Macron, De Gaulle & Robespierre at the Élysée-Palace

Macron, De Gaulle & Robespierre at the Élysée-Palace

Macron, De Gaulle & Robespierre at the Élysée-Palace. The Presidents of France in astrology and astrogeography.

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Astrogeographical position of Paris

Astrogeographic position of the Paris for morphogenetic field level 1 which shows the supraregional and international resonance of the french capital and government: Paris is located at 27° in creative, innovative, rebellious, holistic air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky, abstraction, paradise, revolution, self-finding and reconnection with the fuller amount of human potential and individuality and 28° of fire sign Sagittarius sign of style, design, fashion, thinking, voyeurism, initiation, luxury and success.

Astrogeographical position of Élysée-Palace

The building that is called “Élysée-Palace” today was first built 1718-1722 for the Governor of Île-de-France the Duke of Evreux. The name Élysée derives from the Elysian Fields, refering to the island of the blessed dead in Greek mythology.

By 1756 it was bought by the kings 1st mistress Madame de Pompadour who lived here until her death in 1764. The palace has served as a home for famous individuals ever since. By 1808 it was transferred to Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1848 the French National Assembly decided that the office of the French President should be installed in the Élysée-Palace but it was not before 1873 when the dream of the 3rd French Republic became real and the Presidents have had their office here esince that year.

Élysée-Palace located in Taurus with Aquarius Photo: Thomas Faivre-Duboz license: ccsa2.0

Astrogeographic position of Élysée-Palace  for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the energetical topics and atmosphere of the palace itself: the site of the building is located in the combination of solid, fixed earth sign Taurus sign of the earth, groundinng, growing roots, stability, poessession of territory, economy, profits, market places, agriculture and food  creative, innovative spiritual air sign Aquarius sign of the sky, heaven, paradise, self-finding, emancipation, revolution and an indicator for the City of Paris.
This astrological constellation represents an aspect of tension between financial and economic aspects (Taurus) and a fundamental political idealism with the topic of liberation from oppression and slavery (Aquarius).

Emmanuel Macron at Élysée-Palace: Houses 1 and 3

Emmanuel Macron Birth Horoscope
Emmanuel Macron birth chart
  • The astrogeographical positions of Élysée-Palace resonate with houses 1 and 3 in Macron´s birh chart.
  • The combination of houses 1 and 3 stands for an intensely dynamical situation, activity and attempots to bring things forward.
  • House 1 is symptomatic of a situation in which the individual in charg of running the job appears as a personal representative of the issues to be dealt with.
  • This is also supported by the fact that Macron was born with the Sun position as representative aspect of his individual impulses and performances conjunct the 28°Sagittarius resonance coordinate of the City of Paris.
  • the fact that Macron was born with Saturn as indicator of factual reality, reforms, reality checks, updates of administration on the first degree of Virgo (sign of reason, optimal use of resources, strategical planning with particular focus on stabilization of budget & finances and of self-protection of the national economy) nearly exactly opposite the 27°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Paris explains his approach to politics as an opponent of populism.

Raymond Poincaré at Élysée-Palace:

Raymond Poincaré Birth Chart
Raymond Poincaré Birth Chart calculated for 20 Aug 1860 at 17:00 in Bar-le-Duc with an AA Rodden Rating.

Maximilien Robespierre at Élysée-Palace: Houses 12 & 2 

Even though Robespierre did nor reside at Élysée-Palace I thought that his astrological aspects in relation to the site could provide an interesting example for comparison of the resonance between a leader in the French revolution and the personnel in office during the time of stabilization of the French Republic since 1873.

Maximilien Robespierre`s birth chart calculated for 6 May 1758 at 02:00 in Arras, France. The birth time has an AA Rodden Rating. 
  • The sign combination of resonance coordinates of Élysée-Palace in Taurus with Aquarius played the dominant in role of Sun position and Ascendant in Robespierres birth chart.
  • despite of the extremely negative outcome of Robespierres contribution to the French Revolution and his role in the turn to fascism this resonance can be considered as an astrogeographical verification for the authentic resonance of Elysee Palace with central issues of this 1st European Revolution of modernity: A — the 1st foundation of a Republic, B — the abolition of the feudal system and serfdom, C — a 1st introduction of modern democratic standards.
  • The conjunction of Robespierres ascending degree at 25°Aquarius with the 27°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Paris explains how Robespierre seems to have functioned as a resonator, multiplicator and protagonist of the natural issues of Paris as aplace of rebellion, self-finding, experimenting with revolution explained by this natural quality of the position of Paris in the global morphic field.
  • The destructive effects of the personality of Robespierre during battle for power between the “revolution” and the “reaction” in the “Reign of Terror” period can be investigated through the conjunction of Pluto the indicator of dogma, trauma, appeal to power and fascism at 22°Sagittarius near the 28°Sagittarius coordinate of Paris.
  • Another aspect that strongly reflects Robespieerres appeal to revolution as a personal issue can be seen in the square aspect of Uranus as significating planet of Robespierres ascendant at 26°Pisces to the 28°Sagittarius resonance coordinate of Paris.

Nicolas Sarkozy at Élysée-Palace: Houses 5 & 8

Birth Chart for Nicolas Sarkozy born on 28 January 1955 at 22:00 in Paris, France, data source
  • Nicholas Sarkozy was born with the Sun in Aquarius and ascendant in Virgo.
  • the Aquarius quality of the Élysée-Palace stimulated house 5 (house of personal royalty) in his horoscope indicating personal self-esteem, self-expression, sexuality, living up to his own desires to live and a tendency of feeling like a king at the presidential palace.
  • Taurus as a contrast related to Sarkozys 8th house indicating that the office and the presidency included an enormous pressure on his personality and political standing too.

Charles de Gaulle at Élysée-Palace: Houses 4 and 8

Charles de Gaulle birth chart. General Charles de Gaulle born with Ascendant in Libra was the President of France reigning in the Elysee Palace from 8/Jan/1959 until 28/Apr/1969
  • In his birth chart Aquarius occupied house 4 indicating the indivudal, subjective issues of emotional and professional independence and of feeling at home with his roots, nation, national inheritance and the political leadership of the nation too.
  • Exactly on the position of the astrogeographical aspect of the Elysee Palace at about 5° Aquarius Charles de Gaulle had a highly favorable and dynamic conjunction of Jupiter and Mars. This aspect stands for his military success and is symptomaticof his career as a professional soldier. This aspect especially through the positions in Aquarius the sign of self-liberation also stands for his involvement in the French resistance movement against the Nazi regime. This aspect makes De Gaulle appear like an an honest and serious patriot and natural leader of the state difficult times .
  • Taurus (similar to the case of Nicholas Sarkozy) stimulated house 8 indicating that Charles De Gaulle was under high pressure from his adversaries here and that his personality as well as his politics were strongly criticized.
  • De Gaulle was borne with Uranus at 29°Libra in a stimulating and harmonious trine aspect to the 27°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Paris explaining is contribution to the liberation of France from German Fascism.