The Astrogeographical Positions of Pyongyang and Seoul

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Seoul is located at 28°Virgo and 23°Aries ph: 서울특별시 소방재난본부, ccbysa4.0

The Astrogeographical Positions of Pyongyang and Seoul

The Astrogeographical Positions of Pyongyang and Seoul. Korea and its Capitals Pyongyang and Seoul in astrology and coming transits of the outer planets.

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The astrogeographical position of Pyongyang at 21°Leo – 9°Aries

Pyongyang is located at 21°Leo and 9°Aries
ph: Sven Unbehauen, GFDL

Astrogeographical position for the Capital of North Korea Pyongyang for morphogenetic field level 1 which defines the international, supraregional topics, energetical situation and resonance of the North Korean government: the resonating degrees that define the international role and position of North Korean governments are 21° in highly magnetic, centralist, royal fire sign Leo and  9° in highly alert, dynamic male fire sign fire sign Aries the sign of speed, action, ignition and warfare.

The role of self centered Leo the sign of the sun and the absolutist appeal of rulers can be interpreted as an aspect that supports the extremely centralist, royalist dictatorship of the Kim Il-sung family over the country since its foundation in 1948. The combination of Leo with Aries the sign of quick action and warfare can be concluded to support the unwillingness of the “royal” family to compromise through sharing power with other institutions. Together with several Arab countries North Korea  remains one of the few countries on the planet where qualification for political rulership by birth is still practiced. The most important country here is Saudi Arabia with its capital Riyadh having both astrogeographical coordinates in Leo one of which lies on 21° Leo and exactly on the same degree as Pyongyang. A different and in this context maybe surprising example of the dominant role of the presidential office over the democratic institutions and the people`s concerns is the USA whose capital Washington has one coordinate at 27°Leo.

The Foundation Chart for North Korea

The foundation of North Korea on 9 September 1948 followed the foundation of South Korea of 15 Aug 1948. It was a consequence of the Global Cold War and Iron Curtain Policy started as a consequence of the occupation of Eastern Europe by the Stalinist-Russian Colonial Empire (USSR) with the support of the USA during World war II. The Yalta Conference held 4–11 on February 1945 and the Potsdam Coverence of 17 July – 2 August 2, 1945 were crucial for the partitions of Korea, Germany, Europe and the whole world into a global cold war.

My conclusion regarding a holistic analysis regarding the main issues and causes for the Global Cold War (1944 to 1989 and 2000 to 2026 or longer) is the following: the long-term structural instability of the appr. 19 million km² (in 1948 – 15 million km² in 2024) of colonial territories in Asia claimed by the Baltic nation of Russia in the tradition of European Colonialism has to be seen as the actual cause and issue of the ongoing Cold War.

North Korea Birth Chart
North Korea Birth Chart 1 calculated for the proclamation of the People`s Republic on 9 September 1948 calculated for 12:00 noon – exact time unknown
  • The proclamation of the People´s Republic of North Korea saw a Mercury – Neptune conjunction between 8° and 11°Libra exactly opposite the 9°Aries astrogeographical position of its capital Pyongyang and of its government. That really challenging and weakening transit reflects the fact that the decision of the WW2 allies to divide the country into two halves along the 38th parallel had left it in a highly dependent position.
  • the foundation of a state nation during an opposition transit of Neptune as indicator of spiritual reality and long-term effective stabilization to the capital explains how the decision was made for the geo-strategical sphere of interest of foreign nations: the two superlarge and super-centralist direct neighbour states: the Russian Colonial Empire and the Chinese Super-Centralist State.
  • the autonomous rights of the national morphic field (population, national territory, government, parliament, politics) as astrologically represented by the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the North Korean capital at 21°Leo and 9°Aries has been overshadowed by the super-centralist dynastic rule of the Kim Dictator Family who rule the country like a family clan kingdom.
  • Chiron the ruler of strategical planning (Virgo) on 20°Scorpio occupied the exact square position to Pyongyang`s 21° Leo astrogeographical  position in an aspect of high tension which reveals the economical dependence and the tight situation of a country that was caught in economical dependence from China and Russia.

Aspects in the global carrousel of geo-strategical competition

  • Jupiter the planet of victory, expansion, triumph, success and rethorical manipulation at 20°Sagittarius was conjunct the 17°Sagittarius resonance coordinate of Beijing explaining a victory for China.
  • Saturn at 28°Leo was conjunct the 27°Leo resonance coordinate of Washington explaining the foundations of South Korea of 15 Aug 1948 and of North Korea on 9 Sep 1948 marked milestone developments that stabilized the national autonomy of the USA in its attempts to contain the superfast expansion of the Russias Stalinist Imperial Empire during the foundation pahse of the super-large nations under Russian ideological infiltration: india founded on 15 Aug 1947 and PR China founded on 1 Oct 1949.
  • the position of Neptune at 11°Libra occupied a square to the 11°Cancer resonance coordinate of Moscow explaining the stabilization of the division between South and North Korean states as a defeat and threat to Russia`s colonial hegemony in East Asia.

