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Winter sunrise over Prague ph: Radovan Císař , ccbysa3.0

The astrogeographical position of Prague

The astrogeographical position of Prague. Transits of the outer planets in relation to the capital, government and center of the national morphic field of the Czech Republic.

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The astrogeographical position of Prague

Winter sunrise over Prague ph: Radovan Císař , ccbysa3.0

Astrogeographical position of the City of Prague for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the international, supra-regional resonance of the capital of the Czech Republic concerning its government, politics and the center of the national morphic field: the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the City of Prague are 28°Scorpio and 23°Cancer.

The astrogeographical polarity between the City of Prague and its`s neighbour sister capital Bratislava the capital of Slovakia is remarkable. Bratislava has one resonance coordinate at 26°Leo in nearly exact square to Prague and one coordinate at 15°Capricorn which is near the opposite to Prague. The polarity of capitals is of course an aspect which shows how energetical centers have a natural tendency of focusing on different aspects topics and spheres of interest. And yes of course that can and does that does promote confrontation. But such constellations of “complementary opposition” or “opposed supplement” are particularly fertile when partners are able to find a way to make use of such differences for the purpose of cooperation in diversity.

The Birth of the Independent Czech and Slovakian Republics

The separation of Czechia and Slovakia occured on January 1 1993 at midnight when both became independent republics and nations after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

The astrogeographical transits during the birth moment of the independent Czech and Slovakian nations are absolutely stunning. The conjunction of Uranus as the planet of globalization, abstraction, self-liberation and revolution with Neptune the planet of spirituality, healing and reconnection with the higher self was near 18°Capricorn was close to the 15°Capricorn position Bratislava and nearly opposite Prague, indicating that the divorce meant a loss of territorial “prominence” for Prague as the former capital of Czechoslovakia.

Independence and Foundation of the Czech and Slovakian Republics calculated for January 1, 1993 at 0:00 and for Prague

Venus as the planet of territorial control, economy and income was at 26° in Aquarius covering an opposition to Bratislava (26°Leo) and a square to Prague (28°Scorpio). The new status did of course bring a lot of new orientation in regard to economy, food production, markets and income that must have equally challenged old structures in both nations.

Mars as the planet of action, speed, warfare, ignition and starting something was at 20°Cancer and close to conjunct the 23°Cancer resonance coordinate of Prague indicating a moment in time that demanded a new definition of national inheritance and the strife for strength.

The Birth Charts for the Czech Republic and Kingdom of Bohemia

The foundation of the Czech republic of Oct 28, 1918 with squares from Saturn and Uranus to Prague

The day of the Independence of Czechia: Rally of the people of Prague on Wenceslas Square on the 28th October 1918

On the day of the foundation and proclamation of the Czech Republic Saturn at 26° Leo and Uranus at 24°Aquarius were close to the exact square position to the 28°Scorpio astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Prague.

Foundation chart for Czecho – Slovakia calculated for October 28 1918 at 12:00 noon in Prague. Source: Nick Campion mentions a moment “some minutes after 12 noon when the members of the chairmanship of the National Council declared their will to consider themselves as reprentative government of Czechia before the Vice King Kosina. The proclamation made at 15:45 is apparently considered an important moment too.

Pluto at 5°Cancer was conjunct the 6°Cancer resonance coordinate of Washington explaining the important role of the USA as the nation that had not only decided the outcome of World War I but had also pressed the Austrian government to free the Balkan nations from its territorial rule.

“Zeus Return to Prague”

Jupiter (Zeus) at 15°Cancer was moving forward on his way to reaching the 23°Cancer resonance coordinate of Prague in a constellation that can be compared to the returns of Zeus (Jupiter) to Athens in the Greek independence from the Osman Empire in January 1828 and again during the independence from Nazi Germany in October 1944.

Communist Rule in Czechoslovakia

Astrological chart for the Communist Rule in Czechoslovakia established on February 25 1946 when Klement Gottwald government was installed under Russian influence. The chart is calculated for 16:45. source: Jaroslav Mixha

The establishment of Communist rule over Prague did not see transits of the slow moving planets of the resonance coordinates of Prague indicating the fact that the new political system was not through a process that originated in the country itself. Nevertheless the approaching of Chiron towards the 28°Scorpio resonance coordinate of Prague could be understood as a an aspect of stabilization of the country.

Among the planetary factors that were directly involved were Mars the planet of warfare and Mercury the planet of practical solutions both in a square position to Prague.

The Foundation of the Kingdom of Bohemia

The first time that a Duke of Bohemia received the title of a king was in 1085 when Duke Vratislaus II. was declared King of Bohemia by Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV. But that did not establish a hereditary monarchy and the lack of strong astrogeographical transits in relation to Prague could be a hint that this was not the decisive moment in the development of the nation.

Astrological chart for the Foundation of the Kingdom of Bohemia calculated for June 15 1085 (jul.) calculated as a 12 noon chart for Prague. The first King was Vratislaus II. Duke of Bohemia

That situation seems to have changed when Ottokar I received the title of the King of Bohemia for himself and his heirs on September 26 1212 with Jupiter the planet of victory at 28°Scorpio conjunct Prague and a Chiron – Saturn conjunction on the Imperial zodiac degrees between 25° and 29° of fire sign Leo the sign of centralism and absolutism exactly square to the resonance coordinate of Prague and the center of the national morphic field of Czechia. The pressure from the square position of Saturn and Chiron suggests that the stabilization of the Kingdom of Bohemia achieved here was part of a strategy of the Emperor to stabilize the integration of Bohemia in the Holy Roman Empire.

Astrological chart for the declaration of Ottokar I as first hereditary King of Bohemia by Emperor Frederick II through the Golden Bull of Sicily on 26 September 1212  declaring him and his heirs Kings of Bohemia

The Golden Bull of Sicily was a decree that considerably stabilized the Kingdom of Bohemia as such but also the dominance of the chosen Přemyslid dynasty.. Ottokar I who had been king since 1198 and his heirs were declared hereditary Kings of Bohemia by Emperor Frederick II.

Important Charts in Czech History

The Murder of Saint Wenceslas I with Uranus opposite Prague

The famous Statue of Saint Wenceslas I on Wenceslas Square in Prague is located in the combination of air sign Gemini sign of sign-posts, information. learning, symbols, communication, road – crossings together with solid, conservative, traditionalist earth sign Capricorn sign of governments, state cult, history, stability, rules and regulations, public space. ph:  Polyparadigm, ccbysa3.0

The catholic Saint Wenceslas I (feast on September 28) was the duke of Bohemia from 921 until his assassination in 935. His younger brother, Boleslaus the Cruel, His martyrdom and the popularity of several biographies gave rise to a reputation for heroic virtue that resulted in his elevation to sainthood. He was posthumously declared to be a king and came to be seen as the patron saint of the Czech state and nation (national field).

Astrological chart for the Murder of Wenceslas I Duke of Bohemiaon September, 28 935.