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Paris - Palais de l'Élysée: ph: Remi Mathis, ccbysa3.0

Paris and France in Political Astrology

Paris and France in Political Astrology: birth and foundation charts of France and ithe astrogeographical position of its capital.

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Paris and France in Political Astrology

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The Palais de l’Élysée is the seat of the Presidents of France: ph:  Remi Mathis, ccbysa3.0

Astrogeographic position of the Elysee Presidential Palace in Paris for morphogenetic field level 1 which shows the supra-regional and international resonance topics of the french capital and government: one coordinate of Paris is located at 27° in individualistic, anti-centralist, creative, innovative, rebellious, holistic air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky, abstraction, paradise, revolution, self-finding and re-connection with the fuller amount of human potential and individuality.

The Aquarius resonance aspect of Paris is in opposition to highly, magnetic, self-centered, centralist, absolutist, royal fire sign Leo the sign of the sun, light, heart, power plants, sexuality, emotional self-expression the traditional astrological resonating sign of French culture. The intense modernity, and revolutionary appeal of Paris thus contradicts the hyper-centralist tendency for royalty of French culture making it a place where the opposing tendencies of the centrifugal dynamical tendencies of Aquarius and the centripetal reflexes of Leo are carried out and can be experienced in permanent political combat between the social classes (Compare my article on the leaning tower of Pisa). The intensity of this cultural. social and political polarity may be examined as an explanation of what makes Paris so unique in world history.

The 2nd coordinate is at 28° in dynamic fire sign Sagittarius sign of style, design, fashion, thinking, watching, voyeurism, initiation, luxury, success-orientation, liberalism, shamanism, priests, initiation, euphoria, mental excitation, preaching, arsonists, cremation, lava & volcanic activity, the cleansing fires, hell, healing and the mental aspects of the holy spirit.

A View of Paris from the Pont Neuf in 1763 by Nicolas-Jean-Baptiste Raguenet 

The Birth Charts for France

The Birth Chart for the 5th Republic: the attractiveness and gravitation of Venus in Libra conjunct the IC

Today the most commonly used astrological birth chart for modern France is the Foundation Chart for 5th French Republic on 5 October 1958 with the Sun in Libra the sign of peace harmony, balance, relationship and love.

This position of Venus on the IC is a fascinating aspect which explains the unequalled gravitation, magnetism and attractivity of France which is the World´s Top Tourist destination.

Astrological Foundation Chart for the 5th Republic of France calculated for 5 October 1958, 0:00 the moment of validity of the foundation.

The position of Venus at 1° Libra and exactly conjunct the IC, the “Inner Heaven” and house of emotional roots, identity and a position of emotional self-centeredness, fertility and pregnancy. This superfine, nice, comfortable, profitability orientated, peaceful and beautiful position of Venus conjunct the IC is really remarkable for a national chart. Through Venus` role as the ruling planet of Taurus the sign of conquering territory the position stands for the step of the reduction of French territory through giving up the colonies and in a highly positive sense also for reconquering one`s own territory instead.

And this highly fertile position of Venus in the house of pregnancy is rounded up by Jupiter at 5° Scorpio near the cusp of house 5 the house of sexuality, emotional self-expression, individual royalty and birth. This really remarkable constellation of the cultural tradition of intense sexuality is also reflected in the fact that France has by far the highest birth rate among all european countries.

The reliance of Germany on the close cooperation with France is reflected in the Sun-Mercury conjunction at 11° Libra conjunct the Sun in the German reunification chart from 3 October 1990 and the fact that the German unity day falls on 3 October each year since that day.  The indication of this coincidence is that the German unification was allowed and decided for in accordance with the topics of the 5th French Republic.

The ascendant in Cancer indicates the topics of a process of emotional individuality, authenticity, self-finding and the liberation from emotional dependence. The Moon as the ruling planet was in house 12 the house of spiritual identity indicating the readiness to let go of the colonies and go through a process of self-cleaning and self-healing in order to reduce dependence from foreign control over one`s own identity. really a remarkably spirituality orientated constellation for a country`s constitution.

