“Tower of Ring” and the punctuation of the landscape

Astrology and Places: “Tower of Ring” and the punctuation of the landscape with a ringtower in Tianjin, China

The Tower of Ring is a 64 m sculpture on Yinhe Square in Tinajin, China which through the ideal combination of the coordinates of its astrogeographical position appears to have been built as a kind of punctuation needle with the help of experienced geomants, feng-shui counsellors, artists or architects as a harmonizing punctuation of the landscape. Compare: The spire of Dublin – Aquarius as the Sign of Reconnection with the Sky .

The fact that the ring tower is made from steel is a clear hint at its capacity to canalize and stabilize the flow of energies through the magnetic surface field. And this potential effect is not only within the landscape itself and the surface field  but also between the earth (Taurus) and sky (Aquarius).  Although the Ring Tower doesn`t have the shape of a acupuncture needle like is the case at the Dublin Spire the potential effects of the Ring Tower can certainly be compared to an acupunture treatment.

The Tower of Ring project was designed by the architects of japanese Eastern Design Office and constructed in 2012. The scuplture consists of 1136 elements of white steel, is 12 m in diameter and embedded in a circle of 50 m in diameter in such a way that visitors get the impression that the ring tower comes out from the ground. While the tower is white during daytime the 14000 LEDs attached to it illuminate the tower at night in blue or white colour.

As the design was made by japanese architects speculations could be made wether the geomantical concept behind the tower is derived from chinese geomancy named Feng Shui exclusively or wether there have been also consultations of experts in japanese geomancy. Because of the fusion of the explicitly contradicitve elements of Capricorn with Aquarius it can be assumed that a mix of different views as well as elements were included in the construction of the tower.

Astrogeographical position for morphogenetic radius/field level 4 which describes the atmosphere of the site iitself:
the punctuation of the landscape and morphogenetic field is such that the midpoint of the tower is exactly on the divide of 30° Capricorn/0°Aquarius so that one half of the ring tower lies in solid, traditionalistic earth sign Capricorn the sign of rocks, mountains, stability, control and the other half in creative, innovative air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky, heaven, self-finding and the ideal of people`s and the country`s fuller potentials. In it´s role as an air sign Aquarius is the indicator here  for the open tower which allows the winds to pass through. A confrontation of the topics of these two signs with each other proposes an exchange between their energetical and abstract qualities. This would include the potential to stabilize the energétic field by allowing a confrontation and assimilation of the qualities of Capricorn with Aquarius. The conservative, traditionalistic, strict, formalistic, dogmatic and hierarchical, stability orientated aspects of Capricorn would ideally be in contact with the wholistic, abstract, rebellious, radical, innovative, emancipatory and revolutionary appeal of  Aquarius . The ringtower may so be seen as an experiment  of art or even feng-shui to  weld the two spheres together canalizing the fusion, mingling and interaction of their energies.

The 2nd coordinate of the construction site of the “Tower of Ring” is in highly centralistic earth sign Taurus which through its role as the fixed sign of the material plane, earth itself, of grounding, growing roots and local energetic centers defines the place as an ideal site for the grounding  and materializing of the alchemistic fusion of the two more abstract and higher elements and aspects of the spiritual realms Capricorn (mountain tops) and Aquarius (heaven). Fixed earth sign Taurus so plays the role of a stabilizing and grounding factor here for the spiritual needs.

And apart from that Taurus as the sign of the richest and most fertile places, town centers, market places, making money and food idescribes the ring principle as something that intends to enclose and stabilize an energy colum (column of light) of wealth .

The combination of the two earth signs Taurus and Capricorn is of a particularly high importance for temples dedicated to offerings, prayers and rituals for good harvests, success in food production and all kinds of wealth in agricultural and possibly also in urban societies. And above all this constellation seems to play an important role for temples dedicated to the stabilization of the role of the ruling social classes and the govenmnet as a whole.

One major example for a temple in this constellation is the Temple of Heaven Tiantan in Beijing which used to serve as the central place of worship for the annual fertility rites conducted by the chinese emperors. The Karnak Temple of Amun the most important site for the annual fertility rites in ancient Egypt is located in the same constellation of these two earth signs (Taurus-Capricorn).