US Presidents In astrology

Astrogeographical aspects of US Presidents at the White House

Astrogeographical aspects of US Presidents at the White House. Astrology, History & Places: astrological analysis of their individual aspects

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Astrogeographical constellations of US Presidents at the White House

For a deeper study of the subject please read my two articles on the astrogeographical position of the White House in Libra and Gemini for an understanding of the astrological quality of its construction site in relation to the pattern/structure of the landscape in Washington (for FL3) and Washington and the transits for the capital of the USA for the worldwide relevance of the astrogeographical position of the US government (for FL1).

The astrogeographical positions of the White House

Astrology and Astrogeography of the White House & presidential elections
White House north facade located in Gemini with Libra (fl3 – surrounding area)
photo: Cezary p, ccbasy4.0

Astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the White House for morphogenetical field level 3 which describes how the central government area is embedded in the City of Washington DC: the White House has one coordinate on the last two degrees (29°-30°) of air sign Libra. The second coordinate stretches between 19° and 23° of air sign Gemini. This describes the atmosphere of the building itself and explains how the construction site is embedded in the landscape and City of Washington.

In how far does the astrogeographical position of Washington at 27°Leo define the role of the Presidency in US society and constitution

The Capitol building is the seat of the two chambers of the US parliament in Washington. For morphogenetic field level 4 (exact position) the building itself stretches between Aquarius (north half with the Senate) and Pisces (south half with the House of Representatives). The longitude coordinate is located in emotional water sign Cancer. For field level 3 (Surrounding area the whole of the building is located in the combination of Leo with Scorpio. ph: Christoph Radtke, GFDL

Astrogeographical position of Washington for morphogenetic field level 1 (international, global resonance) which describes the supraregional, global topics of resonance of the US capital, government and center of the national morphic field aka the US American nation: the astrogeographical longitude coordinate of the US capital Washington is located at 6° Cancer and it`s latitude coordinate at 27° Leo. These astrogeographical resonance coordinates provide a highly relevant definition of the global role and situation of the governments of the USA .

In astrology 27°Leo is part of the so-called royal degrees (27°-29°Leo) in Leo. It stands for self-centered kings.  monarchy,  absolutism and the personal right of the king to see himself and his personal desires as the center of his own universe. There are other degrees of royalty – like 0° Capricorn which stands for the right of rulership. But this position in Leo is known for a particular quality of resonating with the topics of emotional self-esteem and the right to center around personal emotions. Leo is the sign of french culture. In regard to political ideals it is to be related to the ideal of a super-centralist state (French system), absolutist monarchy and the ideal of the Sun King (Louis XIV).

The fact that an area with one astrogeographical coordinate in that position was made the capital of the USA is a clear hint that the ideal of a strong role of the president  was a major idea and aim in the american constitution and during the establishment of the federal capital at Washington. This contradiction between the liberty and equality ideal of the US constitution and the ideal of a king-like President has to be understood as a central ambiguity in the political system of the USA. It is surely reflected in the pseudo-democratic way elections of the US presidents are held every 4 years: Presidents are not elected by the majority of voters but by the majority of seats. The presidential elections are not decided by popular vote but by a baroque majority voting system – which regularly outruns the popular vote. The first and  most important factor that seems to decide the US presidential elections is the competition of the lobbyists behind the candidates who are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in candidates in order to buy their support when in office. Read the NY Times article: The Families Funding the 2016 Presidential Election.

A short Introduction to the astrogeographical interpretation of the relationship of individuals with places

My Astrological World Map is based on the measurement of morphogenetical surface fields. The holographic structure within the subdivisions of the measured fields allows conclusions about the relationship of any single place worldwide to the field structure system on various levels of meaning. Astrological conclusions about the position of the White House in the global resonance field can be useful for a number of purposes. First one is the evaluation of the local energetical situation of a place. Second are the effects of the “time quality” at places judged by the transits of the planets and other methods in relation to a place. Third is the relationship of individual`s (birth charts) to places. My astrogeographical method proposes to understand that the transference of information and emotions through the morphogenetical field is the natural basis of interaction of living beings in the whole cosmos. That means love, stress, hate, fear, meditation, relief and other types of information like news or inventions can naturally be perceived through that “connectedness”. This refers also to the information we receive from the stars and planets. Just as the position of a zodiac sign or planet can be measured on the sky equator it can also be measured on the earth equator and in the surface field of our planet.