As can be seen the Moon was conjunct the astrogeographic position of Rome site of the EU foundation and the Catholic Church at 28° Gemini and alsothe most important indicator for US culture.  This Moon position in house 12 the house of spirituality was in exact opposition to the astrogeographical coordinate of Paris at 28° Sagittarius. Due to its role as the ruler of the ascendant that Moon position is a clear hint at the intense relationship between Paris, the EU and USA.

Uranus in Leo the sign of french culture and in house 2 the house of economics stands for the strong position of workers and the long tradition of self.liberation, revolution, trade unions, strikes, awareness about the mechanisms of capitalism among the population and socialism in general. As house 2 represents the house of one´s own territory Uranus also stands for the perspective of dealing with an integral, holistic vision of building up an ideal world on one´s own land.

The  square position of Mars in Gemini in house 11 with Pluto in Virgo in house 3 is the most problematic aspect in the chart.  Mars in Gemini the sign of practical solutions, technology, learning and liberalism falls in house 11 indicating the topics of self-finding, emancipation, revolution, abstraction and a holistic approach to all topics. Pluto`s challenging if not contra-indicative square position to all topics related to Mars fell in house 3 the house of the application of technology, communication, learning and practical solutions. Pluto stands for ideological, dogmatic limitations in all fields related to technology,  education  and communication. Pluto appears to have been installed in the mechanisms at work in the 5th Republic in order to control the super-liberalistic Mars position or vice versa.  This reception between Mars and Pluto could be associated with topics like  the concentration of energy production on nuclear power stations and other special aspects of strictly centralist rule of the central government over french economy.

The Treaty of Verdun

Treaty of Verdun signed on 10 Aug 0843

The Treaty of Verdun is of highest importance for the process that led to the foundation of Modern France and Germany. This can be concluded form the extremely strong transit of Pluto the planet of trauma, defense and ideology at 29°Pisces exactly square the 28°Sagittarius resonance degree of Paris and the Moon-Neptune conjunction at 10°-11°Capricorn in exact opposition to the 10°Cancer resonance coordinate of Berlin. The Treaty of Meerssen appears as a mere consequence of the Treaty of Verdun.

The final division of East and West Francia in the Treaty of Meerssen

Territories of East and West Francia after the Treaty of Meerssen
ph: Trasamundo, GFDL

The Treaty of Mersen or Meerssen, concluded on 8 August 870, was a treaty of partition of the realm of Lothair II by his uncles Louis the German of East Francia and Charles the Bald of West Francia, the two surviving sons of Emperor Louis I the Pious. It marked the final partition of the Franc Empire into West and East Francia and can be examined as a plausible natal chart for France (West Francia) and the Holy Roman Empire (East Francia).

Astrological chart for the Treaty of Mersen/Meersen of 8 August 870 (jul.)

The transit of Saturn at 25°Sagittarius over the astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Paris from the Treaty of Meerssen – later repeated during the coronation of Charles VII in 1429 appears as the stabilizing factor for the independence of West Francia and its capital Paris. It is interesting to consider that Saturn was square to the astrogeographical resonance degree of Berlin at 29°Virgo and opposite Rome at 29°Gemini. Saturn so stood for the independence and separation of Paris and West Francia from both partners the Holy Roman Empire and the spiritual authority of the Pope the same time.

Jeanne d`Arc and the coronation of King Charles VII with Saturn conjunct Paris

Coronation of King Charles VII as King of France with Joan of Arc watching

Joan of Arc is the national hero of France. Her spiritual support to King Charles VII led to rebirth of the courage of french population during the English occupation of northern France that began the period of the dual monarchy in France between 21 October 1422 and 19 October 1453. Joan of Arc convinced Charles VII to have himself crowned as KIng of France on 1429 .

