The astrogeographical position of London

The astrogeographical position of London, the national charts for Great Britain and an outlook on future planetary transits

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London Westminster ph: FiatLUX, ccbysa3.0

The supraregional resonance degrees of London

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 1 which shows the supraregional and international qualities of London: The british capital and historical center of the Commonwealth London is located at 24° of aristocratic, courtly air sign Libra and 27° of conservative, hierarchical earth sign Capricorn. Unlike the capitals of super powers like Washington and Beijing which are located in highly magnetic fire sign Leo the sign of centralism itself or Moscow (Taurus, Cancer) none of the two astrogeographical coordinates of London falls in one of the major indicators of centralism (Cancer, Leo, Taurus). This may explain why London though the qualities of the place seem to support a globalist perspective and a high importance in the overall global morphogenetic field was unable to keep the role it once had as the world´s most important capital for longer than 300 years or so. The position of London seems to lack the fixed signs. What seems to qualify London for supra-regional resonance seems to be the faculties of quality management (Capricorn) in all kinds of services (Libra).

The 2 astrogeographical coordinates of London are in an exact square -an aspect of intense tension to each other.  The tension deriving from this aspect may be in one or the other way problematic and contradictory.  But it can also serve to provide a biotope that serves as a school of confrontation, exchange and cooperation between contradictory elements in the daily routine, exercise and training of survival!!!

The Capricorn aspect of the British capital - what could be more symptomatic of Capricorn than deliberatley deciding for living in the past. The House of Commons looks the same today as it has author: UK parliament, see license
The Capricorn aspect of the British capital: what could be more symptomatic of Capricorn than the atmosphere in the House of Commons?  author: UK parliament, see license

Capricorn the most important astrological indicator for the effectivity and stability of government institutions, administration, laws and regulations stands for the capital status of London. Capricorn`s tendency to seek orientation through creating and following hierarchical structures explains London`s point of view as led by a reflex for concentrating on the conservation and effective use of traditional hierarchies. Capricorn has a defensive approach. It supports building fortresses, limitations and exclusive situations and tends to focus on competence and authority. Another well known reflex of Capricorn is the attempt to create a climate of exclusiveness.  And Capricorn is not only the reflex of traditionalism it is the sign of history itself. In the case of London this explains why the parliament is still treated as an institution which primarily serves the king`s rule and not the people in the first place. From my astrological experience and point of view Cancer the opposite sign of Capricorn represents the actual sign of the Celtic roots of English countryside culture and inheritance. But Cancer represents a concentration on inner values and the emotional basis and essence of things. And that is the potential of Cancer which makes it the sign of authenticity of modern culture and individual judgement in general. Therefore Cancer is the actual sign of modernity as the process of updating form in relation to the needs of personal development. Through its astrogeographic position in Capricorn London represents the opposite to the roots of the English tradition. Capricorn focuses on the tradition and its outward formal inheritance instead.  Institutions like the House of Lords or the royal family thing are clear expressions of such a tendency for formalistic traditionalism. When form is not allowed to develop the resonance between form (Capricorn) and content (Cancer) is such that the content tends to be suppressed by the limitations through form. The story of the puppet Pinocchio with the wooden nose is illustrative of this topic.  Such a polarity between a capital city and the culture of the country is also typical for the french capital Paris which is located in Aquarius the opposite sign of Leo (sign of french culture).

I want to mention the particular relationship of the last degrees in Capricorn for the international affairs and the world government as reflected by Dane Rudhyar`s interpretation of the Sabian Symbol for 30°Capricorn as A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs. This reflects the relevance of the astrogeographical position at 27° Capricorn in relation to the role of London as the first global capital in the history of our planet. And it points at the important role of the “City of London” area as the seat of a world government of the globalization of capitalist rule over the world economy.

Libra stands for the higher ideals of culture. One of its “natural” habitats are royal courts as the places where the highest culture of a nation concentrates. But Libra  is not focused on a particular king and on kingdom in general like the centralistic signs especially royal sign Leo the sign of kingdom or earth sign Taurus the sign of control over territories. This might even suggest that altogether London is not the site of a hyper-centralistic government in the first place like is the case with the capitals of the three superpowers or in the capital of Leo culture (french culture) Paris the original home of absolutism. Although astrogeographically Paris itself is not located in Leo the  tendency for centralism (presidential rule) in the french capital derives from Leo as the main astrological indicator for french culture. For Libra the aristocratic culture itself is of higher value than the king himself. The scales are used for calculating the harmony, equality and perfect balance between opposing aspects. The ideal of Noblesse Oblige in Libra refers to the ideal of a balance between the ruler and the ruled. And even more than that: Libra implies also the reflex for service-orientation and finding out how to be useful for others. This “selfless” aspect of Libra has even led me to the conclusion that Libra represents not only the sign of angels but points at the angels themselves. But of course “selflessness” as a reflex among humans has plain materialistic roots like any other of the 12 astrologically definable basics. Libra intends to survive by trying to please others. It is the central indicator for prostitution and for using attractiveness for profits and the purpose of being personally successful. At the roots of things the selflessness in Libra is simply an attempt to be successful and dominant just like through beauty and elegance.