The intensity of our reaction onto the stimulation we receive from places remains mostly unconscious. Although I have been publishing studies about this topic for 25 years there has been hardly any serious intellectual resonance and nearly no recognition from astrologers for my scientific research and inventions. And I must say to some extent the 6 planets in Aquarius in my birth chart and 2 more in Capricorn are actually even enjoying that too. But what`s more important here is that the neglection of the question of the qualities of the places themselves in astrology is only symptomatic of the enormous effects that places have on our unconscious. And please notice that Astrocartography – the projection of birth charts onto places does not deal with the quality of places themselves but only with movements of individuals as reflected through relocated birth charts.

How and why do places stimulate our nervous system? We simply don`t know much about that. But with an attitude of understanding that we don`t know we may best be able to take a more holistic, deeper look on the enormous potential of the interaction between 12 houses of our nervous system and the 12 houses of the nervous system of the landscape.  For an introduction into the topic of this definition of the term “nervous system” I`m recommending a look into Timothy Leary`s “Exo Psychology.

I am proposing to consider that the quality of the energetical resonance and effect of the land on our systems changes every 30 meters so that after taking a walk for 360 m all the 12 houses of our nervous system have been stimulated. That`s how our nervous system (Chakra system) benefits from taking a walk.

Places stimulate the 12 organs of our nervous system and the accumulated karmic issues that cause us to relate to a habitual personality we have developed and trained in past lives and still feel as the fittest for our survival until today. But circumstances and demands have changed and our “true and higher self” concentrates on further development and learning whereas our unconscious strategies for survival as shown in our birth charts attempt to avoid any change of strategy. This is how our personality is embedded in the morphogenetic surface field of our planet that connects us with our full potential whereas as human individuals we try to escape any new experience that is uncommon to our habitual patterns.

This is the personal level of confrontation with our own true self and the blocks of development we have installed in our personality from this point of view. The astrogeographical research can so help us understand which aspect of our potential we choose to confront and concentrate on at the places where we live, love, work, travel  and party.

How to evaluate the individual situation of a president at his office in the White House using field level 3 of my holistic astrogeographical method 

I`m presenting you the astrogeographical data for all the US presidents and examples for the interpretation with my method.

For morphogenetic field level 3 the White House has one coordinate on the last two degrees of air sign Libra. The second coordinate stretches between 19 and 23° of air sign Gemini. This describes the atmosphere of the building itself and explains how the construction site is embedded in the landscape and City of Washington.

Please read my articles about the astrogeographical position of the White House in Libra and Gemini for a deeper understanding of the astrological quality of its construction site in relation to the pattern/structure of the landscape in Washington for morphogentical field level 3 and the article Washington and the transits for the capital of the USA for the worldwide relevance of transits in relation to the US government for morphogenetical field level 1.

The following list gives you an overview of the individual constellations of the 45 US presidents at the White House. Because reliable exact birth time data is available in very few cases I used the Sun position chart with an equal house system  (30°houses) for evaluation in 32 cases and the true ascendant chart with Placidus house system for the 12 cases in which the Rodden Rating is A or AA.

US Presidents In astrology
US Presidents In astrology and astrogeography: List of US Presidents and their astrogeographical aspects at the White House
Statistical analysis
The statistical analysis reveals that the positions in houses 11 and 5 are the least frequent constellation of the presidents in relation to the White House

Please take your time for a deeper analysis of the overview about the astrogeographical position of the Presidents at the White House. There is a lot of insight it can provide. Here are some facts:

1st place with 12 points:  House 8 – the house of defense, hierarchy, dogma, fighting, mistrust and foreign property and territory is the most frequent astrogeographical aspect and although rather inauspicious for living, relationships or finding a job seems to be the most supportive aspect for the hard job of competing for the US presidency. What to conclude from this? Presidents have to be prepared to face an atmosphere of hostility where can may be watched, spied, attacked and even be killed at any moment. They are forced to do anything to live up to that artificial image created for them a.s.o..  The aspect could also be an indication for the particularly weak status of a president in relation to parliament, lobbyists and other factors.

