Robespierre, De Gaulle, Sarkozy and the Élysée-Palace

Robespierre, De Gaulle, Sarkozy and the Élysée-Palace

Astrology, politics, history and places:  the astrogeographical position of   Élysée-Palace in Taurus with Aquarius and the resonance with the birth charts of french presidents

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Astrogeographic position of the Paris for morphogenetic field level 1 which shows the supraregional and international resonance of the french capital and government: Paris is located at 27° in creative, innovative, rebellious, holistic air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky, abstraction, paradise, revolution, self-finding and reconnection with the fuller amount of human potential and individuality and 28° of fire sign Sagittarius sign of style, design, fashion, thinking, voyeurism, initiation, luxury and success.

Élysée-Palace located in Taurus with Aquarius Photo: Thomas Faivre-Duboz license: ccsa2.0

In 1848 the French National Assembly decided that the office of the French President should be installed in the Élysée-Palace but it was after 1873 that the dream of a French Republic became real and the Presidents have had their office here ever since.

Astrogeographic position of Élysée-Palace  for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the energetical topics and atmosphere of the palace itself: the site of the building is located in the combination of solid, fixed earth sign Taurus sign of the earth, groundinng, growing roots, stability, poessession of territory, economy, profits, market places, agriculture and food  creative, innovative spiritual air sign Aquarius sign of the sky, heaven, paradise, self-finding, emancipation, revolution and an indicator for the City of Paris.
This astrological constellation represents an aspect of tension between financial and economic aspects (Taurus) and a fundamental political idealism with the topic of liberation from oppression and slavery (Aquarius).

The resonance between Élysée-Palace and Robespierre

Because of the conjunction of Robespierres ascending degree at 25°Aquarius with the 27°Aquarius astrogeographical coordinate of the Paris  Robespierre a was a highly important resonator for the  astrogeographical position of Paris in the sign of revolution. At the same time Robespierre had Pluto the indicator for dogma, trauma and fascism at 22°Sagittarius near the second coordinate of Paris.

Maximilen Robespierre`s birth chart

The astrogeographical combination of  Taurus with Aquarius was dominant in the birth chart of Maximilian Robespierre through the Sun in Taurus and Ascendant on 25° Aquarius. This resonance can be considered an astrogeographical verification for the authenticity of the location of Elysee Palace as a symbol of the republic and the abolition of the feudal system and slavery during the French Revolution.

Birth Chart for Nicolas Sarkozy born on 28 January 1955 at 22:00 in Paris, France, data source

Nicholas Sarkozy was born with the Sun in Aquarius and ascendant in Virgo. Aquarius occupies the royal fifth house in his horoscope which stands for self-esteem, self-expression and the desire to live and have fun suggesting that he could feel like being the King of France here. Taurus as a contrast is in his 8 th house indicating that the site of the office and the presidency includes an enormous pressure on his personality and politics.

Charles de Gaulle birth chart

General Charles de Gaulle born with Ascendant in Libra was the President of France reigning in the Elysee Palace from 8/Jan/1959 until 28/Apr/1969.
In his birth chart Aquarius occupies the 4th house indicating the issues of emotional and professional independence and of feeling at home with his roots. Exactly on the position of the astrogeographical aspect of the Elysee Palace at about 5 ° Aquarius Charles de Gaulle had a highly favorable and dynamic conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in his birth chart. This aspect stands for his military capabilities and success and is symptomatic for his carreer as a professional soldier. This situation especially through the positiond of Mars and Jupiter in Aquarius also stands for his involvement in the French resistance movement against the Nazi regime and a particularly strong patriotism.
Taurus similar to the case of Nicholas Sarkozy stands for the 8th house in his birth chart indicating that Charles De Gaulle was under high pressure from his adversaries here and that his personality as well as his politics were strongly criticized.

Emmanuel Macron birth chart

The astrogeographical positions of Élysée-Palace resonate with houses 1 and 3 in Macron´s birh chart. The combination of houses 1 and 3 stands for an intensely dynamical situation, activity and attempots to bring things forward.