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The Austrian Parliament building is located in the combination of courtly, aristocratic air sign Libra sign of symmetry, balance, justice with practical air sign Gemini sign of communication, intelligence, interfaces for fl 3 (surrounding area) ph:, ccbysa3.0

Vienna and Austria in Political Astrology

Vienna and Austria in Political Astrology and Astrogeography. Birth charts and history of Austria, astrogeographical position of its capital Vienna and transits of the outer planets in relation to the political center and government of Austria.

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The astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Vienna

Astrogeographical resonance degrees for the City of Vienna for morphogenetic field level 1 (region) which describe the supra-regional. international resonance topics of the capital and government of Austria:  the astrographcal positions of Austria are 17° in highly magnetic, self-centered, royal fire sign Leo the sign of centralism, absolutism and monarchy 13° in solid, conservative, traditionalist, hierarchical, strict earth sign Capricorn the sign of history, control, rules and regulations, the ruling classes, formalism, austerity and efficiency.

The opposition of the 13°Capricorn coordinate of Vienna to the 10°Cancer resonance coordinate of the national morphic field of Germany reflects the polarity and contradicting topics between the two nations. Such oppositions are of course conflicting aspects. In this case the opposition explains why Austria has developed into a separate, autonomous nation to become part of the girdle of smaller countries that surround the federalist epicenter of Germany. Capricorn as the sign of efficient stability of governments and in combination with the super-centralist resonance coordinate in royal, absolutist, magnetic Leo (Compare: China, USA, India, Saudi Arabia, North Korea with capitals in Leo) explains the long-term tendency of expansion of the rule of the House of Habsburg over large parts of the Balkan and the even the Holy Roman Empire at the climax of it power.

The Austrian Parliament building is located in the combination of courtly, aristocratic air sign Libra sign of symmetry, balance, justice with practical air sign Gemini sign of communication, intelligence, interfaces for fl 3 (surrounding area)
ph:, ccbysa3.0

The Natal Charts for the 1st and 2nd Austrian Republic

The 1st Austrian Republic with Uranus opposite Vienna

The first Austrian Republic was first proclaimed on 30 Oct. 1918. On 3 November the armistice of Villa Gusti formally ended the war between Austria and Italy. Karl I the last Habsburgian Emperor of Austria had to step down on 11 November 1918 with the Sun indicator for kings at 17°Scorpio and in a strong and exact square to the 17°Leo astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Vienna. On 12 Nov. 1918 at 16:00 the “Republik of Deutsch-Österreich” (“German-Austria”) was proclaimed but with the Moon on 1 °Pisces the degree of instability and invalidity. The new constitution passed the National Constitutional Assembly on 1 Oct. 1920 with Pluto at 9°Cancer nearing the opposition degree to the 13°Capricorn resonance coordinate of Vienna and with Neptune at 9°Leo approaching the conjunction to the 17°Leo coordinate. Both transits which were yet to unfold their effects explain the lastingness of the falling apart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the course of WWI and the period after.

The transit of Uranus the planet of revolution over 17°Aquarius the exact opposition degree to the 17°Leo astrogeographical resonance degree of Vienna had its climax between January 1916 and November 1917 (Russian Revolution). This transit stands for the changes that became inevitable for Austrian society during WWI. The resignation of Emperor Karl I, the end of the monarchy and the proclamation of the republic are symptomatical result for a Uranus opposition..

Astrological chart for the Proclamaton of the 1st Republic of Austria calculated as a midnight chart for the day that Emperor Karl I of Austria stepped down – which was in the early hours of November, 11 1918  source: Nicholas Campion

The square transit of the Sun to the resonance degree of Vienna at 17° in the Suns own sign Leo and sign of emperors and kings delivers a strong explanation for the personal resignation of the emperor. Jupiter the planet of victory, conclusions and aims at 15°Cancer in exact opposition to the 13°Capricorn astrogeographical resonance coordinate of the capital shows the victory of the enemies of the old hierarchy, traditionalism, ruling classes, formalism and other unreformable aspects of the Capricorn resonance. But Jupiter in Cancer though opposed to the capital stood also in the very center of the sign of fertility, pregnancy, emotional identity and authenticity, spirits of ancestors, the interior and sign of the national morphic field (the so called “Volk”). This means that such oppositions have positive systemical impacts for capitals and should not be judged as solely destructive. And this one in particular as it  stands for the process of the birth of the independence of the Austrian nation from the Imperial relics left over from the Holy Roman Empire though in times when that independence was still under strongest pressure from the upcoming transits of Pluto in opposition to the 13°Capricorn coordinate (climax 1924-28) and Neptune (1922-25) conjunction transits.

The foundation of the 2nd Austrian Republic under a Saturn square

World War II had begun during the Uranus square to the 17°Leo coordinate of Vienna from 17°in Taurus the sign of possession and control of a country`s own national territory, legal autonomy and food production. Uranus stood for the hype from the influences from globalization under the control of Vienna in the hands of an Austrian native as dictator of Germany.

