Berlin and Germany in Political Astrology

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Berlin and Germany in Political Astrology

Berlin and Germany in Political Astrology and Astrogeography. Important birth and foundation charts regarding the history of the German territories & nation.

This is an older article. Please check the German version of this article for more extensive research data and interpretations.

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For the purposes astrological prognosis my methods and systems interprete the transit positions of planets with the astrogeographical positions of capitals and important places for morphogenetic field level 1 of my astrological world map calculation system. Read more about the morphogenetic field levels and the holographic structure of my system of astrogeography here.

The astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Berlin

Berlin skyline
ph: H.Helmlechner, ccbysa4.0

Astrogeographical position of Berlin for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the supraregional, international topics of the german capital and governement: The German Chancellery and Parliament Area in Berlin is located on the last degree (29°) of earth sign Virgo and at 10° in emotional water sign Cancer

The topic of double the Gemini resonance of the “germany field” in astrological geomancy

Before entering into the details of explaining the planetary transits in relation to the German national state I want to draw your attention to specific topics which I believe help explain particular aspects of the geographical and energetical situation of Germany´s location inside the overall structure of the European continent.

My astrological geomantical map of Europe shows Germany with both coordinates for 622,08 km square zones in Gemini. When I first explored the systemical resonance  between 30m, 360m, 4,32km, 51,84km + 622,08km in the early 1990ies I was totally fascinated by the fact that the 622,08km zone boundaries of the Germany Field explain the of german territorial borders at Oder-Neisse line after WW2

The double Gemini resonance of what I call the “Germany field” explains the position of the country in the European continent as a bridge between Scandinavia and Italy and between the west-European ex – colonial superpowers (Aries, Taurus resonance) and Eastern Europe. Gemini is the sign of technology, interfaces, communication, language, connecting opposites and of roads and of the extremely frequented German autobahns. An important aspect of Gemini is also its centerlessness. Gemini moves between its two sides but won`t easily rely or be satisfied with relying on its center. The double Gemini correspondence of the Germany field relates the historical tradition of going without a central government and capital and even a centralist state until as late as 1871. Vienna the only city that had a status that somewhat resembled what in generally understood as a country`s capital is in fact located in the comparatively hyper-centralist Balkan field with both coordinates in Cancer.  Though not officially accepted as a capital Vienna was the seat of the HRE Emperors between 1438 and 1806. This even shows a tendency of projecting the capital to a place outside of the Germany field: Rome (Cancer-Gemini), Vienna (Cancer-Cancer), Brussels (Gemini-Taurus) …… (these coordinates are valid for the 622,08 km square fields from the map above). Note also the girdle of smaller countries around Germany which according to that theory is to be seen as a symptom of the non-centralist topics of the double Gemini correspondence.

Before the arrival of Napoleon´s patriotic armies that terminated the HRE in 1806 what is known as Germany today was a federation of single states of multicultural and multi-ethnic origins from all the four directions. It is this tradition based on the position of the “central Germany field” with both coordinates in Gemini which until today resonates in Germany´s commitment with the European Union. And it also explains the complete disaster, destruction and loss of territory through the first German National States: the German Empire of 1871, the Weimar Republic of 1918 and the Nazi regime between 1933-45.

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Map of the Holy Roman Empire in 1648, after the Peace of Westphalia which ended the Thirty Years’ War. image: Astrokey44 , GFDL

The Central Germany field with the double Gemini correspondence was a rag rug of small and medium sized territories. Note the difference of the larger territories in the more centralistic signs to the west (Taurus) and east (Cancer) of the Germany field.

The “Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

The Battles of Varus has been framed to a national myth under the name of a supposed “Battle of the Teutoburg Forrest” since the foundation of the German nationalist movement in the Napoleonic wars due to the termination of the Holy Roman Empire by the french conqueror. The battles are supposed to have taken place in various different places to the north and to the east of the city of Osnabrück between August and October of  9 CE, when an alliance of Germanic  tribes ambushed and decisively  destroyed three Roman legions and their  auxiliaries, led by Publius Quinctilius Varus. The incidents seems to have put an end to roman attempts to fully conquer the north-east of today`s Germany.

Astrological chart for the Battle of Varus also called the “Battle of Teutoburg Forrest” calculated for 12 September 9 A.D. (greg.). The exact date is unkwon and the various battles are supposed to have taken place between July/August and October of the year.

Two important transits conjunct the astrogeographical resonance degrees of the first German capital Berlin mark the assumed period of this important victory of the Germanic tribes against the highly professional roman fighters: Saturn`s transit conjunct the 29°Virgo astrogeographical resonance position of Berlin between June and August explains the period as a highly stabilizing time for the independence of the Germanic tribes. Its is important here that Saturn was exactly square the 29°Gemini resonance degree of Rome at the same time explaining the period as an extremely inauspicious time for the campaign. By the middle of September Jupiter the planet of victory, aiming, shooting and hunting reached 10°Cancer and was exactly conjunct the 10°Cancer resonance coordinate of Berlin joined by the North Node indicator of the aim and outcome of events. Jupiter can be evaluated as an indication of the victory of the tribal fighters through ambushed attacks and guerrilla warfare possibly represented by the topics of Cancer here.

The Frankish Empire

Clovis I 466 – 27 November 511) was the first king of the Franks to unite all of the Frankish tribes under one ruler, changing the form of leadership from a group of royal chieftains to rule by a single king and ensuring that the kingship was passed down to his heirs. He is considered to have been the founder of the Merovingian dynasty, which ruled the Frankish kingdom for the next two centuries.

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Map of the rise of Frankish Empire (Francia) from 481 to 814. map: Sémhur, ccbysa3.0

Clovis is also significant due to his conversion to Catholicism in 496, largely at the behest of his wife, Clotilde, who is venerated as a saint for this act, celebrated today in both the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church. Clovis was baptized on Christmas Day in 508. The adoption of Catholicism by the Frankish king led to widespread conversion among the Frankish peoples, to religious unification across what is now modern-day France, Belgium and Germany, and three centuries later to Charlemagne‘s alliance with the Bishop of Rome and in the middle of the 10th century under Otto I the Great to the consequent birth of the early Holy Roman Empire.

Foundation of the Frankish Empire through the unification of all frankish tribes under Clovis I in 509 A.D.. The chart is calculated for the beginning of the solar year at the spring equinox through the Sun`s ingress into Aries.

The fact that Saturn was at 27°Virgo conjunct the 29°Virgo astrogeographical resonance coordinate of the first german national capital Berlin and square the 29°Gemini coordinate of Rome explains the foundation of the kingdom of the Franks as an important step in the development of independence of the germanic territories from the Roman Empire. Saturn conjunctions are symptomatic of the stabilization of national independence. At the same time Neptune the planet of spirituality was at 28°Sagittarius and exactly conjunct the 28°Sagittarius astrogeographical resonance degree of Paris. The simultaneous pressure from the square of Saturn to Paris and the weakening conjunction of Neptune seems to have wiped out the chances for a comeback of a Celtic empire. A tribe of germanic origin took over the lead in the former roman provinces instead.