Uranus` transit in a square & opposition to London between May 2016 and March 2019

The next planetary transit in a tight aspect to the astrogeographical coordinates of London will be the square as well as opposition positions of Uranus moving between 23° Aries and 0° Taurus between May 2016 and March 2019.  I have described why this transit implies the probability of the British exit from the European Union since my first blog about the topic in May 2015.  But of course the full impact of the Uranus transit here in regard to its fuller potentials  would be more than that:  a reorientation, self-finding and liberation process from dependencies on all sides. As far as Uranus is concerned a radical (from radix, radices) change literally means retracing the situation to its roots. But of course the roots of the british dependence from world politics lies not only in its relation to Europe. Or let`s say it has more than one single root. For understanding the holistic impact of a Uranus transit it is necessary to recapitulate all the factors that cause dependence. This is because Uranus and Aquarius seek abstraction. Therefore the vote against a the closer relationship with the EU is not more than a simple decision for a first practicable step in the direction of self-liberation. But of course there are other even though financially less attractive that are politically more powerful than the EU.

Astrological chart for the Brexit Referendum calculated for 23 June 2016 at 7:00 in London. Uranus at 23°58`Aries was exactly opposite the 24°Libra astrogeographical coordinate of London

It has to be taken into consideration that the country can leave the EU and still be able to make good contracts with Europe. But it won`t be able to get out of the dependence from its even more powerful ally the USA in a similar way. Therefore it only appears as logical that the country would seek to live this Uranus transit by concentrating on liberation from the weaker partner although through this step naturally fulfilling the strategical aims of the stronger – more centralistically organized business allies (including China & Russia). Furthermore it should be noted that the Brexit topic comes at the moment of european negotiations with the USA on a common market system. The british decision at this moment in time during a “battle of negotiations” directly weakens the european position strengthening the american. This aspect of the decision not only questions the EU as a whole but without doubt it actually is a strong attack on its stability let alone the fact that it may cost Britain and Europe hundreds of billions of euros. This insolidarity with the local european business partners effectively does of course also represent an insolidarity with their people.

But during a Uranus transits such deeper analyses can`t be expected to be decisive for the voters who make their decision mainly following the emotional projections suggested by the electoral campaigns. That is the basic problem of any democracy. at all times. As far as the UK is concerned there exists an influential system of severe manipulation through the dominance of Rupert Murdoch`s New York Stock Exchange propaganda machine. Practically speaking: what really matters in the first place for the voters here under such an intense Uranus transit is that taking a decision and seeking a confrontation can bring long-term reorientation and the chance for seeing and feeling new possibilities.

Compare: England’s post-imperial stress disorder by Andrew Brown

The process of the Uranus transit has only just begun. It will be effective for nearly 3 more years and in two different directions. First comes the phase and effects of Uranus opposition to Westminster`s astrogeographical coordinate at 24° Libra. The second stage will be the phase when Uranus` transit in a square to the 27° Capricorn coordinate  will be effective from April 2017. During this transit the position of the british government may be challenged intensely by Uranus` urge for reconnection with the spiritual plane. Although  elections would make sense during that period it has to be taken into account that a new government will still have to face another 2 years of an intense process of self-liberation and searching for the country`s future perspectives.  There is no stability to be expected during that period unless the decisions for emancipation and innovation are resolutely taken and put into practice. It has to be understood that the autonomy of the new government and even the british currency could get under intense pressure  from global economical players and especially from the transatlantic and other business partners. It can be assumed that the country has no other choice than deciding for the common market (TTIP) with the USA and Canada at any costs. And even the standing of the mass media manipulating industries in relation to the british government, which has traditionally been too strong anyway, will surely be further strengthened. The outcome and period of stabilization is to be expected during the Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter conjunction right on the 27° Capricorn position of London during the year 2020.

The Pluto Transit square and conjunct London between February 2019 and November 2024

The next tight transit that follows will be Pluto moving between 23° Capricorn and  0° Aquarius in conjunction with London`s position at 27° Capricorn and in a square with the capital`s position at 25° Libra from February 2019 until November 2024. The climax of this plutonic process of stimulation of development through the solution of karmic and other unsolved issues is to be identified as falling in the phase of the transit of Saturn between 22° Capricorn and 0° Aquarius between January and December 2020. 