2nd place with 10 points:    House 1 – the cult of personality in the age of television:  The house of one`s own personality and ego only started to play a really important role after WW2.  This can be an indication that the personality of the presidents has become far more important than the political issues that these winning competitors for the presidency stood for: the cult of personality in the age of television. The House 1 constellation means that the president is focused on his self-image and the representation of office and not on the actual political issues themselves. It proposes a relatively strong standing or at least pretending to have it or as in the case of Eisenhower and J.F.K. that the personality of the President plays the major role in the electoral campaign.

3rd place with 9 points: House 9 – the house of thinking, heading for success, luxury and a mental and less personally emotional approach appears to have become a major qualifying aspect since World War 2. Plus that it even seems to support a performance that qualifies for being elected for a second term. As the house of travel the constellation supports flexibility.

Shared 4th place with 8 points:   House 2 – the reformation of economy and defense of territory:  The house of economy, stability and the country`s own territory supported Franklin D. Roosevelt who stayed longest in office and did the most remarkable job in building up  America`s economy. House 2 supports being grounded and rooted in the White House and to have a strong standing here. Of all political issues it should promote economical growth and both defense as well as gain of territory

Shared 4th place with 8 points:  House 3 – the house of roads, infrastructure, learning and communication only showed up once during the 20th century – and that was during the disastrous   presidency of Herbert Hoover one of the major responsible politicians for the Great Depression. House 3 seems to rather mark the era of the Presidents during the early phase of the history of the USA.

Shared 4th place with 8 points: House 6 – the house of self-protection and readiness for hard work is a natural support for handling one`s work with care, cautious spending, lastingness and long-term strategical planning.  It should so be the top ranking constellation as it stands for a personality who is ready to do the service.  This comparatively serious mentality seems to be out of time for competing in presidential elections since World War 1. Gerald Ford the last one who had that was Nixon`s substitute – but not successful in his own campaign. The 6th house resonance seems not to support the credibility of the lieing and cheating of the 1st house resonance of a G. W. Bush. This definitely exposes a major weakness of the Presidential Rule: the personality of the President is too important for the really serious political issues and changes needed to protect the country from its enemies within. The role of house 6 as the House of Health Care but also the issue of protection from guns really explains that: the country is politically unable to organize an affordable health care system for the largest part of the population or protect the population from guns.

7th place with 7 points: House 10 – the house of responsibility, job, motivation and a professional approach to office is an aspect which can naturally  be expected to support one`s performance in a job to be done. F.D. Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson had it – I think that should document the support provided by house 10 for the readiness to do bring about changes and do the things that have to be done. Richard Nixon was a another war President who had that constellation. He was kicked out of office the moment Saturn reached house 10 in his birth chart.

Shared 8th place with 6 points:  House 4 – the house of the local morphogenetical field or in other words the house of the US american people and their land marked  the initial presidency in the person of George Washington supporting the birth moment of the USA creating an emotional rootedness and identification with the young country.

Shared 8th place with 6 points: House 7 – the house of openness and service orientation appears to be completely out of time in the 20th century. James Garfield the last president who had it was assassinated after 5 months in office in 1881. Although a highly positive aspect for the performance on stage and personal fame it appears to be a problematic for coping with the hostile atmosphere inside the Presidential Office, the threats to the President´s life and the enormous pressure exerted on him in the battle of lobbyists.

Shared 8th place with 6 points: House 12 –  the house of hiding and going beyond one`s own sphere supports  not taking things personal. This aspect is not as rare as I would have expected it to be. It indicates a particularly weak personal standing at the Presidential Office. Speculations weither this could be a constellation indicating  a more severe corruption than usual should be taken serious.

Shared last place with 4 points only: House  11 – the house of self-finding, escaping. idealism and leaving the past behind was to be expected as one of the least frequent aspects for a president. House 11 supports the strife for personal freedom and although highly positive for steps ahead on a personal level does not appear as a momentum that supports stability nor motivation to endure the unpleasant bits of the job.

