8°Taurus resonance coordinate of Reyjavik as part of the long-term transit with its climax between October 1942 (6°Leo) and June 1946 (10°Leo).
  • As a major indicator of the “Zeitgeist” of that era Pluto explains the pressure on Iceland though the Nazi German occupation of Denmark and Norway in April 1940 and the ongoing World War which made the North Sea an important battlefield and Iceland a target to occupation by the Nazis.
  • This square transit explains Pluto`s quality as an important indicator for nomadic culture and decolonization through his rulership in Scorpio and role as the significator of the oppsite principle to Taurus and Venus as significators of colonization, occupation & permanent possession of territories.
  • the conjunction of Saturn with the Sun and Venus on the last degrees of Gemini the sign of democracy, puberty, experiments with practical freedom of speech, opinion, liberty, civil rights and the zodiac degrees of parliaments as such appareas as symptomatic of the step from the Danish monarchy to an independent republic.
  • the ingress of Saturn from Gemini into Cancer the sign of emotional indpendence on the next day explains the strong impact for the island in between Europe and the Americas whose outlook on global politics was shifted to new dimensions and potential options.
  • Saturn at 29°Gemini was approaching the 1°Cancer resopnance coordinate of the Danish capital capital Copenhagen explaining the developments as important step towards the future autonomy and stabilization of the independence of Denmark
  • a particularly intense aspect of these new possibility may have been the offer made by from some players in Washington offering Iceland an option of join the USA. This can be concluded from the fact that Jupiter the planet of triumph & victory at 22°Leo was on his way to conjunction with the 27° Leo resonance coordinate of Washington.
  • the trine aspect of Jupiter at 22°Leo in relation to the 22°Sagittarius resonance coordinate of Reykjavik as a highly stimulative and promising aspect for the nation and people of Iceland. Particularly also because Jupiter represents the ruling planet of the Sagittarius quality of Icelands capital region.
  • The conjunction of Mercury and Uranus explains a full scale excitement triggered by the possibility of standing in betweeen all kinds of new chances and global players.

Birth & Foundation Charts in the History of Iceland

Historical Birth Chart I: The First Norwegian settlements in Iceland in 870 CE

Ingólfr Arnarso
Ingólfr Arnarson, in some sources named Bjǫrnólfsson (849 CE –  910 CE) is commonly recognized as the first permanent settler in iceland

According to the Sagas of Icelanders the first three explores who reached Iceland in the 9th century are assumed to have been NaddoddGarðar Svavarsson and Flóki Vilgerðarson, But other sources have found traces of 2 buildings both at different sites tjhat have been radio-carbondated somwhat earlier.

The earliest documented permanent settler in Iceland was Náttfari a crew member of Garðar Svavarsson`s mission, discoverer of swedish origin who had first managed to circumnavigate Iceland in 870. The Norwegian-Norse chieftain Ingólfr Arnarson built his homestead in present-day Reykjavík in 874 paving the way for larger amounts of settlers to stay and survive in Iceland.

Iceland Iceland Birth Chart I
Iceland Birth Chart I 1st settlement of Norwegian Settlers calculated for the summer solstice on 21 June 870 CE. The summer solstice can be interpreted as a climax chart for places explaining issues of development ta the place.
  • the square transit of Uranus as indicator of globalization at 14°Leo in relation to the 8°Taurus resonance coordinate of the all-time center of the national morphic field of Iceland in Reykjavic may be ecplored as an indication that the first contacts & explorations that led to the Norwegian settlements during this era could have been made from around the beginning of the Uranus squre transit in 867 CE.
  • What makes the year 867 so important is the fact that Pluto in his 248 year long cycle moved conjunct the 22°Aries resonance coordinate of Reykjavik triggering transformation through invasions by nomadic or pirate groups, battles for power and hrerarchy.

The Althing as the “Oldest Extant Parliament in the World” founded in 930 CE

Þingvellir (Thingvellir) was the traditional site of the first Icelandic parliament called Althing which was first founded in 930. it is considered to represent the oldest permanently functioning parliament on our planet making it a unique example for a particular case of stable institution though under circumstances of geographcial isolation.