The Pluto-Saturn conjunction on 12 January 2020 at 22°46` Capricorn will not take place exactly on the degrees of the exact square (24°Capricorn) and conjunct (27°Capricorn) the astrogeographical positions of London but very near. For the situation in the british capital this constellation indicates a deep transformation (Pluto) and a consolidation (Saturn in his own sign)  in a process of restructuring and reorientation started during the Uranus transits over 24° and 27°Aries since May 2016.

Astrological Chart for the Saturn- Pluto conjunction on 12 January 2020 calculated for 16:58 in London

And fascinating enough the Sun at 21°56` and Mercury at 23°13`Capricorn will be conjunct the two planets. The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is to be seen as highly positive and as an indication of solutions. Read my blog about this event in german language here.

Following the heavy transits of tension the upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on winter solstice day of 21 December 2020 could bring about a new era of stabilization in British politics. The conjunction will take place on the first degree of creative, innovative, fixed air sign Aquarius the sign of self-finding, self-liberation and of reconnection with the country`s fuller potentials.

Astrological chart for the Jupiter -Saturn conjunction at 0°29`Aquarius on 21.12.2020 at 18:20 calculated for London

Particularly the conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn (the constellation of the golden ratio) on 0° Aquarius (degree of the world government in the Sabian symbols) and still very close to the astrogeographical position of London at 27°Capricorn in December 2020 is to be seen as a decisive moment for installing a new foundation and concept for the future of the country`s politics in the 21st century. It has to be considered here that this conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn are an opportunity to draw the conclusions from the dominant Pluto topics of the current era. The resonance of this transit of seeking to establish solutions will not only effect London but like any other transit will be effective all over the planet.

There are of course many other places which on one or the other of the morphogenetic field levels in the holographic structural system have a direct resonance with the last degree of Capricorn. But as the former world capital and currently one among the Top 5 the world capitals of globalization London has the potential of having a by far more supraregional resonance than other places particularly in world politics. Astrogeographically London because of its last degrees Capricorn astrogeographical resonance is a definite candidate for the site of a capital for the united republic of earth. Today that may seem far away because of the unfolding of neofascism and hate in the country during the brexit campaign. But the current process in british politics may also be  understood as a highly necessary and important experience and self-finding  process wich could simply be necessary for the nation to “work” out a more realistic self-image from the overlays of its history and traditions. 

Problematic Transits of the outer Planets in the history of London

Among the long list of such events the Great London Fire of 2 Sep 1666 with Neptune Square, the Grenfell Tower Fire of 14 June 2017 with Uranus square and the Great London Smog of 5 Dec 1952 with Saturn and Neptune conjunct London are important historical examples.

Neptune in opposition to London at the beginning of WWI

Neptune opposite London: The British declaration of WWI was the start to one of the most traumatic and destructive periods in British and European history

The opposition transit of Neptune at 28°Cancer in exact opposition to the 27°Capricorn coordinate of London at the beginning of WWI was the start of one of the most traumatic and destructive periods in British and European history. Neptune brought the german attacks with mustard gas and with Neptune as the indicator for poison and chemical weapons, the trench war with Neptune as the indicator for paralysis, a european-wide depression with Neptune as its indicator, esp. german/austrian depression with Neptune as the indicator for the enemy due to his opposition to London and finally the beginning of the loss of the British Empire with Neptune as the indicator of dissolution.

The question of the National Chart

Apparently the old chart of  the Union of “Britain” with Ireland or should we say “Full English Possession of Ireland” is “traditionally” used by english astrologers as the birth chart of Great Britain. That chart is calculated for the start of the administrational year 1801. The weakness of such administrational new year charts is that they all have between 5° and 10° Libra ascendant with the Sun at 10° Capricorn conjunct the Immum Coeli whether calculated for Albania, Mozambique or any other country. They are mere validity charts lacking  the intense individuality of event charts. Therefore they can be valuable to some extent for understanding administrative processes but when used as national charts interpreters tend to confuse these with the deeper spiritual and emotional roots and inheritance.

The logic of the choice of the 1801 new year chart implies that the birth moment of modern Great Britain came through the territorial possession of Ireland. Apart from ignoring the right of Ireland for a national identity of its own (compare: Jonathan Swift in 1729) such a logic ignores the roots of England´s own inheritance, interior achievements and the energetical and spiritual aspects of the homeland. By using such a chart as National Chart the inner roots and fourth house is replaced by defining the country`s identity through outwardly success and the country`s status in relation to other countries,  The problem here is that at this point the Colonial Empire overwrites the roots and topics of the national identity, history and integrity. Great Britain was a supranational Empire – a World Empire during that era in which a globally operating financial aristocracy (globalized hyper-capitalism) in London dominated the 6 inhabitable continents of our planet. To me this explains why it was possible that in the 21st century that Uranus transit could be exploited to trigger the quest for the national identity through such a confused, indoctrinated and primitively neo-fascist argumentation like it was done during the Brexit campaign.