The coronation of King Charles VII on 17 July 1429 (jul) in Reims calculated as a midday chart

Transit of Saturn conjunct the astrogeographical resonance degrees of capitals often mark phases of long-term stabilization of the institutions and autonomy of the country and its government. The coronation of Charles VII in 1429 with Saturn exactly conjunct Paris at 27°Sagittarius is a strong example for the long-term effects of such a Saturn transit. In this case the transit appears to have supported the stabilization of the situation of Charles VII which allowed him to convince the french people to support him and fight and fully recover the territories lost to the English through the capture of Bordeaux on 19 October 1453.

Capture of Bordeaux by Charles VII that ended the period of the dual monarchy in France.

The chart is another example for the strong resonance of planets occupying the first 6°degrees of the fixed signs during important events of french history. Note that these degrees mark a mirrorpoint aspect with the 27°Aquarius astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Paris.

Joan of Arc was burned at the stake with Jupiter the planet opf expansion, victory and success and a major indicator of arson attacks at 26°Taurus the sign of possession of territory in exact square to the 27°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Paris

Joan of Arc was sentenced to death under the charge of cross-dressing and burned at the stake in the middle of the morning on 30 May 1431 in the City of Rouen.

Astrological chart for the execution of Joan of Arc on May 30 1731 (jul.) calculated for the moment when Mars was exactly conjunct the IC as indicator of fire from below. The exact moment is unknown to me.

Jupiter the planet of expansion, victory and success and a major indicator of arson attacks was conjuncted by Mercury the planet of tactical cleverness at 28°Taurus the sign of possession of territory in exact square to the 27°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Paris.

The Mercury – Jupiter conjunction occurred in exact trine to the 28°Capricorn resonance degree of London explaining the tactical cleverness of the English side here. The Moon – Saturn conjunction between 24° and 26° Capricorn explains the strong English position and influence. At the same time Saturn occupied the exact square position to the 2nd resonance coordinate of London at 24°Libra the sign of aristocracy, peace and justice indicating a situation of intense pressure on London through the effects of the brutal killing of the saint woman. It made Joan of Arc a christian martyr giving her an important role in the long spiritual tradition of christian saints.

Uranus square Paris: the Beginning of the French War of religion through the Massacre of Wassy on 1 March 1562

The Massacre of Wassy was an incident of mass killings of Huguenot  worshippers and citizens in an armed action by troops of Francis, Duke of Guise, in Wassy, France on 1 March 1562.

The Massacre of Vassy on March, 1 1562
16th century print.

On 1 March 1562, Francis the second Duke of Guise met with a large congregation of Huguenots holding religious ceremonies in a barn that was their church. Some of the duke’s party attempted to push their way inside and were repulsed. Events escalated, stones began to fly, and the Duke was struck. Outraged, he ordered his men to fortify the town and set fire to the church, killing 63 unarmed Huguenots and wounding over a hundred.

Astrological chart for the Massacre of Wassy that occurred 10 years before St. Batholomew`s night. The chart is calculated for March, 1 1562 (julian date) at 12:00 noon.

Uranus the planet of globalization at 29°Scorpio was exactly square the 27°Aquarius astrogeographical resonance degree of the french government in Paris during the Wassy massacre. His position explains the importance of the foreign influence for the situation of the french king: he was under pressure from the catholic Spanish-Austrian rulers on one side, the Pope and his Italian allies the Medici on yet another catholic side and the English and German protestants who supported the Huguenots.

A deeper investigation of the who is who in the extreme aspects of pressure on the french king as reflected by the positions of the outer planets plus Jupiter and Saturn would require a deeper historical study of the various political parties.

Neptune the planet of spirituality on the first degree of Gemini (starting phase) the sign of liberalization appears as a plausible indication for the role of the Huguenots. Jupiter at 25°Taurus the sign of possession of land may be seen as a plausible indicator for the rich landowners of the House of Guise and their appeal to the french throne here. Their meeting at Wassy under a conjunction but in 2 different signs and both square to the 27°Aquarius position of Paris stood for the pressure created on the french king through the Massacre of Wassy.