The foundation process of the Holy Roman Empire

There is a long row of astrological charts to be considered in search of the origin of the German national state in the history of the Holy Roman Empire that existed for 1000 years. The first too and basic charts are for the coronations of Charlemagne (800 A.D) and of Otto I (962 A.D.) that bound the supranational, multi-ethnic territories of the Frankish Empire (Francia) to the capital of the catholic church in Rome. The Vatican city in Rome took over the role as the spiritual headquarters of the HRE. The astrogeographical coordinates of the center of the City of Rome for morphogenetic field level 1 (region) are 15° and 29°Gemini for astrogeographical measurement of morphogenetic field level 1.

Coronation of Charlemagne as Emperor of Rome through Pope  Leo III in AD 800 in the Vatican Basilica, painting by Raffael, 1514

The double Gemini astrogeographical corresponency of Rome reveals fascinating analogy with the double Gemini resonance of the Germany field in my astrological geomantical mapping system. The City of Rome was (and still is) an ideal capital the Germany field though located far away from it.  This correspondence was effective in the stability of the 1000 years of the Holy Roman Empire and in the European Union founded through the Treaty of Rome as well. See my articles on the European Union and on the astrogeographic positions of largest cities.

Birth chart  for Germany & France I: calculated for the first step in the process that formed the Holy Roman Empire of the Franks through the coronation of Charlemagne as Emperor of Rome on 25 Dec 800 in Rome   

The coronation of Charlemagne (Karolus Magnus) the King of the Francs as Emperor of Rome can serve as a first foundation chart of the Holy Roman Empire. The sanctification of the Franc Empire was at he foundation of a pact between the Pope in Rome and the Francs which lasted for 1000 years until the HRE it as finally terminated by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806. The pact between the Popes and the HRE emperors secured support for the Pope and n´made the roman catholic church one of the strongest factors in European politics for a full millennium. It made and kept the HRE a large, multinational At the same time it prevented the foundation of a centralist german national state.

This is reflected by the fact that it was carried out with Neptune the planet of spirituality and ruler of Pisces the sign of the catholic church at 10°Libra and exactly square the 10°Cancer astrogeographical resonance coordinate of the first German national capital Berlin. This pressure from Neptune on German unity is remarkable and highly fascinating.

The Treaty of Verdun

The  Treat of Verdun, signed in August 843, was the first of the treaties that divided the Carolingian Empire into three kingdoms among the three surviving sons of Louis the Pious, who was the son of Charlemagne. The treaty, signed in Verdun-sur-Meuse, ended the three-year Carolingian Civil War.

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Treaty of Verdun signed on 10 Aug 0843

The Treat of Verdun is of highest importance for the process that led to the foundation of Modern France and Germany. This can be concluded form the extremely strong transit of Pluto the planet of trauma, defense and ideology at 29°Pisces exactly square the 28°Sagittarius resonance degree of Paris and opposite the 29°Virgo resonance coordinate of Berlin. And also from the conjunction of Moon and Neptune at 10°-11°Capricorn in exact opposition to the 10°Cancer resonance coordinate of Berlin. The Treaty of Meerssen appears as a mere consequence of the Treaty of Verdun.

The final division of East and West Francia in the Treaty of Meerssen

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Territories of East and West Francia after the Treaty of Meerssen
ph: Trasamundo, GFDL

The Treaty of Mersen or Meerssen, concluded on 8 August 870, was a treaty of partition of the realm of Lothair II by his uncles Louis the German of East Francia and Charles the Bald of West Francia, the two surviving sons of Emperor Louis I the Pious. It marked the final partition of the Franc Empire into West and East Francia and can be examined as a plausible natal chart for France (West Francia) and the Holy Roman Empire (East Francia).

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Astrological chart for the Treaty of Mersen/Meersen of 8 August 870 (jul.)

The transit of Saturn at 25° Sagittarius conjunct the astrogeographical position of Paris from the Treaty of Meerssen – later repeated during the coronation of Charles VII in 1429 appears as the stabilizing factor for the independence of West Francia and its capital Paris. It is interesting to consider that Saturn was square to the astrogeographical resonance degree of Berlin at 29°Virgo and opposite Rome at 29°Gemini. Saturn so stood for the independence and separation of Paris and West Francia from both partners the Holy Roman Empire and the spiritual authority of the Pope the same time.

The coronation of Otto I – the Great as a foundation chart of the Holy Roman Empire

The coronation of Otto I as Emperor of Rome was not the actual de-facto foundation chart of the Holy Roman Empire since the first coronation of a king of a Frankish Empire as King (Cesar) of Rome had happened in the year 800.

There are a number of important aspects for which historians use this date:

  • as an important foundation chart of the Holy Roman Empire
  • as an important chart regarding the territorial separation of the French national state and the multi-national Holy Roman Empire and the historical competition between the two. It is no wonder that the HRE was finally terminated under the pressure of the French military occupation of the HRE under Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806.
  • as one of several birth moments of the developments that retarded the foundation of a German national state to the 2nd half of the 19th century
  • as an important foundation chart in the national history of a large number of European territorial states esp. Germany, Italy (e.g. preventing Islamic conquest like in Spain), Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland (independence from French national state), Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Poland (christianization.
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Astrological chart for the coronation of King Otto I “The great” as Roman Emperor on February, 2 962 calculated for 12:00 noon in Rome.
  • The coronation of Otto I as Roman Emperor (Romanorum Imperator) was carried out with Uranus (globalization, abstract multi-national & multicultural perspectives) at 25°Virgo conjunct the 29°Virgo astrogeographical position of Berlin explaining the association of the territories of the later German national state with with a union of territories under the flag, influence and spiritual authority of the Roman church with its seat in the capital of the Italy.
  • The fact that the half-sum between Neptune the planet of spirituality and the catholic church at 3°Libra and Uranus planetary resonator of political emancipation, self-liberation, abstraction and globalization at 25°Virgo fell exactly on the 29°Virgo resonance degree of Berlin explains the paralysis regarding the foundation of a German national state due to the preferences of aspects of spirituality (Neptune), multi-national globalization (Uranus) and cosmic consciousness (Neptune-Uranus).
  • Another strong example regarding the resonance between Uranus-Neptune conjunctions and issues of spirituality and multi-national culture and unity is the foundation of Catholic Poland 4 years later on 14 April 966 that connected the early Polish national state with the papal spiritual authority in Rome.