Almannagjá Canyon at Þingvellir Iceland
Law Rockin Almannagjá Canyon at at Þingvellir, Iceland is the site of ther roots of the first parliament of iceland since 930 CE. The canyon marks the fautline between the Eurasian & American tectonic plates. The site is located in the combination of earth sign Taurus the sign of the earth & of settled agriculture with its opposition sign Scorpio the sign of magma chambers, basalt rock & nomadic culture. ph: license: Pjt56 , ccbysa4.0

Astrogeographical position of the Pinvellir area for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how the site is embedded in the land: located in 2 opposition signs:  one coordinate is located in profitable, solid, fixed earth sign Taurus the sign of the earth, grounding, growing roots, agriculture, food, market places, occupation & possession of land, organized land owners, local energetical centers and stability,

The 2nd coordinate lies in highly alert, defensive, dogmatic, solid, fixed water sign Scorpio sign of role models, imaging, ideology, self-defense, piracy, organized gangs, battles over power, dominance and hierachy and of nomadic situations. As the sign of the fire of water Scorpio plays an important role as significator of magma chambers, the underground & underworld, magma and volcanic rock.

  • The combination of Taurus with its opposition sign Scorpio can be explored as a symptomatic mark of issues of the confrontation between landowners & nomadic groups and of the transition from a nomadic situation to a more stable and settled organization of land distribution and of organization of stable food supply.
  • The choice of a site for the gathering of the local clan chiefs and representatives exactly on the tectonic fault is highly symbolic and could be considered both as highly problematic but also as helpful too. And not only because the canyon provided shelter from winds and rain.
  • The decision for such a place cannot have been made without consultation of the native shamans and priests. It may be argued that the choice may have been wise, clever, intelligent and auspicious because after all it turned out as highly successful for the birth of a parliament that succeeded in existing over such long periods of time. The choice of the site emphasized and directly focused on the position right on the divide between the tectonic plates – out which the volcanic iceland was born and raised.

Astrogeographical position of the “Law Rocke” in the Pinvellir area for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosphere of the site itself: the law rock is located in the combination of fire sign Aries with earth sign Capricorn the sign combination of warfare and the warrior caste in general. This quality may be highly typical for sites of the gathering of leaders, chieftains and local kings in tribal cultures – Compare: Bighorn Medicine Wheel.

  • Highly alert, dynamic, erect, male fire sign Aries sign of action, decisions, fighting, warfare, speed comes together here with solid conservative, traditionalist, hierarchical earth sign Capricorn sign of government institutuions, control, laws, duty and administration
Neptune square & Uranus conjunct Reykjavik: the establishment of Iceland`s Thing-Parliament
Althing Icelandic Parliament Foundation in Astrology
Althing – Assumed foundation of the Icelandic Parliament calculated for the summer solstice of 22 June 930 CE. The “longest day of the solar year” (in regard to sunlight) is a natural climax for social life
  • the year of 930 CE was marked by a square transit of Neptune to the 22°Aries resonance coordinate of all-time center of the national morphic in Reykjavik from 20°Cancer. Indications of square transits of Neptune to a capital:
  • A — destabilization of existing structures, social institutions and handling of rules which called for transcendence of the status quo of hierarchy between social & ethnic groups, slave owners and slaves B — incoming new and larger groups of settlers C — invasions from foreign groups including attempts of occupation of land, looting, raping, stealimg of food resources D — solving of unsolved problematic issues the solutions of which havd been delayed.
  • Uranus (multicultural issues, globalization, revolution, innovation) transit conjunct the 8°Taurus resonance coordinate of Reykjavik indicating the arrival of new settllers and technologies and consequences of a revolution among the hierarchy between leading groups as a majo reason for the need of a larger or more stable Thing – Parliament.

