San Francisco and the divide between morphogenetic fields

San Franciso
San Franciso

Astrology and Places: San Francisco and the divide between morphogenetic fields

San Francisco is the legendary capital of the Hippie movement. Therefore astrologers may tend to consider the signs Pisces (drugs), Aquarius (liberation), Libra (openness and peace), Gemini (bringing opposites together), Leo (sexuality), Scorpio (addiction), Sagitarius (playgrounds) or others to be its astrological indicators. 

But in systemic astrogeographical studies of morphogenetic field structures places are not to be judged by mere associations and imagination. In the same way as the zodiac has been created to measure the sun´s path in the sky through a model consisting of equally large zones in the fixed and unchangeable order of the 12 astrological principles, the same structure has to be applied to our planet`s surface. I want to recommend not to forget your expectations about the signs but to put them aside in a safe place where you can recall them at any time in order to get to a deeper understanding of the astrology of places. Then I ll try to explain the results of my calculations:

The first aspect and astrogeographical latitude of the peninsula of San Francisco is in the solid earth sign Capricorn the sign of mountains, rocks and stone formations and the main indicator for places of higher altitude than their surrounding areas. This puts emphasis on the fact that the peninsula is a higher ground than the valleys around it which are under the sea level here. The field in Capricorn begins at the very end of the San Francisco end of Golden Gate Bridge so that Sausalito on its northern end is located in Sagitarius and San Francisco in Capricorn.

author: Aaron Logan license: ccbysa1.0  Golden Gate Bridge
author: Aaron Logan license: ccbysa1.0   The separation line between Sagitarius (l.) and Capricorn (r.) runs right through the very end of Golden Gate Bridge and the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula on the right side of the picture above

The second aspect and astrogeographical longitude of the pininsula falls in the dynamic fire sign Aries in such a way that the western coastline marks the divide between the water sign Pisces, the sign of the ocean and the beginning of Aries. Energetically the divide between Aries and Pisces on any size level of morphogenetic fields marks the most important separation line between morphogenetic fields. It separates not only two signs but two full complete sequences of zodiac signs (complete zodiacs) from each other. In this case the position of the coastline is in between two zodiacs for the field level 2, which is the level of cities. Pisces is the last sign of a zodiac sequence (morphogenetic field) that comes from the pacific ocean and Aries is the first sign of a zodiac sequence (morphogenetic field) that stretches from the west coast of San Francisco about as far as to the city of Mariposa (CA) in the east of northern California.

The combination of Aries the sign of warfare with Capricorn the sign of administration and government control may be seen to describe the strategical importance of San Francisco for the conquest (Aries) and control (Capricorn) of California. So the correspondence of the morphogenetic field of the San Francisco peninsula with Capricorn and Aries has several major implications:

Aries: the pacific coastline of San Francisco is an important line for the conquest and colonization of Alta California and also for the relationship between California and the Pacific Ocean.

Capricorn: the peninsula is a landmass that sticks out from the pacific ocean beacuse the ground is more solid here than in the surrounding areas. Capricorn indicates that the place is of high strategic importance for the control over the passage into the San Francisco Bay and over the most important seaport on the west coast of North America. Capricorn also stands for the reference of the town name to an older culture and for the purpose of installing that culture here in order to gain and secure control over the region.

Haight Ashbury
Intersection of Haight and Ashbury streets          photo: Daniel Schwen, ccbysa2.5

The famous intersection of Haight and Ashbury streets has one coordinate in the last degrees of the creative, rebellious and individualistic air sign Aquarius. The 2nd coordinate is in between the dynamic fire sign Aries and the earth sign Taurus for morphogenetic field level 2 which describes the atmosphere of the road crossing itself. If it is understood as a characteristic constellation for the Hippie movement it would mean something like: bringing self – finding (Aquarius) and the practical, material reality (Aries/Taurus) together

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