Neptune-Uranus conjunctions and the Foundations of the European Union in 1992/93 and the United Federation of Planets in 2161

A deeper study of the history of Neptune-Uranus conjunctions delivers fascinating insights into the historical continuity between the foundations of the Holy Roman Empire & Poland in 962 & 966, the association between West & East Europe in the European Union of 1992/93 and the assumed birth date of the United Federation of Planets in 2161.

Martin Luther`s Reformation with Saturn and the North Node square to Berlin

Martin Luther nails his 95 theses on the Palace Church of WittenbergGlass window at the Memorial Church) in Speyer, Germany

Martin Luther, professor of moral theology at the University of Wittenberg and town preacher, wrote the Ninety-five Theses against the contemporary practice of the church with respect to indulgences. In the Roman Catholic Church, practically the only Christian church in Western Europe at the time. The 95 theses were first published on October, 31 of 1517.

Astrological chart for the day of the first publication of Martin Luther´s 95 theses calculated as a sunrise chart for October, 31 in 1517 at Wittenberg, Germany

Martin Luther´s reformation was started with Saturn the planet of exorcism, effective reality and indicator for the validation of rules and regulations at 27° in Sagittarius the sign of thinking, philosophy, preaching, shamanism, initiation and the priest castes in exact square to the 29°Virgo resonance coordinate of Berlin. Saturn stood for Luther´s aim to exorcise and separate industrial occultism from spirituality. And similar to the Uranus -Neptune mirror-point conjunction from the foundation of catholic Germany (coronation of Otto I as roman emperor) the start of Luther`s reformation too saw a mirror-point conjunction of two outer planets in exact aspect to the astrogeographical position of Berlin of 29°Virgo. This time with Saturn in mirror conjunction with another planet – in this case with Pluto the planet of self-defense, ideology, trauma, dominance and hierarchy at 2°Capricorn.

This parallel of planetary positions suggests that Luther´s 95 theses along with his reformation therefore marked an intense challenge to the future german national state and the development of national unity. And that apparently was the case even though the spreading of Luther`s translation of the Holy Bible undoubtedly marked one of the most important milestones in the development and emancipation of german language from the spiritual authority of the roman language and from the Popes in Rome!

Another highly important factor was the position of the North Node indicator for the aims and outcome of events conjunct Rome´s 29°Gemini resonance coordinate. North Node was on 28° Gemini a degree known for its importance in the development of civil rights, parliamentary democracy, personal liberty of opinion, freedom of speech and a degree deeply related to the ideals of early roman democracy.

The Treaty of Westphalia with Jupiter conjunct Berlin

The Ratification of the Treaty of Münster pianting by Gerard Terborch

The Treaty of Westphalia signed on 24 October 1648 in the City of Münster ended the European wars of religion, including the Thirty Years’ War in Germany the most traumatic period in german history before the Nazi era.. The treaties of Westphalia brought to an end a calamitous period of European history which caused the deaths of approximately eight million people.

Holy Roman Empire in 1648

The astrogeographical position of Berlin at 29°Virgo was stimulated through an exact conjunction of Jupiter the planet of victory, luck and healing describing the event of the weakening of the Holy Roman Empire as an important milestone in the development of german national independence.

Astrological chart for the signing of the Peace of Westphalia calculated for 6.p.m. on 24 Oct 1648 (greg.). The time is not exact – the signing process seems to have ended “in the evening hours”.

The End of the Holy Roman Empire

Napoleon in the Battle of Austerlitz on December 2 1805

After the defeat of the Austrian an Russian armies at the Battle of Austerlitz on Dec 2 1805 the Holy Roman Empire was formally terminated through the resignation of the last emperor Francis II on August 6 1806.

Resignation of Francis II – End of the Holy Roman Empire calculated as a midday chart for August 6 1806 at 12 noon in Vienna.

The end of the Holy Roman Empire came with a transit of Jupiter the planet of victory at 29° in his own sign Sagittarius conjunct the North Node indicator for the aim of events at 27°Sagittarius both conjunct the 28°Sagittarius resonance degree of Paris showing the full impact of Napoleon`s triumph. Both planets Jupiter and the North Node occupied an exact square to the 29°Virgo resonance degree of the future capital of Germany thus fulfilling a classical example for a stellium in which the triumph of one nation meant the defeat for another.

The Revolution of 1848/49

Revolution in Berlin in March 1848

The German “Revolutions of 1848/49 were important but not really successful attempts to make the first steps towards the development of democratic institutions and a german national state. The events began with the “Mannheimer Volksversammlung” (People`s Assembly of Mannheim) on 27 February 1848. The movement was triggered by the “February Revolution” of 22-24 February in Paris which caused a revolutionary wave that swept over the whole of Europe during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of these years.

German Revolution of 1848 calculated for the Mannheimer Volksversammlung on 27 February 1848 as a midday chart 12:00 noon.

Jupiter the planet of victory at 10°Cancer was exactly conjunct one of the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the future capital Berlin during the events of February and March at Mannheim and in Berlin explaining the euphoria set free in large parts of the population. The North Node significator of the aims and the direction of the topics of the uprisings was at 0°Libra exactly conjunct the 39°Virgo resonance coordinate of Berlin.

The Birth Chart of the first German National State with the North Node conjunct Berlin

Map of the German Empire of 1871  map: ziegelbrenner, GFDL

The first german national state with a capital and central government was not founded before 1871. Legally Berlin became the seat of the first central government and capital in German history at midnight of January 1st 1871.

German Empire of 1871 foundation chart. Legally the German Empire came into existence on 1 January 1871 with the start of the new year

The 10° Cancer astrogeographical coordinate of Berlin was conjunct the North ode and right at mid-heaven the place of factual political rulership. The midnight chart for the start of the administrative year gave Berlin the status as the german capital and the center of political and administrative control. The Sun as indicator for the Emperor and royalty at 10°Capricorn was in opposition to the new capital. Mars the planet of warfare on 0°Libra was exactly conjunct the astrogeographical coordinate of Berlin at 29°Virgo and near the ascendant defining the appeal for dominance, warfare and aggression as a major aim behind the foundation. The negativity of this Mars position lay in its exact square to Saturn the planet of stability, political rulership. laws, control and effectiveness and on the degrees of exorcism. A deeper evaluation of this square position  should consider that Saturn as the ruler of house 4 aka the morphic field of the people and its cultural inheritance was attacked through the new rulers of the land as represented by Mars and the castes of soldiers (aristocracy) and uniform wearers. The “German Empire” captured the Holy Roman Empire tradition by replacing the head of the catholic church in Rome and the priest castes as the highest spiritual institution through the person of the protestant Holy Emperor which plainly and dumbly took the role as a ruler of spirituality or German pope. Protestantism may be a good thing in many ways – esp. for North European countries but rather appeared as a degenerate resource for such a late cover up of the Roman Empire.

