Eiffel Tower and Field of Mars located in Aries

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Eiffel Tower and Champs de Mars located in Aries with Pisces photo: Taxiarchos228, GNU/FDL

Eiffel Tower and Field of Mars located in Aries

Eiffel Tower and Field of Mars located in Aries Astrology & Famous Places: the astrogeographical position of Eiffel Tower and the Champs de Mars

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Eiffel Tower and Field of Mars located in Aries

photo: Taxiarchos228 license: GNU/FDL Eiffel Tower and Field of Mars
Eiffel Tower and Champs de Mars located in Aries with Pisces 
ph: Taxiarchos228 GNU/FDL

The Eiffel Tower was built in 1887-1889 for the World Exhibition in Paris in 1889  on the occasion of the centenary of the French Revolution. Eiffel Tower is situated on the Champ de Mars named after the Campus Martius (“Mars Field”) in Rome, a tribute to the Latin name of the Roman God of war. The Champ de Mars is a large public open green space that stretches between Eiffel Tower on the south bank of Seine river and the École Militaire. Since the construction of Ecole Militaire in 1765 the area had served as drilling and marching grounds by the French military. Today Eiffel Tower is 324 m tall.

Astrogeographical positions

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level level 3, which describes the atmosphere and energetic topics of the largest part of the Field of Mars here and how it is embedded in the central town area:   in the combination of the highly alert, male, phallic fire sign Aries the sign of fighting for survival, soldiers, rockets, warfare, strength, competition whose ruler is Mars. The principle of Aries is in many ways symptomatic of the Eiffel Tower. First of all as it is constructed from iron, the element which is the main symbol of Aries. Secondly because the image of a single placed phallic form is a basic motif of Aries the first male aspect in astrology. Thirdly because the area of the Champs de Mars is a former training site for soldiers.

Astrology and architecture in Paris
The design of Halgrimskirkjja (1986) and the Monument for the Conquerers of Space (1964) explains the affinity of places in Aries with rocket like structures. From my article: Astrology & architecture: characteristic features of Aries,,

The 2nd coordinate is in highly imaginative, relaxed, spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of the letting go, the dream world, illusions, mystification,  legends, fairy tales, entertainment and temples. In case of the Eiffel Tower the position in Pisces stands for the fact that the tower was built without any functional purposes other than the mystification of national glory and as a site for entertainment. And Pisces is also the indicator for the fact that the area where Eiffel Tower was erected is though an inner city place not covered with buildings but an energetically independent open space area dedicated to recreation.

The Opening Ceremony during New Moon in Aries

The astrological chart of the opening ceremony of Eiffel Tower can be examined as an important astrological chart for conclusions on archetypal astrological resonance factors and planetary positions that allow a deeper understanding of the astrology of architecture and buildings along with their functions and reception.

Astrology of Eiffel Tower
Gustave Eiffel (left) posing on top of the Eiffel Tower

The opening ceremony was held on 31 March 1889 during an exact New Moon (sun/moon conjunction) at 11°Aries conjunct the astrogeographical resonance coordinate of the construction site.

The New Moon of the day occurred under a stabilizing trine to Saturn the indicator of stability, authority, strict controls and even the skeleton like design of the iron tower.

The choice of a New Moon moment with both luminaries in nearly exact trine to Saturn and with Mars on mid-heaven clearly suggests astrological election of the moment of inauguration.

Eiffel Tower and Paris Astrology
Astrological chart for the Opening Ceremony of Eiffel Tower calculated for 31 March 1889 at 13:30 in Paris. At 13:30 with Mars near mid-heaven Gustav Eiffel began to climb the tower in order to attach a large French Tricolore to the top of the tower with Venus near mid-heaven at 14:35. The choice of a New Moon moment with both luminaries in nearly exact trine to Saturn and with Mars on mid-heaven clearly suggests astrological election of the moment of inauguration.

The planet Mars himself as the planetary representative of

  • the roman god of war
  • of the history of the “Field of Mars” as a former gathering site for the armies
  • as planetary ruler of the astrogeographical resonance coordinate in Aries
  • of the iron the tower is made of
  • of the urge and courage to manifest the human strength power needed to built the strongest erection of any tall building
  • the desire for action

took the most prominent position near mid-heaven – the place above the ground explaining the aim of looking up to the sky.

Mars was on the first degree in earth sign Taurus the sign of house construction and the most basic resonance factor for architecture explaining the opening of the first over 300 m tall skyscraper as a first important and lucrative step in the birth of the markets for the architecture of supertall buildings.