England Full possession of Ireland calculated for 1 January 1801, 0:00
Astrological chart for England`s Full Possession of Ireland calculated for January, 1 1801 at 0:00 in London

I can`t see that it makes sense to use the chart for the “Union” of Britain with Ireland usually calculated for 1 January 1801 as a birth chart for Modern Great Britain since by now – 207 years later Ireland has been independent for nearly a century. Using that old chart for interpretations of the “Golden Age of the British Empire” and its remains still may be convincing. But the development after World War I brought a new phase in history through the independence of the larger part of Ireland and the beginning process of the loss of British control over the colonies. It appears to be symptomatic of the problem of the British national identity that British astrologers apparently still use that chart although the British occupation of Ireland is history. That may be explainable to some extent through the fact that England still has to hold on to Northern Ireland which until today is dominated by British settlers which complain that they can`t be “left alone” with the Irish catholic population.  

Relying on the chart of the colonial superpower status as something that doesn´t exist anymore feeds the pressure from the profile neurosis of the British superiority complex. This is a situation that strongly isolates Britain from the rest of the world while British pseudo-nationalism still continues to play on the emotions from the era of British East India Company and the quest for new colonies.

This problem clearly marked the process England (not Scotland and Northern Ireland) had to go through under the Uranus square transit during the Brexit referendum at the point where the question of national identity arose. “Making Britain great again” willingly or not – referred to the 1801 status. And all the un-felt, neglected and un-reflected issues behind that were topics like the fact that England alone is still identified as the homeland of Britain, that England is ruling Wales, Scotland and the Commonwealth and still worth being identified as the colonialist superpower. And Britain is still identified as the heart of the anglophile empire is still the motherland of the USA and so on. Apparently the referendum had to come at the moment of the mirror-point conjunction of Saturn in Sagittarius the sign of expansion with Pluto in Capricorn the sign of realistic limitation in 2016. It may be that there was no other realistic way of confronting the fact that despite their nuclear weapons at the bottom of its national identity England has got to be just another small country where people have the right to decide for their own thing, plant their plants and live their lives. And this would have been the healthy root of the question where the “reclaiming sovereignty” discussion should have started. The rest simply stirred the typically British national frustration overwriting the positive independent self image.

How can the 1801 chart for the full possession of Ireland be the National Chart of the modern Britain??? That chart only reveals the Plutonic overly that covers the deeper view on the question of the national identity. That saw England above their colonies, Wales, Scotland and the Commonwealth Nations. Astrologically going down – as a Neptune simile is nothing bad! What went down with the colonies wasn`t Venus anyway – it was foreign territories hence Pluto. Therefore – the Saturn-Pluto conjunction over London in 2020 simply indicates the end of the profile neurosis from the Empire status. Nothing bad about that – 100 years after the independence of Ireland – an emancipation from the colonies and being forced to take on citizens from the former colonies a.s.o..” (from a comment I wrote in the mundane astrologers facebook group in June 2017)

The National Chart for the Loss of the Colonies

Next is the chart for the British “emancipation” from Ireland with the data as mentioned in Nicholas Campion`s “Book of World Horoscopes“.  He calls it a chart for the  moment of a restructuring of Britain through the independence of Ireland. Although this may not be seen as a fully ranked birth chart either it provides details about the restructuring process that the country went through during the 20th century through the loss of its colonies and status as the world`s leading super power.

The strongest astrological constellation in this chart was was the highly dynamical, auspicious and stimulative grand trine of Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter in the water signs revealing emotional self-reliance and completeness as the main issues of this step in British history. This trine can be understood as a hint at the ability of the UK to keep up a highly positive long-term relationship and cooperation with a number of former British colonies.

Biurth Chart of modern Great Britain - Irish independence, calculated for 7 December 1922, 15:28, London
Birth Chart of modern Great Britain – Irish independence, calculated for 7 December 1922, 15:28, London

Neptune in house 4 explains the unfelt and suppressed insecurity about the emancipation of Britain from it`s colonial empire which was felt as a great loss. Neptune in house 4 the house of emotional identity stands for the fear of drowning. Neptune´s position in royal fire sign Leo the sign of royal self-esteem indicates the issue of an unfulfilled (Neptune) urge (Leo in house 4) for a dominant personality and leadership. And in the case of an island where the fear of drowning is a special matter anyway Neptune is of highest importance through its rulership over the oceans.