An official foundation ceremony of the new German Empire (German Reich) along with the coronation of the “Prussian emperor” was held on 18 January 1871 with the Sun in a highly problematic position at 28° Capricorn a zodiac degree that relates to a twilight zone at the end of something out of date rather than to the dawning of a new era. The German Empire consequently became dominated by a culture of restrictions, militarism and an emperor who played a bizarre antagonistic role in contrast to the over-boarding and extremely fast developing industries and new technologies. The official Prussian culture appears to have been completely deteriorating into a marionette (Capricorn sun) like uniform wearing, bourgeois and pseudo-aristocratic, pre-fascist role play. For that atmosphere compare Heinrich Mann – der Untertan first published in 1912.

Chart for the Foundation of the German Empire through the coronation of  William I as german emperor, 18 January 1871, 13:00, Versailles, F

The fact that the coronation ceremony was not held in Berlin nor any other place inside the non-centralist “Germany field” (Gemini-Gemini) but in the far more centralist “France field” (Taurus – Gemini) was definitely symptomatic of the decentralism of the Germany field. The effects of the foundation of the new centralistic state was to become extremely problematic for Germany during the next 75 years. It can be said that the developments that arose from the introduction of centralism to the “germany field” effectively reduced the potential national territory by over 35% until 1949.

The choice of Versailles was seen as a response to the abolition of the Holy Roman Empire by Napoleon in 1806 and also as a revenge for whatever. But it was more than that: it was also symptomatic of the lack of an inner purpose of the new central government, capital and unification of german territories. Rahu – the Moon`s north node at 9° Cancer was conjunct Berlin`s astrogeographical coordinate at 10° Cancer emphasizing the legal act in regard to Berlin`s status as the seat of the emperor and also the coronation of the king of Prussia and not the kings of Bavaria or Hanover as german emperors.

Saturn at 4° Capricorn continued to be in square positions to Mars at 5° Libra and Chiron at 4° Aries  marking an atmosphere of tightest pressure on the 10° Cancer  position of Berlin providing the indication that the coronation of the kaiser was highly problematic for the City of Berlin and for future german governments.

The position of the Sun – Mercury conjunction at 28°Capricorn in a trine to Berlin`s 29°Virgo astrogeographical position marked a constructive and highly supportive factor for the extremely fast growing the new capital and the economical developments in the country and particularly its ruling classes.

World War I and the German Revolution of 1918

The German Declaration of War and the beginning of World War 1 came with Neptune at 28°Cancer in exact opposition to the Sun position at 28°Capricorn from the 1871 natal chart. This transit seems to represent the complete disorientation of the german government and the fatal illusionism and brutal immaturity of its emperor along with its political culture and system and the management of the country`s strategical role, aims and foreign policies. Neptun opposite the Sun as the royal planet meant the forced resignation of the emperor as a result of the war. In regard to the country and people it resulted in the end of the political system, the destruction of the boosting pre-war economy, 2 million german soldiers killed and the loss of 15 % of german territory.  

The square transit from the Pluto-Saturn conjunction between 27°Gemini and 1°Cancer marked an extremely intense pressure on the 29°Virgo resonance coordinate of Berlin and a simultaneous opposition to the 28°Sagittarius coordinate of Paris. This aspect explains that the confrontation of the two countries was a major factor that led to the declarations of war. The transit of Neptune the planet of spirituality and religious and moral authority at 28°Cancer in exact opposition to the 27°Capricorn resonance degree of London marked the climax of a problematic period in regard to the stability of the colonial empire.

Astrological chart for the german declaration of War in WW1 on 1 Aug 1914

The astrogeographical transit of one of the outer planets that seems to have triggered WW1 from the point of the view of the German Empire was Pluto´s ingress into Cancer from 1912 and in resonance with the 10° Cancer position of Berlin. But in fact that transit seems not to have been close enough to the german capital yet in order to stimulate the alertness that can be expected from Pluto transits. Its actual conjunction with Berlin was not reached before the problem year of 1923.

Revolution of 9 November 1918 – german soldiers waving a red flag in front of the Reichstag ph: Bundesarchiv, ccbysa3.0
Weimar Republic proclamation chart calculated for  9 November 1918, 13.30:  Phillip Scheidemann proclaimed the republic and resignation of the Kaiser 

The end of the short-lived German empire along with its emperor came with Saturn the planet of restrictions and of correcting mistakes on the royal degree of 27° Leo and with Uranus the planet of revolution in opposition to Saturn from 24° Aquarius. The Jupiter – Pluto conjunction in Cancer near the 10° Cancer coordinate of Berlin shows both the liberation and healing process (Jupiter) and the coming deep transformation process (Pluto) of the german political system. It has to be noted here that the exact Pluto transit along with the deeper transformation of the German national field had not even begun at the time of the capitulation in World War 1. In fact Germany had still 3 years to go until Pluto`s exact conjunction transit between 1921-25 with the hyperinflation, the first fascist coups and the French occupation of the Ruhr industrial region.

Astrological chart for the german capitulation after WW1 calculated for Nov 11 1918 at 5:12 in Compiègne, F.

The german capitulation of November, 11 1918 was signed with Mars the planet of warfare at 29°Sagittarius and on the astrogeographical position of Paris (28°°Sagittarius) in exact square to Berlin´s 29° Virgo coordinate. Chiron the sign ruler of Virgo and planet of strategical aims was at 29° Pisces in opposition to Berlinthe planetary ruler of Berlin and of Berlin´s strategical planning was in exile. The fact that Pluto at 6°Cancer was approaching but had not reached the exact position of Berlin yet could be understood in two ways: It showed that the war had been lost without the enemy having entered the territory and secondly that even more difficult times were yet to come for german governments and the political system.

Pluto´s transit conjunct Berlin 1921-25

Astrogeography. astrology, Berlin, mundane astrology
500 Billion Reichsmark issued on Oct, 24 1923

The period in which Pluto finally moved over the 10°Cancer position of Berlin between June 1921 until July 1925 brought the destabilization of german economy through the hyperinflation, the invasion of french and belgian troops in the Ruhr industrial region (1923-25) followed by a an endless number of strikes, the growth of support for right wing parties, the attempted Hitler Putsch of November, 8 1923 and the replacement of the Reichsmark currency  through the so called Rentenmark by November 15 in 1923..

