Belgium and Brussels in Political Astrology

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Provinces of Belgium, source: wikipedia article, ccbysa4.0

Belgium and Brussels in Political Astrology

Belgium and Brussels in Political Astrology & Astrogeography. Planetary transits in relation to the capital, government and center of the national morphic field of Belgium.

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Belgium and Brussels in Political Astrology

Belgium  in astrogeography
Provinces of Belgium, source: wikipedia article, ccbysa4.0

The main reason why I could not decide to start an article on the astrogeography of Brussels in recent years is that the capital of Belgium coincides with the capital of the European Community and Union.

The astrogeographical position of Brussels

Astrogeographical position of Brussles for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the international and global resonance of the capital and political center of Belgium: the astrogeographical coordinates of Brussels are located at 22° in mystic spiritual water sign Pisces and on 9° in highly defensive, solid, fixed water sign Scorpio.

Important astrogeographical relations:

  • the higly supporting trine aspect between Brussels at 9°Scorpio and Berlin at 10°Cancer may be explored as a hint at the important connection between the national territories and governments of Belgium and Germany, particularly the role of Brussels as a headquarter of NATO and the European Union where Germany has outsourced important parts of its national sovereignty under particularly auspiscious circumstances for the center of the national morphic field of Germany.

Neighbor capitals of Brussels in Scorpio and Pisces

  • The Hague 22°Pisces
  • Amsterdam 29°Pisces

Birth & Foundation Charts in the history of Belgium

The foundation of the Frankish Empire with Pluto conjunct Brussels in 509 CE

The Frankish Empire of Charlemagne around 800 CE
Map explaining the territorial expansion of the Frankish Empire from its foundation in Austrasia in the late 5th century until the times of Charlemagne around 800 CE. map: Sémhur, ccbysa4.0

The territories of modern day Belgium played a highly important role in the foundation phase of the Frankish Empire (Francia) which was founded founded by a Weser-Rhine Germanic tribe that had taken over control of parts of it after the leaving of the Romans in the 470ies CE.

Birth Chart of the Frankish Empire
Birth Chart of the Frankish Empire calculated for the spring equinox of 509 CE at Tournai, Belgium
  • Pluto as the sign ruler of Scorpio and in his own sign was conjunct the 9°Scorpio resonance coordinate of the City of Brussels indicating an alertly defensive, military orientated foundation.
  • Neptune at 27° Sagittarius was conjunct Paris (27°Sagittarius-28°Aquarius) explaining impact of the rise of the Frankish Empire as a threat to the status quo in the territories of modern day France
  • Saturn at 27°Virgo was conjunct the 29°Virgo resonance coordinate of Berlin explaining the stabilizing impact of the Frankish Empire on the status quo in the national morphic field that developed into a german national state as late as 1871.
  • the position of Uranus as the indicator of the fullest and holistic potentials was at 20°Aries a zodiac degree of a caste of warriors, generals and of a combat mode.

The foundation of the Burgundian Netherlands in 1384

The foundation of the so-called Burgundian Netherlands began with the acquisition of county of Flanders, Artois, and the Franche-Comté by Duke of Burgundy Philip the Bold on 30 January 1284. The national states of Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxemburg later developed out of this Burgundian acquisition as independent states.

Birth Charts of Belgium 3
Birth Charts of Belgium 3: the foundation of the Burgundian Netherlands through the inheritance of territories by the Philip the Bold as Duke of Burgundy at the death of his father in law Louis II of Flanders on 30 Jan 1284 (Jul.). Calculated as a midday chart.

Belgium 4: The National Chart of Belgium for the Declaration of Independence from the Protestant Netherlands in 1830

The final separation of Belgium from the Netherlands through the so-called Belgian Revolution of 1830 created the first Belgian national state.

Belgium declaration of Independence of 1830
Belgium 3: Declaration of Independence of 1830 calculated as a midday chart for 4 October 1830.
  • Mars the planet of action, warfare, carrying out decisions and of new starts at 21°Pisces exactly conjunct Brussels explaining the act that initialized the autonomy and formation of a new body