Uranus as the god of the sky and indicator of inventions, innovation, futurism, skyscraping and and giganto-mania was in house 3 in a constellation of excited experimenting and seeking to go new ways.

The position of Jupiter in the royalty house 5 and in Capricorn the sign of control, efficiency, reality checks, skeletons, stability and stabilization of society through stete cult and of the ruling social hierarchy stood for the self-esteem demonstrated through controlling the stability of such an innovative building.

Mercury made an aspect of a harmonious and potentially vigilant mirror-point conjunction to the 11°Aries Sun/Moon position from 19° in mystic spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of spirituality, dreaming, imagination, entertainment, illusions and temples explaining the opening ceremony of Eiffel Tower as:

  • an attempt to create a legend and mystification of the city of Paris, its culture and function as the capital and center of the national morphic field of France.
  • an entertainment production
  • the opening of a stage that allowed visitors to get access to a picturesque and otherwise imaginary scenery through looking at the world from an almost extra-terrestrial (Pisces) perspective at times when flying was nothing but a dream.

Through his position in Pisces Mercury represented the Pisces atmosphere and energetical topics of the construction site.

Eiffel Tower was erected in the wake of the important because rare (takes place every 494 years) Neptune-Pluto conjunction that was scheduled for 2 August 1891 at 16:36 an on 3°48`in Gemini the sign of technology, information, roads, connecting cultures which can be taking as the starting point of the modern era of technical modernity and constructionism. This aspect makes the Eiffel Tower the ultimate signpost monument building for the new 494 year era to come.

Comparison with the opening charts of the Chrysler & Empire State Buildings

Chrysler Building

Astrology of Eiffel Tower + Chrysler and Empire State Buildings
The white Chrysler Building is located in Capricorn and right between Aquarius and Pisces (FL3 – surrounding area)

Until the opening of the 319 m tall Chrysler Building on 27 May 1930 Eiffel Tower remained the tallest building worldwide for 41 years. Chrysler Tower had only one year until it was topped by the 381 m tall Empire State Building which was inaugurated on 1 May 1931.

Astrology of Skyscrapers and New York
Astrological chart for the day of the inauguration of the Chrysler Building in New York calculated as a midday chart for 27 May 1930. e
  • The opening of the Chrysler Building with the North Node as indicator of the final and long-term aim of the building at 2° Taurus and on the position of Mars directly explains that surplussing the height of Eiffel Tower was the major aim of the construction.
  • The same can be said for the Chrysler buildings Saturn position over the Eiffel Towers Jupiter position of royal self-esteem in house 5. Saturn here was designed to teach Paris` Jupiter a lesson so to say.
  • At the same time Saturn moving over the issue of unhindered expansion (Jupiter in 5) and in Capricorn the sign of stability, stabilization, control and also of the iron skeleton from the Eiffel Tower inauguration also explains how much stable expertise (Capricorn) the New York engineers learned from the Eiffel Tower experiment in regard to the construction of steel skeletons.
  • As the planetary indicator for dealing with destabilization, corrosion, flooding and mortality the Neptune had exactly proceeded 90 degrees since the inauguration of Eiffel Tower. The Chrysler Tower Neptune position on the first degree of cautious, self protective earth sign Virgo so made an exact square to the Eiffel Tower Neptune on the first degree of Gemini the sign of technology. Neptune opened a new chapter that challenged the motifs and methods of the late 19th century construction technology.
  • Since the Neptune-Pluto conjunction from the opening of Eiffel Tower marked the beginning of a new 494 years Neptune-Pluto cycle – the inauguration of the New York super skyscrapers during the World Financial Crisis must have marked an era of new challenges to the outlooks on modern society from the Paris World Exhibition Fair of 1889.

Empire State Building

Astrology of the Empire State Building
Empire State Building is located in the combination of Capricorn (stability) with Aquarius (skyscraping, futurism, connecting earth and sky)
ph: v, ccbysa2.0
ASTROLOGY of New York skyscrapers
Astrological chart for the Opening of Empire State Building on 1 May 1931 calculated as a midday chart
  • During the inauguration of Empire State Building the North Node as indicator of the aim of the building occupied 14°Aries the exact position of Uranus indicator for the maximal possible height of buildings from the inauguration of Chrysler Building. This aspect explains that the Empire State Building was dedicated at surplussing Chrysler Building in the race for beating the height (and prominence) of Eiffel Tower.