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Idealised view of the Acropolis (located in Virgo with Aquarius) and Athena Promachos carrying a great spear in her right hand (rather than with an owl as indicated from copies and coins), by the painter Leo von Klenze in 1846, who portrayed the great statue of Athena Promachos as visible from far away, as reported in ancient texts.

Athens and Greece in Political Astrology

Greece and Athens in Political Astrology. Transits of the outer planets in relation to the capital and government of Greece.

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Greece and Athens in Political Astrology

The City of Athens is named after the goddess Athena and the temple area on the Acropolis Hill is her most important place of worship with the Parthenon (meaning: house of virgins) Temple at its center. The astrogeographical coordinates of Acropolis Hill (field level 3) in Virgo (virginity) and Aquarius (trans-sexuality) resonate with the fact that Athena never had a love relationship. Athena`s Virgo resonance is also reflected in the astrogeographical position of her own city Athens in Virgo for field level 1 (global resonance).

Idealised view of the Acropolis (located in Virgo with Aquarius) and Athena Promachos carrying a great spear in her right hand (rather than with an owl as indicated from copies and coins), by the painter Leo von Klenze in 1846, who portrayed the great statue of Athena Promachos as visible from far away, as reported in ancient texts.

Astrogeographical position and resonating degrees of Athens for morphogenetic field level 1 which describe the international, global topics of the Greek capital and  government: The astrogeographical position of the parliament area around Syntagma Square in Athens is located at 18° in earth sign Virgo and at 15° in water sign Scorpio for morphogenetic field level 1 which defines the global significance of the national capital, seat of parliament & government and all-time center of the national territory morphic field of Greece.

The Hellenic Parliament building in Athens is stretching across the divide between Gemini (north half) and Cancer (south half) and the 2nd coordinate in Cancer too – both for field level 4 (exact position).  ph:  Thomas Wolf,, ccbysa3.0

The turkish occupation of Athens and the fiercefulness of the Pluto-Uranus square transit to Athens in 1456

The turkish-ottoman occupation of Athens in 1456 under Mehmed II occurred during an exact Pluto-Uranus conjunction around 12° in royal fire sign Leo the sign if absolutist rule and hyper-centralism approaching the exact square position to the 16°Scorpio astrogeographical coordinate of Athens.

Astrological chart for the Ottoman occupation of Turkey in 1456 – the date is approximate – calculated for 12:00 noon

The fiercefulness of the square from the Pluto-Uranus conjunction lies in the extensive cultural eradication of the Greek autonomy and cultural inheritance through the ottoman emperors and the invasion of the highly centralist pseudo-islamic monotheism that was employed to keep the ottoman empire under a strictly hierarchical rule.

The importance of the resonance of Leo the sign of the Sun with monotheism can be observed at the astrogeographical position of  Akhetaten (Amarna) the new central capital built for the monotheism of the sun god Aten in Leo.

The start of the Greek War of Independence in 1821

The Metropolitan Germanos Patra blessed the greek flag and proclamation of independence on March 25, 1821, at the Monastery of Agia Lavra.

The exact date for the start of the Greek War of Independence is mostly set on 21 February 1821. The blessing of the greek flag and the Elliniki Epanastasi proclamation of independence by the  Metropolitan Germanos Patra on March 25, 1821 at the monastery of Agia Lavra on Peleponnesos was an official ceremony that can be considered as an important early event in the timeline of history.

Greek War of Independence: the blessing of the Elliniki Epanastasi and greek flag in 1821 calculated for 12:00 noon.

It took place during a highly excitable Mars-Venus conjunction at 18°Piscesand in exact opposition to the 18°Virgo astrogeographical position of Athens which was then ruled by Ottoman forces. At that stage there was no pressure on the ottoman occupation of Athens from the slow moving outer planets.

The return of Zeus to Athens in January 1828

The greek autonomy was made possible through the defeat of the ottoman fleet in the Battle of Navarino by the British-French-Russian alliance on 20 October 1827. On 28 January 1828 Ioannis Kapodistrias arrived in Greece to take over the responsibility for the establishment of the new greek state. 

Astrological chart for Greek autonomy calculated for the arrival of Ioannis Kapodistrias former Russian Foreign minister to become the 1st head of State of independent Greece on 28 January 1828 calculated for 12:00 noon
  • The astrological chart for the arrival of Ioannis Kapodistrias former Russian Foreign minister to become the 1st head of State of independent Greece on 28 January 1828 shows Zeus (Jupiter as the winner) at 13°Scorpio approaching the 16°Scorpio astrogeographical position of Athens. The Greek autonomy finished with nearly 400 years of Ottoman/Turkish rule over Greece.