The Kim Dynasty

North Korea has been ruled and controlled by a family dynasty of puppet dictators under the pseudo-socialist ideological control system developed by Stalin the period of the Great Purge between 1936 and 1941 ever since its foundation.

North Korea Kim dynasty
Birth Chart for the North Korean Kim dynasty: Astrological Chart for the moment Kim Il sung was appointed supreme leader of the North Korean peoples army on 4 July 1950 calculated for 12:00 noon with equal house system

Kim Il-sung the founder of the ruling dynasty of the Kim`s in North Korea was made Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army on 4 July 1950 which made him the most powerful person in the country with Mars at 9°Libra in opposition to Pyongyang`s 9°Aries position a transit which explains the heavy violent threat exerted onto Pyongyang by the Chinese & Russian supporters of Kim Yong Un. This pressure is even more strongly emphasized by the conjunction of the  Sun at 11° Cancer and conjunct the astrogeographic position of Moscow (12°CAN) together with the Uranus (5°CAN) – Mercury (3°CAN) conjunction.

Kim Jong-il (born 16. Februar 1941 in Wjatskoje, USSR) was made the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army on 9 April 1993 with a Moon-Pluto conjunction at 25° Scorpio in a position 4° past the exact square to the 21°Leo astrogeographic position of Pyongyang.

Kim Yong-Un inauguration chart 2011
Kim Yong-Un inauguration chart calculated as a midday chart for 29 Dec 2011

Kim Yong-un the current dictator and son of  Kim Jong-il was inaugurated on 29 December 2011 with an exact Sun and Pluto conjunction at 7°Capricorn approaching the exact square position to Pyongyang`s 9°Aries astrogeographical position. The constellation reveals the extreme pressure, hierarchy and threat exacted by the person of Kim Jong-un onto the capital and the country.

Future transits of the outer planets

While I`m writing this article in March 2017 Uranus at 22°Aries is finally moving away from the exact trine to the 21°Leo astrogeographic position of Pyongyjang which appears to have triggered the boosting of and boasting with the country`s program for developing and testing missiles during the last 2 years or so.

Chiron Conjunct Pyongyang 2020-22

The next really important transit of a slow moving planet in relation to the North Korean government will be Chiron moving over the 9°Aries position of Pyongyang between April 2020 (6° Aries) and March 2022 (12°Aries). As the ruler of Virgo the sign of reason Chiron`s harmonious transit could bring a reorientation onto the topics of interior politics in the country and away from the current hyper-aggressive policy. If this harmonious, self-protective and economically emancipating transit could be made use of for strategical planning of economical autonomy this transit of Chiron could be of really strengthening effects for the whole country

Uranus square Pyongyang 2023-25

The next really important period will be Uranus` transit in a square to the Pyongyang 21° Leo position between April 2023 (18°Taurus) and March 2025 (24°Taurus). This transit represents the most intense challenge to the North Korean government as the support from the Chinese and Russian allies is in question through Uranus in Taurus. As the ruler of Aquarius Uranus transit through Taurus stands for the urge of larger parts of society to participate in the country`s economical development and growth.

Saturn conjunct Pyongyang 2026-27

Saturn transits conjunct a capital support the national autonomy, and stabilization of state nations, capitals and governments. Thie climax period of this transit between April 2026 and February 2027 can therefore be expected as a time of developments that could support the rights of the population against single-person dictatorship under control of the foreign powers.

After the conjunction transit with Pyongyang Saturn will move in conjunction to the 23° Aries resonance coordinate of Seoul with climax between April 2027 and March 2028 making the whole period between 2026 and 2028 a stabilizing period for the overall Korean nation.

Neptune conjunct Pyongyang 202830probably the most promising and important relieve transit for North Korea

Neptune`s transit over the 9°Aries position of Pyongyang is to be evaluated as regulative and strengthening for the country but weakening for the ruling class. This is partly because Neptune as the ruler of the 12th sign from Aries represents a factor not naturally easy to understand and even much less to be controlled from a point of view of a place in Aries. This transit will be initiated in April 2028 and be effective until Februaryl 2031. As in the case of Neptune´s transit conjunct the astrogeographical position of Berlin during WW2 the transit could accompany the extremest delusion of the population and even the intentional destruction of the country.