Today´s House of Parliament of iceland

Allthing House of Parliament of Iceland
Todays Parliament House Alþingishúsið in Reykjavík
has both coordinates in water sign Cancer

photo: APK, ccbysa4.0

Astrogeographical position for field level 3 which describes how the construction site and the part of town around it are embedded in Iceland`s capital city: located in 2 opposition signs – practical air sign Gemini sign of communication, information, contacts, bridges, interfaces, sign posts, duplicity, technology and bringing opposites together. The 2nd coordinate lies in liberal fire sign Sagittarius sign of thinking, watching, aiming, searching, luxury, style, design, fashion, ornamentation, corruption and a major indicator for magma and the cleansing fires. The combinaton of Gemini with Sagittarius is classical for democracy, the preference of liberty, human rights

Astrogeographical position for field level 4 which describes the atmosphere of the parliament house building itself: both astrogeographical coordinates are located in self-protective emotional water sign Cancer sign of feeling at home, connecting with one`s ancestor line, motherhood, fertility, island status, coastlines and a strong hint at the priority of home affairs.

Nowegian rule over Iceland with Neptun square Reykjavik in 1262

The directNowegian rule over the situation in Iceland was a step to consolidate the situation between competing groups.

Iceland Birth and Foundation chart III
Iceland III Birth and Foundation chart III Norwegian Rule through the so-called Old Covenant “Gamli Sáttmáli” in 1262. The chart is calculated for the planetary position during the summer solstice of 21 June 1262.

Danish Rule over Iceland between 1380 to 1944 began with Saturn conjunct Reykjavik

The shift from Norwegian to Danish rule over Iceland wasn`t a result of any political or other developemt in Iceland but of an event in Norway where the Danish King Olav II became King of Norway under the name of Olav IV.

Iceland Danish Rule in 1380
Iceland Foundation Chart IV – Danish Rule over Norway and iceland: Olav II of Denmark becomes King Olav IV of Norway on 28 July 1380.
  • Saturn at 3°Taurus approaching the exact conjunction with the 8°Taurus resonance coordinate of Reykjavik explains the step as a stabilization of the status quo in Iceland.
  • Uranus – Venus conjunction between 19° and 25°Virgo:

The Lakagígar Volcanic Eruptions in 1783-84 in ASTROGEOGRAPHICAL VULCANOLOGY

Volcanic system of Iceland
Map of the volcanic system of Iceland author: Pinpin, ccbysa3.0

A description of the 1783 eruption from the wikipedia article: “On 8 June 1783, a 25 km-long (15.5 mi) fissure of at least 130 vents opened with phreatomagmatic explosions because of the groundwater interacting with the rising basalt magma. Over a few days the eruptions became less explosive, Strombolian, and later Hawaiian in character, with high rates of lava effusion. This event is rated as 4 on the VOLCANIC EXPLOSIVITY INDEX, but the eight-month emission of sulfuric aerosols resulted in one of the most important climatic and socially significant natural events of the last millennium……………….. The eruption continued until 7 February 1784, but most of the lava was ejected in the first five months. One study states that the event “occurred as ten pulses of activity, each starting with a short-lived explosive phase followed by a long-lived period of fire-fountaining”. Grímsvötn volcano, from which the Laki fissure extends, also erupted at the time, from 1783 until 1785.

Laki Volcano Eruption in Astrology
Laki Volcanic Fissure Eruption of 1783-84 beginning and end. Calculated as a 12:00 midday chart for day of the start of the 8 month long series of heavy eruptions at the 25 km ling Lakagigar volcanic fissure calculated for 8 June 1783 (inner ring) with transits during its end on 7 February 1784 (outer ring)

There are several planetary constellations that I want to point out as important factors and indications of the volcanic processes:

1 —- Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Aquarius the sign of explosions square to the 8°Taurus coordinate of the center of the national morphic surface field of Icelena

  • The conjunction of the 2 most important planetary indicators of volcanic material:
  • A — Jupiter the indicator of lava, heat, cleansing fires, “hell” and expansion at 1°Aquarius and
  • B — Pluto as indicator of the underworld, caves, solid material, magma chambers, AA lava and similar emanations of volcanic activity a 9°Aquarius with
  • C — their half-sum at 5°Aquarius in
  • D — nearly exact square to the 7°-8°Taruus resonance coordinate of the center of the national morphic field of Iceland may be explored as a descripütion of the forces at work.