Like in the case of the 1801 horoscope the position of the Moon  in the 1922 chart fell in Cancer the indicator of the Celtic roots of English culture and the English homelands. Apart from that inheritance Cancer as the sign of islands and coastlines is a strong indicator for the geographical situation on the British isles. And finally I personally feel that Cancer as an indicator for English culture also reflects the particularly homely and nice atmosphere of the British countryside village life which I want to recommend considering as the more realistic roots of that national identity.

The Moon at 24° Cancer in the Irish Independence Chart was in a tight square to the astrogeographic position of the British government at 25° Libra explaining the pressure under which the British government stood through the shrinking process of the empire though one that reconnected the country with its ancestral roots (Moon in Cancer).

Mars shifting from Taurus to Aquarius

In the 1801 chart Mars was in Taurus the sign of conquering and possession of territory and in house 8 the house of the property of others. In the 1922 chart Mars fell in Aquarius the sign of self-finding and in house 10 the house of duties and responsibility as the conquering and endless warfare in the British colonies were coming to an end. What remained was the responsibility for the job of distributing the conquered territories among the exploited nations – a process which came to a final end not before the 1980ies. Another change in regard to the situation of British foreign policies related to Mars in Aquarius (spiritual warfare) was that the British Empire changed sides from the evil to the good – now fighting for the “good social and spiritual cause” against Nazi Germany.  An experience which at least in the memory of the anglophile as well as the European community washed away a lot of the memory about the bad karma accumulated throughout British colonial history.

The Chart for the Glorious Revolution of 1689

Nicholas Campion suggested considering the moment of the swearing in of  William of Orange-Nassau and his wife Queen Mary on the Bill of Rights and as the new King and Queen as the moment in which the foundation for the “modern” British constitution was laid. That idea is really convincing to me as that particular constitution at that particular time in history was really modern guaranteeing the stability of the British State over 300 years. And that process laid the foundation for the structure inside of the country making it a by far more realistic event to be considered in regard to the interior systemical topics of the British homeland.

The decision against a catholic royal family line and for a protestant rule helped prevent long-term instability and insecurity in the country through the conspiracies between the two confessions. The memory of the example of the disastrous 30-years war in Germany (1618-48) between Lutherans and Catholics in the first half of the 17th century must have been fresh at the time. And the influence of the catholic nations France and Spain and also of the Pope in Rome on British interior policy was important to be avoided.  Pluto`s long-term transit between 23° Cancer and 0° Leo in a square and opposition to the astrogeographical positions of Westminster (25°Libra/27°Capricorn)  explains how the pressure of pseudo-religious conspiracy and manipulation threatened the British government and kings in the last quarter of the 17th century.

Astrological Chart for the Glorious Revolution calculated for 13 February 1689, 10:00 in Westminster

The exactitude of the calculated time may be relative. But a Gemini ascendant is a logical aspect for the chart of a Bill of Rights. This is because Gemini supports the communication between opponents, personal liberty and parliamentary institutions in general.  The highly dubious Mercury-Neptune conjunction and in Pisces the mother sign of corruption shows that the whole of the declaration was organized by secrete diplomacy, hidden contracts, lies, betrayal and buying consent from all directions – just the way parliaments and politics work.

And even though the Catholics had been expelled from power since that day the Sun as the most important planet and Mercury as ruler of the ascendant were both and even together with Neptune in Pisces the classical astrological indicator for the catholic church. That brings me back to my argumentation that I have been enforcing in this blog for several years now: Pisces represents the sign of spirituality itself and not its limitations to a single dogma or god.

Jupiter in house 10 the constellation of healing effects appeared as an extremely beneficial and highly successful aspect for the new constitution. Its position in Aquarius the sign of self-finding and reconnection with the integral dimension of the country`s fuller potential stands for the aim of optimizing the overall performance of governments from a more abstract and less regional point of view. But on the other hand we should not overlook that the intensely liberalist appeal of Jupiter´s position here was in exact square to Uranus the ruler of Jupiter´s position in Aquarius. Uranus in Taurus the sign of markets and in house 12 (house of abroad) represented the concentration on conquering. possessing and exploiting other countries and on dominating world trade.

The Execution of Mary Stuart with Neptune opposite and Saturn square London

Astrology and astrogeography of London, England, Scotland, United Kingdom
Execution of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland

The attack of the Spanish Armada on England came shortly after the phase of the transit of Neptune over the square and opposition transit to the resonance coordinates of London of 1686/87 with the execution of Mary Stuart Queen of the Scots at its climax.