The Allied occupation of Austria started on 27 April 1945 as a result of the Vienna Offensive and ended with the Austrian State Treaty on 27 July 1955  
image: Maximilian Dörrbecker , ccbysa3.0

The climax of the Pluto transit in onjunction to the 17°Leo coordinate of Vienna was from August 1948 until June 1952 must have transformed the projections and habitual patterns of perception from the traditional, royalist Austro-Hungarian self-image over the Austrian nation and its capital. Even more so because of the simultaneous pressure through the square transit from Neptune the planet of self-cleaning and self-healing processes through depression between October 1947 and September 1950 and the opposition transit of Uranus between August 1951 and July 1952. The reflected by the Allied Occupation.

The signing of the Austrian State Treaty on 15 May 1955 re-established the sovereignty of Austria and decided the end of the Allied Occupation of Austria.

Astrological chart for the foundation of the 2nd Republic of Austria on 15 May 1955 calculated for 11:31 at Vienna source: Phillip Schiffmann

It is fascinating to see that Saturn the planetary indicator for the legal effectivity of decisions was conjunct the IC the indicating point for the national morphic field and the land itself in a constellation of cutting the umbilical cords with the emotional and factual dependence. The position of Saturn at 17°Scorpio was exactly square the royalistic, monarchistic and centralistic impact of the 17°Leo resonance coordinate of the capital Vienna.

The German annexation of 1938 with Uranus square and Jupiter in opposition

The annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany  ended Austrian independence on 12/13 March 1938. The transit of Uranus the planet of globalization and foreign influences over 17° in Taurus the sign of occupation of territory to the 17°Leo resonance coordinate of Vienna had its actual climax between May 1938 (15°TA) and November 1939 (20°TA). It led to the annexation of Austria and dragged the country into WWII with the exact square (17°TA) to Vienna on September, 1 1939.

Horoscope for the factual validation of Nazi German annexation of Austria between March 11-13 in 1938

The Nazi annexation of Austria was carried out during the Mars ingress into Taurus the sign of possession of territory which activated the full consequences of the coming square transit of Uranus to the 17°Leo coordinate of Vienna. Jupiter the planet of expansion and aims had been transiting the exact opposition degree to Vienna at 17°Aquarius since the first days of March 1938 with Uranus as the sign ruler of Aquarius deciding the direction in which Jupiter would turn.

The 1st and 2nd Turkish Siege of Vienna

The astrogeographical resonance degrees of the ottoman capital Istanbul are 17°Capricorn and 6°Cancer.

1st Siege of Vienna

The Siege of Vienna, 1529

The first Turkish Siege of Vienna between 27 September–15 October 1529 was an attempt of the Turkish Sultan Suleiman I the Magnificent to conquer the City of Vienna. The area of the Austrian capital had played an important strategical role for the control of the Danube River`s entry towards the Holy Roman Empire and as the seat of the House of Habsburg home of the HRE emperors since 1438.

Astrological chart for the beginning of the Siege of Vienna on 29. Sep 1529 with transits for the defeat of the turkish armies under Suleiman I on 15 Oct 1529.

The first Turkish Siege of Vienna was carried out without tight transits of the systemically relevant outer planets Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn in relation to the astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Vienna. This could indicate that the attempt to conquer the city had little prospect of being successful as the vulnerability of the city`s defense system wasn`t a big enough factor for a defeat.

A strong transits during the start of the siege was the transit of the Sun at 13°Libra exactly square the 13°Capricorn resonance degree of Vienna and as the ruler of the city`s resonance degree in Leo. As the planet of royalty it represented the presence of the Sultan with his harem and gold treasures on the battlefield and also the sheer size of the Ottoman armies estimated to have been minimum 120.000 men.

2nd Siege and Battle of Vienna with Pluto opposite and Saturn conjunct Vienna

The City of Vienna had been struck hard by the “Great Vienna Plague” during Pluto`s transit over the exact opposition to 13°Cancer coordinate of Vienna between 10° and 13° Cancer of 1679. The death toll it took is estimated about 12.000 victims. The plague did not affect Vienna alone but swept across large parts of Europe between 1675 and 1682. But the fact that it crippled the city is assumed to have tempted the turkish ruler Sultan Mehmed IV. to launch the 2nd turkish attempt to conquer Vienna.

Battle of Vienna in September 1683

The timeline of events that led to the 2nd Turkish Siege and Battle of Vienna is an impressive documentation of the precision of my astrogeographical calculations.
The 2nd turkish attempt to conquer Vienna was started through the mobilisation of the turkish armies from 21 January 1682 by ottoman Sultan Mehmed IV.
War against Austria was declared on 6 August 1682 and the main Ottoman army finally laid siege to Vienna on 14 July 1683. The siege was ended when the Polish armies under King John III Sobieski arrived to lead the attack against the Turkish troops during the “Battle of the Kahlenberg” on 11 September 1683.