The foundation chart for the Greek Republic of 1974

Greek in Political Astrology
Greek Republic Foundation Chart 1974 calculated for the swearing in of Konstantin Karamanlis as Prime Minister on 24 July 1974, 4.00 in Athens
  • The astrological birth chart for the modern Greek Democracy is calculated for the swearing in of Konstantinos Karamanlis as new president on 24 July 1974, 4.00, Athens (source: N. Campion “Book of world Horoscopes”). Nicholas Campion proposes 2 other astrological foundation dates one on 25 March 1821 and another one on 3 February 1830. 
  • All the three dates show intense transits near 18° in maritime sign Pisces (ocean, sea, global influences, Poseidon) the opposition degree to the 18° Virgo (harbor, protected dry land, storing goods, Athena) resonance coordinate of the all-time center of the national territorial field of Greece in Athens.
  • this sign opposition can be explored in regard to the competition between Poseidon (Neptune & Pisces) and the virgin goddess Athena (Virgo) on who was to be the ruling deity of the city of Athens.
  • maritime sign Pisces is the ruling sign of the sea and of ships and may be found to reflect the strong influence of ship owners in the history of Athens and on Greek economy.
  • The position of highly expansive Jupiter the planet of Zeus at 17° Pisces in opposition to the 18°Virgo resonance degree of Athens and the Greek government on the “birthday” of the new democratic State hints at the important role and challenge to the Greek government by beneficiaries from political and economic corruption, oligarchs and other forces from inside and outside of the country. 
  • the intensely strong conjunction between the ascendant at 13°Cancer with Mercury and Saturn between 10° and 11°Cancer exactly conjunct the 12°Cancer resonance coordinate of Moscow (10°Cancer of Berlin too) may be explored as a hint at the popular solidarity with Moscow due to the intense hate accumulated in Greece against the USA who had involved Greece as a proxy state in the geo-political strategy against the expansion of the Russian colonial empire in the military coup and rule of the brutal Papadopoulos regime between 1967 and 1974.
  • The conjunction between Mercury indicating rejection and attempts of abortion is particularly strong in Cancer as the sign of the uterus and emotional identity through the position right on the ascendant. The solidarity felt with Russia and hate against the USA so appears as a basic emotion at the foundation of the modern Greek democracy.

Saturn transits in relation to the Greek government

Elections for the Greek Parliament on 25 January 2015
Elections for the Greek Parliament on 25 January 2015

During the phase of the beginning of the Greek Debt Crisis caused by the depression of US economy as a result of the political and economical corruption during the Bush presidency (2001-2008)  Saturn passed the position of the greek government at 18° Virgo between October 2008 and July 2009.  As far as Greece is concerned this transit can be seen as initial for the greek debt crisis but is to be considered a highly stabilizing astrogeographical transit for Greece in the long run. Saturn`s role as the ruler of Capricorn the sign of government institutions stands for the attempts of the greek government to get more control over the country`s political sitauation and particularly its administration.  An important example for the emancipative effects of a Saturn transit conjunct a capital is the transit of Saturn conjunct Kiev in the Euromaidan riots of 2013.   

In November 2013 Saturn passed over the postion at 15° Scorpio  on the climax of economic depression in the country. Now that Saturn is moving in Sagittarius and will not pass over this position again and with the change of government the tight constellation in regard to the sphere of Saturn may relax for the moment. But Saturn`s transit over 18° Sagittarius in the square to the position of the government in Athens at 18°Virgo between February 2016 (initiation) and December 2016 (final transit) is near. The further confrontation of unsolved issues is to be expected for that period. Sagittarius strongly indicates measures to increase economical growth. But Sagittarius is of course no indicator for confronting corruption, Therefore assumptions that the greek government would be able to begin serious reforms of the country`s financial systems before Saturn`s transit into Capricorn in December 2017 and over the trine to the 17°Virgo position of the greek government in February 2019 are naive.

Chiron`s transit in opposition to the greek government

Chiron in opposition will continue challenging and provoking the position of the government at 18° Virgo  in the process of his current transit over 18° Pisces until February 2016.  The January, 25th election which brought the Syriza government into power fell into the period of this transit of Chiron. Chiron as a sign ruler of the topics of the greek government seems to challenge and xcheck the political situation from the point of view of the Virgo qualities: reason, self-haeling and optimization of the use of ressources.

The politics of the Syriza government to confront and attack its business partners as a new quality within the system of the Euro countries can be explained by this opposition transit. The government needs to confront partners in order to emancipate itself from slavery (Virgo).

As the ruler of Virgo Chiron is one out of its two main indicators. Therefore Chiron`s  transit in opposition to the government explains the strategies of the old and the new governments to confront business partners (Chiron in opposition), negotiate actively (opposition), demand money (Virgo), to cover up the true financial situation (Chiron in Pisces) and of course of being betarayed by business partners as well as betraying them (Chiron as a ruler of one`s own position in Pisces). Although in the case of the position of the greek government Virgo has also to be judged as a definite indicator for the long-term corruption of the past it has to be understood that Virgo also has a great potential for the development of healthy and reasonable strategies. The 3000 years of success of the City of Athens shoulf be examined to have been based on this Virgo resonance. Therefore the confrontation of Virgo through the transit of it`s ruler Chiron  in Virgo´s opposite sign Pisces since February 2011 and until April 2018 has also highly positive potentials: making corruption visible and seeking reasonable, self-protective and long-term effective solutions through confrontation of problems (Virgo).