Shared last place with only 4 points: House 5 – the house of one`s own kingdom is a very positive aspect for a private property for living, family life, having children but appears to be difficult or not useful for the approach of a US president to his job in office. The William Harrison`s 1 month presidency and Abraham Lincoln are tragic example here.

Franklin D. Roosevelt and the  combination of House 2 and 10 as the constellation of stability and best possible performance

Birth Chart for Franklin D. Roosevelt born on 30 January 1882, 20:45, Hyde Park (Dutchess County), New York
Birth Chart for Franklin D. Roosevelt born on 30 January 1882, 20:45, Hyde Park (Dutchess County), New York

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the most successful president in the history of the USA. This and the fact that he was elected 4 times means that we have to consider his Virgo ascendant and the resulting combination of houses 2 and 10 at the White House as the archetype of the most auspicious astrogeographical resonance for any presidency.

Another extremely favorable position that points out the strong international influence and strengthening effect of Roosevelt`s presidency for the international standing of the United States is the exact conjunction of his Moon position at 6° Cancer with the astrogeographical position of Washington on that same degree.

Abraham Lincoln & Barrack Obama: Aquarius the 3rd air sign at the White House and the topic of liberation from slavery

For this comparison I use the birth chart for Abraham Lincoln with the 6:54 birth time as presented in the Rodden archive with a B rating.

Birth Chart for Abraham Lincoln calculated for 12 Feb 1809, 6:54, Hodgenville, Kentucky
Birth Chart for Abraham Lincoln calculated for 12 Feb 1809, 6:54, Hodgenville, Kentucky – The positions of the White House stimulate house 4 (Gemini) and house 8 (Libra) in his birth chart. Source data

The idea is obvious that the presidency of Barrack Obama should be considered in a close relation with Abraham Lincoln`s.  First of all this is because Abraham Lincoln was the president who managed to terminate with the horrifying spiral of increasing slavery in the southern states while Barrack Obama was the first black president in the history of the USA.

Evolution of the enslaved population of the United States as a percentage of the population of each state, based on official US Census figures. States are listed by 1860 slavery rate (in descending order image: MHz`as, ccbysa3.0
Evolution of the enslaved population of the United States as a percentage of the population of each state, based on official US Census figures. States are listed by 1860 slavery rate (in descending order image: MHz`as, ccbysa3.0

And secondly Abraham Lincoln and Barrack Obama were both born with the astrogeographical significator in Aquarius. And of all zodiac signs it is Aquarius which represents the first and ultimate astrological resonator for the topic of emancipation and liberation from slavery.

Birth Chart for Barack Obama calculated for 4 August 1961 at 19:25 at Honolulu, Hawaii
Birth Chart for Barack Obama calculated for 4 August 1961 at 19:25 at Honolulu, Hawaii. The positions of the White house stimulate house 4 (Gemini) and house 8 (Libra) in his birth chart.

This also means that the personal astrogeographical constellations of Obama and Lincoln at the White House share a fundamental parallel: the site of the White House stimulated the same houses in their astrogeographical charts.

Gemini stands for the 4th house from the Sun in Abraham Lincoln´s birth chart showing that the site of the White House has the quality of supporting to feel at home with one`s own personal identity, needs and emotional roots. This means also that Lincoln`s role at the White House was one of a person who felt grounded in the inheritance of the ideals of personal liberty, neutrality of the State, equality of social opportunities and the belief in progress achieved through human intelligence and expansion of technology as reflected by the position of the presidential office in Gemini.  In Barack Obamas´s birth chart the position of the White House in house 4 indicating the same but for the whole of his personality.

In regard of the implication of Gemini here I want to recommend to take into consideration that Gemini represents the astrological principle to best describe US-american culture and the “US American Dream”. This does not mean that the land itself falls under Gemini but like in the case of French culture being comparable to Leo, British to Cancer, Italian to Pisces, Chinese to Libra and German to Aries I find it useful to use this analogy for the special features of US-american culture. Taking this into account the conclusion can be drawn that a particular quality of the presidencies of Lincoln and Obama is their being emotionally rooted (house 4) in the topics related to the American Dream so intensely reflected at the site of the White House.

