Jerusalem and Israel in Political Astrology

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The Knesset building in Jerusalem is the House of Parliament of Israel. For field level 4 (exact adress) the building is located between Cancer and Leo and in Aquarius ph: Beny Shlevich, GFDL

Jerusalem and Israel in Political Astrology

Jerusalem and Israel in Political Astrology. Birth Charts of Israel and transits of the outer planets in relation to the capital, government & national center of Israel.

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The astrogeographical position of the Knesset building in Jerusalem

Designed by Ossip Klarwein (born 6 Feb 1893 in Warszaw) the Beth ha-Knesset building has been the seat of the Parliament of Israel since its inauguration on 30 August 1966 with Jupiter in Cancer, Mars-Venus-Mercury in Leo + Moon between Aquarius and Pisces.

The Knesset building in Jerusalem is the House of Parliament of Israel. For field level 4 (exact adress) the building is located between Cancer and Leo and in Aquarius ph: Beny Shlevich, GFDL

Astrogeographical position of the Knesset building for morphogenetic field level 4 (exact position) which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the building itself: the Knesset building has one coordinate right between emotional water sign Cancer sign of the moon, motherhood, fertility, springs and emotional individuality and independence and highly energetic, magnetic, royal fire sign Leo sign of the sun, light, heart, power stations, birth, self-expression, centralism, kingdom, magnificence and of birth. Positions between Cancer and Leo indicate places of importance of emotional and energetical resonance. The 2nd coordinate is in creative, innovative, holistic air sign Aquarius sign of the sky, heaven, paradise, self-liberation, rebellion, abstraction, globalization, radical emotions and re-connection with the fuller amount of ones potentials.

Aquarius may not be understood as a particularly stabilizing or harmonious aspect for democratic institutions. It generally reflects global or regional rather than local issues – and often reflects artificially implanted rather than organically grown situations. This may be even more so here as the two resonance coordinates of the parliament house stand in opposition to each other indicating conflicting issues.

An age-old strong example for the conflict behind Aquarius and Leo combinations in the region of Israel and Egypt with both capitals located in Aquarius (Cairo AQ-PIS) is the position of the revolutionary capital of Achet-Aton founded by Pharao Akhenaten as the first capital of monotheist high culture in 1343 BC.

At the site of the Knesset building the resonance coordinate in Aquarius may be found to reflect the globalization of territorial conflicts between the different populations of the region.

The astrogeographical position of Jerusalem

Jerusalem and temple Mount at night. ph: EvgeniT, ccbysa3.0

Astrogeographical position of Jerusalem for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the international and supraregional topics of the capital and government of Israel: Jerusalem is  located at  in dynamical, male fire sign Aries the sign of new starts. action, warfare and speed and at 18° in spiritual air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky, heaven, paradise, self-finding, revolution, abstraction, globalization and re-connection with the fuller potential of humans. The combination of Aries with Aquarius stands for topics of revolution, rebellion and uprising, new beginnings and mutation.

Though Jerusalem is the capital of Israel important transits in the history of State of Israel suggest that the astrogeographical resonance coordinates for Tel Aviv appear to play a particularly important role in the political history of modern State of Israel.

Astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the City of Tel Aviv for morphogenetic field level 1 which describe the international and supraregional topics of the place: Tel Aviv has one coordinate at 10° Aquarius and one coordinate at 28°Pisces.

Jerusalem and Israel as targets of geo-strategical spheres of interest

I suggest to try to differentiate between the vital interests of Israels neighbors and of its Arab population, the political, economical and military roles and functions Israel has for global and regional players, the tactical and propaganda game-play it is used for and the projections made onto Israel, Jews, Jewish religion, economy and culture.

Israel - Geo Strategical sphere of interest
Astrogeographical resonance coordinates of countries with high relevance in regard to Israel as part of their geo-strategical sphere of interest

The 2021 Israel Palestine Crisis with Uranus square and Saturn conjunct Tel Aviv

Form my astrogeographical point of view the intensification of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict in the May 2021 crisis has to be understood as the starting phase of a longer problematic phase in the relationship between the two conflicting sides. This is because the high relevance of this years Saturn – Uranus square transits for the resonance coordinates of Tel Aviv (11°Aquarius) and Jerusalem (18°Aquarius).