If Pisces would be used as a significator for the greek government`s business partners Pisces may be judged to stand for their patience, illusions, corruption, undecidedness, betrayal a.s.o..

The transit of Neptune in opposition to the greek government

Another future transit which is really important will be the transit of Neptune over 18° Pisces effective from April 2019 until January 2021. As in the case of the transit of Chiron over the same position between 2011 and 2018 the tendency of the projection (opposition effect) of the greek problems onto others is to be expected. Greece`s exit from the EURO currency club seemed highly probable to me before or during this phase when I first worked on this article in 2015. But at the end of 2018 it rather seems like a long-term decision to cut greek foreign debts could be an option during this transit too – that would transfer the Neptune effect away (in opposition) from the greek state.

The transit could either indicate the climax of the challenge to the greek government through economical depression in Greece and the possibility for further loss of financial credibility or even transfer the weakness (Neptune) onto the position of the EU – troika.  But anyway in the case of a Virgo ruled capital like Athens the deep depression can be expected to help the greek government carry out long time needed reforms. This is why the transit may turn out as highly auspiscious for the development of the greek situation in the long run.

This means that Neptune`s opposition to the greek government may also indicate events that could help future greek governments. This could also be through the effects of an inevitable worldwide inflation (symbolized here through Neptune in opposition to Athens) or other developments.

Uranus´ square transit to Athens

The climax of Uranus`square transit in relation to Athens will first be effective between July and October 2021 and later between May 2022 and May 2023. The transit stands for strongest pressure on the greek government 2 years after the coming elections for the greek parliament in September 2019.

Examples for the extreme potentials of pressure on governments from square transits of Uranus in relation to the astrogeographical resonating degrees of capitals are the Brexit vote for London and the Syrian civil war for Damascus. Since the era of the Uranus return from the age of European fascism between 1927 and 1941 Uranus has to be assumed to stand for pressure from the neofascist globalization propaganda war against the European Union led by the Russian/US Republican Party alliance.

German attack on Greece in WW2 and the return of Zeus in October 1944

The german attack on Greece during WW2 was started during transit of Saturn at 14° and Jupiter at 18° in Taurus the sign of agriculture, food and occupation of territory with its half-sum in exact opposition to the 16°Scorpio astrogeographical coordinate of Athens

Astrological chart for the german attack on Greece during WW2 calculated for 6 April 1941 at sunrise

The war crime of the plundering of Greece through regular german troops (Wehrmacht) under the opposition transit of Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus the sign of food caused the worst famine in greek history ever during the winter of 1941/42 and in the years to come causing an estimated 250.000-450.000 deaths through starvation.

The german troops retreated from Athens with Jupiter at 16°Virgo on 12 October 1944.

Astrological chart for the withdrawal of german troops from Athens on 12 October 1944 calculated for midday

Jupiter´s approach towards the 18°Virgo astrogeographical coordinate of Athens brought the liberation of the greek capital from the Nazi terror regime through the return of Zeus (Jupiter) in Athena`s own sign and city.

Greek Civil War 

The Greek Civil War from 1946 to 1949 between the Greek government army backed by the UK  and USA and the Democratic Army of Greece (DSE)—the military branch of the Greek Communist Party (KKE)-backed by Yugoslavia, Albania and Bulgaria is often considered the first proxy war of the post WW2 Cold War era.  

Map of Greece during the civil war ph: Alexikoua, ccbysa3.0

Astrogeographically the main transit of an outer planet that is to be seen as a cause for the Greek Civil War was Pluto`s transit over 16°Leo and the exact square position to Athens 16°Scorpio coordinate with its climax between September 1947 and July 1951. Pluto stands for ideology, dogma and foreign control.

Astrological chart for the end of the Greek Civil War calculated for the ceasefire of 9 October 1949 that ended the fighting

The Mars – Pluto conjunction at 18°-20° Leo and in a square to Athens at the end of the fighting reveals that the winner in the war wasn´t the independence of Athens but rather the foreign control over the country and the splitting of the population.

Pluto conjunct Athens: the Greek military junta of 1967–1974

The coup d’état of 21 April 1967 overturned the democratic institutions and replaced the government through a military junta under Georgios Papadopoulos.

Astrological chart for the Coup d`Ètat and the Greek military junta calculated for 21 April 1967 and 12:00 noon.

The intense tension from the simultaneous transits of Uranus (between May 1965 and October 1966) and  Pluto (August 1965 – September 1967) over the 18°Virgo position of  Athens was used for a coup d`Etat that established the military junta under the CIA trained Georgios Papadopoulos.