2 —- a T-square between Saturn, Neptune and a Uranus-Mercury conjunction in the cardinal signs Capricorn, Libra and Cancer

  • Saturn as indicator for the solid material at the top of volcanic pipes and fissures was in his sign Capricorn the sign of hardest rock material had been in a longer process of confrontation by opposition with Uranus as indicator of attempted discharge of tension and of explosive energies in water sign of Cancer an indicating sign of closed in and walled in materials between January 1782 and June 1782. A question reagrding the presence of planets in water sign Cancer that remains to be observed is the inflow of ground-water and the effects of it being heated up.
  • From July 1782 to November 1782 Uranus in Cancer had moved very close to the square position with Neptune the indicator of dissolution and destabilization of hard material and solid formations in air sign Libra indicating discharge of imbalances and pressure with an aim of re-balancing the status quo and functions like of a valve. Since Neptune is a natural indicator of seawater (plus of the water element as such) the interaction of seawater with heated material may be considered.
  • In the mean time through a retrograde motion Saturn had spend the time between May 19 and November 23, 1782 in fire sign Sagittarius the sign of lava indicating a tendency of melting of solid material.
  • It can be assuemd that that soon after re-entering into Capricorn the pressure aginst solid material started “MOUNTING” (btw. a capricorn semantical allegory) until in early January 1783 Saturn at 5°Capricorn as a description of hardest material reached the exact opposition with Uranus as explosive energy at 5° in Cancer sign of caves indicating a climax of tension, but with Uranus in retrograde motion as a possible indication of reduction of pressure
  • By 20 February Saturn first confronted the exact square with retrograde Neptune indicating the chance for solid materials to move into open or movable space and “DISMOUNT” and discharge climax of tension.
  • So it was that the fulle sclae outbreak of the stored tension and imbalanced situation between the two tectonic plates occurred when Uranus after starting to move direct again from 3°Capricorn (indicating rising pressure from solid material being moved) on 12 March was aboiut to reach the exact square to the position of Neptune by June 8.
  • EFFECTS FROM NEPTUNE IN LIBRA: the position of Neptune in Libra indicates a volvanic event in a period of dissolution of solid materials with the consequence of opening up of closed up spaces & insides. The phenomenon of the combination of the extreme impact of a long series of outbreaks with an average intensity (4) of volcanic explosivity may be understood as a symptom of the Neptune in Libra quality being involved. One of the effects to be explored could be the permancy of the “eight-month emission of (sulfuric) aerosols” as DISSOLVED & SUBTLE FORM & STATE OF MATERIAL.
  • MERCURY-URANUS CONJUNCTION IN CANCER. the conjunction of Mercury with Uranus both indicators of gas (oxygen as a common multiple between the two) in the sign of ground water can be explored in regard to the various forms of gases, explosives and aerosol emissions too.
  • SATURN IN CAPRICON. the fact that the discharge of accumulated tension at the 25 lm long Lakigagar fissure happened when the indicator of stable material was in the sign of the most solid of materials points at a volcanic discharge effected by the impact of pressure exertedby particularly solid, large and prominent formations

3 — Mars and the North Node in Pisces

  • the trine position of Mars As the natural indicator of the final ignition of outbreaks at 12° in Pisces the sign of of sea-water, dissolution, destabilization, and of stability of material & status quo in rellation to Mercury at 11°Cancer both in water signs (influx of water, liquid state of material) can be explored as a mutual stimulation between the stimulus for ignition (Mars) and the movability of material due to presence of spaces and or gases (Mercury).

4 — Gravity from the Sun-Moon relationship

  • the first outbreak was not triggered by a maximum of gravity as in cases of new moon or full moon. For the eruption of 8 June the gravity of the two major luminaries was worked from a 90°square angle between the Sun at 17°/18° in air sign Gemini indicator of opening of ways, valves, connections, confrontation, “competition” or grinding of materials in opposite states and the Moon at 17°/18° in earth sign Virgo indicator of protected spaces and of materials in a semi-solid state or relatively thin nature that function as separator between different materials.
  • the square angle position between the faster moving MOON and comparativley static SUN may be examined as a hint at the effects from grinding forces acted by a moving material or the moving tectonic plate onto material in a more static and stable position.