Manila Skyline

Manila and the Philippines in astrology

Manila and the Philippines in astrology. The astrogeographical positions of the capital of the Philippines and foundation charts for the Philippine nation.

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Manila and the Philippines in astrology

Manila map
The Metropolitan region of Manila in the 45 km wide Manila Bay is an ideal site for a large harbor. The City is located on a a narrow isthmus (11 km wide) between Manila Bay and the backwaters of Laguna de Bay which is not connected to the sea. The position on a long and narrow isthmus is symptomatic of the astrogeographical position in the combination of Aquarius with Aries. License: GNU-FDL

Astrogeographical resonance coordinates for the City of Manila for morphogenetic field level 1 which define the supraregional, international situation and role of the capital and government of the Philippines: Manila is located at 12° in creative, innovative air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky, heaven, paradise, innovation, emancipation, revolution, contrasts and at 11° in highly dynamic fire sign Aries the sign of action, speed, warfare, fighting and mobilization.

Manila Skyline
Skyline of Makati the finance center of Manila ph: Metro Manila banner. ccbysa2.0

History and Foundation charts for the Philippines

Like many other nations the Philippines were first factually united under foreign colonial control. This means that the nations as such did not exist before their colonial history.

But in astrological geography I suggest to examine in how far and in what way the morphic surface fields of territories united under the control of single governments – colonial or autonomous – existed before the foundation of the nation.

Philippines in Astrology
Timeline of Philippine History image: JournalmanManila, ccbysa4.0

The Process of the Foundation of Manila

There are various versions regarding the year of foundation of the City of Manila to the south of the far older City of Tondo that was first mentioned in the Copperplate Inscription from the year 900 CE and was later known as the capital of the Kingdom of Tondo.

Different versions of the year of the first foundation of Manila are 1258, 1369 and 1500. My attempts of an astrogeographical verification do not reveal highly important resonance of the transits of the 5 outer systemical planets Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto strong enough to see these years as the actual years of foundation of the City of Manila.

After reaching the harbor of Manila by 8 May 1570 the Spanish invaders invaded the Kingdom of Maynila founded by invaders from Brunei in 1500. They burnt down the existing Muslim fortress and city on 6 June 1570 and re-built a Spanish style fortress to make it the capital of their new Philippine colony on 15 June 1571 with Uranus as the planet of globalization, innovation and revolution at 6°Capricorn square to the 10°Aries resonance coordinate of Manila.

The chart for this date can also be examined as the foundation chart of the Spanish Philippines.

Foundation Chart for Spanish Manila
Astrological chart for the foundation of Spanish Manila under the name of “New Castilia” calculated as a midday chart for 24 June 1571 (jul.) at 12:00 noon.
  • the conquest of Manila in May 1570 occurred as a consequence the Uranus ingress into Capricorn of 15 December 1569 which initialized the issues of the square transit of the planet of globalization to the 10°Aries resonance coordinate of Manila.

The first European sighting of a Philippine island with Saturn conjunct Manila

Philippines in astrology
Astrological chart for the first European sighting of the Philippines by the Magellan expedition on 17 March 1521 (julian date) at dawn-
  • the first European contact with the Philippines occurred during the stabilizing transit of Saturn the planet of governments, stability, traditions and effective reality exactly conjunct the 12°Aquarius resonance coordinate of the capital Manila.

End of Spanish and Beginning of US Possession of the Philippines

The Treaty of Paris signed on 10 December 1898 ended the Spanish Colonial Empire and along with it the Spanish possession of the Philippines. That did not bring independence as the Philippines were passed over to the United States who regarded it as part of their geo-strategical sphere of interest.

Treaty of Paris in astrology
Astrological chart for the Treaty of Paris signed on 10 December 1898 at 20:45 in Paris
  • the conjunction of the North Node as indicator for the aims and outcomes of events at 8°Capricorn the sign of rules and regulations conjunct Mercury the planet of tactical manoeuvres were both square to the 10°Aries resonance coordinate of Manila making the decisions taken appear as the result of diplomatic gameplay behind the scenes.
  • the position of Pluto the planet of losses, foreign control and battle for dominance at 15°Gemini exactly opposite the 15° Sagittarius resonance coordinate of Madrid explains the losses of Cuba and the Philippines for the Spanish side.
  • at the same time the stabilizing transit of Saturn the planet of reduction, bones, durability, governments, effective reality, rules and regulations conjunct the 15°Sagittarius position of Madrid explains the consolidating effects of the Treaty of Paris for through the reduction of Spanish territories to the European homelands.