Individuals having Gemini in their 10th house (house of duties) for example, the conclusion would have to be drawn, that the American Dream (Gemini) would not be a home (house 4) or pleasure (house 5) a personal profit (house 2), a confrontation with problems caused by beliefs, dogma and hierarchies in society (house 8) nor an obligation and duty (house 10) or  a field of self-finding (house 11) to them.

Libra occupied the 8th house in Lincoln`s as well as Obama`s birth charts indicating a presidency under extensive fire and offenses from rivals and opponents. Together with the aspect of the 4th house it stands for a particularly defensive situation with high personal pressure on the president himself and no space for independent decisions and strategies. We know that any US President is under heavy pressure in office – but with the position in house 8 the confrontation with that pressure itself is the topic.  In the case of Abraham Lincoln that pressure even led to him being killed while in office. In the case of the Obama presidency the extreme pressure caused through the disastrous management of the presidential office during the G.W. Bush presidency and his extremely weak standing in the Congress.

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: the 2016 presidential elections

The US Presidential Elections 2016 will be started at 6:00 a.m. EST with the opening of the polling stations in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and other states.

Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump astrogeographical constellations at the White House
Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump astrogeographical constellations at the White House

The Elections will be held in a year when Jupiter moves through Libra approaching the exact position of the White House at 29° Libra – which Jupiter will reach not before the first week of October 2017.

US Presdiential Elections 2016 opening of polling stations at 6:00 in several states on 8 Noc 2016, 6:00 a.m. EST calculated for Washington, DC.
US Presdiential Elections 2016 opening of polling stations at 6:00 in several states on 8 Nov 2016, 6:00 a.m. EST calculated for Washington, DC.  –  data source

The 2 strongest candidates will be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Because Clinton`s exact birth time is  still intensely disputed among astrologers I decided to present both interpretations: one for the birth charts with birth time ascendant calculated for 2:18 a.m. with Placidus house system and the other for the sunrise position ascendant (with the sun conjunct the ascending degree) and equal house system.

Hillary Clinton

Unlike in Donald Trump`s chart the  astrogeographical positions of Washington are not occupied by planets in Hillary Clinton`s birth chart.

Hillary Clinton birth charts: Chart on the left calculated for 2:18 Virgo ascendant (left) and for Sunrise ascendant (right)
Hillary Clinton birth charts: calculated for 2:18 with 15° Virgo ascendant (left) and for Sunrise ascendant (right)

In the case of Hillary Clinton any astrogeographical comparison with the constellations of other presidents should take into consideration that she will be the first woman serving as US president. This alone might make a big difference in regard to the way her astrological constellations are to be judged.  My personal opinion is that the 2:18 birth time as stated by Marc Penfield is absolutely plausible. For that birth time the positions of the White House stimulate houses 2 and 10 in her birth chart triggering the classical F.D. Roosevelt constellation. If Hillary`s Virgo ascendant is correct her presidency has a lot of potential for bringing solutions for some of the major problems in the USA.

In Clinton`s sunrise chart the astrogeographical positions of the White House will trigger the houses 12 and 8 pointing at an extremely defensive approach to her job and a really weak personal position at the presidential office as the eight house – an aspect of depending on others is joined by the situation of standing in the shadow (house 12). On the other hand a weak President could provide a good basis for realistic political decisions. On a more symbolic background a president with that constellation could be seen as an expression of the deep identity crisis that the country is currently going through as a consequence of the excessively destructive and corrupt policy of the G.W. Bush era  and the revival of racism by the Donald Trump campaign for the presidency.

Donald Trump

I`ve been predicting Hillary winning the election since the Paris Terrorist Attacks in November 2015 on the basis of the exorcising transit of Saturn over 15°Sagittarius the position of the Moon-Pluto conjunction in the G. W. Bush inauguration chart on 8 November 2016.  At least that is my hope!!!! I believe the G.W.B. presidency was the final death blow to the combination of the presidential system and majority vote in the USA.