Saturn the planet of stability of the political system and at 28°Gemini was exactly opposite 28°Sagittarius astrogeographical position of Paris. The fact that Saturn appears to have been overshadowed by a conjunct from Lilith the planet of hidden, unconscious action and the possibility of female manipulation may be understood to represent King Charles IX who was under heaviest psychic influence and control from his almighty mother Catherine of Médici who is said to have been pulling the strings of conspiracy behind the scene.

Pluto square and Neptune opposite Paris: St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre

The St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre on the night of 23–24 August 1572 was a targeted group of assassinations and a wave of Catholic mob violence, directed against the Huguenots (French Calvinist Protestants) during the French Wars of Religion

 St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre of 1572. Contemporary painting by François Dubois (1529–1584)

The french king Charles IX had ordered the killing of a group of Huguenot leaders, including his advisor Admiral Coligny. The slaughter spread throughout Paris. Lasting several weeks, the massacre expanded outward to other urban centres and the countryside. Modern estimates for the number of dead across France vary widely, from 5,000 to 30,000. The events are among the most traumatic in french history.

Astrological chart for the night of St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre calculated for 0:00 on 24 August 1572 (julian date)

St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre was started shortly after a full moon in Pisces the sign of the catholic church and major indicator for italian culture. Pluto`s role may thus be directly related to the pressure on the french kings exact throught the Pope and his ally the House of Medici represented in by the dominant role of Catherine de’ Medici mother of the French king Charles IX. The Moon was about to join Pluto the planet of dogma, ideology, trauma, pain, hierarchy and the strife for dominance at 24° Pisces square to the 28°Sagittarius astrogeographical position of Paris.

At the same time Pisces is also a major traditional indicator for christian religion as such. Pluto´s square transit in relation to the french government and capital may therefore be interpreted as a sign of a climax period in the phase of the french wars of religion (1562-98).

The extreme pressure through the square transit from Pluto was further intensified through the simultaneous opposition of Neptune the planet of spirituality and ruler of Pisces in exact opposition to the 28°Sagittarius coordinate of Paris from 29° Gemini the sign of liberalization, civil rights, accepting opposites, intelligence and learning.

Neptune`s role in Gemini may best be understood as a symbol of the strong pressure from the modern liberal protestant movement on the italian/catholic connection represented by Pluto in Pisces and on the catholic french government in Paris at the same time. Neptune as the weakest but through his lastingness strongest of all planets appears as a perfect simile for the aspect of christian religion which allows martydom as a means of growing its influence. In this historical situation especially because Neptune actually challenged the dogmatism and ideological corruption of the catholic church as represented through Pluto in Pisces.

Mars-Pluto conjunction over Paris: The Execution of Louis XVI

The execution of Louis XVI on the Place de la Révolution (now Place de la Concorde)

The execution of Louis XVI is a classical example for a really problematic and inauspiscious constellation for a central government in astrogeography. The transits of inner and outer planets in relation to the astrogeographical positions of Paris couldn`t have been more problematic.

Astrology & history: event chart for the execution of Louis XVI on 21 January 1793 at 11:00 a.m. calculated for Paris

The execution of the french king Louis XVI was carried out during an exact opposition of Uranus on 22°30` in fire sign Leo the sign of the sun and of kings and the most important indicator for french culture with Pluto on 22°28`  Aquarius the sign of revolution, self-liberation, emancipation and the sign of Uranus` rulership. The axis of the Uranus-Pluto opposition was approaching the exact conjunction and opposition degrees to Paris at 27°Aquarius.

Mars the first astrological indicator for killing was on 28°10`Aquarius that means conjunct the astrogeographic position of  Paris and of transiting Pluto the indicator for dogma, ideology, hierarchy and death. Jupiter the planet of intentions, profits and aims and ruler of the astrogeographical coordinate of Paris at 28°Sagittarius was on 27°29`Scorpio in exact square to the astrogeographical position of Paris. And finally the Moon on 29°17` Taurus and in exact square to Paris rounded up the Grand Cross constellation in the last degrees of the fixed signs.

