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Pyramid of Khufu in Virgo with Gemini photo: Nina Aldin Thune, ccbysa3.0

An astrogeographical history of skyscrapers

An astrogeographical history of skyscrapers. Astrology & Architecture: a comparative study of the astrogeography of the tallest buildings worldwide

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An astrogeographical history of skyscrapers

Top 30 Tallest buildings on earth
The astrology of skyscrapers: Top 30 of the tallest Buildings on earth in 2021

Today skyscrapers can be found in all the 12 astrological signs.  The first astrological speculations about the signs that most closely relate to skyscrapers would be: Aquarius – the sign of the sky and of tall and thin structures and Aries the first male and phallic sign as the resonator for towers. Next might be Gemini the sign of experimenting with new technologies.

During the last phase in the history of architecture regarding the height of buildings there is a tendency that the newest and tallest buildings worldwide were built in earth sign Taurus the sign of the earth, grounding, growing roots, stability, profitability, market places, growing and consuming food.  One early example for this tendency is the construction of Ostankino Broadcasting Tower in the combination of Taurus with Libra in 1967. There are two other broadcasting towers that can be found in the 2012 list of tallest structures which are located in Taurus too:  Canton Tower finished in 2010 and Tokyo Skytree Tower finished in 2012. Taurus stands for the purpose not the shape of skyscrapers. This is because Taurus seems to strongly support profitability of buildings at places and of the function of an area as an attractive town center.

The development of tall buildings throughout history:

Skyscrapers in Astrology
The Astrology of Skyscrapers: astrogeographical positions of skyscrapers in history.

The list of the astrogeographical coordinates of the tallest buildings worldwide throughout history provides a fantastic overview for an astrological evaluation and deeper insights into significant changes in the history of the architecture of tall buildings.

The tallest buildings in pre-european culture

The Great Pyramid in Gemini with Virgo

The tallest buildings in pre-european culture most probably were the Great Pyramids of Khufu and Khafre (read my blog) at Giza both located in the same morphogenetic field in the astrogeographical combination of Virgo with Gemini.

Pyramid of Khufu in Virgo with Gemini photo: Nina Aldin Thune, ccbysa3.0
Pyramid of Khufu in Virgo with Gemini photo: Nina Aldin Thune, ccbysa3.0

The Great Pyramid or Pyramid of Khufu with a height of 138.75 meters (formerly 146.59) is the highest and oldest of the three pyramids at Giza. The side length is 230.33 m. The completion of its construction is dated for the year 2580 BC.. It was built as a tomb for the pharaoh Khufu as a part of the Giza Necropolis forming a group together with the later built pyramids of the pharaohs Khafre and Menkaure.
Astrogeographic position of the Great Pyramid for morphogenetic radius/field level 3 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topivs of the construction site and how it is embedded in the landscape:  Virgo and Gemini the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the location are by astrological definition in a square to each other.  In the case of a building of such enormously large proportions the square of the zodiac signs could possibly be considered a potentially harmonious and thereby stabilizing aspect for the building structure. Virgo may here, among other things refer to the aspect of caution from grave robbers and to an elaborate system of blocks of the pathways into the centre of the pyramid. Gemini as the sign of learning and trying out new technologies reflects the importance of the construction site as a place of training for all kinds of professions including construction workers, artists, architects and priests.
Virgo as the sign of strategical planning symbolizes the extensive requirements for the organizing of construction and art work. Seen from this aspect the choice of the site appears to have been made for expediency rather than for the purpose of building a mystical temple on a particularly sacred site. As the pyramid was meant to be the house of eternity for Pharao Khufu`s immortal soul the self-protective sign Virgo is to be seen as the aspect that symbolizes the protection, preservation (mummification) of the Pharao`s mortal remains along with its spiritual aspects and also the royal dynasty here. Because Gemini (Air sign) is a challenging aspect to Virgo (Earth sign) this principle represents a factor that is challenging the durability of the building and also the safety precautions. This can be concluded also from the fact that Mercury the ruling planet of Gemini has been named after the roman god of thieves and trickery.

The Tower of Babel in Scorpio with Gemini

The Tower of Babel is the first skyscraper mentioned in history. Historical proof of the height of the Tower of Babel has not been established but the Book of Jubilees mentions 5,433 cubits and 2 palms, or 2,484 m as it`s height (see wikipedia main article).