Mercury at 8°Caner in Trump`s birth chart falls near the astrogeographic position of Washington at 6°Cancer. This aspect may stand for the publicity and success he has gained through his twitter strategy and the tactics of lying and neutralizing information through creating a fake reality that allows no conclusion about the stability of material manifestations.

According to the data presented in the Rodden archives with an AA ranking Trump was born with his ascending degree at 29° Leo. I have no doubt that this data is correct and needs nor further rectification.

This means that Trump`s ascending degree is exactly conjunct the astrogeographical position of Washington at 27°Leo and a degree of the highest importance in the coming “Great American Solar Eclipse” on 21 August 2017. Compare my article here.

Trump´s personal constellation at the City of Washington and as a President of the USA is therefore to be understood as related to the attempt to concentrate on the role of a king and leader and make use of the projection of what is officially built up as the image of his personality.

But the coordinates of the astrogeographic positions of the White House in relation to his birth chart speak a different language. The support of house 3 and 10 in his birth chart – a combination which leaves little space for him to not be or feel rejected by such kind of behavior and marketing strategy based on the appeal to be treated as a personal representative of the royalty aspect of Washington.

Donald Trump`s birth charts: calculated for exact birth time ascendant at 29° Leo (left) and for Sunrise ascendant (right)

Georg W. Bush – the worst case scenario

Astrological Chart for the Inauguration of George W. Bush calculated for 20 January 2001, 12:02, Washington D.C. with Pluto at 15° conjunct the Moon at 19° Sagittarius

Astrological Chart for the Inauguration of George W. Bush calculated for 20 January 2001, 12:02, Washington D.C. with Pluto at 15° conjunct the Moon at 19° Sagittarius

The Bush administration has given the rest to the electoral system and destroyed anything that would justify to continue that. The system has failed. To me it seems that the appearance of Trump is simply the symptom that what`s left of the spirit of the “American Dream” within the electoral system is the domination of liars, manipulators and lobbyists. Unless the majority vote, the presidential rule (and of course arms possession acts) are reformed this cannot be cleared.

Donald Trump?s birth charts: calculated for ascendant at 29° Leo (left) and for Sunrise ascendant (right)
Donald Trump?s birth charts: calculated for ascendant at 29° Leo (left) and for Sunrise ascendant (right)

In Trump´s natal chart with 29° Leo ascendant the positions of the White House trigger the houses 3 and 10 of his birth chart. House 3 is an indication of a practical approach to the job in the White House and the readiness to learn, built new infrastructure and rely on the expansion of economy at any costs (justice, sustainability, social issues). No President has been successful with the 3rd house aspect at the White House except in the first 50 years of the existence of the USA. Herbert Hoover the last president who had it was one of the major politically responsible politicians who caused the “Great Depression”.

The 10th house resonance stands for a strong motivation and being ready to accept limitations, necessity and considering oneself as an employee. Really striking and absolutely intense are the positions of Trumps North Node, the Sun and Uranus exactly on the 20° Gemini astrogeographical position of the Presidential Office.  The intense support deriving from this correspondence  explains why he was able to compete and be elected as the nominee of the Republican Party as a complete outsider. Astrologically it is such a strong aspect that the question arises: who could beat Trump in this electoral race except he himself?  Trump`s defeat in the presidential election 2016 is also a defeat of the inheritance of the concept of ruthless expansion of capitalism from the times of industrial revolution at he beginning of the 19th century. Those were the days of the “3rd house presidents” when political opinion was dominated by sales representatives. But even though he will not be elected as President it has to be understood that this astrogeographical resonance shows Trump as an almost archetypal personification of the American Dream  –  with all its great potential and accumulated negativity – at the construction site of the White House. This is even more so because the Sun represents the ruler of Leo and the ascendant in Trump`s birth chart. Read my comment on the Gemini Resonance of the White House.

In Donald Trump`s sunrise chart the astrogeographical position of the White House stimulates houses 1 and 5 indicating an approach to the office which sees him in the role of a king and one who rules or at least intends to rule through his own personality and according to his subjective desires and needs. This approach to the Presidential Office is surely reflected in the egomaniac presentation of his personality as a savior during the electoral campaign.