The slow moving plough of the Uranus – Pluto opposition explains the french revolution as a process of development of european culture that dealt with unsolved cultural, social, political, ideological, economcal, technological and also karmic issues. Monarchy, absolutism, the unsolved issues and negativity of the caste system,  serfdom,  slavery, corruption and more. The everlasting confrontation of idealism (Uranus) and trauma (Pluto), fuller potentials and limited perception, individual freedom and group hierarchy, essence and form a.s.o…

The faster moving planets Moon, Mars and Jupiter joined the sensitive positions of Paris triggering and grounding the effects of the Uranus-Pluto opposition. Both the Moon on 29° Taurus  as well as Jupiter on 27°Scorpio occupied degrees that are known for extreme profitability.  At the same time they are square position to the degrees of royalty between 26° and 30°Leo.  Therefore their positions indicate that the motif of the execution came from the social classes that had been oppressed by the monarchy and absolutist system: the poor classes and serfs (Scorpio), farmers (Taurus) and the bourgeoisie (Scorpio-Taurus).

The storming of the Bastille

The Storming of the Bastille”, Visible in the center is the arrest of Bernard René Jourdan, m de Launay

The “Storming of the Bastillle” wasn`t an important military event in the first place. Its symbolism lay in the information that the protesting crowds  could reach their aims when  the royal army did not interfere with their demonstrations. This is shown by the two astrological factors that moved in resonance with the astrogeographical degrees of the capital: the North Node and Chiron.

Event chart for the Storming of the Bastille in Paris on 14 July 1789 calculated for 17:30

The astrogeographical transit situation in relation to the resonating degrees of the french government saw the North Node on the degree of the bourgeoisie at 26°47`Scorpio and in a square to the 27°Aquarius position of Paris. This indicates that the bourgeoisie and the poorer classes were seeking fullfillment of their aims through the Storming of the Bastille.

Chiron the ruler of Virgo and planet of reasonable, rational and strategical planning at 24°52` Gemini moved in opposition to Paris. This position stands for the facts that prisoners had been removed from the Bastille, that the Governor of the Bastille surrendered the building to the crowd and also the fact that the royal troops stationed nearby were withdrawn and ordered not to intervene in the fighting.

Saturn at 23°10`Pisces was approaching the square position to the 28°Sagittarius coordinate of Paris showing a process of accumulating tension for the french government.

The “Law of Suspects” and the “Reign of Terror” with Uranus opposite and Pluto conjunct Paris

The Law of Suspects was passed by the French National Convention on 17 September 1793, during the French Revolution. Some historians consider this decree the start of ‘the Reign of Terror’ over France. During the Reign of Terror, at least 300,000 suspects were arrested; 17,000 were officially executed, and perhaps 10,000 died in prison or without trial according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Astrological chart for the day on which the Law of Suspects was passed that started the “Reign of Terror”. The chart is calculated as a midday chart for 12:00 noon.

The Law of Suspects was passed with Uranus the ruler of the 27°Aquarius resonance degree of Paris in exact opposition from 26°Leo and conjunct Lilith the dark Moon indicator for hidden, blocked and unrecognized emotion.. It started the climax of the “Rule of Terror” phase of the French Revolution during wich the Dantonists were executed on April 5 1794 Uranus on 24°Leo and Pluto on 25°Aquarius.

Day of the Execution of Robespierre on 28 July 1794 calculated as a midday chart for 12:00 noon.

It ended with the execution of Robespierre on 28 July 1794 with a Mercury – Uranus conjunction at 27°Leo exactly opposite Paris and Pluto at 25°Aquarius and a classically beneficial Jupiter (Zeus) “return” to the 28°Sagittarius coordinate of Paris.

Napoleon`s Coup D`Ètat

Napoleon at the Conseil des Cinq-Cents during the Coup D`Ètat of 18 Brumaire. Painting by François Bouchot

Napoleon`s Coup D`Ètat between 9 and 11 November 1799 ended the french revolution. Astrogeographically this is shown by the fact that it followed Pluto`s ingress into Pisces and away from the conjunction with the 27° Aquarius astrogeographical position of the french governments that had marked the post revolutionary era.