Astrolog and astrogeography of London, England, Scotland, United Kingdom
Astrological chart for the Execution of Mary Stuart on 8 Feb 1587 at 10 a.m. at Fotheringhay Castle, England with Neptune at 27°Cancer exactly opposite the 27°Capricorn resonance coordinate of London

The execution of the Queen of the Scots was carried out during the tightest pressure on the 27°Capricorn resonance degree of London through the exact square from Saturn at 28°Aries the sign of warfare and the simultaneous opposition from Neptune the ruling planet of Pisces the sign of the catholic church. But Neptune has more resonance topics to it: the Neptune position should also be analyzed in regard to the spiritual essence of religion. The execution thus marked a climax in the history of the battles between the national and global players representing the catholic church and those who supported the English Reformation.

The Spanish Armada attacked England during a Uranus square to Madrid

For the Spanish side the attempt to conquer England in the summer of 1588 was made during the transit of Uranus the planet of globalization over 15°in mystical, water sign Pisces in exact square to the 15°Sagittarius astrogeographical coordinate of Madrid. Uranus seems to have put tightest pressure on the Spanish capital and government. This aspect seems to describe the unexpected and bitter defeat of the Spanish Armada. The position of Uranus as the planet of globalization, self-finding and leaving ones own roots behind describes the Spanish attack as an attempt motivated by the hype of fast globalization and without a solid strategy for economical and technological growth.

Astrology and astrogeography of of London, England, Great Britain
English ships and the Spanish Armada in August 1588

For the English side the attack of the Spanish Armada on England 31 July 1588 was started with Mars the planet of warfare at 23° Cancer in exact square to the 24°Libra resonance coordinate of London but without exact transits of tension from the slow moving outer planets in relation to the english capital.

Astrology and astrogeography of of London, England, Great Britain
Astrological chart for the battle between the Spanish Armada and english ships calculated for 31 July 1588 (julian date) and as a 12.00 noon chart.

The unexpected technology of the small english ships and their superior long range cannons can be understood as the factor represented by the Uranus square position to Madrid during the battle. As the ruling planet of Aquarius the sign of the bigger and strongest winds Uranus could be interpreted as an indicator for the heavy storms that are assumed to have destroyed parts of the spanish fleet on its escape around the north coast of Scotland.

The Chart for the Magna Carta

Magna Carta Libertatum  “the Great Charter of the Liberties” is a declaration of rights signed by King John of England at Runnymede, near Windsor on 15 June 1215 (Julian date). The Magna Carta promised the protection of church rights, protection for the barons from illegal imprisonment, access to swift justice, and limitations on feudal payments to the Crown.

Astrological chart for the Magna Carta calculated for 15 June 1215 (jul.) at 12:00 noon at Runnymede
Astrological chart for the Magna Carta calculated for 15 June 1215 (jul.) at 12:00 noon at Runnymede

The fact that the Magna Carta was the result of a rebellion of 25 Barons against the King is reflected in the transit of Neptune at 21° Aries approaching the exact opposition to the government area at 24° Libra. The Neptune opposition to the government area reveals the king`s weakness.

The Moon (at 12:00 noon) located at 30° Capricorn occupied the astrogeographical position of London and also the resonating degree of the World Government (Sabian symbols).

The Chart for the Coronation of William the Conquerer

Astrological chart for the coronation of William the Conquerer on 25 Dec 1066 calculated for 12:00 in London.

The coronation of William the Conquerer saw the astrogeographical transit of Venus the planet of wealth, grounding, growing roots and of relationship on the 29th degree of Capricorn and thus conjunct the position of Westminster (27° Capricorn) and right next to the 30° Capricorn resonance of London`s role as a resonator for the topics of the World Government. This particularly stimulating harmonious transit can be evaluated as intensely supportive of the growth and stabilization of the capital, central government and economic growth in the country. At the same time the absence of problematic transits of the outer planets to the astrogeographical position of the new kingdom suggests a relative stability of the institutions created through this king.

The choice of Christmas Day for the coronation seems to have sought the style of the crowning of Charlemagne as emperor of Rome on Dec, 25 800 in order to provide religious legitimation to the new king. The same accounts for the Sun in Capricorn pointing at the topic of the installation of a state cult. Uranus the planet of globalization and revolution was at 28°Sagittarius exactly conjunct the 28°Sagittarius resonance coordinate of Paris explaining the strong ties to the sphere of influence of France.

Astrological Chart for the Battle of Hastings on 14 October (julian date) 1066 calculated for 12:00 noon at Hastings
Astrological Chart for the Battle of Hastings on 14 October (julian date) 1066 calculated for 12:00 noon at Hastings

On the day of the Battle of Hastings the Sun and Venus were conjunct near the astrogeographical position of Westminster at 24° Libra and in exact square to the second astrogeographical coordinate of 27° Capricorn. This simultaneous conjunction and square reveals the strong future position of the winning side of the Battle of Hastings at Westminster (conjunction) and the heavy threat to the ruling parties in Westminster.

