Neptune staking claims in Taurus

Neptune staking claims in Taurus

Astrology & Art: Neptune staking claims in Taurus

The astrogeographical position of Neptune fountain at Boroboli Gardens in Taurus with Libra

Fountain of Neptune at Boboli Gardens located in Taurus with Libra photo: sailko, GNU/FDL
Fountain of Neptune at Boboli Gardens located in Taurus with Libra
photo: sailko, GNU/FDL

The “Taurus-Neptune” at Boboli Gardens appears to be staking claims but resembles a man chasing fish with his trident at the same time. This fountain of Neptune can be found in Giardino di Boboli in Florence, Italy. The statue of Neptune was created by Stoldo Lorenzi between 1565 and 1568. The depicited pose of Neptune alludes to the competition between Poseidon (Neptune) and Pallas Athene about who is the true patron of the City of Athens. Neptune hit the earth with his trident to make water spring from the ground. The topic of a territorial conflict is itself a clear resonance with Taurus as the sign of the possession of land. But the effect of the statue being placed in the center of a basin full of water brings up the association of the god of the sea chasing fish. This may be through the ornamental function of the statue of course but it is symptomatic of the direction Neptune the representative of the spiritual plane takes in Taurus: he appears as focused on the ground below and thus on the material world.

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosphere and function of the statue istelf: this Neptune statue is located in the two Venus signs. Neptune represents the astrological ruler of spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of the ocean and open waters which in classical symbolism includes the spiritual plane. One coordinate of the position of his statue here lies in earth sign Taurus the sign of solid ground, the earth itself, grounding, growing roots, food and agriculture.
The 2nd coordinate is located on the cardinal divide of 0° in aristocratic air sign Libra the sign of decoration, beauty, balance, harmony and symmetry. The position exactly on or near a cardinal divide is an indication of the function of the statue as a guardian or checkposts between 2 worlds or realms.  The position on cardinal divides and particularly in Libra the sign of stage  management relates to the function of the  fountain to emphasize the axis of symmetry in the park.  Astrologically 0° Libra the position of the autumn equinox stands for the divide between the emotional or inner world and the mental or outer world.

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