2021 Israel - Palestine Crisis
Astrological chart for the day of the beginning of the climax period of the 2021 Israel – Palestine Crisis calculated as a mid-day chart for 6 May 2021
  • the developments during the 2021 Israel – Palestine Crisis are to be examined as an prelude and introduction to the coming transit of Uranus over 18°Taurus square to the 18°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Israels capital Jerusalem with its climax phase between May 2022 and June 2023. Through his role as the planet of globalization Uranus indicates the influence of geopolitical global players and the cosmo-biological developments that the human population on mothership earth is subject to in holistic (Aquarius) togetherness.
  • As the ruler of the Aquarius resonance coordinate of Jerusalem Uranus stands for issues having to do with suppressed potentials of development and the suppression of parts of the population by others. As Uranus is located in Taurus the sign of possession of territory, access to markets and income, issues of inequality, injustice and slavery may be seen as potential causes for the current situation.
  • In the chain of events that started in April/ May 2021 Uranus at 10°-11°Aquarius occupied the square transit to the important 11°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Tel Aviv. The fact that Tel Aviv has most heavily been targeted by rockets sent from Gaza can serve as a strong astrogeographical image for this transit situation. Uranus is the strongest planetary resonator for flying objects.
  • A transit factor directly related to this transit of Uranus was the stabilizing conjunction transit of Saturn stationary at 12°-13° in Aquarius the sign of rulership and “homezone” of Uranus. Saturns conjunction with the 10° Aquarius position of Tel Aviv indicates a further stabilization of the front-lines and status quo in Northern Israel.
  • Saturn will reach the exact conjunction to the 18° Aquarius resonance coordinate of Jerusalem in February 2022. This transit stands for the stabilization of the national morphic field, government institutions and territorial integrity of Israel even if through more heavy attacks as during the 6-Day War of 1967 (see my interpretation in this article)

The Birth of modern Israel: a Pluto – Saturn conjunction opposite Jerusalem

The British announced their withdrawal from the region on 18 February 1947. On 29 November 1947 the General Assembly of the United Nations voted to recommend the adoption and implementation of a partition plan with the support of the big global powers of the Cold War but without the support of the British nor of the Arab States.

United Nations partion plan for Palestine
1947 UN partition plan for Palestine

One day later a civil war known as the 1947-1949 Palestine War broke out between the Arab and Jewish populations.

Palestine War of 1947 - 1949
Midday Horoscope for the planetary positions at the beginning of the Palestine War on 30 Nov 1947 but without exact time.
  • During the UN decision on the future of Israel and the beginning of the first Palestine War the half sum (18°Leo) between Pluto at 14°Leo and Saturn at 22°Leo was exactly opposite the 18°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Jerusalem This astrogeographical constellation signaled maximal pressure onto the status quo in the ancient capital of the Jewish people and religion. This pressure came from the 2 major global players in the Cold War the USA and USSR.
Israel Birth Chart
Birth Chart for modern Israel calculated for the Declaration of Independence on 14 May 1948, 16:00 at Tel Aviv. Pluto, Saturn and Mars in Leo and in opposition to Palestine mark intense territorial pressure on the status quo explaining the permanent conflicts and war-like situation during the foundation phase, first years of existence. and throughout the history of modern Israel.
  • The Declaration of Independence and foundation of the Republic of Israel in 1948 was carried out during the Pluto-Saturn conjunction of 1948 that accompanied the settling of territorial decisions concerning the former European colonies after World War 2. On a global level the Pluto-Saturn conjunction stabilized the Iron Curtain between the geo-strategical spheres of interest of the duality of the dominant global powers USA and USSR.
  • Plutos transit in opposition to Palestine had begun with the Fascist German preparation for World War II and for the intended genocide against the European Jews had begun with Plutos first ingress into Leo on August, 3 1938 and the Kristallnacht of Nov 9 1938 as its first climax on the European stage. The European influence was decisive because it was the transfer of European Jews to Israel that initiated the foundation of the modern Jewish state.
  • During the foundation of modern Israel Pluto had proceeded as far as 12°Leo in nearly exact opposition to the 10°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Tel Aviv,
  • As the decisive ruler of mid-heaven the Moon occupied 3° in fire sign Leo in a highly supporting and stimulative exact trine aspect to the 2°Aries astrogeographical coordinate of Jerusalem indicating a step that imported the stimulation of intense development into the region. As the ruler of Cancer the sign of emotional individualization and of identification with ones homeland and ancestral inheritance the moon stood in a position of birth, self-esteem and self-expression.