The event chart is calculated for 11 November 1799 at 2:00 when Napoleon was made the 1st Consul of France data: Nicholas Campion

The square position of Mercury the planet of intelligence, clever action and optimal use of ressources to Paris is highly remarkable as an indicator for the Napoleon`s smart action that brought him the leadership in the conspiration. Mercury occupied 28°20` Scorpio the exact square to Paris, resonating degree of the bourgeoisie and position of Jupiter the planet of victory during the execution of Louis XVI in 1793.

This resonance  precisely describes how Napoleon replaced King Louis XVI through the Coup D`Ètat of 18 Brumaire.

Napoleon Bonaparte´s coronation as Emperor of France

The coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte  as emperor of the French with Neptune in a square position to Paris

The coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte (born 15 August 1769) as “Emperor of the French” was conducted in the presence of Pope Pius VII (born 14 August 1742) on 2 December 1804 at  Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Astrology & history: Napoleon Bonaparte` s coronation as Emperor of the French on 2 Dec 1804 calculated for 11:45 at Paris

Napoleon`s  coronation as Emperor of the French on 2 Dec 1804 was accompanied by the transit of Neptune over 26°13` Scorpio an important resonating degree of the bourgeoisie from the Storming of the Bastille in 1789 and the execution of King Louis XVI in 1793 – see the charts above.

Neptune occupied the square position to the 27°Aquarius coordinate of Paris showing the subjugation of the french population and government under Bonaparte`s rule and the topic of mystification the arrival of the new king as heaven-sent.  Neptune also stood for the return of the Pope and the catholic legitimation to Paris in the person of the Pope who hoped to regain acceptance of the catholic church after its heavy losses in France through the Dechristianization during the French Revolution.

The Battle of Waterloo

The Sun is the planetary indicator for the king and supreme personal ruler of a government.
During the Battle of Waterloo the Sun on 26°Gemini was approaching the exact opposition to the 28° Sagittarius astrogeographical coordinate of Paris indicating a situation where the king (Napoleon) acted in opposition to the common interest of the French government in Paris.

The Battle of Waterloo painting by William Sadler

This pressure on the french government exerted by the sun position was accompanied by an even stronger aspect in exact square to the Sun and also approaching the square to Paris: a conjunction of Mars the planet of warfare with Pluto the planet of trauma, death, pain between 23° and 24°Pisces.

Horoscope for the start of the Battle of Waterloo

Neptune the sign ruler of Pisces was at 18°Sagittarius and approaching the degree of Paris in an aspect of defeat, paralysis and depression. For the effects of a neptune transit in conjunction of the capital compare the transit of Neptune over Berlin in WW2.

The Amistice of Compiègne

Delegates in front of the train in which the armistice of Compiègne was signed

The armistice of Compiègne came into effect on 11 November 1918 at 11:00 a.m. and 47 minutes after the Mars ingress from Sagittarius into Capricorn. Mars the planet of warfare moved away from the exact conjunction with Paris` 28°Sagittarius coordinate.

Event chart for the Armistice of Compiègne

Apart from the fast moving transit of Mars the Armistice of Compiègne saw a dramatic opposition of 2 slower moving planets in resonance with Paris` 27°Aquarius astrogeographical coordinate:  Saturn on the royal degree of 27°30`Leo exactly opposite Paris and Uranus at 23: 48` Aquarius approaching the conjunction to Paris. Uranus` transit conjunct Paris indicated that the end of WW1 came at the time of a process of self-finding, self-liberation and reconnection with the country`s fuller potentials.

The fact that Paris` 27°Aquarius coordinate falls in exact opposition to the so called degrees of royalty between 26° and 29°Leo explains the french revolution and strong inclination of Paris to a republic.  Saturn`s opposite position to the french government stood for Paris`  enemy during WWI: the german Emperor Wilhelm II – who himself had abdicated 2 days before the Armistice of Compiègne on 9 Nov 1918.