The coming transit of Saturn in a square to Pyongyang

Saturn`s transit over 9° Capricorn the square position to Pyongyang is the next chance for the United Nations and particularly for China and Russia to come to a reasonable agreement with the North Korean government in regard of the limitation of its hyper-aggressive foreign politics. The transit will be first triggered in March 2018 and be effective until January 2019.

Astrogeographical position of Seoul at 28°Virgo – 23°Aries

Seoul is located at 28°Virgo and 23°Aries
ph: 서울특별시 소방재난본부, ccbysa4.0

Astrogeographical position for the Capital of South Korea Seoul for morphogenetic field level 1 which defines the international, supra-regional topics, energetical situation and resonance of the South Korean government: the presidential area in Seoul is located at 28° in self-protective earth sign Virgo sign of strategical planning and optimal use of resources and 23° in highly alert, dynamic, male fire sign Aries the sign of speed, action, ignition and warfare.

The astrogeographical position of the South Korean capital at 28°Virgo falls on the same degree as German capital Berlin and Japanese capital Tokyo. Since Korea and Germany were both divided by the Iron Curtain in 1948/49 this common apect appears to explain a strong parallel the two nations as well or else a particular issues of capitals located on the last degrees of Virgo.

Republic of Korea South Korea
Birth Chart for South Korea calculated for 15 August 1948 at 12:00 noon with equal house system as no exact data is available

The foundation of the Republic of Korea in South Korea was accompanied by a conjunction of the Sun at 22°Leo with Mercury and Saturn at 25°Leo in a highly stimulative and harmonious trine to Seoul`s astrogeographical position at 23°Aries. The Mercury-Saturn conjunction the clearest aspect of separation, rejection and divorce stood for the decision to leave the option of a unification of the two Korean occupation zones and the Korean nation behind. In addition Jupiter`s trine position to these highly stimulative aspects from 19° Sagittarius was a highly promising factor pointing at the huge potentials for economical growth that led to the Miracle on the Han River.

Past and Future transits for Seoul and the government of South Korea

The reason that I`m writing this article in March 2017 is that the US has just started deploying their advanced Thaad Antimissile System in South Korea after the newest South Korean missile demonstration of 4 March 2017. The missile demonstration was apparently carried out to emphasize the country`s strength in a situation of high tension between North Korea and Malaysia after the murder of Kim Jong Nam by North Korean agents in Kuala Lumpur on 13 February 2017. This tense situation comes during the transit of Uranus over Seoul and shortly before Pluto`s square to the capital`s astrogeographic position at 23° Aries.

Uranus is currently in the process of transiting the 23°Aries astrogeographical position of the South Korean capital. This transit of reorganization and self finding was initiated in May 2016 and will last until February 2018. The mounting pressure exerted by the North Korean government on the South Korean borders,Japan and the USA with the threat of their nuclear weapons systems coming particularly during the transit of Uranus over the capital has several effects: First of all it “steals” the Uranus aspect of self.emancipation within the country`s own society by the pressure exerted from abroad. Such pressure allows little space for a revolution or self-finding process within the South Korean society. Secondly it provides the scenario and most intense danger of a nuclear war one could imagine. Whether or not we believe that Uranium and radioactivity are direct analogies of Uranus it is a fact that Uranus` transit over Seoul is accompanied by a new climax of threat of a nuclear strike by North Korea.

Saturn - Pluto Conjunction of 2020 for Seoul
Astrological Chart for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020 calculated for 13 January 2020, 1:57 KST at Seoul

Pluto`s transit over 23° Capricorn and in a square to Seoul`s astrogeographic position at 23°Aries will be first triggered between March and May 2018 when Pluto reaches 21°Capricorn. After a retrograde phase it will be effective from January 2019 until January 2022. Pluto`s transit in Capricorn the 10th sign and house from Aries stands for a situation in which the South Korean government can be expected to be under pressure through the Pluto aspects of the North Korean government as reflected in the Sun-Pluto conjunction during the Kim Yong-Un inauguration. Generally Pluto in the 10th house stands for inevitable situations, foreign rule and the rule of dogma and propaganda to an extent that allows no space for self-determination. The climax of that Pluto transit will certainly be reached on the day of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22°46 Capricorn in exact square to the South Korean government of 13 January 2020. The fundamental impact of that constellation will be even more intensified through the company of the Sun on 22° and Mercury on 23° Capricorn.  But at the same time Mercury as the planet of negotiations and the Sun as the planet of life suggest the need and also the possibility to come to a stable agreement that allows a peaceful coexistence or else the unification of the two Korean Republics