Ethemenaki reconstruction by R. Koldewey, 1919
Ethemenaki – The Tower of Babylon  was located in Scorpio with Gemini. The fortress of bunker-like design of the building is a clearest feature of  Scorpio   reconstruction by R. Koldewey, 1919

The Ziggurat Etemenanki (Temple of the foundation of heaven and earth) in Babylon considered as the tower of Babel by some scholars originally was 91 m tall and located in the combination of highly defensive water sign Scorpio (fortress character) with air sign Gemini the sign of language (!!!!), learning, communication and the unhindered expansion of technology, social contacts, language and communication.

Gemini the sign of communication, symbols, script,  letters, writing,  compatibility, intelligence and learning is the definite astrological indicator for language and also for bringing together different languages. Therefore the presence of this sign at the site of the Great Ziggurat of Babylon is fascinating enough to be mentioned here. In regard to the legend of the confusion of languages from the Book of Genesis during the construction of the tower of Babel Gemini could not have been the indicator for the hindrances of communication between tribes and nationalities resulting from their cooperation. In fact the opposite is the case:  Gemini is the indicator for the cooperation and communication of different cultures and also of course for their diversity, multiplicity and for their mingling. But Gemini as an indicator for critical review of religion and unhindered expansion of technology does of course not indicate that the Great Ziggurat of Babylon was a temple dedicated to the worship of a deity in the first place. This is to be seen as the element of Gemini here which would explain why “god” (or rather the priest castes) decided to separate humanity and create misunderstanding and warfare among humans in criticism of the Babylonian skyscraper.

“Book of Genesis 11:4–9 :

4 And they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in the heavens; let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.”

5 But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built.

6 And the Lord said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.

7 Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.”

8 So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth, and they ceased building the city.

9 Therefore its name is called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth; and from there the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth.”

Scorpio the sign of alertness, defense,  fortresses, bunkers, closed-up rooms, stone masonry and competition as the major indicator for the domination of individuals in social hierarchies, social systems, groups and herds is the obvious astrological factor to be considered as symptomatic of  (“responsible” for) the limitations of communication at the site of  the Great Ziggurat Etemenanki.  Scorpio is also the major indicator for nomadic cultures and lifestyle. It´s strictly dogmatic approach insisting on hierarchical structures and the domination of single individuals over groups is to be seen as a condition for the survival of nomadic tribes. Therefore the scattering of the tribes as a consequence of the Babylonian Tower Project indicates also a step back in culture from  farming to cattle-breeding cultures. Apart from these characteristics of Scorpio there are a few more aspect of this sign to be considered for the analysis of the choice of a place in Scorpio. Scorpio  is the most important astrological factor for stone masonry, sculpting, technological expertise in construction work, chemistry, alchemy and all attempts to construct buildings in an extremely solid way.

Large parts of the tower of Babel was made from bricks – by the traditional method of  putting a mixture of mud mixed with special components into a frame made from wood for drying in the hot sun. This method of brick production could well be related to Scorpio.

In addition to the resonance of the bunker and fortress like design of the Tower of Babylon  with Scorpio the monumental, gigantic size of the building is also a symptomatic trait of design of Scorpio. Compare my article: Scorpio as the sign of sculpting.

The tallest buildings in the European era

Old St. Pauls Cathedral in Virgo with Libra

Old St. Pauls Cathedral
Old St. Pauls Cathedral was located in Virgo with Libra

The first European phase of the reign among the tallest buildings started with Old St. Paul`s Cathedral  (see my pinterest blog) in London located in Virgo an indicator of carefully prepared, planned and carried out construction work. The resonance of the aspect of Virgo was “taken over” from the site of the Great Pyramid. The second coordinate of the construction site in air sign Libra the sign of symmetry, balance, aristocracy, decoration, harmony is reflected by the symmetric shape  and the rich decoration of the building.

Lincoln Cathedral in Virgo with Pisces

Model of Old Lincoln Cathedral locrated in Virgo with Pisces image: Aidan McRae Thomson, ccbysa2.0

The construction of the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln was begun in 1088. It was the tallest building in the world for 238 years until the central spire collapsed in a storm and was never rebuilt. Altogether it very much resembled the Old St. Paul`s in London sharing also the resonance with careful, cautious, defensive earth sign Virgo the sign of careful planning and reasonable, controlled action. The second coordinate lay in mystic, spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of spirituality, temples, imagination, dreaming, legends, music, mystical experience and the unconscious, unknown and invisible. Pisces represented a new quality in the history of skyscrapers. It put the emphasis on the imagination, mystification and illusions created by the building and not on functional aspects like solidity, low costs or others.

