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Akropolis by Leo von Klenze, 1846. The Parthenon Temple at the Acropolis in Athens is located in Virgo with Aquarius

The Parthenon Temple at the Acropolis in Athens

The Parthenon Temple at the Acropolis in Athens. Astrology & Sacred Sites: The Parthenon Temple at the Acropolis in Athens – the astrogeographical position of the temple mount in Athens

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The Parthenon Temple at the Acropolis in Athens

The astrology of Greek Gods and of Athens photo: Fantasy License: GNU/FDL
The Parthenon Temple at the Acropolis in Athens is located in earth sign Virgo the sign of celibacy, virgins, medicine, self-healing with spiritual air sign Aquarius the sign of heaven, paradises and the stars.
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The Parthenon (greek: maiden`s or virgin`s house) is the Temple of Athena the patron goddess of Athens. It is situated on top of the Acropolis the former castle mount of the city also consecrated to Athena.  After having been the residential place of the kings in the Mycean era the Acropolis lost its importance as a fortress hill and was transformed into the central temple area of the city.

Athena was not only the patron goddess of Athens, but also other cities, including Argos, Sparta, Gortyn, Lindos, and Larisa. She even had the status of being the goddess of all city life. Apart from that Athena was the goddess of wisdom, craft, science and warfare known to protect all great heroes.

Athena Parthenos or Athena Varvakeion, small Roman replica of the Athena Parthenos by Phidias. Found in Athens near the Varvakeion school, hence the name. First half of the 3rd c. AD. photo: Marsyas, GNU/FDL

Astrogeographic position of Acropolis Hill for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the atmosphere, energetical topics and how the Acropolis hill is embedded in the City of Athens:  one coordinate of the site of the Acropolis is located  in creative, innovative spiritual air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky, heaven, paradise, self-finding, abstraction,  searching for solutions, connecting earth and sky, inspiration and reconnection with the spiritual plane.

The second coordinate lies in cautious, self-protective earth sign Virgo sign of virgins, reason, strategical planning, monkhood, celibacy, retreating, economic dependence, slavery and adjustment to necessities. Virgo resonates with the name of the Parthenon which means house of virgins and to the eternal virginity of the goddess Athena.  And Virgo also stands for the resonance with the supraregional topics of the astrogeographical position of the Athen`s own city Athens for morphogenetic field level 1 located at 18°Virgo

Aquarius stands for the elevated position of the temple situated like on a throne directly above the oldest part of the town which makes it appear like the direct connection to heaven. Virgo the sign of reason stands for the function of the mountain as an easy to defend,  advantageous site which was chosen for the settlement of the city as a possible retreat in case of attacks by enemies. In regard to the spiritual aspects Virgo as the opposition sign of Pisces the sign of the spiritual plane indicates functional reasons for the use of the site as a temple. In regard to the resonance with spiritual entities the position in Virgo stands for the realms of the spirits of plants and nature.

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