Libya and Tripoli in Political Astrology

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Libya and Tripoli in Astrology Blog: Aerial view towards Tripoli - the capital of Libya . ph: Kayhan ERTUGRUL, ccbysa4.0

Libya and Tripoli in Political Astrology

Libya and Tripoli in Political Astrology. Birth charts of Libya and important transits of planets in relation to the capital and government in Tripoli.

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The astrogeographical position of Tripoli

Tripoli, Libya in Astrology Blog
Aerial view towards Tripoli – the capital of Libya. ph: Kayhan ERTUGRUL, ccbysa4.0

Astrogeographical position of the City of Tripoli for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the international, supra-regional resonance of the capital of Libya concerning its government, politics and the center of the national morphic field: the resonance coordinates of Tripolis are 9°Cancer and 21°Capricorn. The intense resonance with Bagdad (10°Capricorn – 22°Cancer) and Berlin (10°Cancer), is fascinating.

Future Transits of the slow moving planets in relation to the center of the national morphic field of Libya

  • Chiron (strategical planing, protected places, supply, health and reason) between 19° and 23°Aries (military, warfare, mobilization, fighting) in square transit to Tripoli`s 21°Capricorn position with climax between June 2023 and March 2026
  • Neptune (spirituality, effective and holistic clearance, effective reality, liberalization, destabilization) between 7° and 13°Aries in square transit to Tripoli`s 9°Cancer position with climax between April 2028 and March 2031.

Historical and Foundation charts for Libya

The Formal Independence with Uranus conjunct and Neptune square to Tripolis

Proclamation of Syrian Independence by King Idris on Dec 24 1951

The Libyan independence of 1951 was a consequence of the Italian-German defeat in 1943 – which had forced Italy to give up its colony.

Natal and Foundation chart for modern Libya of 1951: the formal independence of Libya that ended the British occupation in WW2 calculated for December, 24 1951 at 0:00. source: N. Campion
  • The independence of Libya was achieved as consequence of the transit of Uranus the planet of globalization and global influences conjunct the 9°Cancer resonance coordinate of the Libyan capital Tripoli.
  • Neptune the planetary indicator of territorial instability was at 21°Libra in an exact square to the 21°Capricorn resonance coordinate indicating a longer process of holistic changes regarding the status quo of the government in Tripoli and the territorial and politcal independence of Libya.
  • the role of a Neptune square transit at the foundation of independence points at the improbability of an independent, stable government and political system in the first years of independence.

The Gaddafi Era between 3 September 1969 – 20 October 2011

Gaddafi with his hero Egyptian President Nasser (left) and Syrian President Nur al-Din al-Atasi (right) in 1969

The 1969 Libyan coup d’ Etat, also known as the al-Fateh Revolution or the 1 September Revolution, was carried out by the Free Officers Movement, a group of military officers led by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, which led to the overthrow of King Idris I.

Natal and Foundation chart for Libya III. Astrological chart for the Libyan Coup d` Etat of 1969 calculated as a midday chart for the planetary positions and with equal house system.
  • The Coup d Etat of 1969 was carried out during a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction – a constellation of clever performance and preparation between 5° and 8° Libra approaching the exact square to the 9° Cancer resonance coordinate of Tripoli in a constellation that might explain the quick, easy and comparatively “peaceful” military Coup d Etat.
  • The absence of direct transits of the outer planets could explain that the coup apparently faced no resistance from the supporters of King Idris I.
  • The Coup came in the wake of the Uranus transit conjunct the 9° Cancer resonance coordinate of Tripoli explaining that the “revolutionary idealism”, innovative ideals and the aim of self-liberation of Libya and its oil resources from foreign control are to be examined as part of a global development and of the influence of foreign.
  • An overthrow of a government shortly before the culmination of tension and/or stimulation from a planetary transit in relation to an exact resonance coordinate of a government indicates that the overthrow itself is just the starting point of a process, period of changes and stimulation of development

Libyan Revolution of February 2011 and the following ongoing Civil Wars in Libya

Libya in astrology Blog
Status Quo of June 2020 in the 2nd Libyan Civil War map: Ali Zifan, ccbysa4.0

The Libyan Revolution of 2011 was part of the so-called Arab Spring that was triggered by the arrival of the new potentials of networking and exchange of information through the social media facebook and twitter in the Arabian World leading to uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt and civil wars in Syria and Libya.

The parallels of the destabilization and destruction of government and administrative structures in Libya and Syria as a consequence of the “Arab Spring” (2010-13) is a remarkable historical example for important astrogeographical similarities between the two nations:

The astrogeorgraphical resonance coordinates for their capitals are located at cardinal signs 5°Capricorn and 14°Aries for Damascus/Syria and 9°Cancer and 21°Capricorn for Tripoli/Libya so that the transits of Pluto and Uranus in the cardinal signs Capricorn and Aries between 2009 and 2023 (Pluto) and 2011 and 2019 (Uranus) manifested as direct effects on the two capitals.

Libyan revolution of 2011 in Astrology Blog
Astrological midday-chart for the planetary transits on the day of the outbreak of the Libyan Revolution of February 2011 calculated for 15 Feb 2011 at 12:00 noon in the capital of Tripoli.
  • the government of Libya was confronted with the globalized movement triggered by the “Arab Spring” during the climax period of the Pluto transit conjunct the 9°Cancer resonance coordinate of the capital and government in Tripoli between Feb 2011 (7°CAP)) and Nov 2014 (11°CAP). Plutos transit effects have to be investigated through his role as the indicator of tribal and nomad cultures (as ruler of Scorpio), Arab and tribal Islamic culture, competition in battles for power, transformation of ideology, belief systems and patterns of role behavior and consequences of long-term effect in the cultural and other evolution of social groups and group hierarchy.
  • another important transit that accompanied the early phase of the Libyan civil war was the transit of Uranus over 9°Aries in a square to the 9°Cancer coordinate of Tripolis with climax between May 2012 (7°Aries) and March 2014 (11°Aries). Uranus would be investigated here as an indicator of foreign and multicultural influences, global geo-strategical competition and technological and cultural updates.
  • A particularly destructive, deadly and highly influential effect of this Uranus transit is to be investigated in the form of the invasion of the Sunnite pseudo-Islamic and neo-fascist terror armies into Libya and their spreading in the whole of the Middle-East and large parts of Africa during that period. These developments were initiated and supported by the US/Saudi-Arab/Gulf State alliance that had been working to the spread the pseudo-Islamic terrorism in favor of their differing and common geo-strategical aims since 2001.
  • the second problematic Uranus aspect that followed shortly thereafter was over 21°Aries in a square to the 21°Capricorn resonance coordinate of Tripoli with climax between May 2015 (19°Aries) and June 2016 (23°Aries) has to be investigated as a similar influence.
  • the 2nd problematic Pluto transit period that followed was the conjunction with the 21°Capricorn resonance coordinate of Tripoli with climax between March 2017 (19°CAP) and December 2020 23°CAP).