The 2017 UK general election in astrogeography

The 2017 UK general election in astrogeography

 The 2017 UK general election in astrogeography

The 8 June 2017 general election in the United Kingdom comes as a consequence of the British EU Referendum on 23 June 2016. Therefore it has to be understood as a part of the Brexit decision.

First of all I want to make clear that I think that – just like in the case of the french presidential elections earlier this month  the outcome appears to be too clear for a discussion about who is going to win. Astrological understanding should focus on what I feel is its best: on trying to understand the political situation in a holistic way.

The role of Uranus in the coming elections

Astrogeographically Uranus` transit in opposition and square to the 2 astrogeographical coordinates of London (1st time for London since the Rise of the Nazis 1929-33) was the triggering astrological factor for the Brexit decision. Uranus is transiting in opposition and square to the astrogeographic coordinates for London at 24° of aristocratic, courtly air sign Libra and 27° of conservative, hierarchical earth sign Capricorn since May 2016. This transit marks a period of intense stress and stimulation for change on the british capital and government from Uranus until his final ingress into Taurus in March 2019. See my article:  “The astrogeographic position of London” for more details.

After the end of the Uranus transit the next step in the overall process will be the transit of Pluto over London`s 27°Capricorn position with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020 exactly conjunct London as its climax. These transits are really close and “their effects under construction” already.

As the ruler of Aquarius the sign of the sky heaven and paradise Uranus` transit in aspects of tension to the British government stands for a period in time when the reconnection with the country`s fuller potential is urgently needed.  This means: the transits of the outer planets function as regulatives that stimulate growth, reforms and new developments.   Unfortunately at this stage for the first time since the rise of the german Nazis between 1929 and 1933 Uranus reaches this position of highest tension for the UK governments after his 84 years circle around the sun. Uranus so is the representative of all topics related to the era of fascism – a historical phenomenon of the 1920/30ies which was implanted in Europe by globalized hypercapitalism in order to stop the spreading of the Russian Revolution and Russian version of socialism across the continent.

Uranus` transit so marks the return of fascism this time propagated through the Russian secrete service propaganda institutions and the US – Republican Party. A major question regarding the coming general election in the United Kingdom is: why and how could this propaganda be so effective particularly in the UK?

One effect of the events related to the Uranus transit is that the left wing parties (Labour) seem to loose their voters while the British Conservatives are heading for an overwhelming victory in the coming elections. This is although the left wing and socialist parties are the traditional representatives of Uranus. From this we have to conclude that there is another strong astrological transit at work which at least partly overwrites the fundamental self-healing (reforms) of the political system (Uranus) and the reconnection with the country`s fuller potential.

The role of Pluto 

A plausible factor which impedes progress is the coming transit of Pluto over the square position to the 24°Libra  coordinate and conjunct the 27°Capricorn position of London in the coming two years. Pluto as the planet of self-defense in Capricorn the sign of political institutions is to be taken as the indicator for the freezing of all reforms of the electional system. The majority vote and two party system which just as is the case in the USA not only paralyzes political change but also creates an ideal situation for the dominance of hypercapitalist global players over the country`s political elites. This is how Uranus` effects and topics are suppressed by the pseudo-traditionalistic ideologisms of the “make Britain strong again” propaganda (Pluto)  advocating the return to the country`s situation during its colonial history (Capricorn) between the 16th and 19th centuries.


Saturn Pluto conjunction over London on 12 January 2020 calculated for 16:56 p.m.

One “effect” or say clearest topic of the coming Saturn-Pluto conjunction is the fact that the current government under Theresa May is forced to carry out a decision she personally rejects. Another is the topic of british separatism in general. A third one is the question of the independence of Britain from the rest of the world. What we cannot expect to be solved during such times I think is the question of the reform of the electional system or any traditional institution due to the heavy pressure from the Brexit decision. This too may be interpreted as an “effect” from the Saturn-Pluto decision. There are of course more questions to be asked.

The Chart for the UK General Election on 8 June 2017

The chart below shows the astrogeographical positions at the outcome of the UK general elections.

Note that Mars at 6° Cancer in house 7 will be exactly conjunct the astrogeographic position of Washington  the United Kingdom`s most natural and important strategical and possibly the most important business partner in the future. Mars as the god of war and provider of new stimuli just above the horizon  also indicates that the position of US governments in relation to the UK will be considerably strengthened after the coming elections.

Astrological Chart for the UK general elections on 8 June 2017 calculated fore the closing of the polling stations at 22:00 in London

First thing that came to my mind is the meaning of the position of Pluto as the ruler of medheaven and as such of the outcome of the elections on 18° Capricorn in house 1. It reminds me of Dane Rudhyar`s version of the Sabian Symbol for 18°Capricorn: “The Union Jack Flag Flies from a British Warship”. Considering this coincidence the outcome of the election is described as the British Battleship on its way again – leaving Europe behind in search for new continents, colonies and business partners. This direction alltogether appears like a fatally “retarding” mission headed at reducing the country`s potential to its past.

Note that the Moon on 11° Sagittarius falls onto the exact mirrorpoint conjunction with the Pluto position. The Moon will be in house 12 along with Saturn while Sagittarius` sign rulerJupiter in house 9 in air sign Libra is conjunct Theresa May`s sun position. This makes it look like Jupiter will be aiming for negotiations with Germany (ascendant 16°Libra) which traditionally represents the biggest supporter of a profitable cooperation between the UK and EU. Whenever Britain had decided to cut their payments into the EU in the past it was Germany that compensated for it. That policy may be continued also in the future.  As the sign of chinese culture  Jupiter in Libra may also indicate the idea to get to particularly strong ties with China and Indochina.

Saturn in house 12 indicates the expectable corruption and manipulations during the Brexit process and the profits made out of it. Saturn`s position will be conjunct the astrogeographical position of Paris – indicating the role of the french government as the potentially strongest defender of the EU positions during the Brexit negotiations.