French/Belgian occupation of the Ruhr industrial area from 11 Jan 1923

The climax of the Pluto`s transit in conjunction to Berlin was followed by a short period of reconstruction of german economy between 1925 and 1929 but only until its instability and dependence was tested again through the square transits of Uranus to Berlin from 29°Pisces (April 1926 to March 1928)  and especially over 10°Aries (July 1928 to March 1931)

Astrology & astrogeography: The climax of hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic came when Pluto reachesd 10°Cancer in 1923 exactly conjunct the astrogeographical position of Berlin

The effects of Uranus´s square transits in relation to Berlin during the Wall Street Crash of 1929 seems to have started the period that brought the death blow to the first german democratic state: the Weimar Republic did not last longer than 14 years. 

Uranus square to Berlin: the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the rise of the Nazis to power

Uranus squares are among the most challenging transits for any government. The Uranus square transit to the 10°Cancer astrogeographical position of Berlin is an outstanding example for the political challenge to the stability of a country´s political system under such transits.

The  events around the Wall Street Crash in 1929 with Uranus at 8°Aries    and the following Great Depression fell in the phase of Uranus` transit in a square to Berlin`s coordinate at 10° Cancer between July 1928 until March 1931. The effects on german economy and the stability of the political system were disastrous – resulting in the confrontation of the two extremist parties: the Nazis and the Russian led Communist Party together at 50 % votes in the 1932 elections.

Results of the German General Election of November 1932: the Nazi party had no more than 33,2 % the Communist party KPD 16,9 % source: wikimedia/GFDL

The Nazi era – straight preparation for WW II

Torchlight procession of the paramiliotary faascist organisation SA on the evening of Hitler´s inauguration as chancellor of Germany.
Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-02985A / CC-BY-SA 3.0

The Hitler inauguration came without any tight transits to the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Berlin at all, making it seem an effect of the extremely problematic history of the 1920ies. A constellation that has to be analyzed is the Mars-Jupiter conjunction the definite constellation of warfare between 19° and 22° Virgo the sign of careful strategical planning. The constellation was moving towards the 29°Virgo astrogeographical position of Berlin. It shows how Hitler aimed at weapon production and preparation for WW 2 from the very first moment as chancellor.

Astrological chart for the The inauguration of Hitler on 30 Jan 1933 calculated for 12.00 noon. 

The coming years of 1933-39 were used by Hitler for his war preparations (1933-39). The transits of the outer planets symptomatically displayed a lack of problematic transits (compare the George W. Bush era in the USA) in relation to the position of Berlin. The lack of problematic aspects of the outer planets so turned out as a phase of unhindered expansion of the fascist government, its control over the country, the boycott of the treaty of Versailles and the preparation for World War 2 right from the first day of Hitler´s inauguration.  In fact it was not before the second year of World War 2 that the first major transit of the outer planets in relation to Berlin occurred: the passing of Neptune over the position of Berlin at 29° Virgo between October 1940 (27°Virgo) and August 1944 (2°Libra). The conjunction of Neptune with the capital may be evaluated to some extent as a state of endorphin paralysis for the population. Through the end of the climax phase of Neptun´s transit over Berlins in August 1944 its hiding effects also seemed to have ceased. The defeat of german armies and  the   destruction of the capital along with most of german cities and the information about the fuller extent of the crimes of the german government and people through the Holocaust and war crimes became more an more known to the whole world.

World War II

Astrological chart for the beginning of World War 2 in Europe through the german attack on Poland on 1 September 1939 at 4.45 calculated for Berlin

WW2 was begun by the Nazis under the lack of aspects of tension from transits of the outer planets. There are several conclusion to be made here.  First of all the fact that there was no pressure on Germany and its government at all means the war was started for expansion of the government and capital. Secondly that unhindered expansion of the fascist german government all across Europe was done without reflection of the dangers and problems it would cause. Thirdly: unhindered expansion of governments under periods without aspects of tension from the outer planets can be the deadliest and most problematic situation for a country and its neighbors.

The conjunction of the Moon at 2° with Jupiter at 7°02`Aries the sign of warfare was approaching the square position to the 10°Cancer resonance coordinate of Berlin. Jupiter´s progression of 1°/per year would reach the exact square to Berlin 3 years later in 1942 when the full impact of air strikes reached the german capital.

Mars conjunct Neptune over the 29° Virgo coordinate of Berlin and the Holocaust

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Warschauer Ghetto Mauer
Bundesarchiv, B: 101I-134-0791-29A / Knobloch, L. / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Neptune´s transit over Berlin was used by Hitler to project Neptune – the fuller truth about ones own identity,  lies, negativity, suppressed reality and his own true face onto minorities and make them scapegoats of the populist emotions of hate, racism, disgust and destruction at the basis of the Nazi propaganda, hierarchy and psychology. 

All jews from the area of Warsaw were ordered to move into the ghetto area on 2 October 1940. The chart is calculated for sunrise as the hour of the dcrete is unknown

The establishment of the Warsaw Ghetto in October 1940 brought a new a dimension in Hitler´s plans for a politic of mass extinction. The Nazis decided to force all polish Jews into a giant concentration camp in the city of Warsaw in 1940. The plan was carried out as Mars joined Neptune in      his transit over Berlin`s 29° Virgo astrogeographic position in early October 2 1940.  The Sun and North Node were  in exact square to the 10° Cancer position of Berlin at the same time. To understand the fuller dimensions of hate,  strife for dominance and impotence behind the holocaust the conjunction of the South Node with Lilith the dark moon in Aries needs to be considered. It explains the psychology behind the Holocaust as a projection of personal frustration.

According to historians the Holocaust itself began with Hitler`s attack on Russia under the code-name Operation Barbarossa accompanied by the murdering of russian jews through the SS and even Reichswehr troops. And Mars was just about to reach the opposition degrees from his transit during the establishment of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Neptune conjunct Tokyo and Berlins 28°-29°Virgo resonance degrees in 1941 during the German attack on Russia and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941

German soldiers during the start of Operation Barbarossa
Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-2007- 0127 / CC-BY-SA 3.0

The transit of Neptune conjunct the 28°-29°Virgo resonance degrees of Tokyo and Berlin during the german attack on Russia in June 1941 and the japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941 explains the paralysis & intoxication of the population through propagandistic illusionism and blinding, the self-destruction of the capitals and nations, the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual contamination, depression and suffering caused.

The Neptune transit over the two capitals during these sudden attacks that were both carried out without warning or declaration of war shows the self-destructive tendency of these attacks on much larger, powerful and superior countries. Another example for a war begun under a Neptune transit over the capital was the Iraqi attack on Kuwait which led to the destruction of Baghdad in the 2nd Gulf war between August, 2 1990 and February, 28 1991).

