Piccadilly Circus and the 90° aspect between Aries and Cancer

Piccadilly Circus and the 90° aspect between Aries and Cancer

photo: Justinc   license: CC-BY-SA-2.0  Piccadilly Circus
photo: Justinc license: CC-BY-SA-2.0           Piccadilly Circus 2005

Astrology and Places: Piccadilly Circus, Anteros and a 90° aspect between Aries and Cancer

Piccadilly Circus is a famous central road crossing in the heart of London with roads leading from here in about six different directions. For radius/field level 3 the whole of the square is located in the combination of the air sign Libra  which stands for the open choice of directions and the aspect of the road crossing together with the magnetic fire sign Leo which is typical for places that are so highly stimulative that people like to gather in crowds.


Eros Piccadilly Circus
Anteros the god or requited live on the top of Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain on Piccadilly Circus

The sculpture on top of Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain on Picadilly Circus depicts Anteros,(Anti – Eros) a god of requited love, winged archer and brother of Eros, the god of love. For radius/field level 4 the site is located in the constellation of the water sign Cancer the indicator of personal emotionality. The 2nd coordinate is in the highly dynamic fire sign Aries the sign of action, speed and in relation with Anteros of stimuli and impulses having to to do with aspects of requiting the  love received from others. Because this is valid for the astrogeographical radius/field level 4 it describes the monument itself. Since World War II the current position of the fountain is about 20 m southeast from its original position which was in the same astrogeographical signs.

Cancer and Aries are in a natural square – an aspect of tension with each other indicating the intensity of sudden impulses (Aries) on emotionality (Cancer). If this constellation was considered to be symptomatic of Eros it could be in the sense of new love and excitement. If symptomatic of Anteros it could be interpreted as indicating the act of actual physical copulation as Cancer stands for the vagina and uterus while Aries is the main indicator for the penis. Apart from that the question may arise wether Anteros` character at the site should also have to be considered as one of a god of revenge for emotional pain and injustice, because this is what the combination of these two signs is particularly known for..

The relationship between the two morphogenetic field levels 3 and 4 is interesting here regarding the topics of the polarity between Eros and Anteros.

The field larger field (level 3) of this central London area is located in the combination of Libra with Leo. Libra is the main indicator of love and relationship while Leo stands for the rights of individuals to feel, express and fullfill their emotional desires and their sexuality. This means that these aspects of love are a central issue in this area and that people who come here may be affected and react to the stimulation of these energies. In the holographic field model Piccadilly Circus as a sector of this field represents a “subdomain” of it`s topic. This means that the stimulus (Aries) of emotionality (Cancer) described by the constellation of Aries with Cancer (field level 4) represents one aspect of the topic of emotional expression in love relationship (Leo + Libra for field level 3).

Astrological Sunrise Chart for Lord Shaftesbury,               28 April 1801, London
Astrological Sunrise Chart for Lord Shaftesbury,          28 April 1801, London

Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain was built to remember Anthony Ashley Cooper the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury who was born on 28 April 1801. The clear coincidence of a major constellation in his birth chart with the astrogeographical coordinates of the fountain on Piccadilly Circus suggests an intense resonance of the man with the place:  Mars the ruler of Aries is conjunct Lilith in Cancer in a square aspect with Mercury conjunct the northern node of the Moon in Aries. This constellation should be evaluated here in order to interprete and understand the quality of  the resonance of  the Earl with the topic of the fountain as well as with it`s location.

Apart from that one could make use of this stunning aspect also as a chance to think about the role of Anteros. In this case we could read it as a description of Anteros` purpose of acting out (Mercury in Aries) the pain about his unfullfilled love (Mars in Cancer while the Moon is in Scorpio) through revenge with his bow (Jupiter in the last degrees of Cancer).

Such kind of interpretation would imply that we assume that the relation of people´s individual topics with the topics of places is transported through the morphogenetic fields and that the resonance of the Earl of Shaftesbury with the energetical topic of the site is not mereley accidental. This is of course what I do believe anyway.

Besides apart from all this options for interpretation I don`t feel that it is helpful to exclude the possibility that the relation of the memory of a person or a god with a place could also be “accidental”  to some extent. This would be the case if the people who decided to place the monument here were “mistaken” to link the place with the memory of that individual. This would mean that the actual topic of the site has been overwritten (occupied) so that it is hardly recognizable any more.