St. Mary church at Stralsund in Scorpio with Capricorn

St. Mary Church at Stralsund, Germany located in Capricorn with Scorpio photo: Klugschnacker, ccbysa3.0

 St. Mary Church at Stralsund is a late north-european gothic style brick church built in late 14th to  early 15th century. The tower is believed to have been the tallest building in the world after the top of Lincoln Cathedral was blown away by strong winds in 1549. The top of St. Mary`s tower was struck by lightning and destroyed in 1647.

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the construction site and how it is embedded in the town: one coordinate was located in highly defensive, solid, fixed water sign Scorpio the sign of fortresses ,bunkers, self-defensive, sculpting, imaging, hierarchy and an indicator for the comparatively stout and fat shape of the tower. Scorpio represented a historical parallel with the Tower of Babel which was built from brick too – which was relatively unusual for buildings of that size in the early times of skyscrapers. The  second coordinate fell in solid, conservative, strict earth sign Capricorn the sign of control, rules, regulations, the emphasis on solidity and indicator for the representative function of the building.

Strassbourg Cathedral in  Scorpio with Gemini 

Strassbourg Cathedral in Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
Strassbourg Cathedral is located  in  Scorpio with Gemini  photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Strassbourg Cathedral was the tallest building in the world for 227 years. Its astrogeographic position in Scorpio with Gemini is the same as of the Great Ziggurat  Etemenanki in Babylon. The strong appeal for competition in technology (Gemini) and international hierarchy (Scorpio).

Cologne Cathedral in Leo with Pisces

Cologne Cathedral is located in Pisces with Leo the constellation of the Holy Roman Empire      photo: Rolf Heinrich, Köln, ccbysa3.0

The twin towers of Cologne Cathedral were the tallest buildings worldwide only for 10 years. Their construction started with the aim of building sth. like a central church of the Holy Roman Empire in 1248. The construction site of the whole church for field level 3 (surrounding area) lies in the combination of highly energetic, magnetic, self-centered, empirial fire sign Leo the sign of the sun, light, kingdom, majesty and self-expression together with spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of Italian culture, the catholic church, imagination, illusion, mystification, temples and reconnection with the unconscious and the spiritual plane is to be seen as symptomatic of the “Holy Roman Empire”.  The position in Pisces can be seen both as a stabilizing and a destabilizing aspect for the building here. Stabilizing because of the mystification of the project that allowed to ask for contributions that paid for the endless history of restoration works until today. Construction work on the cathedral was halted in 1473 and the building was kept as a ruin for over 400 years until the works were restarted in the middle of the 19th century.  The stabilizing effect of Pisces so lies in the mystification itself. Belief,  superstition and feeling at home in a mystical association prevented the people of Cologne from destroying the unfinished cathedral.  And consequently the high towers of the cathedral were in fact completed in 1880 – 74 years after the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806.

The American Dream

Philadelphia City Hall  in Gemini with Virgo

Philadelphia City Hall
Philadelphia City Hall located in Gemini with Virgo

Philalephia City Hall was the first non-religious habitable building to surplus the tallest temples in the history of humanity. This means that religious rule, domains and superstition were to some extent contradicted and left behind by this building.  For astrological speculation this consideration is a clear indicator for supposing that the site might be located in anti-religious, functionalistic air sign Gemini.  And according to my calculations this is the case here: Gemini appears as the location of the first non-religious skyscraper in history after the Great Ziggurat of Babylon Etemenanki!!!!  And anyway both “skyscrapers” had one coordinate in Gemini.  So both characteristics the position in Gemini  as well as being the first non-religious skyscrapers explains astrologically why Philadelphia City Hall is to be understood as standing in the line of tradition of the Tower of Babel.

But apart from the Tower of Babylon line of traditions the constellation of Philadelphia City Hall also stands in the line of another inheritance: it falls in the same combination of astrological signs as the Great Pyramid of Giza:  Gemini together with Virgo.  Of course In Philadelphia this constellation evokes different associations than in Egypt, but the fact remains that it is the same astrological definition of the site!!!!!!!

Gemini appears as the sign of technology, criticism of religions and of disbelief, functionalism, communication, intercultural activities, bringing opposites together or in short as the main indicator for US culture.

After the breaking of the rule of churches as the highest buildings worldwide began a phase of the rule of earth sign Capricorn with it`s climax the construction of the Empire State Building in the combination of Capricorn with Aquarius.