Astrological Chart for Operation Barbarossa Nazi German attack on Russia on 22 June 1941, 3:15 calculated for Berlin

Hitler´s attack on the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941 was carried out with a self-destructive Mars – Neptune oppositionNeptune at 24°Virgo was nearing the conjunction to Berlin`s 29° Virgo coordinate while Mars the planet of warfare was moving in Neptune`s own sign Pisces nearing the exact opposition to Berlin pointing at the Russian invasion of Berlin  as the outcome of Operation Barbarossa. Under such circumstances the fact that the North Node at 27° Virgo and conjunct Neptune was pointing towards Berlin itself makes the operation Barbarossa (red beard) look like having been directly aimed at the self-destruction of the german capital and the Nazi regime.

D – Day: The Allied Forces Landing in the Normandie with Saturn square to Berlin

The 12 sign zodiac is a holistic approach that serves as a systemic device to examine and analyze systems. If it weren´t for that purpose a 13, 17 or 22 sign zodiac could be used. That means the 12 fold division is ideal for an abstract, systemical approach to interpretation. zodiac signs as structural, systemical elements of. In 12 – fold system the yearly cycle of the sun can be most harmoniously, easily and effectively divided into 4 seasons which in regard to human individuals can easily be transferred onto the perspective of the 4 bodies: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. In this systemical approach it is the role of the sign of Capricorn the 10th overall structural element to divide the mental from the spiritual body – the subjective personal perception from the factual extra-subjective reality. This explains and defines the role of Saturn as the ruler of Capricorn in systemical astrological interpretation. Saturn`s transits mark the reconnection of any stage of development of a system with its factual, overall relevance and meaning ending a the period of subjective intrigues, manipulations and wishful thinking (Sagittarius). This is why I define Saturn transits as exorcisms of the subjective, mental layers layers that have covered and attempted to destroy the spirituality aka long-term effects of human believe systems, opinions and habitual patterns of experience.

For Germany and Japan the transit of Saturn over 28°Gemini in exact square to the 28°-29° astrogeographical resonance degrees of the capitals Berlin and Tokyo on 6 June 1944 (D-Day) meant an exorcism of the fascistoid belief systems that had led to the german attack on Russia (Operation Barbarossa) in June 1941 and the Japanese attack on the USA (Pearl Harbour) in December 1941 during Neptune´s transit conjunct the 2 capitals in a constellation of self-destructiveness.

Naval Bombardments on D-Day

The position of the South Node Ketu at 28° Capricorn exactly conjunct the astrogeographical resonance degree of London explains where Saturn the ruler of Capricorn came from. Plus that its position also explains that the long-time resistance against Fascist Germany had come from the United Kingdom – the only west European country that had been able to withstand (Capricorn) way to Hitler`s blitzkrieg attack.

Nach der Landung in der Normandie besetzen Allierte Truppen die eroberten Küstenabschnitte

The landing of the Allied Forces in France was finally carried out with Saturn at 28°Gemini in exact square to Berlin. This transit shows how the forces of exorcism were enforcing their pressure on the self-destructive German Nazi regime that had already lost the war but was still aiming at the fuller destruction of Germany and the completion of the genocide against the European Jews. The inevitability of the military defeat of the german forces had already been decided through the defeat at Stalingrad during Neptune`s exact transit over Berlin in the winter of 1942/43.

Astrological chart for D Day – the landing of the Allied forces in Normandie on 6 June 1944 with Saturn at 28°Gemini in exact square to Berlins 29°Virgo coordinate 

Jupiter the planet of victory at 21° in fire sign Leo the sign of french culture was approaching the opposition to the 27°Aquarius resonance degree of Paris explaining the challenge to the german control over the french capital. At the same time Jupiter was marching towards the exact conjunction with the astrogeographical resonance degree of Washington at 27°Leo symbolizing the victory over Hitlers “Atlantic Wall”.

Hitler´s “Atlantic Wall” before D-Day ph Uberstroker, GFDL

The German capitulation in WW2 with Saturn conjunct Berlin

German Capitulation in World War 2 calculated for 10 May 1945, 23:10, Berlin. Rahu the North Node was in exact transit of Berlin`s astrogeo coordinate at 10°Cancer conjunct Saturn and in a square with Neptun in LIbra and Mars, Moon and Venus in Aries.

As far as the german capital is concerned the “decisive” astrogeographical transit during  the process of the delayed german capitulation in May 1945 was Saturn`s transit over Berlin and in a square to Neptune in Libra between August 1944 (6° Cancer) and July 1945 (14° Cancer).  Saturn appears here as the executor of karmic responsibility in a square to Neptune who as having spent 3 years conjunct Berlin`s astrogeographic coordinate at 29° Virgo during the largest part of World War 2 was now about to move into a square position to Berlin`s second coordinate at 10° Cancer. Neptune`s square transit to Berlin took place between September 1945 (6° Libra) and September 1949 (14° Libra). During this period the City was divided into 4 sectors which later split into 2 halves and lost it´s status as the capital.  What may be even more important for astrological consideration than the loss of territorial sovereignty here in regard to Neptune transits was the loss of any moral rights of the german nation, culture, pride and self-image for considering itself part of the community of humans because of the genocide against european Jews and the long list of german war crimes

For judgement of transits of the outer planets in relation to capitals it is to be noted that Neptune`s transit  in a square to the 10° Cancer coordinate of Berlin was not the phase when these crimes were committed but instead the phase when they became public and effective for the political status, self-image and financial situation of what was then the former german capital.

The foundation chart for the Federal Republic of Germany

The foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany terminated with the traditions of the first german national state of 1871 and the Nazi regime that had literally nailed the coffin for german independence for the next centuries to come. This is because: the FRG was founded as a separate state in West Germany only, it was made an occupied state for 40 years and became politically dependent on the 4 major allied countries from WW 2.

The Moon in Aries the sign of german culture below the horizon (constellation of the lost emotional identity and home) placed in the shade by Neptune`s opposition conjunct the ascendant as the strongest planet in the chart. 

An extremely positive, stimulating and luxurious position was Jupiter in house 4 indicating a process that naturally accompanied the restrictions of independence. the concentration of the country on its interior politics and which though it had to be forced onto the country  seems to have had extremely positive effects ever since:  The FRG was left no option for military expansion and was “liberated” from being actively part of the war games of the major global players while it was able to concentrate on its inner development under their protection.

Foundation chart of the the Federal Republic of Germany calculated for 23 May 1949 at 17:00 in Bonn

The Federal Republic of Germany was founded on 23 May 1949 through the signing of the constitution called “Grundgesetz”. Uranus at 29° Gemini was in exact square to Berlin which meant also that the west german capital and government was stationed in Bonn at the “west end” of Germany and taken away from Berlin which after WW2 marked the “east end” of german territory. Uranus in Gemini the resonator of the decentralism of the germany field and also the sign of twins turned out as the momentum of separation of the two german states. The position of personal planets Sun, Mercury and Venus in Gemini and inside of the Germany field can be understood as indications of a step that was focused on the germany field itself. The foundation of West Germany brought a final end to any appeal for territories lost during WW1 and 2.