Fall of the Berlin Wall 9 Nov 1989
Astrological chart for the Fall of the Berlin Wall on November, 9 1989, 21:20 with Saturn conjunct Neptun at 10° Capricorn in direct opposition to the astrogeographical position of the German Capital at 10° Cancer and Jupiter at 10°Cancer conjunct the astrogeographic position. The Sun was conjunct Mercury and Pluto just as it will be during the “Korean Wall” Saturn – Pluto conjunction on 13. January 2020.
  • Really fascinating for me is that Jupiter at 9° Capricorn will be conjunct the exact position of the Saturn – Neptune conjunction during the Fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989 which marked the end of the Cold War in Europe while this healing transit of Jupiter over that position could mark the end of the Cold War in Asia too.
  • The resonance with the 1989 Saturn-Neptune conjunction is also remarkable because it was the cycle of Saturn -Neptune conjunctions which marked the major steps in the development of communism right from the start of the Russian Revolutions of 1917 to the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Korea Divided by the WW2 Allies

Division of North and South Korea 1945
Astrological chart for the effective Division of North and South Korea calculated for 10 Aug 1945 at 0:00 when the division became effective. The decision was decide by the WW2 Allies.

The 2017 North Korean crisis in relation to the coming “Great American Solar Eclipse”

Compare: Total Solar Eclipse on 21 August 2017 in astrogeography  

Mars will be conjunct the astrogeographical position of the resonating degree of North Korean capital Pyongyang during the coming “Great American Solar eclipse” at 21°Leo. Mars is the planet of warfare and the definte indicator for rockets.   The astrogeographic positions of Pyongyang are 21°Leo and 9°Aries – a highly aggressive, centralistic, fast acting, emotional. dominant combination known for involvement in suicidal tendencies. The astrogeographic positions of the South Korean government in Seoul are 28°Virgo (cj. Berlin) plus 23°Aries.   In the article above I`m trying to imagine the scenario of a Korean “Wiedervereinigung” in connection with the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction. But it seems a long way to go.  

The North Node Rahu will transit the astrogeographic position of of Pyongyang (21°Leo) by the end of October 2017 making the North Korean government a target and central issue of world politics.   Rythmical activations in the 21 August 2017 “Great American Solar Eclipse” chart calculation data: 21 Aug 2017, Washington, 14:29 Rythm: 1 house/1 month Timeline of activation: 26 Aug Change from Sag into Sco – highly alert situation, increasing pressure 21 Sept Scorpio house ruler – highly alert situation, pressure 8 Oct Change from Sco into Lib – negotiations 21 Oct Jupiter at 20°Lib (UN, China) – chance for negotiations & solutions 10 Nov. Change from Lib to Vir (Seoul) – Seoul activated, reason, self-protection 21 Nov Vir house ruler – reason, self-protection, staking claims 1 Dec Mercury at 8°Vir (negotiation) – negotiations 8 Dec Sun, Moon eclipse pos –  Full impact of the eclipse activated together with the full negativity of unsolved issues and problems of updating in the US political system  16 Dec Mars at 21°Leo (Pyongyang) – acute danger – Mars activation as co- ruler of Pyongyang

Rythmical activations in the 21 August 2017 Solar Eclipse chart related to the 2017 North Korea crisis

The Singapur Deal compared to the Saturn – Pluto conjunction of 13 January 2020 which so strongly resembles the Fall of the Berlin Wall constellation of November 1989:

  • The Singapur Deal was signed with Saturn at 6°Capricorn square to the 9°Aries resonance coordinate of Pyongyang  
  • it was negotiated and signed by US President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Yong Un on 12 June 2018 during the square transit of Saturn to the astrogeographical  position of Pyongyang at 9°Aries which accompanied the strongest ever sanctions against Pyongayang and Trumps politics to buy Russian and Chinese consent over the Korean situation which led to Pyongyang`s nearly complete isolation.  
  • It can be assumed that the US President had to make a major deal with China and Russia the US enemies in the Korean war to buy their consent for his step to achieve a treaty with North Korea. The Moon position of the signing of the Singapur deal on the highly profitable degree of 29° Taurus stands for the economical cooperation between the 3 superpowers that made this deal possible. As this Moon position was exactly square the astrogeographical coordinate of Washington at 27°Leo the highest financial contribution must definitely have been guaranteed by the US government.
Astrological chart for the North Korea – USA Singapur deal signed on 12 June 2018 at 1.14 with transits for the constellation I describes as a potential “End of the Cold War in Korea constellation” – the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 13 January 2020 at 1:26 calculated for Pyongyang

The coming Sun-Saturn-Pluto-Mercury conjunction of 13 January 2020 will take place right on the Pluto position of the Singapur deal at 20°Capricorn.