Empire State Building in Capricorn with Aquarius

A worker bolts beams during construction of Empire State Building
A worker bolts beams during construction of Empire State Building. The first megaskyscraper is located in Aquarius with Capricorn

The construction of Empire State Building was a major step in altitude in the history of the construction of skyscrapers in 1931. It`s reign as the tallest habitable building worldwide lasted for 31 years which is really a long period for the 20th century. The astrogeographic constellation here brings Capricorn the sign of mountains and mountain tops together with the fixed air sign Aquarius the sign of reaching for the sky, the sky itself and of flying. Capricorn as the sign of conservativism, strictness, following the rules, searching for and finding mistakes, control, stability and stabilization, hierarchies, knowledge of history, examination and practicability is to be seen as a major conditional aspect necessary to secure the stability of the buildings. 5 of the 7 leaders among the highest skyscrapers in the 20th century before the construction of the WTC Twin Towers (1901-1972) have one coordinate in Capricorn.

The WTC Towers in Sagittarius and between Taurus and Gemini

The two WTC towers are located in different morphogenetic fields: the North Tower lay in Sagittarius with Taurus and the South Tower in Sagittarius with Gemini

In the history of skyscrapers a new historical period began with the rule of the WTC Towers as the tallest buildings worlwide in 1972.  Sagittarius the sign of expansion and success and profit orientation, arson attacks, cleansing fires, luxury and the “shortcut to success” replaced Capricorn the factor of stability and conservative ideals. Capricorn did not play a major role anymore for the sites of the highest skyscrapers. This is to be seen as a shift of priorities and can be interpreted  as symbolic of a tendency towards careless unhindered expansion and corruption.  Regarding the fact how unbelievably easy the WTC has been destroyed fire sign Sagittarius represents a particularly problematic and dangerous astrogeographical factor for the site of super-tall buildings.  It may not be the functional stability in this sign but rather the problems that arise from corruption. What could help to stabilize buildings in Sagittarius apart from the strict control of the pretended realities is the detailed study of the energetical situation and application of holistic methods including not only geomantical advice (Feng-Shui) but also also the serious analysis of potential conspiracies from all sides.

The WTC Twin Towers in gemini the sign of twins.
The WTC Twin Towers. The North Tower was located in Sagittarius with Taurus and the South Tower in Sagittarius with Gemini

The south tower of the WTC Twin Towers in New York was located in the same constellation as the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur:  Gemini with Sagittarius. Gemini appearing as the sign of the twins here. The north tower was located in earth sign Taurus with Sagittarius. The New One World Trade Center building finished in 2013 was constructed north of the the old north tower in the extremely expansive, promising and  profitable constellation of Taurus with Sagittarius.

Burj Khalifa in Cancer with Taurus

photo: Joi license: ccbysa2.0
Burj Khalifa by far the tallest skyscraper since 2010  is located in Cancer with Taurus
photo: Joi license: ccbysa2.0

Burj Khalifa in Dubai with 828 meters height, is the highest skyscraper on this planet. Its construction work was started in 2004 and the official inauguration day was January 4 2010. The site is located in the constellation of the water sign Cancer with the earth sign Taurus. This applies to the astrogeographical level 3, which shows how the building is embedded in the surrounding area. The combination of these two female astrological archetypes stands for the image of an Earth Mother (compare: Hagia Sophia). This astrological constellation can not be regarded as symptomatic of the height of the building because the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are not involved. It rather describes the location as a place of grounding energies (Taurus) and stands for the tendency of the place to be focused on and centered in itself (Cancer).

In this sense the site can not be considered as a place of technological expansion and experimentation (Gemini) and not as a place of mutations and inventions (Aquarius), but rather a market place (Taurus) and a place of feeling at home (Cancer). Taurus as the principle of growing roots indicates that the site may support the stability of the building as well as its profitability. The 2nd largest building in the world by 2013 the Tokyo Sky Tree is situated in the sign of Taurus too.

Cancer, the principle of emotional individuality can be understood here as a factor that represents an essential “condition of the architecture of modernity”.  Just as if the functionality of buildings in general and the innovation of construction techniques could only be justified by introspection and a foundation in emotionality. This indicates that without the participation of the emotional sign Cancer a building might to some extent lack livability that it gains from emotional authenticity only. And even if the building itself would not need the element of emotional care (which Cancer stands for) still the living beings may well appreciate it the effects of this factor. In astrogeographical field studies I have often noticed that plants and animals tend to be in a better shape in electromagnetic fields in the sign of Cancer, than they are in the neighboring fields.