The astrogeographical resonance of Saturn with France´s  german enemy during WWI had been a strong factor right at the start of the war. WWI began during transit over Saturn 27° Gemini the sign of technology in exact opposition to the 28° Sagittarius coordinate of Paris.

World War 1 initial chart – Austria declares war on Serbia. Calculated for 12:00 noon at Vienna.

Altogether the degrees near 27° Gemini seem to be of highly problematic impact for France and the french governments. On the day of the french capitulation in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu Jupiter the planet of victory occupied that degree.

French capitulation in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu calculated for 12:00 noon.

The defeat in the Battle of Battle of Dien Bien Phu was decisive for the  First Indochina War.   It resulted in the withdrawal of all french trrops from  French Indochina and is often cited as the final death blow to the french colonial policies.

The Liberation of Paris in WW2

Parisians line the Champs Élysées as French 2e DB armor rolls down the avenue from the Arc de Triomphe toward Place de la Concorde on 26 August 1944

The liberation of Paris began through an uprising of the French Forces of the Interior under the impression of the approach of the US Third Army, led by General George Patton  (born 11 Nov 1885). The uprising was was begun on 19 August and ended  on 25 August at 14:45 when the german military governor Dietrich von Choltitz (born 9 Nov 1894) surrendered the city to Henri Rol-Tanguy (born 12 Jun 1908) the leader of the French Resistance in Paris.

Chotlitz surrendered Paris against Hitler´s orders to destroy the city`s industries and infrastructure. This reasonable behaviour which prevented the destruction of the city and dramatic losses of lives can be understood through the effect of 6 planets in Virgo the sign of reason, health, medicine, doctors, hospitals, protection of nature, ecology, vegetarian diet and self-healing.

Liberation of Paris in WW2. Event chart calculated for the surrender of the german troops on 25 August 1944 at 14:45

The only direct aspect of one of the 12 systemically relevant astrological planets in exact aspect to one of the two coordinates of Paris was Mars on 27°45`Virgo in exact square to the 28°Sagittarius astrogeographical position of the government in Paris – in this case represented by the german military governor.

At the same time Mars was conjunct the astrogeographical coordinate of the german government in Berlin at 29°Virgo and Saturn at 7°49` Cancer conjunct Berlin`s  10°Cancer position explaining the mounting pressure on Hitler and the limitations (Saturn) of his reach.

German occupation of Paris

The german occupation of Paris came under heaviest pressure from the two slow moving outer planets Uranus and Neptune which were approaching the astrogeographical coordinates of Paris. Apart from this strong astrogeographical resonance another important factor might have been Pluto`s ingress in Leo the sign of french culture which started the WW2 in Europe.

Event chart for the german occupation of Paris on 14 June 1940 calculated for 12:00 noon

Neptune`s square transit to the 28°Sagittarius astrogeographical position of Paris between November 1939 (25°Virgo) and August 1943 (O°Libra) during the german occupation stood for a period in which the french governments in Paris were under foreign control. Neptune indicates subjugation, territorial losses, defeat, insecurity, paralysis and depression. Due to the exact astrogeographical square resonance between Paris (28°Sag) and Berlin (29° Vir) the same period marked Neptune`s transit conjunct Berlin. In Berlin this transit was acompanied by the complete subjugation of the german population under the fascist rule, the extermination of european Jews in the name of the german government along with the destruction of the City of Berlin, the german state, autonomy and culture and not to forget german astrology.

World Champions 1998

For further consideration which degrees are effectively particularly auspiscious for France from the point of view of Paris and the  french government here comes the example of France`s first win in a footbal World Championship on 12 July 1998.

The match started with the Moon at 29°47`still in conjunction with the astrogeographic position of Paris at 27° Aquarius. This transit seems to have been highly auspiscious fo the french team.

Brazil-France 0:3 in the football world championship final 1998 calculated for the start of the match at 21:00.

Though in fact the first goal for France was scored shortly after the Moon`s ingress into Pisces at 21:27. We can either conclude from this that the constellations at the start of the match are to be seen as the decisive aspects or else that planetary positions on the first degrees of Pisces are expecially favourable for France – or both.