The Death of Richard I with Pluto square and opposite London

Astrology and astrogeography of London
Richard I of England in profile, funerary effigy above the tomb containing his heart in Rouen Cathedral (early 13th century)
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Richard I – the Lion Heart (8 September 1157 – 6 April 1199) was King of England for only 10 years from 3 September 1189 until his death.

Midday birth planets for Richard I calculated for 8 September 1157 at Oxford, GB at 12:00 noon. Exact time of birth unknown.

King Richard I was born during a transit of Uranus the planet of globalization, self-finding, abstraction, self-liberation and reconnection with the country´s fuller potentials conjunct the 27° Capricorn resonance coordinate of London and exactly square the 24°Libra coordinate. This Uranus transit is a fascinating astrological explanation for Richard´s important role in the 3rd crusade – the third European attempt for globalization in the 2nd millenium. It is important to understand that Richard conquered the Island of Cyprus for England in 1191 as an early step in the coming era of European globalization. Uranus also stands for the kings confessed homosexual experiences, the period of relative unrest of his reign, the fact that he spend more time abroad than in England, the fact that he fought for religious idealism and also for the extreme financial losses caused through the Austrian/HRR ransom claims of 23.3 tons of silver after his capture on 21./22 December 1192 by his personal enemy Duke Leopold V. of Austria near Vienna.

Midday horoscope for the day of the death of Richard I in Châlus, France on 6 April 1199.
  • Richard died from an injury he had caught during the siege of Châlus castle in Normandy, France with Pluto the planet of trauma, pain and defense at 23° Cancer in exact square to the 24°Libra and opposite the 27°Capricorn resonance coordinate of London. This Pluto transit explains the period of the death of the Richard Lion-Heart as a time of heaviest pressure onto the territorial integrity and of cultural, political and military transformation for England.

List of Kings and Queens of England and their individual astrogeographical constellations at the palaces of Westminster, Whitehall and Buckingham

Tabelle British Royals Palaces

The Roman occupation of Britain

The Landing of Caesar in 54 BC with Neptune square to London

In the course of his Gallic Wars, Julius Caesar invaded Britain twice: in 55 and 54 BC. On the first occasion Caesar took with him only two legions, and achieved little beyond a landing on the coast of Kent. The second invasion consisted of 628 ships, five legions and 2,000 cavalry. Caesar penetrated into Middlesex and crossed the Thames, forcing the British warlord Cassivellaunus to surrender as a tributary to Rome and setting up Mandubracius of the Trinovantes as client king.

Landing of the Romans on the Coast of Kent – from Cassell’s History of England, Vol. I 

Gaius Julius Caesar´s landing and conquests in Britain were carried out during the transit of Neptune the symptomatic astrogeographical indicator for territorial destabilization over 24° in Cancer the sign of islands, beaches and coastlines in exact square to the 24° Libra resonance coordinate of the center of the national morphic field of England in London.

Astrological chart for year of Julius Caesar`s landing in Britain calculated for the summer solstice of the year 54 BC.

Despite the intense long-term challenge from the transits of Neptune Caesar did not make Britain part of the Roman Empire. But the Mercury-Neptune conjunction from the solstice chart may imply the establishment of a system of client states instead.

Between 55 BC and the 40s AD, the status quo of tribute, hostages, and client states without direct military occupation, begun by Caesar’s invasions of Britain, largely remained intact.

Roman conquest of Britain between the “Claudian Annexation” in 43 AD and 87 AD and

The Roman conquest of Britain in order to establish a province of the Roman Empire was a gradual process, beginning in AD 43 under Emperor  Claudius and being largely completed by 87 when the Stanegate was established as the northern frontier.

Campaigns in the Roman Conquest of Britain, 43 — 84
map: Notuncurious, ccbysa3.0

The Claudian campaign of 43 AD was begun shortly after the ingresses of Pluto into Capricorn and of Uranus into Libra the astrogeographical resonating signs of the center of the national morphic field of Britain.

Claudian campaign for the conquest of Britain calculated for the summer solstice of the year 43 AD.

The Boudica Uprising in the year 60 AD at the end of Pluto`s transit conjunct the 27°Capricorn resonance coordinate of London appears as a a chain of events that brought a further stabilization of the Roman rule over Britain. London itself was destroyed by Boudica´s armies of Britons.

The construction of the Stanegate around the years 80-87 AD and of Hadrian`s Wall between 122 and 128 AD as a defense against the Picts stabilized the status quo of the Roman Province of Britannia for the three century.