Tokyo Sky Tree Tower in Taurus with Gemini

photo: Kakidai license:ccbysa3.0
Tokyo Sky Tree Tower located in Taurus with Gemini     photo: Kakidai license:ccbysa3.0

The 2nd Tallest Building in the World as per 2012: Tokyo Sky Tree Tower

The Tokyo Sky Tree broadcast and communication tower is 634 metres high and the second largest building in the world next to Burj Chalifa in Dubai. It was officially opened to the public on 22 May 2012. The construction site is located in the combination of the earth sign Taurus with  air sign Gemini. This is valid for the astrogeographic radius level 3 which describes how the place is embedded in the surrounding area.

As in the case of Burj Chalifa Taurus stands for the stability of the construction site itself and indicates the motif of buildings growing roots here. This could help the buildings to be energetically and socially grounded. As the sign of the market places Taurus is a factor known to stimulate financial profitability here. The tower has two platforms with restaurants for visitors – one at a height of 350 m and one at 450 m. Taurus clearly is the most important sign for the position of the tallest buildings in the world. The three tallest buildings have one astrogeographical coordinate for radius level 3 in Taurus and among the Top 11 seven have one position in this sign (see table below).

Gemini as the sign of communication is symptomatic of the purpose of broadcasting radio and TV from here. The previous broadcasting facility had no longer been able to fully cover the region because of the great amount of tall buildings in Tokyo.

Jeddhah Tower – the future tallest building on earth

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Jeddha Tower – the construction site is located in Scorpio with Leo 
author: Adrian Smith+Gordon Gill Architecture

Jeddah Tower previously known as Kingdom Tower is a skyscraper under construction in JeddahSaudi Arabia. Estimated costs will be US$ 1.23 billion. If completed in 2020 as planned, the Jeddah Tower will reach an unprecedented height of a maximum 1138 making it the tallest building in the world.

Astrogeographical position of Jeddha Tower for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the construction site and building and how it is embedded in landscape: one coordinate of the construction site lies in highly energetic, magnetic royal fire sign Leo sign of the sun, light,  the heart, self-esteem, self-expression, self-centeredness and the right for fulfillment of personal desires. Politically Leo resonates with the fact that both astrogeographical coordinates of the Saudi capital and government in Riyadh are located in Leo.

The 2nd coordinate falls in highly alert, defensive, solid, fixed water sign Scorpio sign of strongholds, fortresses, sculptures, images, visualization, photography, metal working, steel-enforced concrete, welding and group hierarchy.  Scorpio is a strong factor for stability of the building structure and also for its defense against terrorist attacks.

The astrogeographical position in Scorpio in combination with the buildings height directly relates it to the Ethemenaki site of the Tower of Babel (Scorpio-Gemini). The Tower of Babel was reportedly built with the intention to reach heaven.

The combination of the urge of Leo to be the king and best of all with the reflex to compete with others in group hierarchy as symptomatic for water sign Scorpio indicates that a major topic of the construction of the building is the profile neurosis and attempt to surplus competitors. Altogether the main  reason for the construction of this building is therefore to be understood as an attempt to surplus the old No.1  Burj Khalifa and the rest of the world by mere height. The combination of Leo with Scorpio has a strong relationship with  absolutism – compare my article on the Leo-Scorpio dynamics in  the case of Louis XIV..

The quest for building the tallest buildings on our planet has a number of connotations. One is the quest for being closest to the sky and heaven and thus for the authority of being closer to god than any other competitor. For a country that defines itself as the central authority over a religious dogma such an attempt for the tallest building directly resonates with the image of religion as a competition for the possession of dominant buildings.  This tendency for a overwriting the invisible, spiritual and subtle aspects of religion wasn`t introduced to the history of mankind by the Saudi – Arab religion. That has existed in ancient Egypt and later in christian Gothic architecture.  And it is reflected in the current race for constructing the tallest religious statues in modern Asia. But the fact that it is a prominent topic in Saudi Arabia still is not a symptom of attempts to restore and recapitulate the true spiritual aspects of religion in  the country at all. It rather represents an expression of the need of the ruling royal family to establish proof of its strength and the legitimacy of its rule over the country.

The comparison of Jeddah Tower with the Top 11 of tallest buildings worldwide

Top 11 of the tallest buildings worldwide

In the list of the tallest buildings on the planet the Jeddah Tower as a new leader will break with the tradition of concentrating on earth sign Taurus the sign of profitability and of growing roots in the ground. Taurus was present in 7 of the Top 11 of the tallest building in the 2nd decade of the 21 st century explaining profitability as the reason for tallest buildings.

In fact Leo and Scorpio the topics of Jeddah Tower are in square and opposition – aspects of tension and contrast  – to the Taurus factor. This may suggest a lack of profitability or at least a lack of an effective concept for profitable use as a problematic issue of the Jeddah Tower project.