The coldness of the Capricorn plus Scorpio combination in astrogeography

The coldness of the Capricorn plus Scorpio combination in astrogeography
Astrology, architecture & places: an astrogeographical analysis of the architecture and atmosphere of Ludwigskirche in Munich
Aerial view of Ludwigskirche located in Cancer with Taurus photo: M-Luftbild, ccbysa3.0
 The image above shows an aerial view of the mosaic roof of Ludwigskirche Munich.  Built from 1836 in neo-romanesque style for the king of Bavaria Louis I (born 25 Aug 1786 at Strasbourg) the church is consecrated to the french crusader king Louis the Saint or King Louis IX of France born on 25 April 1214 with the Sun in Taurus. The church holds the world`s 2nd largest altar fresco.
The impressive mosaic on the roof of Ludwigskirche is directed towards the sky. The abstract connotation here is that it is meant for the heavenly beings and not for the people to see and enjoy. This is an expression of the dogmatic intention to subdue the people to the realms above. This exclusive motif contains an intense contradiction to the astrogeographical topics of the site of the church itself.
Astrogeographic position of Ludwigskirche for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosphere. energetical topics and function of the church itself: the Ludwigskirche has one coordinate in solid fixed earth sign Taurus sign of market places, grounding, growing roots and local energetical centers.
The 2nd coordinate lies in emotional water sign Cancer sign of the moon, motherhood, pregnancy, the uterus, conception, fertility, childhood and feeling at home. Lieke nor oother astrological aspect the combination of these two female signs relates to the topics of motherhood. Round and female forms of design as in romanic architecture are symptomatic of these two signs. A major example is the Hagia Sofia located in Taurus with Cancer the mother of all domes. The installation of the worlds 2nd largest fresco is to be related to the position in solid fixed earth sign Taurus the sign of accumulation of large quantities and an indicator for a tendency to built massive structures.
The coldness & abstraction of the architecture of Ludwigstrasse between Heldenplatz and Siegestor overwrites the female energies and fertility & melancholy aspects of the usually really confortable and particularly nice energetical situation in places with the combination of the Moon sign Cancer with one of the Venus signs (Taurus & Libra). This coldness can be felt even more intensely in front of Ludwigskirche through the female aspects of the site.
This hostile and uncomfortable atmosphere of the Ludwigsstrasse boulevard is astrogeographically reflected by its position in the combination of Scorpio with Capricorn.
Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how the Ludwigstrasse area is embedded in the town: for field level 3 the Ludwigstrasse area is located in the highly dogmatic, hierarchical combination of Scorpio with Capricorn the constellation of dominance, the defense system of the ruling classes,  government institutions, laws, rules & regulations and an indication for an architecture meant to demonstrate and consolidate the dominance of the king and his government over the people and the atmosphere in the bavarian capital.
Hitler in front of Feldherrenhalle. Feldherrnhalle was a “sacred” site of the Nazi-propaganda mainly commemorating the role of Munich as the place of foundation and headquarter of Hitler`s NSDAP party . source: Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1979-115-20 / CC-BY-SA 3.0
 Ludwigskirche was constructed in architectural uniformity with the other buildings  on Ludwigstrasse a boulevard for representative purposes built in honour of King Louis I of Bavaria by himself.  Ludwigstrasse is about 1 km long and leads from Feldherrenhalle in the south to Siegestor in the north. 
View of the Siegestor built to the glory of the bavarian army. View from the north with the Ludwigstrasse area behind it. Siegestor is located in the last degrees of Sagittarius and the 2nd coordinate in Scorpio photo: Martin Falbisoner, ccbysa3.0
The energetical situation near the Siegestor and the highly profitable Leopoldstrasse area to its north with its shops, restaurants and crowded streets is completely different from the neutrality and functionality-orientated cold atmosphere of the Ludwigstrasse area.
Astrogeographic position of the Siegestor (victory gate) area for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how the that area is embedded in the town: the Siegestor itself has one coordinate located on the last degrees of dynamic fire sign Sagittarius the sign of victory, triumph, arches, bows, round forms, style, design, fashion, ornamentation, playgrounds and roundabouts. The position on the last degrees of Sagittarius and near the cardinal divide to earth sign Capricorn is symptomatic of arches of triumph. The Arc de Triomph in Paris (30°Sagittarius –  Gemini) and the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona (30°Sagittarius – Scorpio) are major examples for arches of victory in Sagittarius.