The opposition of Neptune at 12°Libra with the Moon at 13°Aries both 
square to Berlin´s 10°Cancer resonance position
explains that the decision to give up Berlin as a central capital was not made voluntarily but because there was no other possible choice for west german politics. At the same time the 2 planets were in a square to Moscow 12°Cancer coordinate explaining the foundation of the FRG as a step directed against Moscow`s hegemonial rule over large parts of Europe after 1945.

Bonn symbolically chosen as an emblem of german cultural inheritance because the birth town of Beethoven was made the capital of West-Germany through the decision of 29 November 1949. The astrogeographcial coordinates of Bonn are 24°Aries and 12°Scorpio. The 24°Aries position was occupied by the North Node as indicator of the aim of an event. This aspect is parallel here to the placement of the North Node at 10°Cancer exactly conjunct the resonance degree of the new capital Berlin during the foundation of the 1st german national state of 1871.

Pluto at 13°Leo was exactly square to the 22°Scorpio resonance degree of Bonn explaining the tight pressure on the new capital through the occupation of Germany through the 4 WW 2 allies.

Palais Schaumburg the was the seat of the german chancellor in the new capital  Bonn from 1950  ph: Arntz, Prof.; Burow, ccbysa3.0

The list of astrogeographical positions of the capital cities of the 16 german states in FRG

Astrogeographcam resonance coordinates of the political capitals of the 16 german federal states. Source: Astrogeographical world map by Georg Stockhorst

The late sixties: Uranus and Pluto conjunct Berlin

In the period that followed the shooting of the student Benno Ohnesorg by a police officer on June 2 1967 Uranus started his transit over the 29° Virgo astrogeographical position of Berlin between October 1967 and August 1969. Like in many other industrialized countries the period of the Pluto-Uranus conjunction of 1964-67 brought a real awakening to emancipation movements,  youth culture, political structures, patterns of role conduct and many other fields of life.  Berlin definitely was a real hot spot for these developments. 

The shooting of Benno Ohnesorg during a demonstration of students against the visit of the persian dictator Shah Rehza Pahlevi 

The shooting of Benno Ohnesorg by a police officer marked a real turning point in german history in many ways: the authoritarianism and much of the patterns of perceptions and fascistoid mentality from the Nazi era were challenged directly for the first time since the 1920ies. The fact that the police officer who killed the student was actually an agent of the east german secrete services was not made public before around 2012. The Moon – Saturn conjunction at 10°-11°Aries in exact square to the 10°Cancer astrogeographical position of Berlin stood for an act directed against the german capital and unification. At the same time Chiron at 29°Virgo exactly opposite Berlin`s 29°Pisces coordinate stood for a calculated strategy behind the shooting. 

Pluto conjunct Berlin during the foundation phase of the Red Army Faction – and a Uranus square

The symbol for the RAF Faction

During the foundation phase of the Red Army Faction between 1970 and 1972 Pluto moved across the 29°Virgo astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Berlin. Though there is no exact date for the foundation of the German RAF the liberation of Andreas Baader from imprisonment on May, 14 1970 is usually seen as the first action of the group.

Natal chart for the Red Army Faction calculated for the “liberation” of Andreas Baader from imprisonment during Baader`s visit to the “Institut für Soziale Fragen” in Berlin om May, 14 1970 at 11:00

The first action of the Red Army Faction was carried out with Pluto at 25°Virgo close to the exact conjunction with the 29°Virgo position and Uranus at 5°Libra approaching the exact square to the 10°Cancer coordinate of Berlin. Note that Uranus was exactly square the 6°Cancer resonance degree of Washington – explaining the Red Army Faction as directed against the US presence in Germany.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

A historical proof of how intensely effective the transits of planets in major aspects to the astrogeographic position of places can be is the conjunction of Saturn with Neptun at 10° Capricorn on November, 13 1989 4 days after the opening  of the Iron Curtain at the Berlin Wall on November, 9 1989. The conjunction happened in exact opposition to the astrogeographic coordinate of Berlin at 10° Cancer.

Horoscope for the Fall of the Berlin Wall on November, 9 1989, 21:20 with the Saturn – Neptun conjunction in exact opposition to the astrogeographic position of the Berlin at 10° Cancer

The Fall of the Berlin Wall on November, 9 1989, 21:20 with Saturn conjunct Neptun at 10° Capricorn in direct opposition to the astrogeographic position of the german capital at 10° Cancer occupied by Jupiter at 10°Cancer 

Remarkably enough the German and Russian capitals have one astrogeographical aspect conjunct: the position near 10° Cancer. This aspect could to some extent explain the direct rule of Moscow over East Berlin between 1945 and 1989.  Apart from that it is in fact really promising for a future political and economical cooperation between Germany and Russia. Since Uranus and Pluto have been transiting and challenging the position of Berlin and Moscow in Cancer simultaneously from an opposite position (Pluto in Capricorn Jan 2013 – Jan 2015) and from a square (Uranus in Aries May 2013 – Jan 2015) their coming transits are to be considered as comparatively relaxing for the situation of the countries` governments. Both Pluto and Uranus are moving away from the tense  position they had taken in the last 2 years. 

The reunification chart

Astrological chart for the german reunification on 3 October 1990, 0:00 calculated for Berlin

The german reunification or unification of the two german states became effective on 3 October 1990 with the sun at 9°Libra in exact square to the 10°Cancer astrogeographical position of Berlin which stood for the termination of East Berlin as the capital of East Germany also due to the simultaneuos square of the Sun with Neptune at 11°Capricorn and opposite Berlin. The Moon at 20°Pisces was in exact mirror-point opposition to the Sun and square to Berlin too. This transit situation reveals that many of the effects of the reunification brought a lot of stress to Germany`s political stability. Especially the unsolved issue of people´s individual responsibility for fascistoid patterns which through the missing experience of the rebellion and revolutionary experiments of the sixties in east german politics (represented by the Saturn – Neptune – Uranus conjunction of paralysis) and the projection of fascism on capitalism led to an identification of larger parts of east german population with fascistoid patterns until today.

The habitual mechanisms of hiding (represented by Moon in Pisces) individual responsibility for political situation behind the class enemy led to intense problems with racism, hate and neofascist attitudes towards foreigners and a lack of acceptance of democratic institutions in East Germany right from the early 90ies until today.

Future transits

The next really tight aspect of tension to be expected for the position of the german government in regard to its astrogeographic position is the transit of Saturn over 29° Sagittarius in a square from February 2017 until January 2018.  As the next elections to the german parliament will be held during this period in September 2017 the current government could and hopefully will be under intense pressure by then.