The Wannsee Conference and the Holocaust

Historically one of the most important historical factors that led to the foundation of modern Israel in Palestine was the genocide of the European Jews by the Fascist German regime between 31 July 1941 (Göring authorization) and 7 May 1945 (German military capitulation).

The infamous Wannsee Conference on 20 January 1942 was held to  organize the genocide. The Wannsee Conference was held with Neptune conjunct Berlin and in opposition to Jerusalem. The chart below is calculated for a  2° Aries ascendant with the astrogeographic coordinate of Jerusalem rising. Neptune at 29°46`Virgo was  in exact transit over the position of Berlin at 29° Virgo on that day describing the paralysis, manipulation, subjugation and destruction of Berlin and along with it of Germany`s national identity,  culture, territorial integrity and moral rights through the Wannsee Conference. Berlin`s astrogeographic position located at 29° Virgo falls in exact opposition to the coordinate of Jerusalem at 2° Aries. This could make Berlin and German governments appear intensely negative in relation to the ancient center and modern capital of the State of Israel for a period in history when Neptune was transiting conjunct Berlin and in opposition to Jerusalem.  But it should not be misinterpreted as generally negative in all regards. There is also the option and potential of this aspect being effectively complementary and used as an aspect of replenishment. This can be seen from the Grand Cross of the capitals of the founding members the European Union  I  describe in my blog about the astrogeographical position of Berlin: “In fact the capitals of the founding members (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands) of the European Union are linked together by a Grand Cross:  Rome (29°Gemini + 15°Gemini), Paris (27°Sagittarius + 28°Aquarius), Berlin (29° Virgo + 10° Cancer) and Brussels (21°Pisces + 10°Scorpio with Amsterdam at 29°Pisces + 4°Libra)”.

Wannsee Conference 20 January 1942, calculated for 2° Aries Ascendant, Berlin
Horoscope chart for the day of the Wannsee Conference on 20 January 1942. Calculated for 2° Aries Resonance coordinate of Jerusalem rising on the Ascendant in Berlin.  Neptune`s transit in opposition to Jerusalem is to be seen as the major astrogeographical factor for the genocide in regard to Jerusalem
  • Neptune`s transit in opposition to Jerusalem`s astrogeographical coordinate at 2° Aries between October 1941 (28°) and June 1946 (5° Libra) is to be seen as the plausible astrogeographical indicator for the genocide in regard to the 2°Aries resonance coordinate of Jerusalem. This transit can be examined astrologically in a number of dimensions. Neptune could be taken as a valid astrological indicator for the gas chambers at Auschwitz, the territorial homelessness of the Jewish nation, the spiritual independence of the Jews from other religions, the scapegoat function of the Jews in European societies, territorial insecurity as a particular – long term situation of the Jewish nation to name just the most important ones.

The Six-Day-War of June 1967 with Saturn conjunct + Neptune square Jerusalem

Events that occur during astrogeographical conjunctions of Saturn with national capitals are symptomatic of stabilization processes of the independence of nations, national territories and their institutions. There can be no doubt that the 6-Days War represented such a development in the history of modern Israel.

Israeli gains in the 6-Day-War
Israeli gains in the 6-Day-War in 1967
image: Zvikorn, ccbysa4.0

During the Six-Day War between Israel and Jordan, Syria, and Egypt, Israel seized the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, from Jordan and the Golan Heights from Syria. This victory and territorial gains stabilized Israeli control over its own territories, including strategically important Arab territories.

6 - days War in Palestine
Astrological chart for the beginning of the 6-Day-War between Israel and its Arab neighbor states calculated for 5 Jun 1967 at 7:45. This time marked the start of an Israeli air raid named Operation Focus in which all but 12 of its nearly 200 operational jets were sent off on a mass attack against Egypt’s airfields.
  • The 6-Day-War occurred after a period of 4 years of intense pressure on the territorial integrity and stability of Israel through the transit of Neptune square to the 18°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Jerusalem.
  • At the moment of the beginning of Israeli air raids into Egypt Mars – the planet of warfare was exactly on the IC – the position on the ground. Mars position at 16°Libra was in exact opposition to the 16°Aries resonance coordinate of the Syrian capital Damascus.
  • The Moon at 10° Taurus the sign of expansion and occupation of territory was in exact square to the important 10°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Tel Aviv.
  • The fact that Saturn as an indicator of stabilization had transited the 2°Aries resonance coordinate of Jerusalem 4 months before the war began may be interpreted as to point at a period in which Israel was relatively stabilized and well prepared for efficient action. Astrogeographical transits of Saturn over capitals often indicate processes of stabilization of national governments and territories.