Astrological chart for the mobilisation for the 2nd Turkish attempt to conquer Vienna on 21 January 1682 with transits for the declaration of war on 2 August 1682

The Turkish order of mobilization was given under a Pluto-Jupiter conjunction between 13° and 14° Cancer exactly opposite the 13°Capricorn astrogeographical coordinate of Vienna. The conjunction of Pluto the planetary indicator the strife of dominance in group hierarchy with Jupiter the indicator for victory stands for the strife of fulfillment of the urge to represent the human superhero or best among hunters in persona and in Cancer the sign of ancestors and the morphic field of nations pointing at the expansion of euphoria (Jupiter) triggered by the self-image of the dominance as the strongest among nations (Pluto in Cancer as a representative of a tendency for an obsessive-compulsive disorder in regard to the self-image of dominant males). But howsoever intense this emotion may have appeared during the starting phase of the mobilization, the logic of its projection onto Vienna had already passed its climax in the first half of 1682. At least this is the logic to be concluded from the fact that Pluto was about to continue his path an leave the exact opposition to Vienna behind.
The main Turkish army reached Vienna on 14 July 1683 with Pluto at 16°Cancer. During the decisive Battle of the Kahlenberg Pluto had reached 18°Cancer.

Astrological chart for the Siege of Vienna (interior planets) on 14 July 1683 and the Battle of the Kahlenberg (exterior) on 11 September 1683

Saturn the astrological ruler of the Capricorn coordinate of Vienna and therefore an important indicator for Vienna moved over the exact conjunction with the 17°Leo coordinate of Vienna during the siege. Saturn represented a factor of stabilization, strict laws and government control, fortifications and a general lack of food esp. shortage of carbon hydrates and sugar (Saturn in Leo), austerity and intense suffering.

Vienna as capital of the Holy Roman Empire

The first Habsburgian emperor was Rudolf I who was elected as emperor on October, 1 in Frankfurt and crowned in Aachen on October, 26 1273 (jul. date).

Rudolf I of Habsburg was crowned as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire on October, 26 1273 (jul. date) in Aachen.

The coronation of Rudolf I was carried in the wake of the transit of Pluto over the 13°Capricorn resonance coordinate of Vienna pointing at the fortification and other transformational effects of this important step in the development of the House of Habsburg and its capital Vienna. The half sum between the conjunctions of Mars with Pluto between 5°and 8° Capricorn and of Jupiter and Chiron between 18° and 20°Capricorn fell exactly on the 13°Capricorn resonance coordinate of the City of Vienna pointing at the development of an intense urge for power and dominance (Mars-Pluto) and a strong and a highly efficient military intelligence and war machinery (Jupiter-Chiron) behind the ambitions of the House of Habsburg.

The 2nd Habsburgian that was elected Emperor of the HRE was Albrecht II.. His election took place in Frankfurt on March, 18 1478. His election started the long period of Habsburgian control of the throne of the Holy Roman Empire making Vienna its de facto capital. The House of Habsburg played this role between 1478 until the abolition of the empire through Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806.

The Emperors of the House of Habsburg: Albrecht II elected as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire on March, 18 1438 (jul. date)

The election of Albrecht II as Emperor of the HRE is also a birth chart for the Habsburgian rule over the Holy Roman Empire. The most important long-term transit of that time was Pluto in exact opposition to the 13°Capricorn resonance coordinate of Vienna from 15°Cancer. The fact that Pluto had just finished its traumatic conjunction to the 10°Cancer resonance coordinate of the German national morphic field explains the reason of the transfer of power away from the center of inner Germany to the outskirts of the empire as a result of the long-term problems due to competition and the fight for power among the dynasties based in central Germany.

Habsburgian rule over Austria

The origin of the House of Habsburg was located in an area which today lies in the north of Switzerland. The astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Habsburg Castle for field level 1 (region) which describe its supra-regional. global significance are 9° in solid, fixed earth sign Taurus sign of markets, income, wealth, food and expansion and accumulation of territories and 0° in creative, innovative air sign Aquarius the sign of globalization. In the Sabian Symbols 0°Aquarius is related to the topic of the world government. That describes the international resonance of the House of Habsburg and its outstandingly strong role in European colonial globalization as a top ranked dynasty across the whole of Europe in the time of colonialization (Charles V, HRE a.s.o)

For field level 4 (exact position) Habsburg Castle is located in Cancer with Gemini.
ph: Roland Zumbuehl, ccbysa3.0

Rudolf I the first Habsburgian emperor of the Holy Roman Empire conquered the Duchy of Austria for the House of Habsburg in the Battle of the Marchfeld on August, 26 1278 against Ottokar II. Přemysl.

Astrological chart for the victory of Rudolf I in the Battle of the Marchfeld on August, 26 1278 (jul. date) calculated as a midday chart for Vienna.

The victory of Rudolf I 5 years after his coronation as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire was part of the long-term transit of Pluto over the 13°Capricorn resonance coordinate of Vienna. Jupiter at 17°Cancer in opposition to the capital and central resonance coordinate of the national morphic field of Austria explains a victory of forces attacking the current rulers over Vienna at the time.