The construction of the Stanegate around the year 80 AD and of Hadrian`s Wall between 122 and 128 AD as a defense against the Picts stabilized the Roman Province of Britannia

The astrogeograhical transits that explain the fortification of the Roman Empire and the province of Britannia through the construction of Hadrian`s Wall in relation to the center of the National Morphic Filed of Britain were the conjunction of Saturn the indicator of stabilization and the transit of Uranus indicator for the globalization of British culture through the introduction of Roman technology, language, cultural achievements, global religions, genetical input through the soldiers, merchants and slaves from far away lands and the road systems that connected all regions of Britain with the centers of the Roman Empire.

Completion of Hadrian`s Wall. Astrological chart for the Winter Solstice for the year 128 AD

The end of the Roman occupation of Britain

For astrological evaluation of the period of the decay and end of the Roman Empire see also my articles on the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of RomeParis and Berlin (dt).

End of Roman Rule in Britain, 383–410
map: Notuncurious, ccbysa3.0

Roman rule ended in different parts of Britain at different times, and under different circumstances. In 383, the usurper Magnus Maximus withdrew troops from northern and western Britain, probably leaving local warlords in charge. Around 410, the Romano-British expelled the magistrates of the usurper  Constantine III, ostensibly in response to his failures to use the Roman garrison he had stripped from Britain to protect the island. Roman Emperor Honorius  replied to a request for assistance with the Rescript of Honorius, telling the Roman cities to see to their own defense, a tacit acceptance of temporary British self-government.

The withdrawal of Roman troops from Britain calculated for the summer solstice of 407
  • The year of the withdrawal of the last of Roman troops from Britain in 407 AD brought one of the final steps in a longer process.
  • I find it fascinating that the position of Uranus at 12°Aquarius from the leaving of the last Roman soldiers was occupied by the Sun during the factual EU – Brexit of February 1 2020 because of the parallel with the EU as an organisation based on the political continuity of Europe in the Roman Empire and Holy Roman Empire political traditions.
  • But altogether the chart calculated for the summer solstice of 407 does not really reveal the expected intense transits of the outer planets in relation to the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of London at all. This means that the withdrawal is to be considered as a development that mainly originated in the Roman Empire and other national centers and that was a consequence of global changes.
  • the fact that Neptune as the planet of pure spirituality and destabilization of territorial control and possession occupied the very center of Taurus the sign of occupation, possession and control of territories, wealth and resources explains that moment in history as a climax of the questioning of territorial control as such.
  • for deeper considerations on the topics of such Venus-Neptune or Taurus-Pisces conflicts compare my article on the Pisces-Taurus resonance coordinates of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that explained the age of conflict between nomadic shepherd and hunter societies with settled down agricultural production aka Cain and Abel, Jesus and the priest castes and money changers and the conflicts between the 3 monotheist pseudo-religions here.

The Pluto – Neptune conjunction of 411 AD marked the end of the Roman Empire

The withdrawal of the Romans from Britain between 407 and 411 AD had a stunningly accurate timing with the Neptune-Pluto conjunction of 411 which initiated a new 495 years cycle.

The super conjunction of the Neptune – Pluto conjunction of June, 29 in 411 AD at 23°15`08 in Taurus the sign of possession of territory and with Jupiter at 25° and Saturn at 29°Taurus all in a stimulative trine aspect to the 27°Capricorn resonance coordinate of the center of the national morphic field in London stood for the important shift between the Roman and Post Roman eras in Britain and the whole of Europe.

The Pluto-Neptune conjunction of June 29 411 AD calculated for London can be examined as a birth chart for the Post Roman era in Britain
  • The retreat of the Roman Empire from Britain occurred right at the beginning of a new 495 year long cycle. In order to understand the relevance of this Pluto-Neptune conjunction in astrological evaluation of long-term processes one must therefore recapitulate the fact that the conjunction of 411 a period that had begun through the conjunction of Oct, 29 in -83 BC at 16°Taurus to start a new period one that lasted until the next conjunction on May 26 of 905 AD at 28°Taurus.
  • It may be examined whether or not and in how far the conjunctions of Neptune with Pluto are of particular importance for the history of the Britannic islands, England or simply the whole of Europe.
  • the next Pluto – Neptune conjunctions were and will be: 30 June 1398 with the shift of signs from Taurus to at 2°Gemini making it an event of higher importance, on 2 August 1891 at 8°Gemini and on 30 May 2385 at 12°Gemini.
  • Venus as the sign and house ruler of the Pluto-Neptune conjunction at 24°Cancer was in exact square to the 24°Libra resonance coordinate of London explaining the factual outcome of the change of the ages in the shift of territorial control away from the old land owners.