Yom Kippur War with Pluto opposite & Saturn square Jerusalem

Yom Kuppur War in 1973
Maps showing the crossing of the Suez-Canal by Egypt and Israeli forces during the Yom Kippur War between October 6 and 25 1973

The Yom Kippur War fought from October 6 to 25, 1973, by a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria  against  Israel began through a joint surprise attack on Israeli positions, on Yom Kippur an important holiday in Israel.

Mundane Astrology of Israel
Astrological chart for the beginning of the Yom Kippur War through Operation Badr on 6 October 1973 at 2 p.m.
  • the 1973 Yom Kippur attack on Israel occurred after 2 years of intense pressure and threat from the transit of Pluto the planet of battle for power and hierarchy over 2°Libra in exact opposition to the 2°Aries resonance coordinate of Jerusalem.
  • at the same time Saturn at 4° Cancer was moving in exact square transit to the 2°Aries coordinate of Jerusalem challenging the government control over the situation in Israel.
  • a 3rd factor directly involved in the T-square with the positions of Pluto and Saturn was the North Node as indicator of aims at 2° in Capricorn the sign of governments.
  • the position of Mars as the planet of warfare at 6° in Taurus the sign of income, profits, food and occupation of territory explains the motives of the war as the occupation of territory and the securing of profits. The fact that Mars was conjunct the 2°Taurus resonance coordinate of Moscow explains the importance of the Russian support for the Arab intervention. As the sign ruler of Taurus Venus at 27°Scorpio in exact square to the 27°Leo resonance coordinate of US capital Washington may indicate that the Egyptian attempt to conquer Sinai and gain military control over Suez canal was intended as an important move in order to participate more in the profits made by the US and its allies from global trade.

The termination of the peace process in Israel under the George W. Bush presidency

The last serious attempts for a peace process in Israel were brought forward through the Oslo Accords since 1993 as an effect of the Gulf War in 1991. The negative effects of the G.W. Bush presidency (2001-2009) turned back any positive results of this process together with a fundamental destabilization of the region.

Bush Presidenca, 20 January 2001, calculated for Ac on 18° Aquarius the position of Jerusalem
Astrological chart for the G.W. Bush Presidency (20 January 2001-2009), calculated for the day of the inauguration on 20 January 2001,  for AC  at 18° Aquarius the position of Jerusalem

The beginning of the Bush presidency fell into the period of the transit of Uranus conjunct the position of Jerusalem at 18° Aquarius between April 1999 (16°) and November 2001 (21°). As a conjunction this transit may have had a lot of potential for establishing stable solutions in Palestine but was used to destroy the road to peace by the right wing governments in the USA and Israel.

The next important transit of Uranus in conjunction with Jerusalem  between March 2011 (29° Pisces) and  March 2013  (6° Aries) took place during the square of Pluto to the 2° Aries coordinate which lasted from January 2008 (0° Capricorn) until September 2012 (6° Capricorn).

Really intensely tight transits of the outer planet to Jerusalem will not on  the agenda until Uranus` square to the 18° Aquarius position between May 2022 (15° Taurus) and April 2024 (21°Taurus) which may threaten Israeli Settlement (Taurus) Policy.

Right after this Uranus transit Neptune in conjunction to Jerusalem`s 2° Aries coordinate could bring intense challenges of the position of the Israeli government between February 2025 and February 2028 and make a more stable solution and treaty inevitable for Israel.


Jerusalem made capital: Neptune over Jerusalem during the spring equinox of the year 1000 BC

The chart below is a fictitious projection taken from Neptune`s transit over the position of the foundation of modern Israel at 10° Libra and in opposition to Jerusalem as the major astrogeographical factor for the foundation of modern Israel. It is calculated for the day of the spring equinox on 21 March 1000 BC during the period of Neptune`s transit over the 2° Libra position that marked assumed period in which Jerusalem was made capital of Israel by King David around the year 1000 BC.

