The 2017 Westminster terrorist attack in astrogeography

The 2017 Westminster terrorist attack in astrogeography

The 2017 Westminster terrorist attack in astrogeography.

 Westminster Bridge and Palace of Westminster on the west bank of the Thames were the sites of the terrorist attack. For mophogenetic field level 3 Westminster Bridge leads from Leo on the Westminster Palace side of the river into Virgo. That means the attacker drove from Virgo into Leo. The astrogeographical latitude coordinate lies in Scorpio. During the attack the ascendant moved through the last degrees of Leo.   ph: Daniel Bron, ccbysa3.0

On 22 March 2017, a terrorist attack occurred on Westminster Bridge, in Parliament Square and within the grounds of the Palace of Westminster, in central London. Five people died in the attack and at least 40 were injured. The attacker drove a vehicle into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and a crowd of people near the palace gates, then fatally stabbed a police officer. The attacker was then shot by other officers. Five people—three pedestrians on the bridge, the stabbed police officer and the assailant—were confirmed dead. Find more more details and sources in the wiki article.

Picture of the attacker on sky news.

The attack from an astrogeographical point of view

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 1 which shows the supraregional and international qualities of London: The british capital and historical center of the Commonwealth London is located at 24° of aristocratic, courtly air sign Libra and 27° of conservative, hierarchical earth sign Capricorn.

In fact I feel really too disgusted to try and mistify the newest attack through much astrogeographical explanation. It`s needless to discuss the motives of such attackers in detail or even relate the whole thing to the energetical situation in the morphogenetic field of London. I have discussed before what I believe needs to be understood about  the roots and reality of islamic terrorism – which I believe was created as an alibi shield for the hypercapitalist players behnd the global political situation organized by the only military superpower and its saudi allies.

So I`m trying to keep the astrogeographical interpretation short: yes the attack comes during the longer period of the Uranus transit in opposition to coordinate one /24° Libra) and a square to coordinate 2 (27°Capricorn) of London which began in May 2016 and will last until March 2019. For a fuller explanation compare my article: The astrogeographic position of London, the national charts for Great Britain and an outlook on future planetary transits  

Yes the moon at 24°Capricorn at the very moment of the attack was in exact square to London`s 24° Libra positionindicating questioning and criticism. But the Moon was conjunct Pluto indicating the urge for revenge and castration of imagined opponents a surrealist an propagandistic aspect. The fact that Saturn was in house 5 and in Sagittarius the sign of the priest castes, playgrounds, shooting, aiming and preaching explains the attitude of habitual exicutionism of the contract killers, hired to keep the image and reflexes of that psycho war alive with the propaganda preacher sitting on their backs to keep the attackers crown chakras closed and keep their businesses running.

Astrological event chart for the Westminster attack on 22 March 2017, 14:40 in London

The astrological chart for yesterday`s  terrorist attack has the last degrees of self-centered, royal fire sign Leo the indicator for the urge for self-esteem and the reflex for projection of individual profile-neurosis rising. The sun as the ruler of Leo was on the second degree of fire sign Aries sign of personal strength, action and warfare and in house 8 the house of other people´s property – indicating as a central personal motive  for the attack – the urge to qualifiy in social hierarchy by dominating others. Mars the ruler of Aries near midheaven in Taurus the sign of conquering and possessing territory further outlines the same motive. And Mars in Taurus also points out that the attack was carried out for the money paid attacks from the Saudi-Arabian/US  backed financiers of the alibi terrorism they created for keeping modern politics in the grip of their hypercapitalist system.

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