A transit of historical dimensions for the position of the the german capital will be the period of Neptune`s transit over 29° Pisces in opposition to Berlin between May 2022 (25° Pisces) and March 2027 (3° Libra). Through this transit Neptune for the first time since World War 2 moves in opposition to his position at the start of World War 2 and during the phase when Hitler`s armies attacked all other european countries. The transit in opposition indicates also the opposition to the crimes committed during that period (October 1940 (27°Virgo) and August 1944 (2°Libra)). So for Germany the past should be a major issue to be dealt with during that period.  But that should not be mistaken with the much more urgent current issue of the problem of Germany`s extreme export surplus which might lead to confrontations with business partners. Germany`s role on the stage of international politics could be intensely questioned particularly during the first half of this transit. This is indicated here through the “stage appearance effect” which due to the 7th house character of oppositions is a well-known aspect of such transits with individuals. The transit of Saturn in opposition to Berlin between April 2025 (26° Pisces) and March 26 (3° Libra) will most probably be the climax of this Neptune transit. The Saturn – Neptune conjunction on February 20 2026 just like the last one in November 1989 (Opening of the Berlin Wall) falls in exact opposition with one astrogeographical coordinate of Berlin.

Saturn-Neptune Conjunctions in the 20th century

The close relationship of the Saturn – Neptune conjunctions during the 20th century with the history of the USSR, Communism and Germany is legendary: The Russian Revolution on 8 Nov 1917, the East Berlin Uprising on 17 Jun 1953 and the Opening of the Berlin Wall on 9 Nov 1989 mark central events close to the 3 conjunctions of these two planets. Theses conjunctions occur regularly every 36 years.

Conjunction of Saturn with Neptune, 20 February 2026, 17:53 calculated for Berlin

The Saturn – Neptune conjunction on February 20 2026 just like the last one in November 1989 (Opening of the Berlin Wall) falls in exact opposition with Berlin. And again Jupiter will be conjunct the position of Berlin at 10° Cancer so that the topic related to political solutions of karmic issues having to do with the Iron Curtain should definitely come on the agenda of german history again during the year 2026.

The equinoctial eclipse of 20 March 2015 in opposition to Berlin

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The eclipse by a supermoon on March, 20 2015 occurred shortly before the March equinox only 14 hours after the Moon reached it`s lunar perigee – the Moon’s closest point to Earth in its orbit. “Thus this moon is a supermoon – at the new phase –  having a larger-than-average effect on Earth’s oceans. Plus this new supermoon swings right in front of the equinox sun on March 20, so that the moon’s shadow falls on parts of Earth”

The next spring equinox eclipse after 2015 will happen on March 20, 2034. Then there will be two more in this century: 2053 and 2072. Note the spacing of 19 years between these four eclipses of the March equinox sun. (source) Therefore the phase of validity of this equinoctical eclipse can be assumed to last for 19 years or until 2034.

In astrological terms a solar eclipse is a moment when the accumulated information, spiritual entities, unreleased emotions that have been stuck on the Moon since the last solar eclipse are swept towards the earth by the impact of the Sun`s energies. Because an eclipse has no direct impact on the Moon itself but has only got to deal with the relation between the Earth and the Moon the most important effect is that it sweeps those unsolved issues having to do with the earth back to earth. Unsolved issues could be the memories or remains of the memories of alive or dead living beings which have not been released into the universe.

Global political and economical as well as personal, individual and particularly emotional issues are transferred back to the earth in that moment so that these karmic issues have to be faced and some work done to resolve them.

The positions of the planets at  the moment of the eclipse provide detailed information in which fields of our lives the resonance of these unsolved issues lie.

Astrological Chart for the Solar eclipse on 20 March 2015, 10:31, calculated for Berlin

The German Chancellery and Parliament Area in Berlin is located on the last degree (29°) of earth sign Virgo and  10° Cancer. The position of the eclipse at 29° Pisces falls right on the point of opposition to the position of the german government. Therefore the politics of the german government are questioned by the Moon and the Sun in Pisces during the phase when the eclipse is effective which will be around 19 years (source). This aspect is to be seen as extremely intense in regard to questioning the status of german governments within the country and of course also in european and global politics. But of course it has to be understood that particularly in the case of Germany this position is not completely new but actually a permanent as each of the spring equinoxes which occur every 19 years takes place around the position of 29° Pisces.  And it has to be taken into account that Germany almost “traditionally” has had it`s role and has been used  for projections as the internationally most questioned and criticized country in Europe since the end of World War 2. And another aspect here is that Pisces the sign where the eclipse took place is the main indicator for italian, roman and catholic cultures. The historically interesting context here is that the Holy Roman Empire (an equivalent to Pisces as the sign of Italy + roman catholic culture) which existed in Germany between the 8th and 19th centuries was accepting the rule of the Popes and therefore  of Rome over the german kings. This tradition of Italy  and Pisces orientated politics has been continued through the foundation of the European Union through the Treaty of Rome in 1957 signed on Capitoline Hill the spiritual heart of the former Roman Empire. Therefore the aspect of Pisces is and has been to some extent included as a habitual point of orientation of german politics towards Rome and later towards the European Union for over 1000 years. Therefore the position of the March 20 eclipse even if it indicates no strengthening of the independence of german governments it does surely indicate the strengthening of the orientation of german governments towards the European Union and the influence of the EU on german governments. This “interactive complementary opposition” of the german government with the European Union is further emphasized by the straight astrogeographic opposition of the European capital Brussels at 21°Pisces with the german capital.  This conjunction identifies Brussels role as a major point of resonance with the 2015 equinoctial solar eclipse.  The conjunction of the eclipse with the astrogeographical position of Brussels so indicates that the karmic issues brought up by the eclipse are working in favor of the European Union while they are challenging the german position. But this is only one aspect of the whole “interactive roulette” of this astrological transit  in regard to the European Union.  In fact the capitals of the founding members (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands) of the European Union are linked together by a Grand Cross directly stimulated by the eclipse:  Rome (29°Gemini + 15°Gemini), Paris (27°Sagittarius + 7°Aquarius), Berlin (29° Virgo + 10° Cancer) and Brussels (21°Pisces + 10°Scorpio with Amsterdam at 29°Pisces + 4°Libra). It is really fascinating to watch how my astrogeographical calculation can reach such a level of systemical insights, clarity and really strong evidence about the basical interaction at the foundation of here. Read my post about the EU Parliament.

Berlin and Germany in Political Astrology. Horoscope Chart for the Foundation of the European Union Signing of the Treaty of Rome, 25 March 1957, 18:30, Rome, Palace of the Senators, Capitoline Hill

The times around spring equinoxes can in fact be seen as climax points of the questioning of german and european politics. As far as Germany is concerned this is at least since the shift of the government from Bonn (astrogeo. pos.: 24° Aries + 13° Scorpio) to Berlin.