Jerusalem becomes capital of Israel
Astrological chart for Jerusalem as capital Capital of Israel. Hypothetical chart calculated for the spring equinox of 21 March 1000 B:C.. Around that time King David supposedly made the decision to move the capital from Hebron (2°Aries – 23°Aquarius) some 30 km north to Jerusalem.
  • This hypothetical astrological chart is for the period in which Jerusalem was made capital of Israel when King David moved the capital from Hebron to Jerusalem. It is calculated for the day of the spring equinox of 20 March 1000 BC with ascendant on 2° Aries – the astrogeographical position of Jerusalem.
  • Neptunes transit in opposition to the 2°Aries resonance coordinate of Jerusalem and of Hebron in the years before suggests a period of destabilization of territorial control, and of challenges to the status quo.
  • Pluto at 11°Leo was exactly opposite the important astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Tel Aviv at 10°Aquarius indicating intense pressure on the Jerusalem-Hebron area through the situation in what is North Israel today.
  • As a third major aspect of an outer planet Uranus the planet of globalization, rebellion and radical changes had been in transit in conjunction with Jerusalem`s position at 2° Aries since 1005 BC explaining  
  • These 3 transits occurring in opposition with each other between 1006 BC  and 1003 BC are to be seen as highly plausible astrogeographical indicators for the period of the conquest of Jerusalem by King David.

The Destruction of Solomon’s Temple with Uranus conjunct Jerusalem

Solomon’s Temple (1st Temple) was destroyed by the Neo-Babylonian Empire in 587 BCE, King Nebuchadnezzar had begun a siege of Jerusalem in January 589 BC and the city was conquered inn 587 or 586 BCE. Part of the population of the Kingdom of Judah was taken into exile to Babylon.

Destruction of the 1st Temple
Astrological chart for the summer solstice of the year 587 BCE i which the City of Jerusalem was conquered by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and the first temple destroyed
  • the conquest, and destruction of Jerusalem and of the Temple of Salomon in the summer of the year 587 or 586 BCE occurred during the transit of Uranus as the planet of globalization conjunct the 2°Aries resonance coordinate of Jerusalem.

Jupiters return to Jerusalem and construction of the 2nd Temple

According to the Hebrew Bible the Second Temple was built at the site of Solomon’s Temple between 537 and 516 BCE.,

Second Temple of Jerusalem
The Second Jewish Temple. Model in the Israel Museum. The temple Mount is located in Taurus with Pisces
ph: Ariely, ccbysa3.0
2nd Temple of Jerusalem
Astrological chart for the spring equinox of 516 BCE – the year of the construction of the 2nd Temple of Jerusalem
  • the construction of the 2nd temple was finished in 516 BCE – a year in which Jupiter (Zeus) the planet of victory, success and of the priest castes crossed the exact conjunction with the 2°Aries resonance coordinate of Jerusalem. In this regard Jahwe the God of the Jews so appears to be represented by the planet Jupiter and be associated in some regards to the Greek god Zeus. Important and illustrative examples for the return of autonomy to the national capital under a conjunction transit of Jupiter (“Zeus Return”) was the liberation of Greece from Turkish rule in 1828 and from German occupation in 1944.

The destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 CE with Jupiter opposite Jerusalem and Pluto conjunct the important Tel Aviv position

Siege of Jerusalem in  astrology
The siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE.
map: Goran tek-en, ccbysa4.0

The siege of Jerusalem in the year 70 CE was the decisive event of the First Jewish–Roman War. Roman troops led by the future Emperor Titus besieged and conquered the city of Jerusalem and destroyed both the city and its Temple. Jerusalem had been controlled by Judean rebel factions since 66 CE, following the Jerusalem riots of 66.

Detsruction of the 1st temple in Jerusalem
Astrological chart for the Destruction of the 1st Temple in Jerusalem calculated as a mid-day chart for 12 Aug 70 CE
  • the opposition of Jupiter (Zeus) the planet of victory and of arson attacks to the 18°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Jerusalem from 16° Leo stood for the victory of the invaders and for the burning, raping and looting of the city thereafter.
  • Pluto the planet of trauma, pains, battles for power and at 12°Aquarius was conjunct the important 10°/11°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Tel Aviv and on his way to the exact conjunction with the Jerusalem as capital of the Jewish nation which was due 3 years later.
  • the North Node as indicator for the actual aim of events was at 1°Aries and exactly conjunct the 2°Aries resonance coordinate of the Jewish capital.